Ralf Schumacher info & statistics

Ralf Schumacher wiki info & stats
NameRalf Schumacher
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthHürth-Hermühlheim
Date of BirthJun 30th 1975 - 45 years old
First Race1997 Australian Grand Prix
Last Race2007 Brazilian Grand Prix
First Pole2001 French Grand Prix
Last Pole2005 Japanese Grand Prix
First Win2001 San Marino Grand Prix
Last Win2003 French Grand Prix
First Podium1997 Argentine Grand Prix
Last Podium2006 Australian Grand Prix

Ralf Schumacher F1 Stats

Race Starts180
Race Wins6 (3,3%)
Pole Positions6 (3,3%)
Fastest Laps8 (4,4%)
Podiums27 (15,0%)
Points Finishes90 (50,0%)
Retirements63 (35,0%)
Wins from pole1
Frontrow Starts19
Total Points329
Total Laps9.166



Ralf Schumacher Final Championship Results



Ralf Schumacher F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2007 Japan Toyota Toyota170000084000.295
2006 Japan Toyota Toyota180011093801.1120
2005 Japan Toyota Toyota1800221107612.5045
2004 United Kingdom Williams BMW120101157902.0024
2003 United Kingdom Williams BMW152103384413.8758
2002 United Kingdom Williams BMW171146097302.4742
2001 United Kingdom Williams BMW173115180652.8849
2000 United Kingdom Williams BMW170033091301.4124
1999 United Kingdom Williams Supertec160123082812.1935
1998 Ireland Jordan Mugen-Honda160112067200.8814
1997 Ireland Jordan Peugeot170011069700.7613



Ralf Schumacher F1 GP Race Classifications

1st6 Times
2nd6 Times
3rd15 Times
4th19 Times
5th17 Times
6th12 Times
7th11 Times
8th9 Times
9th7 Times
10th3 Times
11th4 Times
12th5 Times
14th2 Times
15th3 Times
16th3 Times
DNF57 Times
DSQ1 Time


Ralf Schumacher F1 GP Race Results

18020072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota15110
17920072007 Chinese Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota6DNFSpun off0
17820072007 Japanese Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota15DNFPuncture0
17720072007 Belgian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota10100
17620072007 Italian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota18150
17520072007 Turkish Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota16120
17420072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota563
17320072007 European Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota9DNFCollision0
17220072007 British Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota6DNFWheel0
17120072007 French Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota11100
17020072007 USA Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota12DNFCollision0
16920072007 Canadian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota1881
16820072007 Monaco Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota20160
16720072007 Spanish Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota17DNFSuspension0
16620072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota14120
16520072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota9150
16420072007 Australian Grand Prix result11ToyotaToyota981
16320062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota7DNFSuspension0
16220062006 Japanese Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota372
16120062006 Chinese Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota16DNFOil pressure0
16020062006 Italian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota13150
15920062006 Turkish Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota1572
15820062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota663
15720062006 German Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota890
15620062006 French Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota545
15520062006 USA Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota8DNF0
15420062006 Canadian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota14DNFRetired0
15320062006 British Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota7DNFAccident0
15220062006 Monaco Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota1081
15120062006 Spanish Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota6DNFElectronics0
15020062006 European Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota10DNFEngine0
14920062006 San Marino Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota690
14820062006 Australian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota636
14720062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota2281
14620062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota17140
14520052005 Chinese Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota936
14420052005 Japanese Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota181
14320052005 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota1081
14220052005 Belgian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota572
14120052005 Italian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota963
14020052005 Turkish Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota9120
13920052005 Hungarian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota536
13820052005 German Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota1263
13720052005 British Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota881
13620052005 French Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota1172
13520052005 Canadian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota1063
13420052005 European Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota8DNFSpin0
13320052005 Monaco Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota1863
13220052005 Spanish Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota445
13120052005 San Marino Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota109No Time0
13020052005 Bahrain Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota645
12920052005 Malaysian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota554
12820052005 Australian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota15120
12720042004 Brazilian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW754
12620042004 Japanese Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW228
12520042004 Chinese Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW5DNFCollision0
12420042004 USA Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW6DNFTyre0
12320042004 Canadian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW1DSQDisqualified0
12220042004 European Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW9DNFCollision0
12120042004 Monaco Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW1210Gearbox0
12020042004 Spanish Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW663
11920042004 San Marino Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW572
11820042004 Bahrain Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW472
11720042004 Malaysian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW7DNFEngine0
11620042004 Australian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW845
11520032003 Japanese Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW19120
11420032003 USA Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW5DNFAccident0
11320032003 Hungarian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW245
11220032003 German Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW2DNFAccident damage0
11120032003 British Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW490
11020032003 French Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW1110
10920032003 European Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW3110
10820032003 Canadian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW128
10720032003 Monaco Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW145
10620032003 Austrian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW1063
10520032003 Spanish Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW754
10420032003 San Marino Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW245
10320032003 Brazilian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW672
10220032003 Malaysian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW1745
10120032003 Australian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW981
10020022002 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW511Engine0
9920022002 USA Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW5160
9820022002 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW3DNFEngine0
9720022002 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW452
9620022002 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW334
9520022002 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW234
9420022002 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW552
9320022002 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW480
9220022002 European Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW243
9120022002 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW47Engine0
9020022002 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW434
8920022002 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW243
8820022002 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW311Engine0
8720022002 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW334
8620022002 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW326
8520022002 Malaysian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW4110
8420022002 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW3DNFCollision0
8320012001 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW361
8220012001 USA Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW2DNFSpun off0
8120012001 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW434
8020012001 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW270
7920012001 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW443
7820012001 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW2110
7720012001 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW10DNFEngine0
7620012001 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW126
7520012001 European Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW243
7420012001 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW2110
7320012001 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW5DNFElectrical0
7220012001 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW3DNFBrakes0
7120012001 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW5DNFBrakes0
7020012001 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW3110
6920012001 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW2DNFSpun off0
6820012001 Malaysian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW352
6720012001 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW5DNFCollision0
6620002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW8DNFEngine0
6520002000 Japanese Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW6DNFSpun off0
6420002000 USA Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW10DNFEngine0
6320002000 Italian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW734
6220002000 Belgian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW634
6120002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW452
6020002000 German Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW1470
5920002000 Austrian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW19DNFBrakes0
5820002000 French Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW552
5720002000 Canadian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW1214Collision0
5620002000 Monaco Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW9DNFSpun off0
5520002000 European Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW5DNFCollision0
5420002000 Spanish Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW543
5320002000 British Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW743
5220002000 San Marino Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW5DNFOut of Fuel0
5120002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW1152
5020002000 Australian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW1134
4919991999 Japanese Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec952
4819991999 Malaysian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec8DNFSpun off0
4719991999 European Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec443
4619991999 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec526
4519991999 Belgian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec552
4419991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec1690
4319991999 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec1143
4219991999 Austrian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec8DNFSpun off0
4119991999 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec834
4019991999 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec1643
3919991999 Canadian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec1343
3819991999 Spanish Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec1052
3719991999 Monaco Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec16DNFSpun off0
3619991999 San Marino Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec9DNFThrottle0
3519991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec1143
3419991999 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec834
3319981998 Japanese Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda7DNFEngine0
3219981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda6DNFBrakes0
3119981998 Italian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda634
3019981998 Belgian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda826
2919981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda1090
2819981998 German Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda461
2719981998 Austrian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda952
2619981998 British Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda2161
2519981998 French Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda6160
2419981998 Canadian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda5DNFGearbox0
2319981998 Monaco Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda16DNFSuspension0
2219981998 Spanish Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda11110
2119981998 San Marino Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda970
2019981998 Argentine Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda5DNFSuspension0
1919981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda8DNFSpun off0
1819981998 Australian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda9DNFCollision0
1719971997 European Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot16DNFWater leak0
1619971997 Japanese Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot1390
1519971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot8DNFCollision0
1419971997 Austrian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot1152
1319971997 Italian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot8DNFCollision0
1219971997 Belgian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot6DNFSpun off0
1119971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot1452
1019971997 German Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot752
919971997 British Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot552
819971997 French Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot361
719971997 Canadian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot7DNFAccident0
619971997 Spanish Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot9DNFEngine0
519971997 Monaco Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot6DNFSpun off0
419971997 San Marino Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot5DNFTransmission0
319971997 Argentine Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot634
219971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot10DNFElectrical0
119971997 Australian Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot12DNFGearbox0



