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Race Starts161
Drivers' Titles3
Fastest Laps19

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Ayrton Senna Biography

1984 Monaco F1 GP Senna driving the Toleman TG184 Hart

1984 Monaco GP Senna 2nd in the Toleman TG184 Hart

Widely regarded as the greatest driver of all time, Ayrton Senna’s name will forever live amongst the sporting greats such as Pele, Nicklaus, Tendulkar and Federer. The Brazilian may have only won three world championships, four short of the record held by Michael Schumacher, but he competed during the sports most gifted era and was the most gifted driver.

Senna's premature death in 1994, after a crash at Imola, put the whole of Brazil in a state of mourning. In a country where football rules, it was the death of a racer which brought it to a stand still. Senna was by no means perfect, a trait amongst the spots elite. He drove on the limits, and often beyond, he argued and he fought and was a part of the sport’s most bitter rivalry with Alain Prost.

Born to a wealthy family in suburban Sao Paolo in 1960, Senna was driving custom built go-karts from the age of four. His talent and enthusiasm was embraced and by the age of 13 he was racing competitively in junior go-karting. After a successful period in Britain, winning junior formula championships, he signed for low key formula one team Toleman in 1984. The first sign of his great talent came in Monaco where he started 13th but quickly rose to second before closing in on leader Alain Prost fast. Unfortunately the race was stopped due to the adverse weather, but the name of Senna was on everyone’s lips (1984 Monaco F1 GP result).

Ayrton Senna Lotus T97 1985

Ayrton Senna driving the Lotus 97T (1985)

After an impressive induction to formula one Senna signed for Lotus, where he would spend the next three years. At the second race in Portugal he took his first pole position and then his first race victory, winning by over a minute in wet weather. Several more pole’s followed but he had to wait until another wet race in Belgium to claim win number two. 4th in the championship was accompanied with seven poles and two wins.

Lotus’s famed poor reliability cost the Brazilian the next season despite two wins and eight poles. Senna was beginning to establish himself as the fastest driver on the grid and in 1987 he won his first race around Monaco, the first of six, and finished third in the standings. The following year saw him leave Lotus and move to McLaren as team mate to double world champion Alain Prost, thus sparking a rivalry that is still seen as the biggest in the sports history.

Teammates Senna & Prost worst moment in Japan 1989

Teammates Senna & Prost worst moment in Japan 1989

The 1988 McLaren was an all-conquering car and the two squabbled all season, often with underhand tactics. In Portugal, Prost attempted to pass Senna, who responded by almost driving Prost into the wall in an attempt to block him, Prost completed the move and Senna was left with a warning from the FIA. Senna won eight races that season, and with Prost winning only seven he claimed his first world championship. In 1989 the pair’s rivalry escalated out of control as McLaren once again had an unbeatable car. Senna led for much of the way after a superb run of victories early on in the season, but poor reliability and a return to form from Prost saw the Frenchman lead the championship in the penultimate round in Japan, the location for one of the sport’s most infamous incidents.

With Senna needing to win, and trailing Prost, he dived up the inside into the famous chicane. However the Frenchman’s frustration with Senna’s behaviour that season saw him turn in on the Brazilian resulting in an inevitable crash. With both cars unable to continue, that manoeuvre saw Prost win his third world championship, before he moved to Ferrari for 1990.

Ayrton Senna McLaren

Ayrton Senna driving the McLaren

1990 followed in the same trend as 1989, with Senna pulling away early with several wins but Prost coming back strongly in the second half of the season. Japan was the location again for the pairs next controversial incident. Senna took pole in Japan and requested pole position to be moved to the clean side of the track, a standard position on all other tracks. When the FIA president declined, Senna saw this as a coalition between Prost and the French FIA president. As Prost, starting second, instantly took the lead at the start of the race Senna deliberately crashed into the side of him, retiring both cars and claiming his second world championship in the process.

In 1991, at the age of 31, Senna became the youngest ever triple world champion as he dominated the season with seven wins. This was due to be his last year with the team as he planned to move to Williams, but stayed on for the 1992 season, after a personal request from engine suppliers Honda. Senna’s loyalty may have prevented him from winning a fourth world championship as the Williams car, at the hands of Nigel Mansell, dominated the 1992 season. Senna, in response, could only muster three wins. As Prost joined Williams for 1993, Senna could no longer complete the move as the Frenchman had a clause in his contract which said Senna could not be his team mate.

Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher racing each other.

Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher racing each other.

