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Robert Kubica wiki info & stats
NameRobert Kubica
CountryPoland Poland
Place of BirthKrakau
Date of BirthDec 7th 1984 - 35 years old
First Race2006 Hungarian Grand Prix
Last Race2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
First Pole2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
Last Pole2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
First Win2008 Canadian Grand Prix
Last Win2008 Canadian Grand Prix
First Podium2006 Italian Grand Prix
Last Podium2010 Belgian Grand Prix

Robert Kubica is currently driver with no. 88 at Williams.

Robert Kubica F1 Stats

Race Starts97
Race Wins1 (1,0%)
Pole Positions1 (1,0%)
Fastest Laps1 (1,0%)
Podiums12 (12,4%)
Points Finishes47 (48,5%)
Retirements14 (14,4%)
Frontrow Starts4
Total Points274
Total Laps5.382



Robert Kubica Biography

Robert Kubica - 2010

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica is the only Polish driver in F1 history. On our Polish F1 Drivers & Statistics Overview you can check that out for each driver.

After a successful career in karting, winning multiple karting titles in Poland, the International Italian Junior Karting Championship twice, the Monaco Kart Cup twice and solid performances in the World Championship, he made the move to Junior Formulas.

His junior formula career started under the wings of Renault. From 2001 to 2005, Kubica competed in many championships. In the Formula Renault 2000, he lost the title in 2002 against Argentinian José María López, after winning four out of 10 races. He competed in the 2003 Formula 3 Euro Series and won one race and faced many drivers who eventually made it into F1: Nico Rosberg, Markus Winkelhock, Christian Klien, Timo Glock, Robert Doornbos, and Lucas di Grassi.

Results 2006 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy

Robert Kubica's 1st podium 2006 Italy F1 GP

He had different tenures in the British Formula 3 Championship and had another season in the Formula 3 Euro Series with less success. He competed in three editions of the Macau Grand Prix between 2003 and 2005, achieving one Pole Position and the second place in 2005. Also, he drove in the Masters of Formula 3 race in 2003.

He won the Formula Renault 3.5 Series title in 2005 after dominating the season with four wins and 11 podiums in 17 races. In the 1st of December of 2005, he participated in his first F1 test with the Renault F1 team and drove Fernando Alonso's 2005 championship-winning car in Barcelona.

In 2006 he was named BMW Sauber test driver and he made his debut at the Hungarian Grand Prix after the team declared Jacques Villeneuve unfit to race. The Polish impressed in his first race, but his 7th place did not count as he was disqualified. In only his third race, he finished on the podium behind Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen at Monza.

Ecclestone: Kubica to be 'stronger than before'

Robert Kubica crash at Canada 2007 F1 GP

He kept his place at BMW Sauber for 2007 alongside Nick Heidfeld. After scoring points in three of the first five races, he had one of the heaviest crashes in Formula 1 history in Canada. Luckily for him, he escaped without any major injuries and only missed the following race, the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis. A young Sebastian Vettel took Kubica's place for the race in the USA. Kubica recovered and scored points in eight of the final ten races of 2007 and finished sixth in the championship.

In 2008 he had his best year and mounted a title challenge against the Ferraris of Raikkonen and Felipe Massa and the McLaren of Lewis Hamilton. He returned to the location of his terrible crash in 2007 and took advantage of an eventful race to take his first and so far only win in F1, which gave him a brief lead in the WDC.

Results 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy

2010 Renault R30 driven by Robert Kubica

His championship hopes disappeared after the Chinese Grand Prix, with only one race to go. Ultimately, he finished in fourth place in the standings. In 2009 he had a tough year and scored only one podium, a second place in the 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix. On the 7th of October, Kubica completed his racing circle as he was announced as a Renault driver for 2010.

The 2010 campaign was good by the Polish driver, scoring three podiums and finishing eight times in the top 5, which was great compared to his teammate's —Vitaly Petrov—  zero podiums and only one top 5 finish. For the 2011 season, he was set to continue racing with the Renault squad, but a horrific crash on the 6th of February of 2011 during the Ronde di Andora rally injured him badly and he wasn't fit to drive in the 2011 season.

Robert Kubica crash 2011

The wreck of Kubica rally car that he crashed with and got injured very bad in 2011

He underwent multiple surgeries by many doctors and recovered, even though he sustained a major injury on his right arm. He kept his seat at Renault despite his inability to drive, but he missed the 2012 season too, a year he was supposed to drive with Ferrari alongside Alonso, according to Kubica himself.

His motorsport activities resumed on the 9th of September of 2012 in the Ronde Gomitolo Di Lana. He participated in the European Rally Championship, the WRC-2 and WRC between 2013 and 2016, winning the WRC-2 title in 2013 but without big success in the WRC.

His return to F1 occurred in the 6th of June of 2017, when he completed a test with Renault at the wheel of the Lotus E20, the car driven to victory by Raikkonen at Abu Dhabi in the 2012 campaign. Then, he completed in the 2nd of August another test with Renault at the Hungaroring, after the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix, and finished fourth with 142 laps completed.

Robert Kubica (POL) Williams Racing FW42.
Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday 4th August 2019. Budapest, Hungary.

After several tests with Williams, he became a clear contender for a seat for the 2018 season, but on the 16th of January of 2018, he was confirmed as Williams reserve driver. He participated in three FP1 sessions and finished in last place twice, and he was faster than Lance Stroll in the 2018 Spanish GP FP1 session.

On the 22nd of November of 2018, Williams confirmed Kubica was going to be part of their new drivers' lineup for 2019. His teammate would be George Russell, the reigning F2 champion.

