Timo Glock info & statistics

Timo Glock info & stats
NameTimo Glock
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthLindenfels
Date of BirthMar 18th 1982 - 38 years old
First Race2004 Canadian Grand Prix
Last Race2012 Brazilian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying2nd - 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix
Best Result2nd - (2 times)
First Podium2008 Hungarian Grand Prix
Last Podium2009 Singapore Grand Prix

Timo Glock F1 Stats

Race Entries95
Race Starts91
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps1 (1,1%)
Podiums3 (3,2%)
Points Finishes14 (14,7%)
Retirements21 (22,1%)
Frontrow Starts1
Total Points51
Total Laps4.751



Timo Glock Final Championship Results



Timo Glock F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2012 United Kingdom Manor Cosworth1900000109800.000
2011 United Kingdom Virgin Racing Cosworth180000083100.000
2010 United Kingdom Virgin Racing Cosworth180000082200.000
2009 Japan Toyota Toyota140112080711.7124
2008 Japan Toyota Toyota180101095001.3925
2004 Ireland Jordan Ford40000024300.502



Timo Glock F1 GP Race Classifications

2nd2 Times
3rd1 Time
4th3 Times
6th2 Times
7th5 Times
8th1 Time
9th4 Times
10th3 Times
11th4 Times
12th3 Times
13th1 Time
14th5 Times
15th6 Times
16th5 Times
17th5 Times
18th10 Times
19th6 Times
20th3 Times
21st3 Times
22nd1 Time
DNF17 Times
NC1 Time
DNS4 Times


Timo Glock F1 GP Race Results

9520122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth21160
9420122012 USA Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth19190
9320122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth21140
9220122012 Indian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth21200
9120122012 Korean Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth22180
9020122012 Japanese Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth18160
8920122012 Singapore Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth21120
8820122012 Italian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth20170
8720122012 Belgian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth20150
8620122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth22210
8520122012 German Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth22220
8420122012 British Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth20180
8320122012 European Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth24DNSCollision0
8220122012 Canadian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth21DNFBrakes0
8120122012 Monaco Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth19140
8020122012 Spanish Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth21180
7920122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth23190
7820122012 Chinese Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth20190
7720122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth20170
7620122012 Australian Grand Prix result24ManorCosworth20140
7520112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth24DNFWheel0
7420112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19190
7320112011 Indian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth22DNFAccident damage0
7220112011 Korean Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21180
7120112011 Japanese Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21200
7020112011 Singapore Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21DNFAccident damage0
6920112011 Italian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21150
6820112011 Belgian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19180
6720112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth20170
6620112011 German Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19170
6520112011 British Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth20160
6420112011 European Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21210
6320112011 Canadian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21150
6220112011 Monaco Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth20DNFSuspension0
6120112011 Spanish Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth20190
6020112011 Turkish Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21DNSGearbox0
5920112011 Chinese Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth22210
5820112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21160
5720112011 Australian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21NC0
5620102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21DNFGearbox0
5520102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth17200
5420102010 Korean Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19DNFCollision0
5320102010 Japanese Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth22140
5220102010 Singapore Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth18DNFHydraulics0
5120102010 Italian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth24170
5020102010 Belgian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth20180
4920102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth18160
4820102010 German Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth23180
4720102010 British Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19180
4620102010 European Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth22190
4520102010 Canadian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21DNFSteering0
4420102010 Turkish Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth21180
4320102010 Monaco Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth20DNFTrack rod0
4220102010 Spanish Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth22180
4120102010 Chinese Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19DNSEngine0
4020102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth16DNFSpin0
3920102010 Australian Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth23DNFSuspension0
3820102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result24Virgin RacingCosworth19DNFGearbox0
3720092009 Japanese Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota20DNSInjured0
3620092009 Singapore Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota628
3520092009 Italian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota16110
3420092009 Belgian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota7100
3320092009 European Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota13140
3220092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota1363
3120092009 German Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota2090
3020092009 British Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota890
2920092009 Turkish Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota1381
2820092009 Monaco Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota20100
2720092009 Spanish Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota6100
2620092009 Bahrain Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota272
2520092009 Chinese Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota1972
2420092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota333
2320092009 Australian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota1945
2220082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota1063
2120082008 Chinese Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota1272
2020082008 Japanese Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota8DNFDamage0
1920082008 Singapore Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota745
1820082008 Italian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota9110
1720082008 Belgian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota1390
1620082008 European Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota1372
1520082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota528
1420082008 German Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota11DNFSuspension0
1320082008 British Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota12120
1220082008 French Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota8110
1120082008 Canadian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota1145
1020082008 Monaco Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota10120
920082008 Turkish Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota15130
820082008 Spanish Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota14110
720082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota1390
620082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota10DNFCollision0
520082008 Australian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota18DNFAccident0
420042004 Brazilian Grand Prix result19JordanFord17150
320042004 Japanese Grand Prix result19JordanFord17150
220042004 Chinese Grand Prix result19JordanFord16150
120042004 Canadian Grand Prix result19JordanFord1672



Timo Glock F1 Podium Finishes

320092009 Singapore Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota628
220092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota333
120082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result12ToyotaToyota528



Timo Glock Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2004JordanNick Heidfeld782100002204
2008ToyotaJarno Trulli232531000099414
2009ToyotaJarno Trulli222430.5000196411
2010Virgin RacingLucas di Grassi1414000000118163
2011Virgin RacingJérôme d'Ambrosio1514000000109154
2012ManorCharles Pic1212000000137128



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Sep.18 - Ferrari is spending "several million euros" to get a brand new simulator up and running at Maranello in the next few months. That is the news from the team's beleaguered..

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Glock 'sorry' Vettel's achievements being forgotten

Jul.30 - Timo Glock says he feels "sorry" that quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel's achievements are being diminished. Eddie Jordan, a former F1 team owner turned outspoken..

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Glock: Sainz 'well connected with Todt family'

2021 Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz is "well connected with the Todt family", according to former F1 driver Timo Glock. Spaniard Sainz, whose father is the rallying legend of the..

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Glock: Vettel can beat Leclerc in 2020 car

Sebastian Vettel can beat Charles Leclerc at the wheel of Ferrari's 2020 car. That is the view of former F1 driver Timo Glock, who said quadruple world champion Vettel clearly..

March 13, 2020 with 0 Comments

Glock: Ferrari scandal could trigger Vettel exit

The saga about the legality of Ferrari's 2019 engine could trigger Sebastian Vettel's exit from the team. That is the view of former F1 driver and fellow German Timo Glock, who..

March 9, 2020 with 3 Comments

Glock: Schumacher right to not rush into F1

Timo Glock has praised Mick Schumacher for giving himself "time" to get ready for a Formula 1 career. While many rookies make their F1 debuts as teenagers these days, the son of..

October 31, 2019 with 0 Comments

Glock urges Hamilton to stay at Mercedes

Former F1 driver Timo Glock has urged Lewis Hamilton to sign a new Mercedes contract. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff this week said he wants to discuss the extension of Hamilton's..

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Three former drivers defend Vettel

Three former F1 drivers are backing Sebastian Vettel to emerge from his current career crisis. Many are tipping that amid the German's struggle with Charles Leclerc and a spate of..

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Glock defends Kubica after poor F1 return

Timo Glock has defended Robert Kubica in the wake of the Pole's disappointing return to F1 in Melbourne. Kubica's comeback after an eight year layoff due to injury was a big story..

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A big jump and crash for Timo Glock, Australia 2008

 Here you see how Timo GLock takes a huge jump at the track of Australia and break the wheels of his Toyota because of the

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