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NameAlain Prost
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthSaint-Chamond
Date of BirthFeb 24th 1955 - 65 years old
First Race1980 Argentine Grand Prix
Last Race1993 Australian Grand Prix
First Pole1981 German Grand Prix
Last Pole1993 Japanese Grand Prix
First Win1981 French Grand Prix
Last Win1993 German Grand Prix
First Podium1981 Argentine Grand Prix
Last Podium1993 Australian Grand Prix

Alain Prost F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles4
Race Entries202
Race Starts199
Race Wins51 (25,2%)
Pole Positions33 (16,3%)
Fastest Laps41 (20,3%)
Podiums106 (52,5%)
Points Finishes128 (63,4%)
Retirements66 (32,7%)
Wins from pole18
Frontrow Starts86
Total Points799
Total Laps10.540

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Alain Prost Biography

Alain Prost wins 1984 Moanco F1 GP in McLaren MP4-2

Alain Prost wins 1984 Monaco F1 GP in McLaren MP4-2

The Professor, Alain Prost, may not have had the terrific pace of his arch-rival Ayrton Senna, or the relentless consistency of Michael Schumacher, or even the brilliance of Juan Manuel Fangio, but, alongside those three legends, he forms the four greatest drivers to have ever raced in Formula One.

Prost was smooth, clever and fast. The Frenchman held the majority of records, before they were surpassed by Schumacher. An incredible 51 wins and four world championships make him a genius.

Prost changed Formula One in the way he thought. He used his mind to win. He was smarter and more intelligent than any other driver on the grid. His nickname, ‘The Professor’, pays testament to that.

Alain Prost, Williams FW15, 1993 German GP

Alain Prost, Williams FW15, 1993 German GP

Along with his sharp mind, Prost will be remembered for his rivalry with Senna. The two greatest drivers of their era fought bitterly over world championships during the late 80’s. The levels of petulance have seldom been seen but neither has the drama and brilliance that they created. They spurred each other on. Prost wouldn’t be as great as he was without Senna. The same can be said of the Brazilian hero.

Senna wasn’t the only world class driver that Prost fought against and conquered. The 1980’s may have been F1’s finest era. True greats such as Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell and Niki Lauda also raced. They all won titles but none matched the four won by Prost. He was a hero, a gentlemen and a pioneer.

Teammates Senna & Prost worst moment in Japan 1989

Born in the town of Saint-Chamond, near the city of Saint-Etienne, Prost was a late arrival into Motorsport. Whereas many professional drivers start go-karting at a young age, Prost didn’t catch the bug until he was 14. However, his talent was polished quickly. After several karting championships he joined French Formula Renault, where he won the championship in 1976. After more success in Formula Renault Europe and Formula Three, the 24 year-old joined F1 in 1980 with McLaren.

It was an erratic first season with highs and lows. Points on his debut in Buenos Aires and subsequent points in Interlagos, Brands Hatch and Zandvoort were matched with several heavy accidents, one which resulted in a broken wrist. Prost terminated his three-year contract with the team after just one season and joined Renault, citing the problems with the car and the team's negative attitude towards him for his departure.

Alain Prost, Ferrari 641 (1990)

Alain Prost, Ferrari 641 (1990)

After another topsy-turvy start to the season, Prost claimed his first-ever win at his home race, the French Grand Prix in Dijon. That focused his mind and from there he didn’t look back. Two more wins followed in Zandvoort and Monza, while he also took two pole positions. A 5th place in the world championship was a fine result and he finished only seven points behind the champion Nelson Piquet.

Two more wins followed in 1982 and four more in 1983. He was getting closer to a world championship and finished just two points behind Piquet. However, his relationship with Renault deteriorated as they blamed him for not winning the championship and he blamed them for not developing the car sufficiently. A move back to McLaren for 1984 was sealed.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille (FRA) in the Renault RS01 and Alain Prost (FRA) Renault Sport F1 Team Special Advisor in the Renault RE40. Monaco Grand Prix, Friday 26th May 2017. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille (FRA) in the Renault RS01 and Alain Prost (FRA) Renault Sport F1 Team Special Advisor in the Renault RE40.
Monaco Grand Prix, Friday 26th May 2017. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

McLaren had built a monstrous car for 1984 and Prost and his new team-mate, double world champion Niki Lauda, dominated the season. Prost won seven more races to Lauda’s five but he lost out on the championship by an even smaller margin than the year before. Lauda became a three-time champion by half a point. Prost would have won the championship had the Monaco Grand Prix ran for the full distance. Horrendous rain in the principality forced an abandoned race halfway through; therefore the points awarded were half of what they would have normally been.

