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Daniel Riocciardo
NameDaniel Ricciardo
CountryAustralia Australia
Place of BirthPerth
Date of BirthJul 1st 1989 - 28 years old
First RaceJul 10th 2011 British Grand Prix result
Last RaceNov 26th 2017 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result
First PoleMay 29th 2016 Monaco F1 GP result
Last PoleMay 29th 2016 Monaco F1 GP result
First WinJun 8th 2014 Canadian F1 GP result
Last WinJun 25th 2017 Azerbaijan F1 GP result
First PodiumMay 11th 2014 Spanish F1 GP result
Last PodiumOct 8th 2017 Japanese F1 GP result
Daniel Ricciardo drives car number 3 for Red Bull Racing

Ricciardo F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps8

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Daniel Ricciardo Biography

Daniel Ricciardo's first race at 2011 British F1 GP driving the HRT F111

Daniel Ricciardo's first race at 2011 British F1 GP driving the HRT F111

After the remarkable success of Sebastian Vettel the attention now turns to the next superstar to make the grade from Red Bull’s famed driving school.

Australian Daniel Ricciardo has made a brilliant start to his Red Bull career, and now he is expected to lead the team into a new era after Vettel’s move to Ferrari, and win world championships.

The 26-year-old stunned the sport by dominating his multiple world champion team-mate in 2014, and he’s proved that he has the speed, mentality and race craft to go on and win titles himself.

However, despite a slightly sour 2015 dominated by engine issues and poor luck, the Australian remains one of the best drivers on the grid.

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS/ Scuderia Toro Rosso STR8

Daniel Ricciardo, Scuderia Toro Rosso STR8 (2012)

After an unspectacular spell at Toro Rosso, there were doubts over Ricciardo’s credentials but he has emphatically put those to bed and emerged as one of the hottest drivers in modern Formula 1.

The former Formula Renault and Formula Three champion got his F1 break through mid-way through 2011 when the, now liquidated, HRT team signed him to replace Narain Karthikeyan. An agreement was reached between Red Bull and HRT and Ricciardo raced until the end of the season, albeit in the grids slowest car.

After a tough baptism of fire, which saw him finish only as high as 18th, Ricciardo made the expected step to sign for Toro Rosso, the team where Red Bull’s junior drivers hone their talents, in 2012.

Daniel Ricciardo wins

Daniel Ricciardo wins

Even before a wheel had been turned it was expected that Mark Webber’s eventual replacement at Red Bull would be one of Ricciardo or his débutante team mate Jean-Eric Vergne, which created a fascinating rivalry.

This intensified when Ricciardo overtook Vergne on the final lap on the season’s opening race in Australia to finish 9th and score an extra championship point.

Unfortunately for both Ricciardo and Vergne, Torro Rosso fell behind their midfield rivals as they struggled to develop their car.

Despite this, Ricciardo battled hard and four points finishes out of five races earned praise up and down the grid. However, despite being the more convincing of the two protégées, Ricciardo finished behind Vergne in the final standings by a substantial six points.

Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull Racing RB10

Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull Racing RB10 (2014)

In 2013, the Aussie upped his game and crucially beat Vergne in both qualifying and races. He was awarded a promotion to replace the retiring Webber for 2014 but, despite his obvious talent, he was not expected to challenge then 3 times world champion Sebastian Vettel.

The German admittedly struggled with the car and he had the majority of poor reliability, but there is no doubt that his reputation took a hit after being well beaten by Ricciardo.

The young hopeful won races in Canada, Hungary and Belgium and although he benefited from Mercedes errors, he showed composure and a killer instinct.

He remained in the championship hunt until the last few races, highlighting how successful 2014 season he had.

Daniel Ricciardo makes a pit stop in the RB11 during the 2015 Brazilian GP

In 2015, things went backwards instead of forwards. His new team-mate Daniil Kvyat was less consistent but finished ahead of him in the table, while the Aussie suffered awful luck with reliability. The Renault engine still couldn't cope with the Mercedes power unit and Red Bull was putting all the pressure on the French engine producer to perform better.