Senna had offered to drive their for free and subsequently called Prost a ‘Coward’. Senna stayed at McLaren and finished third after an impressive season. The Williams pair of Prost and Damon Hill dominated for much of the season. The following season Senna got his move to Williams as Prost retired. However a young German named Michael Schumacher showed his class by unexpectedly leading the championship after three rounds. At the fourth, Imola, the race controversially went ahead after the death of Roland Ratzenberger in qualifying despite Senna’s concerns. On race day he crashed early on at Tamburello corner, which proved to be fatal. Ayrton died aged 34 (Senna  video).

The world of sport mourned a true great. The fastest and most competitive driver in the sports history has left a lasting legacy on the sport.

Ayrton Senna (1st of May 1994)

Ayrton Senna (1st of May 1994)

His records may have gone, many of which to Schumacher and Vettel but his track record is still amazing. When you sort the amount of races in our all time F1 driver rankings and compare the figures to F1 drivers with the same amount of races, you can see he clearly stands out and even doubles the results of Mika Hakkinen!

Untill this day he is still idolised globally and he also will live on becaus of the Ayrton Senna Foundation (http://senna.globo.com). In today’s era of Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton, the name of Senna still rings true.



Ayrton Senna F1 Championship Season Results



Ayrton Senna F1 Championships Summary

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1994 United Kingdom Williams Renault3000036000.000
1993 United Kingdom McLaren Ford165207186114.5673
1992 United Kingdom McLaren Honda163137169813.1350
1991 United Kingdom McLaren Honda1673212893426.0096
1990 United Kingdom McLaren Honda16623111089524.8878
1989 United Kingdom McLaren Honda1661071378133.7560
1988 United Kingdom McLaren Honda16830111398835.8894
1987 United Kingdom Lotus Honda162428195633.5657
1986 United Kingdom Lotus Renault162428873903.4455
1985 United Kingdom Lotus Renault162226777532.3838
1984 United Kingdom Toleman Hart140123054910.9313



Ayrton Senna F1 GP Race Classifications

1st41 Times
2nd23 Times
3rd16 Times
4th7 Times
5th6 Times
6th3 Times
7th5 Times
9th1 Time
10th2 Times
11th1 Time
16th1 Time
18th1 Time
20th1 Time
DSQ3 Times
Ret50 Times
DNQ1 Time

