2006 F1 Championship Standings

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2006 F1 Championship Overview

2006 F1 World Championship
2006 Bahrain F1 GPMarch 12Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5701:29:46.205
2006 Malaysian F1 GPMarch 19Italy Giancarlo Fisichella
France Renault5601:30:40.529
2006 Australian F1 GPApril 2Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5701:34:27.870
2006 San Marino F1 GPApril 23Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6201:31:06.486
2006 European F1 GPMay 7Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6001:35:58.765
2006 Spanish F1 GPMay 14Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault6601:26:21.759
2006 Monaco F1 GPMay 28Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault7801:43:43.116
2006 British F1 GPJune 11Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault6001:25:51.927
2006 Canadian F1 GPJune 25Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault7001:34:37.308
2006 USA F1 GPJuly 2Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7301:34:35.199
2006 French F1 GPJuly 16Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7001:32:07.803
2006 German F1 GPJuly 30Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6701:27:51.693
2006 Hungarian F1 GPAugust 6United Kingdom Jenson Button
Japan Honda7001:52:20.941
2006 Turkish F1 GPAugust 27Brazil Felipe Massa
Italy Ferrari5801:28:51.082
2006 Italian F1 GPSeptember 10Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5301:14:51.975
2006 Chinese F1 GPOctober 1Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5601:37:32.747
2006 Japanese F1 GPOctober 8Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5301:23:52.413
2006 Brazilian F1 GPOctober 22Brazil Felipe Massa
Italy Ferrari7101:31:53.751

2006 Formula 1 Championship Driver Standings

1Spain Fernando Alonso12*12*2111*1525DNF2DNF2*1*2134
2Germany Michael Schumacher26DNF11*25*221*1*1*83*11DNF4*121
3Brazil Felipe Massa95DNF434*9552327*19DNF2180
4Italy Giancarlo FisichellaDNF15863644366DNF6433672
5Finland Kimi Räikkönen3DNF2*545DNF33*DNF53DNFDNF2*DNF5565
6United Kingdom Jenson Button43107DNF611DNF9DNFDNF414544356
7Brazil Rubens Barrichello151071057410DNF6DNFDNF486612730
8Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya54DNF3DNFDNF26DNFDNF        26
9Germany Nick Heidfeld12DNF413108777DNF8DNF3148781723
10Germany Ralf Schumacher14839DNFDNF8DNFDNFDNF496715DNF7DNF20
11Spain Pedro de la Rosa          7DNF25DNF511819
12Italy Jarno Trulli169DNFDNF910171164DNF71297DNF6DNF15
13United Kingdom David Coulthard10DNF8DNFDNF1431287911515129DNFDNF14
14Canada Jacques VilleneuveDNF7612812148DNFDNF11DNF      7
16Poland Robert Kubica            DSQ12313996
17Germany Nico Rosberg7*DNFDNF11711DNF9DNF914DNFDNFDNFDNF1110DNF4
18Austria Christian Klien8DNFDNFDNFDNF13DNF1411DNF128DNF1111   2
19Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi1111DNF14DNF1510131381310DNFDNF141014131
20Netherlands Robert Doornbos               1213120
21Netherlands Christijan AlbersDNF1211DNF13DNF1215DNFDNF152110DNF1715DNF140
22France Franck Montagny    DNFDNF1618DNFDNF16       0
23Japan Sakon Yamamoto           DNFDNFDNFDNF1617160
24United States Scott Speed13DNF91511DNF13DNF10DNF10121113131418110
25Japan Takuma Sato181412DNFDNF17DNF1715DNFDNFDNF13NC162215100
26Portugal Tiago Monteiro1713DNF161216151614DNFDNF229DNFDNFDNF16150
27Japan Yuji IdeDNFDNF13DNF              0

2006 F1 results distribution of points: 1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd =4, 4th = 3, 5th = 2, 6th = 1 point
* = this driver has driven the fastest lap of the race.

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

2006 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Spain Fernando Alonso1877014611085134
Germany Michael Schumacher1874112410927121
Brazil Felipe Massa18232731066280
Italy Giancarlo Fisichella18104511049072
United Kingdom Jenson Button1810231971056
Finland Kimi Räikkönen1802463840365
Brazil Rubens Barrichello1800000982030
Germany Nick Heidfeld1800110981023
Germany Ralf Schumacher1800110938020
Italy Jarno Trulli1800000895015
United Kingdom David Coulthard1800110932014
Australia Mark Webber180000067107
Germany Nico Rosberg180000066214
Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi180000094901
Portugal Tiago Monteiro180000088400
United States Scott Speed180000095100
Japan Takuma Sato180000085700
Netherlands Christijan Albers180000083100
Austria Christian Klien150000065502
Canada Jacques Villeneuve120000064607
Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya1001120441026
Spain Pedro de la Rosa801010399019
France Franck Montagny70000024000
Japan Sakon Yamamoto70000021300
Poland Robert Kubica60011035806
Japan Yuji Ide40000014500
Netherlands Robert Doornbos30000017700

2006 Formula 1 Championship Constructor Standings

1France Renault1121221111525DNF2DNF212206
2Italy Ferrari526DNF1125221118311DNF4201
3United Kingdom McLaren33DNF2545DNF33DNF53DNFDNF2DNF55110
4Japan Honda11151071057410DNF6DNFDNF486612786
5Switzerland BMW Sauber1612DNF413108777DNF8DNF3148781736
6Japan Toyota714839DNFDNF8DNFDNFDNF496715DNF7DNF35
7Austria Red Bull1410DNF8DNFDNF1431287911515129DNFDNF16
9Italy Toro Rosso201111DNF14DNF1510131381310DNFDNF141014131
10Russian Federation Midland181713DNF161216151614DNFDNF229DNF    0
11Netherlands Spyker18              DNFDNF16150
19              1715DNF14
12Japan Super Aguri22181412DNFDNF17DNF1715DNFDNFDNF13NC162215100

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