Ralf Schumacher F1 Podium Finishes

2720062006 Australian Grand Prix result7ToyotaToyota636
2620052005 Chinese Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota936
2520052005 Hungarian Grand Prix result17ToyotaToyota536
2420042004 Japanese Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW228
2320032003 French Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW1110
2220032003 European Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW3110
2120032003 Canadian Grand Prix result4WilliamsBMW128
2020022002 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW334
1920022002 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW234
1820022002 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW434
1720022002 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW334
1620022002 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW326
1520022002 Malaysian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW4110
1420012001 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW434
1320012001 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW2110
1220012001 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW126
1120012001 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW2110
1020012001 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsBMW3110
920002000 Italian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW734
820002000 Belgian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW634
720002000 Australian Grand Prix result9WilliamsBMW1134
619991999 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec526
519991999 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec834
419991999 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsSupertec834
319981998 Italian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda634
219981998 Belgian Grand Prix result10JordanMugen-Honda826
119971997 Argentine Grand Prix result11JordanPeugeot634



Ralf Schumacher Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1997JordanGiancarlo Fisichella3213200000512710
1998JordanDamon Hill2114200100610106
1999WilliamsAlessandro Zanardi273500000124106
2000WilliamsJenson Button3424120000125116
2001WilliamsJuan Pablo Montoya114931311398116
2002WilliamsJuan Pablo Montoya124250100771089
2003WilliamsJuan Pablo Montoya11587422318796
2004WilliamsJuan Pablo Montoya21244001105739
2005ToyotaJarno Trulli324543001099414
2006ToyotaJarno Trulli34201500009999
2007ToyotaJarno Trulli66580000710314



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Ralf Schumacher amazed by Surer quote on nephew

Oct.6 - Mick Schumacher's uncle has hit back at doubts about the young German's talent. Ralf Schumacher's famous brother is Michael, whose son Mick will drive the Alfa Romeo in..

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Schumacher: Red Bull capable of making own engine

Oct.5 - Red Bull can build its own engine for 2022 and beyond, according to former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher. At Sochi, prior to Honda's shock decision last Friday to quit Formula..

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Ralf Schumacher 'can't imagine' nephew not in F1 in 2021

Oct.1 - Ralf Schumacher "can't imagine" that his nephew will not be on the Formula 1 grid next year. Ahead of his Friday practice debut for Alfa Romeo at the Nurburgring,..

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Schumacher: Aston Martin will suit Vettel better

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Montezemolo: 'Better to be quiet' about Ferrari now

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Schumacher: Williams family departure best for team

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