However, the now 29-year-old got his revenge the following season. After so many near-misses Prost stormed to the 1985 title, winning by 20 points. After Lauder retired, Prost was left to defend his title against the Williams pair of Piquet and Mansell. In a titanic battle, Mansell entered the final race set to become the champion. All he had to do was finish third in Australia but a spectacular rear-tyre failure handed the title to Prost.

McLaren couldn’t maintain their dominance in 1987 and Williams stormed to the title. Prost still fought hard and his win at the Portugal Grand Prix was his 28th career win, surpassing the previous record set by Sir Jackie Stewart. Prost’s hold of that record would last until 2001.

Alain Prost (FRA) Renault Sport F1 Team Special Advisor with Cyril Abiteboul (FRA) Renault Sport F1 Managing Director. Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Saturday 24th June 2017. Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan.

Alain Prost (FRA) Renault Sport F1 Team Special Advisor with Cyril Abiteboul (FRA) Renault Sport F1 Managing Director.
Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Saturday 24th June 2017. Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan.

In 1988 McLaren signed with Honda after the engine manufacturers decided to dump Williams after they failed to hire a Japanese driver. Honda, who was the best around, was fond of Ayrton Senna. Prost was so keen to secure Honda engines that he persuaded McLaren to sign the highly-rated Brazilian. In hindsight, he may have made a different decision. The team dominated and won 15 out of 16 races, with Prost clinching seven wins. He outscored Senna by 11 points but a controversial system gave Senna the title. Prior to 1990, only the best 11 results counted towards the championship standings, giving Senna the title by three points.

In 1988 the two drivers had mutual respect for each other but their battle for supremacy came to a head in 1989. Senna accused Prost of receiving favourable treatment from FISA boss Jean-Marie Belestre, while Prost accused Senna of “dangerous driving”. The pair dominated the season again, as Senna took 13 pole positions. In Japan, the final race, the tensions boiled over. Senna, needing to beat Prost to keep the title alive, dived up the inside of his rival into the chicane. Prost, aware of what he was doing, turned in and the pair clashed. Prost climbed out of the car and celebrated winning the title but Senna managed to get his car going and went on to win the race. Afterwards, Senna was disqualified for cutting the chicane, making Prost champion.

After such an event, it was impossible for the two to remain team-mates and Prost left for Ferrari to partner Nigel Mansell. Mansell and Prost had their own inter-team battle as Prost played on Mansell’s mentality. Five more wins for Prost gave him a chance of winning the title, but he trailed Senna by nine points. In Japan, they again clashed. At the start of the race, Prost took the lead but Senna deliberately rammed them both off the road, meaning he was champion this time. Prost labelled the move as “disgusting”.

Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher racing each other.

Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher racing each other.

Ferrari suffered a lot of engine failures in 1991. Prost was very critical about the team from Maranello and was kick out before the last race of the season. Gianni Morbidelli drove the last race in Adelaide for the French champ. Prost took a sabbatical in 1992 and returned in 1993 with Williams, a year after Mansell won the title. Upon hearing that he would be partnered with Prost, Mansell left F1. Williams were equally dominant as in 1992 and Prost won his fourth world title, holding off Damon Hill and Senna. He retired at the end of that season after it became apparent Senna was set to arrive for the 1994 season. He retired as a four-time champion and with 51 race wins.

Prost returned to the sport in 1998 with his own team ‘Prost Grand Prix’ but the experiment largely failed as they struggled to mediocre results. They folded at the end of 2002.

Alain Prost will never be called the greatest driver of all time. But he will always feature in the top five. His determination, tactical nous, blistering speed and forceful character have made him into one of the modern greats.



