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Nick Heidfeld

NameNick Heidfeld
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthMönchengladbach
Date of BirthMay 10th 1977 - 40 years old
First RaceMar 12th 2000 Australian Grand Prix result
Last RaceJul 31st 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix result
First PoleMay 29th 2005 European Grand Prix result
Last PoleMay 29th 2005 European Grand Prix result
Best Result2nd - (8 times)
First PodiumApr 1st 2001 Brazilian Grand Prix result
Last PodiumApr 10th 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix result

Nick Heidfeld F1 statistics:

Race Starts183
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps2


Nick Heidfeld F1 Biography

Nick Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld

‘Quick Nick’ Heidfeld was one of the hottest young prospects in the mid-90s and went on to become a solid and consistent F1 performer for 11 years.

Although he was never given the opportunity to race for one of the big boys, Heidfeld proved he was one of the quickest drivers around and will go down as one of the best drivers never to win a Formula 1 race.

The German’s big break came at Prost in 2000, after a couple of years of testing with McLaren who it seemed were grooming him for a race seat. Heidfeld partnered the experienced Jean Alesi, and the pair struggled to get the best out of an awful car despite showing flashes of speed.

In 2001, he switched to Sauber and beat his rookie team-mate Kimi Raikkonen on points and was favourite to succeed Mika Hakkinen at McLaren.

However, the team picked Kimi Raikkonen instead, which greatly upset the German. It must have been tough for Heidfeld to take. He had all the credentials to excel in a title chasing team.

The knock back seemed to affect his confidence as a couple of mediocre years passed him by, including being beaten by the much older Heinz-Harald Frentzen in 2003.

Nick Heidfeld, Jordan EJ14

Nick Heidfeld driving for Jordan in 2004.

Sauber dumped both drivers at the end of that year, and Heidfeld went on to join Jordan. This re-invigorated him as he rediscovered his lost mojo and, although the car was poor, he had arguably his best ever year in Formula 1.

Three points finishes don’t do his performances justice but Heidfeld was a man possessed in a poor Jordan car. And in 2005 he finally got his reward with a drive at Williams.

The famous British team had been competing for world championships in previous seasons, but 2005 was the start of a new order in F1 and Williams were the victims as they fell down towards mid-table.

Heidfeld took pole at the Nurburgring and scored a couple of podiums, including a brilliant second in Monaco, but he missed the last five races after injuring himself in a crash at Monza.

Heidfeld returned to Sauber in 2006, although they had been taken over by BMW. The German was the spearhead of the team’s aggressive aim to get to the top of the sport. An encouraging season, which saw them come fifth in the Constructors Championship, was followed by a brilliant 2007.

Polish driver Robert Kubica joined Heidfeld, who admitted that the talented Kubica had made him push harder than he has ever had to before. The results spoke for themselves. He never qualified lower than ninth and was clearly the best of the rest behind McLaren and Ferrari.

In the races, he scored points in all but three races and finished twice on the podium. In Hungary, he drove faultlessly to keep Fernando Alonso’s McLaren behind and take second in a mature performance. At the end of the season, he scored 61 points and came fifth in the standings.

Sauber BMW one two finish of Canada 2008

Sauber BMW one two finish of Canada 2008

The following year, BMW expected to improve again but whereas Kubica excelled and even won a race, Heidfeld struggled. His driving style didn’t suit the car and, although he finished second on four occasions, he found qualifying very difficult. BMW’s day in the sun came in Canada where Kubica won and Heidfeld came second.

After a difficult 2009, which heralded just 19 points, Heidfeld left the team and saw opportunities become very limited. Just two seasons after being a regular podium finisher, Heidfeld was without a drive in 2010 after BMW pulled out of the sport.

Stints as Mercedes and Pirelli test driver filled his time, but towards the end of the 2010 season he was brought back by Sauber in place of Pedro de la Rosa. In 2011, he filled in for the injured Kubica at Renault-Lotus.

Nick HeidfeldAnother podium, which saw him equal the record for the number of podiums without an F1 win, and 34 points, saw him dominate his team-mate. But their dumped him half-way through the season after a dispute.

Heidfeld, by now in his mid-30s, became an unpopular option for a sport chasing younger drivers, meaning his F1 career was over.

For a driver who was tipped for great things, Heidfeld wasn’t given the break he deserved. He spent his best years in poor cars but did prove what he could do when finally given the chance. He goes down as one of the best drivers never to win a F1 race.