Ayrton Senna F1 GP Race Results

16219941994 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1RetFatal accident0
16119941994 Pacific Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1RetCollision0
16019941994 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1RetSpun off0
15919931993 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1110
15819931993 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenFord2110
15719931993 Portuguese Grand Prix result8McLarenFord4RetEngine0
15619931993 Italian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord4RetCollision0
15519931993 Belgian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord543
15419931993 Hungarian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord4RetThrottle0
15319931993 German Grand Prix result8McLarenFord443
15219931993 British Grand Prix result8McLarenFord45Out of fuel2
15119931993 French Grand Prix result8McLarenFord543
15019931993 Canadian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord818Electrical0
14919931993 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenFord3110
14819931993 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenFord326
14719931993 San Marino Grand Prix result8McLarenFord4RetHydraulics0
14619931993 European Grand Prix result8McLarenFord4110
14519931993 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord3110
14419931993 South African Grand Prix result8McLarenFord226
14319921992 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda2RetCollision0
14219921992 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3RetEngine0
14119921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
14019921992 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda2110
13919921992 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda252
13819921992 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3110
13719921992 German Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda326
13619921992 British Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3RetTransmission0
13519921992 French Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3RetAccident0
13419921992 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetElectrical0
13319921992 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3110
13219921992 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
13119921992 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda39Spun Off0
13019921992 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3RetEngine0
12919921992 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda6RetTransmission0
12819921992 South African Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda234
12719911991 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda115
12619911991 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda226
12519911991 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda352
12419911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda326
12319911991 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda126
12219911991 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
12119911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
12019911991 German Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda27Out of Fuel0
11919911991 British Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda24Out of Fuel3
11819911991 French Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
11719911991 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
11619911991 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3RetAlternator0
11519911991 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
11419911991 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
11319911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
11219911991 United States Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
11119901990 Australian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetSpun Off / Gearbox0
11019901990 Japanese Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetCollision0
10919901990 Spanish Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetRadiator0
10819901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda326
10719901990 Italian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
10619901990 Belgian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
10519901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda426
10419901990 German Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
10319901990 British Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda234
10219901990 French Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda334
10119901990 Mexican Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda320Tyre0
10019901990 Canadian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
9919901990 Monaco Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
9819901990 San Marino Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetWheel0
9719901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda134
9619901990 United States Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda519
9519891989 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetCollision0
9419891989 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1DSQDisqualified0
9319891989 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
9219891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetCollision0
9119891989 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetEngine0
9019891989 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
8919891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda226
8819891989 German Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
8719891989 British Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetSpun Off0
8619891989 French Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda2RetDifferential0
8519891989 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda27Engine0
8419891989 United States Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetElectrical0
8319891989 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
8219891989 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
8119891989 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
8019891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
7919881988 Australian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda126
7819881988 Japanese Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
7719881988 Spanish Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda143
7619881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda261
7519881988 Italian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda110Collision0
7419881988 Belgian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
7319881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
7219881988 German Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
7119881988 British Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda319
7019881988 French Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda226
6919881988 Detroit Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
6819881988 Canadian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
6719881988 Mexican Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda126
6619881988 Monaco Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda1RetSpun Off0
6519881988 San Marino Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
6419881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda1DSQDisqualified0
6319871987 Australian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda4DSQNo Time0
6219871987 Japanese Grand Prix result12LotusHonda726
6119871987 Mexican Grand Prix result12LotusHonda7RetNo Time0
6019871987 Spanish Grand Prix result12LotusHonda552
5919871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result12LotusHonda570
5819871987 Italian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda426
5719871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda626
5619871987 German Grand Prix result12LotusHonda234
5519871987 British Grand Prix result12LotusHonda334
5419871987 French Grand Prix result12LotusHonda343
5319871987 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusHonda219
5219871987 Austrian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda752
5119871987 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusHonda219
5019871987 Belgian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda3RetAccident0
4919871987 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusHonda126
4819871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda3RetEngine0
4719861986 Australian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault3RetEngine0
4619861986 Mexican Grand Prix result12LotusRenault134
4519861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result12LotusRenault14Out of Fuel3
4419861986 Italian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault5RetTransmission0
4319861986 Austrian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault8RetEngine0
4219861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
4119861986 German Grand Prix result12LotusRenault326
4019861986 British Grand Prix result12LotusRenault3RetGearbox0
3919861986 French Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetAccident0
3819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
3719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault252
3619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault426
3519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusRenault334
3419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetWheel Bearing0
3319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
3219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
3119851985 Australian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetEngine0
3019851985 South African Grand Prix result12LotusRenault4RetEngine0
2919851985 European Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
2819851985 Belgian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault219
2719851985 Italian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault134
2619851985 Dutch Grand Prix result12LotusRenault434
2519851985 Austrian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1426
2419851985 German Grand Prix result12LotusRenault5RetNo Time0
2319851985 British Grand Prix result12LotusRenault410No Time0
2219851985 French Grand Prix result12LotusRenault2RetNo Time0
2119851985 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetAccident0
2019851985 Canadian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault2160
1919851985 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetEngine0
1819851985 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusRenault17Out of Fuel0
1719851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
1619851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault4RetElectrical0
1519841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result19TolemanHart334
1419841984 European Grand Prix result19TolemanHart12RetAccident0
1319841984 Dutch Grand Prix result19TolemanHart13RetEngine0
1219841984 Austrian Grand Prix result19TolemanHart10RetOil Pressure0
1119841984 German Grand Prix result19TolemanHart9RetAccident0
1019841984 British Grand Prix result19TolemanHart734
919841984 Dallas Grand Prix result19TolemanHart6RetClutch0
819841984 Detroit Grand Prix result19TolemanHart7RetAccident0
719841984 Canadian Grand Prix result19TolemanHart970
619841984 Monaco Grand Prix result19TolemanHart1323
519841984 French Grand Prix result19TolemanHart13RetTurbo0
419841984 San Marino Grand Prix result19TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
319841984 Belgian Grand Prix result19TolemanHart1961
219841984 South African Grand Prix result19TolemanHart1361
119841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result19TolemanHart16RetTurbo0