Alain Prost F1 Cars



Alain Prost Final Championship Results



Alain Prost F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1993 United Kingdom Williams Renault16732121398966.1999
1991 Italy Ferrari Ferrari140325068012.4334
1990 Italy Ferrari Ferrari165229085924.5673
1989 United Kingdom McLaren Honda1646111289555.0681
1988 United Kingdom McLaren Honda1677014297376.56105
1987 United Kingdom McLaren TAG163137084522.8846
1986 United Kingdom McLaren TAG1644311193424.6374
1985 United Kingdom McLaren TAG1652411289454.7576
1984 United Kingdom McLaren TAG167119381934.4771.5
1983 France Renault Renault154217383533.8057
1982 France Renault Renault162204577942.1334
1981 France Renault Renault153216256612.8743
1980 United Kingdom McLaren Ford110000047200.455



Alain Prost F1 GP Race Classifications

1st51 Times
2nd35 Times
3rd20 Times
4th10 Times
5th5 Times
6th7 Times
7th7 Times
8th2 Times
9th1 Time
11th2 Times
12th2 Times
15th1 Time
DNF53 Times
DSQ2 Times
NC1 Time
DNS3 Times


Alain Prost F1 GP Race Results

20219931993 Australian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault226
20119931993 Japanese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault126
20019931993 Portuguese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault226
19919931993 Italian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault112Engine0
19819931993 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault134
19719931993 Hungarian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1120
19619931993 German Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
19519931993 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
19419931993 French Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault2110
19319931993 Canadian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
19219931993 Monaco Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault143
19119931993 Spanish Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
19019931993 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
18919931993 European Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault134
18819931993 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1DNFCollision0
18719931993 South African Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
18619911991 Japanese Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari443
18519911991 Spanish Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari626
18419911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari5DNFEngine0
18319911991 Italian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari534
18219911991 Belgian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari2DNFFuel Leak0
18119911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari4DNFEngine0
18019911991 German Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari5DNFSpun Off0
17919911991 British Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari534
17819911991 French Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari226
17719911991 Mexican Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari7DNFAlternator0
17619911991 Canadian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari4DNFGearbox0
17519911991 Monaco Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari752
17419911991 San Marino Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari3DNSSpun Off0
17319911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari643
17219911991 USA Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari226
17119901990 Australian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari434
17019901990 Japanese Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari2DNFCollision0
16919901990 Spanish Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari219
16819901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari234
16719901990 Italian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari226
16619901990 Belgian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari326
16519901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari8DNFGearbox0
16419901990 German Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari343
16319901990 British Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari519
16219901990 French Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari419
16119901990 Mexican Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari1319
16019901990 Canadian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari352
15919901990 Monaco Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari2DNFBattery0
15819901990 San Marino Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari643
15719901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari619
15619901990 USA Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari7DNFOil Leak0
15519891989 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda2DNFWithdrew0
15419891989 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda2DNFCollision0
15319891989 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda334
15219891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda426
15119891989 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda419
15019891989 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
14919891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda543
14819891989 German Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
14719891989 British Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda219
14619891989 French Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda119
14519891989 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda1DNFSuspension0
14419891989 USA Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda219
14319891989 Mexican Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda252
14219891989 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
14119891989 San Marino Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
14019891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda526
13919881988 Australian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
13819881988 Japanese Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
13719881988 Spanish Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
13619881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda119
13519881988 Italian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda2DNFEngine0
13419881988 Belgian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
13319881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda726
13219881988 German Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
13119881988 British Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda4DNFHandling0
13019881988 French Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda119
12919881988 Detroit Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda426
12819881988 Canadian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
12719881988 Mexican Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
12619881988 Monaco Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
12519881988 San Marino Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
12419881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda319
12319871987 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG2DNFBrakes0
12219871987 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG270
12119871987 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG5DNFCollision0
12019871987 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG726
11919871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG319
11819871987 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG5150
11719871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG434
11619871987 German Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG37Electrical0
11519871987 British Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG4DNFEngine0
11419871987 French Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG234
11319871987 Detroit Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG534
11219871987 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG961
11119871987 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG49Engine0
11019871987 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG619
10919871987 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG3DNFElectrical0
