2015 F1 Championship Standings

F1 2015 standings

F1 2015 Canadian GP start

See all 2015 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

The schedules below are showing all race classifications of the grand prix held in 2015. The 2015 F1 standings show total domination of the Mercedes team. Lewis Hamilton and Nco Rosberg together won 16 of the 19 races.

Because of this domination the constructors championship shows a massif gap of 275 points  between Mercedes and runner up Ferrari.

It was also the first season of the revived McLaren-Honda team. The team had a horrific season and only scored a total of 27 points. In 2014 McLaren scored 181 points.

2015 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Australian F1 GP result15 MarchUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5801:31:54.067
Malaysian F1 GP result29 MarchGermany Sebastian Vettel
Italy Ferrari5601:41:05.793
Chinese F1 GP result12 AprilUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5601:39:42.008
Bahrain F1 GP result19 AprilUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5701:35:05.809
Spanish F1 GP result10 MayGermany Nico Rosberg
Germany Mercedes6601:41:12.555
Monaco F1 GP result24 MayGermany Nico Rosberg
Germany Mercedes7801:49:18.420
Canadian F1 GP result7 JuneUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes7001:31:53.145
Austrian F1 GP result21 JuneGermany Nico Rosberg
Germany Mercedes7101:30:16.930
British F1 GP result5 JulyUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5201:31:27.729
Hungarian F1 GP result26 JulyGermany Sebastian Vettel
Italy Ferrari6901:46:09.985
Belgian F1 GP result23 AugustUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes4301:23:40.387
Italian F1 GP result6 SeptemberUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5301:18:00.688
Singapore F1 GP result20 SeptemberGermany Sebastian Vettel
Italy Ferrari6102:01:22.118
Japanese F1 GP result27 SeptemberUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5301:28:06.508
Russian F1 GP result11 OctoberUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5301:37:11.024
US F1 GP result25 OctoberUnited Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5601:50:52.703
Mexican F1 GP result1 NovemberGermany Nico Rosberg
Germany Mercedes7101:42:35.038
Brazilian F1 GP result15 NovemberGermany Nico Rosberg
Germany Mercedes7101:31:09.090
Abu Dhabi F1 GP result29 SeptemberGermany Nico Rosberg
Germany Mercedes5501:38:30.175

2015 F1 Championship Driver Standings

1United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton121123121611Ret111222381
2Germany Nico Rosberg23231121282Ret42Ret2111322
3Germany Sebastian Vettel31353254311221323Ret34278
4Finland Kimi RäikkönenRet442564Ret8Ret75348RetRet43150
5Finland Valtteri BottasDNS564414355139455RetRet3513136
6Brazil Felipe Massa465106156341263Ret174Ret6EXC8121
7Russian Federation Daniil KvyatDNS9Ret9104912624106135Ret471095
8Australia Daniel Ricciardo61096751310Ret3Ret8215Ret10511692
9Mexico Sergio Pérez10131181371199Ret5671235812578
10Germany Nico Hülkenberg714Ret131511867RetRet7Ret6RetRet76758
11France Romain GrosjeanRet117781210RetRet73Ret137RetRet108951
12Netherlands Max VerstappenRet7Ret1811Ret158Ret481289104991649
13Brazil Felipe Nasr5128121291611Ret11111310Ret69Ret131527
14Venezuela Pastor MaldonadoRetRetRet15RetRet77Ret14RetRet128781110Ret27
15Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.98141991012Ret14RetRet11910Ret713Ret1118
16United Kingdom Jenson Button11Ret13DNS168RetRetRet91414Ret169614141216
17Spain Fernando Alonso Ret1211RetRetRetRet10513RetRet111111Ret151711
18Sweden Marcus Ericsson8Ret10141413141311101091114RetRet1216149
19Spain Roberto MerhiDNQ1516171816Ret1412151516  13   190
20United States Alexander Rossi            1418 121518 0
21United Kingdom Will StevensDNQWD1516171717Ret13161615151914Ret1617180
22Denmark Kevin MagnussenDNS                  0
2015 F1 results distribution of points: 1st =:25, 2nd = 18, 3rd =15, 4th = 12, 5th = 10, 6th = 8, 7th = 6, 8th = 4, 9th = 2, 10th = 1 point

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

2015 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton1910611711112070381
Germany Nico Rosberg19672157110040322
Germany Sebastian Vettel19337131112710278
Finland Kimi Räikkönen190123096420150
Brazil Felipe Massa1900220108100121
Australia Daniel Ricciardo190112010803092
Mexico Sergio Pérez190011011250078
Germany Nico Hülkenberg19000009030058
France Romain Grosjean19001108580051
Netherlands Max Verstappen190000010330049
Brazil Felipe Nasr190000010720027
Venezuela Pastor Maldonado19000007860027
Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.19000009700018
Sweden Marcus Ericsson19000001001009
Finland Valtteri Bottas1800220103700136
Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat180101010290095
United Kingdom Jenson Button18000009290016
Spain Fernando Alonso18000007510011
United Kingdom Will Stevens1800000876000
Spain Roberto Merhi1300000742000
United States Alexander Rossi500000302000

2015 F1 Championship Constructor Standings

1Germany Mercedes623231121282Ret42Ret2111703
2Italy Ferrari531353254311221323Ret34428
3United Kingdom Williams19465106156341263Ret174Ret6EXC8257
4Austria Red Bull361096751310Ret3Ret8215Ret105116187
5India Force India1110131181371199Ret56712358125136
6United Kingdom Lotus F18Ret117781210RetRet73Ret137RetRet108978
7Italy Toro Rosso33Ret7Ret1811Ret158Ret481289104991667
8Switzerland Sauber98Ret10141413141311101091114RetRet12161436
9United Kingdom McLaren14 Ret1211RetRetRetRet10513RetRet111111Ret151727
10United Kingdom Manor28DNQWD1516171717Ret13161615151914Ret1617180
53            1418 121518 
98DNQ1516171816Ret1412151516  13   19

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