In the 2016 F1 season Red Bull did receive a better power unit and was able to be faster than Ferrari and started winning races again. Daniel Kvyat was replace by 18 year old Dutch driver Max Verstappen. The Dutchman who was showing a lot of skill and talent at Toro Rosso and had to push Ricciardo to a higher level, and he did.

His first race in Spain was a fairy-tale. He didn't put a foot wrong that weekend and even won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix on his debut race for Red Bull. Ricciardo woke up and was showing his focus and determination again to push the team and the RB13 to it's limits.

Redbull Racing Team Daniel Ricciardo and Max Vertsappen Malaysia GP F1/2016

Daniel Ricciardo drinks champagne out of his shoe after winning the 2016 Malaysia GP

The most memorable race of Ricciardo was of course the 2016 Malaysian GP. Lewis Hamilton was cruising around with a big lead in front of the race, when his Mercedes W07 engine blew-up on the main straight.

Max and Daniel were driving 2nd and 3rd and started battling hard for the lead. Daniel showed he's the boss at Red Bull and won the race with Max who settled for 2nd and Rosberg finished 3rd.

De podium ceremony was quite a show because of Ricciardo's shoe champagne drinking  habit. The complete podium drunk champagne out of his shoe. Even Red Bull Racing team principle Christian Horner couldn't escape.

He scored 8 podums and won 1 race in 2016 and took 3rd place in the 2016 drivers championship.

Official Daniel Ricciardo website: http://danielricciardo.com/


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Daniel Ricciardo F1 Championship Season Results



Daniel Ricciardo F1 Championships Summary

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2017 Austria Red Bull Renault2011790904110.00200
2016 Austria Red Bull Renault21143811267312.19256
2015 Austria Red Bull Renault1901120108034.8492
2014 Austria Red Bull Renault19305801098112.53238
2013 Italy Toro Rosso Ferrari190000099401.0520
2012 Italy Toro Rosso Ferrari2000000117500.5010
2011 Spain HRT Cosworth110000055900.000



Daniel Ricciardo F1 GP Race Classifications

1st5 Times
2nd6 Times
3rd16 Times
4th11 Times
5th8 Times
6th6 Times
7th6 Times
8th4 Times
9th5 Times
10th9 Times
11th4 Times
12th4 Times
13th8 Times
14th1 Time
15th4 Times
16th2 Times
17th1 Time
18th3 Times
19th6 Times
20th1 Time
22nd2 Times
DSQ1 Time
NC1 Time
Ret15 Times