10819871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG519
10719861986 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG419
10619861986 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG626
10519861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG32No Time6
10419861986 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG2DSQDisqualified0
10319861986 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG519
10219861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG3DNFAccident0
10119861986 German Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG26Out of Fuel1
10019861986 British Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG634
9919861986 French Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG526
9819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG734
9719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG426
9619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG361
9519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG119
9419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG419
9319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG434
9219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG9DNFEngine0
9119851985 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG4DNFEngine0
9019851985 South African Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG934
8919851985 European Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG643
8819851985 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG134
8719851985 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG519
8619851985 Dutch Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG326
8519851985 Austrian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG119
8419851985 German Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG326
8319851985 British Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG319
8219851985 French Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG434
8119851985 Detroit Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG4DNFBrakes0
8019851985 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG534
7919851985 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG519
7819851985 San Marino Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG6DSQDisqualified0
7719851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG2DNFSpun Off0
7619851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG619
7519841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG219
7419841984 European Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG219
7319841984 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG2DNFEngine0
7219841984 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG119
7119841984 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG2DNFSpun Off0
7019841984 German Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG119
6919841984 British Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG2DNFGearbox0
6819841984 Dallas Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG7DNFSpun off0
6719841984 Detroit Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG243
6619841984 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG234
6519841984 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG114.5
6419841984 French Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG570
6319841984 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG219
6219841984 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG8DNFDistributor0
6119841984 South African Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG526
6019841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG419
5919831983 South African Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault5DNFTurbo0
5819831983 European Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault826
5719831983 Italian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault5DNFTurbo0
5619831983 Dutch Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault4DNFSpun Off0
5519831983 Austrian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault519
5419831983 German Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault543
5319831983 British Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault319
5219831983 Canadian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault252
5119831983 Detroit Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault1380
5019831983 Belgian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
4919831983 Monaco Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault134
4819831983 San Marino Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault426
4719831983 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
4619831983 USA West Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault8110
4519831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault270
4419821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault143
4319821982 Italian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault5DNFInjection0
4219821982 Swiss Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault126
4119821982 Austrian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault38Injection0
4019821982 German Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault2DNFInjection0
3919821982 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault226
3819821982 British Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault861
3719821982 Dutch Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault2DNFEngine0
3619821982 Canadian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault3DNFEngine0
3519821982 Detroit Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault1NCNo Time0
3419821982 Monaco Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault47Spun Off0
3319821982 Belgian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault1DNFSpun Off0
3219821982 San Marino Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault2DNFEngine0
3119821982 USA West Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault4DNFSpun Off0
3019821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
2919821982 South African Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault519
2819811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault526
2719811981 Canadian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault4DNFCollision0
2619811981 Italian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault319
2519811981 Dutch Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
2419811981 Austrian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault2DNFSuspension0
2319811981 German Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault126
2219811981 British Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault2DNFDistributor0
2119811981 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault319
2019811981 Spanish Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault5DNFSpun Off0
1919811981 Monaco Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault9DNFEngine0
1819811981 Belgian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault12DNFClutch0
1719811981 San Marino Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault4DNFGearbox0
1619811981 Argentine Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault234
1519811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault5DNFCollision0
1419811981 USA West Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault14DNFCollision0
1319801980 USA Grand Prix result8McLarenFord13DNSDriver Injured0
1219801980 Canadian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord12DNFSuspension0
1119801980 Italian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord2470
1019801980 Dutch Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1861
919801980 Austrian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1270
819801980 German Grand Prix result8McLarenFord14110
719801980 British Grand Prix result8McLarenFord761
619801980 French Grand Prix result8McLarenFord7DNFTransmission0
519801980 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenFord10DNFAccident0
419801980 Belgian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord19DNFTransmission0
319801980 South African Grand Prix result8McLarenFord0DNSAccident0
219801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1352
119801980 Argentine Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1261