Championship Results

Nick Heidfeld F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2011 France Renault Renault110011056403.0934
2010 Switzerland BMW Sauber Ferrari50000026901.206
2009 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber170101089301.1219
2008 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber1804040111223.3360
2007 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber1701120102603.5961
2006 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber180011098101.2823
2005 United Kingdom Williams BMW130213172002.1528
2004 Ireland Jordan Ford180000090700.173
2003 Switzerland Sauber Petronas160000087300.386
2002 Switzerland Sauber Petronas170000096500.417
2001 Switzerland Sauber Petronas170011076400.7112
2000 France Prost Peugeot160000062500.000

Race Results

Nick Heidfeld F1 GP Race Results

18420112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault14RetFire0
18320112011 German Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault11RetCollision0
18220112011 British Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault1684
18120112011 European Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault9101
18020112011 Canadian Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault9RetAccident0
17920112011 Monaco Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault1584
17820112011 Spanish Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault2484
17720112011 Turkish Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault976
17620112011 Chinese Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault16120
17520112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault6315
17420112011 Australian Grand Prix result9RenaultRenault18120
17320102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result22BMW SauberFerrari14110
17220102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result22BMW SauberFerrari15170
17120102010 Korean Grand Prix result22BMW SauberFerrari1392
17020102010 Japanese Grand Prix result22BMW SauberFerrari1184
16920102010 Singapore Grand Prix result22BMW SauberFerrari14RetCollision0
16820092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber854
16720092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber18RetOut of Fuel0
16620092009 Japanese Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber463
16520092009 Singapore Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber20RetCollision0
16420092009 Italian Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber1572
16320092009 Belgian Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber354
16220092009 European Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber11110
16120092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber15110
16020092009 German Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber11100
15920092009 British Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber15150
15820092009 Turkish Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber11110
15720092009 Monaco Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber16110
15620092009 Spanish Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber1372
15520092009 Bahrain Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber14190
15420092009 Chinese Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber11120
15320092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber1024
15220092009 Australian Grand Prix result6BMW SauberBMW Sauber9100
15120082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber8100
15020082008 Chinese Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber954
14920082008 Japanese Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber1690
14820082008 Singapore Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber963
14720082008 Italian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber1054
14620082008 Belgian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber528
14520082008 European Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber890
14420082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber15100
14320082008 German Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber1245
14220082008 British Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber528
14120082008 French Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber11130
14020082008 Canadian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber828
13920082008 Monaco Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber12140
13820082008 Turkish Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber954
13720082008 Spanish Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber990
13620082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber645
13520082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber563
13420082008 Australian Grand Prix result3BMW SauberBMW Sauber528
13320072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber663
13220072007 Chinese Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber872
13120072007 Japanese Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber514Technical0
13020072007 Belgian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber654
12920072007 Italian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber445
12820072007 Turkish Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber645
12720072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber236
12620072007 European Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber463
12520072007 British Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber963
12420072007 French Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber754
12320072007 United States Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber5RetTransmission0
12220072007 Canadian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber328
12120072007 Monaco Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber763
12020072007 Spanish Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber7RetGearbox0
11920072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
11820072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber545
11720072007 Australian Grand Prix result9BMW SauberBMW Sauber345
11620062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber817Accident0
11520062006 Japanese Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber981
11420062006 Chinese Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber872
11320062006 Italian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber381
11220062006 Turkish Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber5140
11120062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber1036
11020062006 German Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber15RetBrakes0
10920062006 French Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber1181
10820062006 United States Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber10RetAccident0
10720062006 Canadian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber1372
10620062006 British Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber972
10520062006 Monaco Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber1572
10420062006 Spanish Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber1081
10320062006 European Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber13100
10220062006 San Marino Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber15130
10120062006 Australian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber845
10020062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber11RetEngine0
9920062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result16BMW SauberBMW Sauber10120
9820052005 Turkish Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW6RetTyre0
9720052005 Hungarian Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW1263
9620052005 German Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW7110
9520052005 British Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW14120
9420052005 French Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW14140