The 12 races before the summer break were really difficult for Kubica, as he was being constantly out-qualified by his rookie teammate and falling behind in races. The Williams FW42 was clearly the worst car of the grid in the first half of 2019. However, despite his struggles, Kubica finished ahead of Russell and scored a point in the 2019 German Grand Prix, which was his first point-scoring finish since the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

After the summer break, the struggle continued for Williams. On the 19th of September, during the Pre-race Press Conference of the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix, Kubica announced his departure from Williams at the end of the year. He was not clear about his next move, but said that he wanted to stay in F1, although "not at any cost".

He left the sport after the last race of the year at Abu Dhabi. His teammate finished with a 21-0 advantage during qualifying but the Polish race-winner finished ahead in the standing thanks to the point he scored at Hockenheim.



Robert Kubica Helmets



Robert Kubica F1 Cars



Robert Kubica F1 Championship Season Results



Robert Kubica F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2019 United Kingdom Williams Mercedes2100000117900.051
2010 France Renault Renault190123099617.16136
2009 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber170101086401.0017
2008 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber1813371108404.1775
2007 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber160000090102.4439
2006 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber60011035801.006



Robert Kubica F1 GP Race Classifications

1st1 Time
2nd5 Times
3rd6 Times
4th7 Times
5th9 Times
6th4 Times
7th7 Times
8th6 Times
9th5 Times
10th2 Times
11th4 Times
12th1 Time
13th4 Times
14th2 Times
15th1 Time
16th4 Times
17th5 Times
18th7 Times
19th2 Times
20th1 Time
23rd1 Time
DNF12 Times
DSQ1 Time


Robert Kubica F1 GP Race Results

9720192019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19190
9620192019 Brazilian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19160
9520192019 USA Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19DNFHydraulics0
9420192019 Mexican Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes20180
9320192019 Japanese Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes20170
9220192019 Russian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes18DNFStrategic0
9120192019 Singapore Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19160
9020192019 Italian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes15170
8920192019 Belgian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes20170
8820192019 Hungarian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19190
8720192019 German Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes18101
8620192019 British Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes20150
8520192019 Austrian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes17200
8420192019 French Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes18180
8320192019 Canadian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19180
8220192019 Monaco Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes19180
8120192019 Spanish Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes17180
8020192019 Azerbijan Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes18160
7920192019 Chinese Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes18170
7820192019 Bahrain Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes20160
7720192019 Australian Grand Prix result88WilliamsMercedes20170
7620102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault11510
7520102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault792
7420102010 Korean Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault8510
7320102010 Japanese Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault3DNFCollision0
7220102010 Singapore Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault876
7120102010 Italian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault984
7020102010 Belgian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault3315
6920102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault8DNFCollision0
6820102010 German Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault776
6720102010 British Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault623Driveshaft0
6620102010 European Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault6510
6520102010 Canadian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault876
6420102010 Turkish Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault768
6320102010 Monaco Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault2315
6220102010 Spanish Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault784
6120102010 Chinese Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault8510
6020102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault6412
5920102010 Australian Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault9218
5820102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result11RenaultRenault9110
5720092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber7100
5620092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber828
5520092009 Japanese Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber990
5420092009 Singapore Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber781
5320092009 Italian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber13DNFOil leak0
5220092009 Belgian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
5120092009 European Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber1081
5020092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber18130
4920092009 German Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber16140
4820092009 British Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber12130
4720092009 Turkish Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber1072
4620092009 Monaco Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber17DNFBrakes0
4520092009 Spanish Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber10110
4420092009 Bahrain Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber13180
4320092009 Chinese Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber17130
4220092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber6DNFEngine0
4120092009 Australian Grand Prix result5BMW SauberBMW Sauber414Collision0
4020082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber13110
3920082008 Chinese Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber1163
3820082008 Japanese Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber628
3720082008 Singapore Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber4110
3620082008 Italian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber1136
3520082008 Belgian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber863
3420082008 European Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber336
3320082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber481
3220082008 German Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber772
3120082008 British Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber10DNFSpun off0
3020082008 French Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber554
2920082008 Canadian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber2110
2820082008 Monaco Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber528
2720082008 Turkish Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
2620082008 Spanish Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber445
2520082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber136
2420082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber428
2320082008 Australian Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber2DNFCollision0
2220072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber754
2120072007 Chinese Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber9DNFHydraulics0
2020072007 Japanese Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber972
1920072007 Belgian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber1490
1820072007 Italian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber654
1720072007 Turkish Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber581
1620072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber754
1520072007 European Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber572
1420072007 British Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
1320072007 French Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber445
1220072007 Canadian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber8DNFAccident0
1120072007 Monaco Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber854
1020072007 Spanish Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
920072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber663
820072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber7180
720072007 Australian Grand Prix result10BMW SauberBMW Sauber5DNFGearbox0
620062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber990
520062006 Japanese Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber1290
420062006 Chinese Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber9130
320062006 Italian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber636
220062006 Turkish Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber8120
120062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber9DSQ0



Robert Kubica F1 Pole Positions

120082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result4BMW SauberBMW Sauber136



Robert Kubica Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2006BMW SauberNick Heidfeld3361000003315
2007BMW SauberNick Heidfeld4239610000610412
2008BMW SauberNick Heidfeld1275601010117135
2009BMW SauberNick Heidfeld2217190000710116
2010RenaultVitaly Petrov25136270000172172
2019WilliamsGeorge Russell1011100000417318



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