Ayrton Senna F1 Podium Finishes

8019931993 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1110
7919931993 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenFord2110
7819931993 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenFord3110
7719931993 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenFord326
7619931993 European Grand Prix result8McLarenFord4110
7519931993 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord3110
7419931993 South African Grand Prix result8McLarenFord226
7319921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
7219921992 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda2110
7119921992 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3110
7019921992 German Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda326
6919921992 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda3110
6819921992 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
6719921992 South African Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda234
6619911991 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda115
6519911991 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda226
6419911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda326
6319911991 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda126
6219911991 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
6119911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
6019911991 French Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
5919911991 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda334
5819911991 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5719911991 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5619911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5519911991 United States Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5419901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda326
5319901990 Italian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
5219901990 Belgian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
5119901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda426
5019901990 German Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4919901990 British Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda234
4819901990 French Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda334
4719901990 Canadian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4619901990 Monaco Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4519901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda134
4419901990 United States Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda519
4319891989 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
4219891989 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
4119891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda226
4019891989 German Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3919891989 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3819891989 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3719891989 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3619881988 Australian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda126
3519881988 Japanese Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
3419881988 Belgian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
3319881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
3219881988 German Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
3119881988 British Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda319
3019881988 French Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda226
2919881988 Detroit Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2819881988 Canadian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2719881988 Mexican Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda126
2619881988 San Marino Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2519871987 Japanese Grand Prix result12LotusHonda726
2419871987 Italian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda426
2319871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result12LotusHonda626
2219871987 German Grand Prix result12LotusHonda234
2119871987 British Grand Prix result12LotusHonda334
2019871987 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusHonda219
1919871987 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusHonda219
1819871987 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusHonda126
1719861986 Mexican Grand Prix result12LotusRenault134
1619861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
1519861986 German Grand Prix result12LotusRenault326
1419861986 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
1319861986 Belgian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault426
1219861986 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusRenault334
1119861986 Spanish Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
1019861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
919851985 European Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
819851985 Belgian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault219
719851985 Italian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault134
619851985 Dutch Grand Prix result12LotusRenault434
519851985 Austrian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1426
419851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
319841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result19TolemanHart334
219841984 British Grand Prix result19TolemanHart734
119841984 Monaco Grand Prix result19TolemanHart1323



Ayrton Senna F1 Pole Positions

6519941994 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1RetFatal accident0
6419941994 Pacific Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1RetCollision0
6319941994 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1RetSpun off0
6219931993 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1110
6119921992 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetElectrical0
6019911991 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda115
5919911991 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda126
5819911991 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5719911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5619911991 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5519911991 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5419911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5319911991 United States Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
5219901990 Australian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetSpun Off / Gearbox0
5119901990 Japanese Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetCollision0
5019901990 Spanish Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetRadiator0
4919901990 Italian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4819901990 Belgian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4719901990 German Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4619901990 Canadian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4519901990 Monaco Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda119
4419901990 San Marino Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda1RetWheel0
4319901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result27McLarenHonda134
4219891989 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetCollision0
4119891989 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1DSQDisqualified0
4019891989 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3919891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetCollision0
3819891989 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetEngine0
3719891989 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3619891989 German Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3519891989 British Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetSpun Off0
3419891989 United States Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1RetElectrical0
3319891989 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3219891989 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3119891989 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda119
3019891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenHonda1110
2919881988 Australian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda126
2819881988 Japanese Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2719881988 Spanish Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda143
2619881988 Italian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda110Collision0
2519881988 Belgian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2419881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2319881988 German Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2219881988 Detroit Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2119881988 Canadian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
2019881988 Mexican Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda126
1919881988 Monaco Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda1RetSpun Off0
1819881988 San Marino Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda119
1719881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result12McLarenHonda1DSQDisqualified0
1619871987 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusHonda126
1519861986 Mexican Grand Prix result12LotusRenault134
1419861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result12LotusRenault14Out of Fuel3
1319861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
1219861986 French Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetAccident0
1119861986 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
1019861986 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetWheel Bearing0
919861986 Spanish Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119
819861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
719851985 Australian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetEngine0
619851985 European Grand Prix result12LotusRenault126
519851985 Italian Grand Prix result12LotusRenault134
419851985 Detroit Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetAccident0
319851985 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusRenault1RetEngine0
219851985 San Marino Grand Prix result12LotusRenault17Out of Fuel0
119851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result12LotusRenault119

Teammate Comparison


Ayrton Senna Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1984TolemanJohnny Cecotto299000007382
Stefan Johansson3114000001120
1985LotusElio de Angelis113833217188133
1986LotusJohnny Dumfries155532080124160
1987LotusSatoru Nakajima145772010142160
1988McLarenAlain Prost11941058713297142
1989McLarenAlain Prost11608164132106142
1990McLarenGerhard Berger12784360102106124
1991McLarenGerhard Berger1196437182133133
1992McLarenGerhard Berger115049321088151
1993McLarenMichael Andretti135373000112130
Mika Häkkinen1320420102121
1994WilliamsDamon Hill1320700300330



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