Daniel Ricciardo F1 GP Race Results

12920172017 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4Rethydraulics0
12820172017 Brazilian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault1468
12720172017 Mexican F1 GP result3Red BullRenault16Retturbo failure0
12620172017 US F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4Retengine failure0
12520172017 Japanese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3315
12420172017 Singapore F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3218
12320172017 Malaysian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4315
12220172017 Italian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault16412
12120172017 Belgian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6315
12020172017 Hungarian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6RetCollision0
11920172017 British F1 GP result3Red BullRenault19510
11820172017 Austrian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4315
11720172017 Azerbaijan F1 GP result3Red BullRenault10125
11620172017 Canadian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6315
11520172017 Monaco F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5315
11420172017 Spanish F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6315
11320172017 Russian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5RetBrakes0
11220172017 Bahrain F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4510
11120172017 Chinese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5412
11020172017 Australian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault15Retpower unit0
10920162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3510
10820162016 Brazilian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault684
10720162016 Mexican F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4315
10620162016 US F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3315
10520162016 Japanese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault468
10420162016 Malaysian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4125
10320162016 Singapore F1 GP result3Red BullRenault2218
10220162016 Italian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6510
10120162016 Belgian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5218
10020162016 German F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3218
9920162016 Hungarian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3315
9820162016 British F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4412
9720162016 Austrian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5510
9620162016 Azerbaijan F1 GP result3Red BullRenault276
9520162016 Canadian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault476
9420162016 Monaco F1 GP result3Red BullRenault1218
9320162016 Spanish F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3412
9220162016 Russian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5110
9120162016 Chinese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault2412
9020162016 Bahrain F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5412
8920162016 Australian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault8412
8820152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result3Red BullRenault568
8720152015 Brazilian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault10110
8620152015 Mexican F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5510
8520152015 US F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3101
8420152015 Russian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault10RetPower unit0
8320152015 Japanese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault7150
8220152015 Singapore F1 GP result3Red BullRenault2218
8120152015 Italian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault1984
8020152015 Belgian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5Rettechnical0
7920152015 Hungarian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4315
7820152015 British F1 GP result3Red BullRenault10Ret0
7720152015 Austrian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault18101
7620152015 Canadian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault9130
7520152015 Monaco F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4510
7420152015 Spanish F1 GP result3Red BullRenault776
7320152015 Bahrain F1 GP result3Red BullRenault768
7220152015 Chinese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault792
7120152015 Malaysian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4101
7020152015 Australian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault768
6920142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result3Red BullRenault19424
6820142014 Brazilian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault9Retsuspension0
6720142014 United States F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5315
6620142014 Russian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault776
6520142014 Japanese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6412
6420142014 Singapore F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3315
6320142014 Italian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault9510
6220142014 Belgian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5125
6120142014 Hungarian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault4125
6020142014 German F1 GP result3Red BullRenault568
5920142014 British F1 GP result3Red BullRenault8315
5820142014 Austrian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault584
5720142014 Canadian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault6125
5620142014 Monaco F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3315
5520142014 Spanish F1 GP result3Red BullRenault3315
5420142014 Chinese F1 GP result3Red BullRenault2412
5320142014 Bahrain F1 GP result3Red BullRenault13412
5220142014 Malaysian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault5RetRetired0
5120142014 Australian F1 GP result3Red BullRenault2DSQFuel flow rate0
5020132013 Brazilian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari7101
4920132013 United States F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari10110
4820132013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari9160
4720132013 Indian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari11101
4620132013 Japanese F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari16130
4520132013 Korean F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari1219Mechanical0
4420132013 Singapore F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari9220
4320132013 Italian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari776
4220132013 Belgian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari19101
4120132013 Hungarian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari8130
4020132013 German F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari6120
3920132013 British F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari584
3820132013 Canadian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari11150
3720132013 Monaco F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari12Retcollision0
3620132013 Spanish F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari11101
3520132013 Bahrain F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari13160
3420132013 Chinese F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari776
3320132013 Australian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari14190
3220132013 Malaysian F1 GP result19Toro RossoFerrari1318Exhaust0
3120122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari15130
3020122012 United States Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari18120
2920122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari16101
2820122012 Indian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari15130
2720122012 Korean Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari1692
2620122012 Japanese Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari14101
2520122012 Singapore Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari1592
2420122012 Italian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari14120
2320122012 Belgian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari1692
2220122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari18150
2120122012 German Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari11130
2020122012 British Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari12130
1920122012 European Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari17110
1820122012 Canadian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari14140
1720122012 Monaco Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari15RetSteering failure0
1620122012 Spanish Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari15130
1520122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari6150
1420122012 Chinese Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari17170
1320122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari15120
1220122012 Australian Grand Prix result16Toro RossoFerrari1092
1120112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth22200
1020112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth20RetElectrical0
920112011 Indian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23180
820112011 Korean Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth24190
720112011 Japanese Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth22220
620112011 Singapore Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth23190
520112011 Italian Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth23NC0
420112011 Belgian Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth23RetVibration0
320112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth22180
220112011 German Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth22190
120112011 British Grand Prix result22HRTCosworth24190



Daniel Ricciardo F1 Pole Positions

120162016 Monaco F1 GP result3Red BullRenault1218

Teammate Comparison


Daniel Ricciardo Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2011HRTNarain Karthikeyan18170000000110
Vitantonio Liuzzi16180000007355
2012Toro RossoJean-Eric Vergne9810160000128164
2013Toro RossoJean-Eric Vergne7620130000118154
2014Red BullSebastian Vettel122381673000136118
2015Red BullDaniil Kvyat2292950000910136
2016Red BullDaniil Kvyat23602100105160
Max Verstappen112201911110107116
2017Red BullMax Verstappen112001681200911812


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