9320052005 United States Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW15DNSWithdrew0
9220052005 Canadian Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW13RetEngine0
9120052005 European Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW128
9020052005 Monaco Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW628
8920052005 Spanish Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW17100
8820052005 San Marino Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW863
8720052005 Bahrain Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW4RetEngine0
8620052005 Malaysian Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW1036
8520052005 Australian Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW7RetAccident0
8420042004 Brazilian Grand Prix result18JordanFord16RetClutch0
8320042004 Japanese Grand Prix result18JordanFord16130
8220042004 Chinese Grand Prix result18JordanFord14130
8120042004 Italian Grand Prix result18JordanFord20140
8020042004 Belgian Grand Prix result18JordanFord16110
7920042004 Hungarian Grand Prix result18JordanFord16120
7820042004 German Grand Prix result18JordanFord18RetHandling0
7720042004 British Grand Prix result18JordanFord15150
7620042004 French Grand Prix result18JordanFord17160
7520042004 United States Grand Prix result18JordanFord16RetEngine0
7420042004 Canadian Grand Prix result18JordanFord1581
7320042004 European Grand Prix result18JordanFord13100
7220042004 Monaco Grand Prix result18JordanFord1772
7120042004 Spanish Grand Prix result18JordanFord15RetHydraulics0
7020042004 San Marino Grand Prix result18JordanFord16RetDriveshaft0
6920042004 Bahrain Grand Prix result18JordanFord18150
6820042004 Malaysian Grand Prix result18JordanFord15RetTransmission0
6720042004 Australian Grand Prix result18JordanFord15RetTransmission0
6620032003 Japanese Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas1190
6520032003 United States Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas1354
6420032003 Italian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas1690
6320032003 Hungarian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas1190
6220032003 German Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas15100
6120032003 British Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas16170
6020032003 French Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas15130
5920032003 European Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas2081
5820032003 Canadian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas12RetEngine0
5720032003 Monaco Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas14110
5620032003 Austrian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas4RetEngine0
5520032003 Spanish Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas14100
5420032003 San Marino Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas11100
5320032003 Brazilian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas12RetEngine0
5220032003 Malaysian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas681
5120032003 Australian Grand Prix result9SauberPetronas7RetSuspension0
5020022002 Japanese Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas1270
4920022002 United States Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas1090
4820022002 Italian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas15100
4720022002 Belgian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas18100
4620022002 Hungarian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas890
4520022002 German Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas1061
4420022002 French Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas1070
4320022002 British Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas1061
4220022002 European Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas970
4120022002 Canadian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas7120
4020022002 Monaco Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas1580
3920022002 Austrian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas5RetCollision0
3820022002 Spanish Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas843
3720022002 San Marino Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas7100
3620022002 Brazilian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas9RetBrakes0
3520022002 Malaysian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas752
3420022002 Australian Grand Prix result7SauberPetronas10RetCollision0
3320012001 Japanese Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1090
3220012001 United States Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas661
3120012001 Italian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas8110
3020012001 Belgian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas14RetCollision0
2920012001 Hungarian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas761
2820012001 German Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas7RetCollision0
2720012001 British Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas961
2620012001 French Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas961
2520012001 European Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas10RetDriveshaft0
2420012001 Canadian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas11RetCollision0
2320012001 Monaco Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas16RetCollision0
2220012001 Austrian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas690
2120012001 Spanish Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1061
2020012001 San Marino Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1270
1920012001 Brazilian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas934
1820012001 Malaysian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas11RetSpun off0
1720012001 Australian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1043
1620002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot19RetCollision0
1520002000 Japanese Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot16RetSuspension0
1420002000 United States Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot1690
1320002000 Italian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot20RetSpun off0
1220002000 Belgian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot14RetEngine0
1120002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot19RetElectrical0
1020002000 German Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot1312Alternator0
920002000 Austrian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot13RetCollision0
820002000 French Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot16120
720002000 Canadian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot21RetEngine0
620002000 Monaco Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot1880
520002000 Spanish Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot19160
420002000 British Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot17RetEngine0
320002000 San Marino Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot22RetHydraulics0
220002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot19RetEngine0
120002000 Australian Grand Prix result15ProstPeugeot1690

Pole Positions

Nick Heidfeld F1 Podium Finishes

120052005 European Grand Prix result8WilliamsBMW128

Teammate Comparison

Nick Heidfeld Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2000ProstJean Alesi8100000009779
2001SauberKimi Räikkönen341290000107107
2002SauberFelipe Massa45740000115115
Heinz-Harald Frentzen9130000001010
2003SauberHeinz-Harald Frentzen53613000011597
2004JordanGiorgio Pantano71320000010495
Timo Glock871200002240
2005WilliamsMark Webber23282400107659
2006BMW SauberJacques Villeneuve4613700007557
Robert Kubica3310600003351
2007BMW SauberRobert Kubica2461390000106124
Sebastian Vettel1880100000110
2008BMW SauberRobert Kubica2160750101711513
2009BMW SauberRobert Kubica2219170000107611
2010BMW SauberKamui Kobayashi8761100002314
2011RenaultVitaly Petrov33343200006538

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