Alain Prost F1 Podium Finishes

10619931993 Australian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault226
10519931993 Japanese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault126
10419931993 Portuguese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault226
10319931993 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault134
10219931993 German Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
10119931993 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
10019931993 French Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault2110
9919931993 Canadian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
9819931993 Spanish Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
9719931993 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
9619931993 European Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault134
9519931993 South African Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
9419911991 Spanish Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari626
9319911991 Italian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari534
9219911991 British Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari534
9119911991 French Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari226
9019911991 USA Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari226
8919901990 Australian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari434
8819901990 Spanish Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari219
8719901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari234
8619901990 Italian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari226
8519901990 Belgian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari326
8419901990 British Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari519
8319901990 French Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari419
8219901990 Mexican Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari1319
8119901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari619
8019891989 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda334
7919891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda426
7819891989 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda419
7719891989 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
7619891989 German Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
7519891989 British Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda219
7419891989 French Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda119
7319891989 USA Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda219
7219891989 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
7119891989 San Marino Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda226
7019891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda526
6919881988 Australian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
6819881988 Japanese Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
6719881988 Spanish Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
6619881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda119
6519881988 Belgian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
6419881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda726
6319881988 German Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
6219881988 French Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda119
6119881988 Detroit Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda426
6019881988 Canadian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
5919881988 Mexican Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
5819881988 Monaco Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda219
5719881988 San Marino Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda226
5619881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda319
5519871987 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG726
5419871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG319
5319871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG434
5219871987 French Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG234
5119871987 Detroit Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG534
5019871987 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG619
4919871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG519
4819861986 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG419
4719861986 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG626
4619861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG32No Time6
4519861986 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG519
4419861986 British Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG634
4319861986 French Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG526
4219861986 Detroit Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG734
4119861986 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG426
4019861986 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG119
3919861986 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG419
3819861986 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG434
3719851985 South African Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG934
3619851985 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG134
3519851985 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG519
3419851985 Dutch Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG326
3319851985 Austrian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG119
3219851985 German Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG326
3119851985 British Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG319
3019851985 French Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG434
2919851985 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG534
2819851985 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG519
2719851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG619
2619841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG219
2519841984 European Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG219
2419841984 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG119
2319841984 German Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG119
2219841984 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG234
2119841984 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG114.5
2019841984 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG219
1919841984 South African Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG526
1819841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG419
1719831983 European Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault826
1619831983 Austrian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault519
1519831983 British Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault319
1419831983 Belgian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
1319831983 Monaco Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault134
1219831983 San Marino Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault426
1119831983 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
1019821982 Swiss Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault126
919821982 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault226
819821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
719821982 South African Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault519
619811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault526
519811981 Italian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault319
419811981 Dutch Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
319811981 German Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault126
219811981 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault319
119811981 Argentine Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault234



Alain Prost F1 Pole Positions

3319931993 Japanese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault126
3219931993 Italian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault112Engine0
3119931993 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault134
3019931993 Hungarian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1120
2919931993 German Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
2819931993 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
2719931993 Canadian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
2619931993 Monaco Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault143
2519931993 Spanish Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
2419931993 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
2319931993 European Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault134
2219931993 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1DNFCollision0
2119931993 South African Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
2019891989 French Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda119
1919891989 Canadian Grand Prix result2McLarenHonda1DNFSuspension0
1819881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda119
1719881988 French Grand Prix result11McLarenHonda119
1619861986 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG119
1519851985 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG134
1419851985 Austrian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG119
1319841984 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG119
1219841984 German Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG119
1119841984 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG114.5
1019831983 Belgian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
919831983 Monaco Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault134
819831983 French Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
719821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault143
619821982 Swiss Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault126
519821982 Detroit Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault1NCNo Time0
419821982 Belgian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault1DNFSpun Off0
319821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
219811981 Dutch Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault119
119811981 German Grand Prix result15RenaultRenault126



Alain Prost Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1980McLarenJohn Watson545300008585
1981RenaultRené Arnoux1243113024105105
1982RenaultRené Arnoux113428225511588
1983RenaultEddie Cheever1257224030123132
1984McLarenNiki Lauda1171.572753088151
1985McLarenJohn Watson473000001010
Niki Lauda1169145110104131
1986McLarenKeke Rosberg1274224011133124
1987McLarenStefan Johansson1246303000115160
1988McLarenAyrton Senna11105947821379214
1989McLarenAyrton Senna11816046213610214
1990FerrariNigel Mansell11733751039788
1991FerrariJean Alesi233421000078132
1993WilliamsDamon Hill11996973132106142



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