2005 F1 Championship Standings

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2005 F1 Championship Overview

2005 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
Australian Grand Prix resultMarch 6Italy Giancarlo Fisichella
France Renault5701:24:17.336
Malaysian Grand Prix resultMarch 20Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5601:31:33.736
Bahrain Grand Prix resultApril 3Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5701:29:18.531
San Marino Grand Prix resultApril 24Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault6201:27:41.921
Spanish Grand Prix resultMay 8Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren6601:27:16.830
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 22Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren7801:45:15.556
European Grand Prix resultMay 29Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5901:31:46.648
Canadian Grand Prix resultJune 12Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren7001:32:09.290
USA Grand Prix resultJune 19Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7301:29:43.181
French Grand Prix resultJuly 3Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault7001:31:22.232
British Grand Prix resultJuly 10Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya
United Kingdom McLaren6001:24:29.588
German Grand Prix resultJuly 24Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault6701:26:28.599
Hungarian Grand Prix resultJuly 31Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren7001:37:25.552
Turkish Grand Prix resultAugust 21Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren5801:24:34.454
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 4Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya
United Kingdom McLaren5301:14:28.659
Belgian Grand Prix resultSeptember 11Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren4401:30:01.295
Brazilian Grand Prix resultSeptember 25Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya
United Kingdom McLaren7101:29:20.574
Japanese Grand Prix resultOctober 9Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren5301:29:02.212
Chinese Grand Prix resultOctober 16Spain Fernando Alonso
France Renault5601:39:53.618

2005 Formula 1 Championship Driver Standings

1Spain Fernando Alonso3*111241*DNFDNS12111222331133
2Finland Kimi Räikkönen89*3DNF11111*DNS2*3*DNF*1*14*12*1*2*112
3Germany Michael SchumacherDNF7DNF2*DNF7*521*3652DNF10DNF47DNF62
4Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya64  757NCDNSDNF12DNF3*1141DNFDNF60
5Italy Giancarlo Fisichella1DNFDNFDNF5*126DNFDNS644943DNF52458
6Germany Ralf Schumacher1254946DNF6 78631267*88345
7Italy Jarno Trulli92253108DNFDNS5914465DNF13DNF1543
8Brazil Rubens Barrichello2DNF9DNF98332971010101256111238
9United Kingdom Jenson Button11DNFDNFDSQ  10DNFDNS453558375837
10Australia Mark Webber5DNF6763DNF5DNS1211NC7DNF144NC4736
11Germany Nick HeidfeldDNF3DNF61022DNFDNS1412116DNF     28
12United Kingdom David Coulthard468118DNF47DNS10137DNF715DNFDNF6924
13Brazil Felipe Massa1010710119144DNSDNF10814DNF9101110611
14Austria Christian Klien78DNS    8DNSDNF159DNF81399959
15Canada Jacques Villeneuve13DNF114DNF11139DNS81415DNF111161212109
16Portugal Tiago Monteiro161210131213151031317171315178DNF13117
17Austria Alexander Wurz   3               6
18India Narain Karthikeyan1511DNF1213DNF16DNF415DNF16121420111515DNF5
19Spain Pedro de la Rosa  5*                4
20Netherlands Christijan AlbersDNF1313DNFDNF1417115DNF1813NCDNF19121416164
21Austria Patrick Friesacher17DNF12DNFDNFDNF18DNF6DNF19        3
22Brazil Antônio Pizzonia              715DNFDNF132
23Japan Takuma Sato14 DNFDSQ  12DNFDNS1116128916DNF10DSQDNF1
24Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi   8DNFDNF9            1
25United Kingdom Anthony Davidson DNF                 0
26Brazil Ricardo Zonta        DNS          0
27Netherlands Robert Doornbos           18DNF131813DNF14140

2005 F1 results distribution of points: 1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd =4, 4th = 3, 5th = 2, 6th = 1 point
* = this driver has driven the fastest lap of the race.

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

2005 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Germany Michael Schumacher191315110073062
Brazil Rubens Barrichello190224011220038
Portugal Tiago Monteiro19001101125007
India Narain Karthikeyan1900000909005
Netherlands Christijan Albers1900000955004
Spain Fernando Alonso18753156107420133
Finland Kimi Räikkönen187321251018100112
Italy Giancarlo Fisichella18111319021058
Germany Ralf Schumacher180022110761045
Italy Jarno Trulli180213010370043
Australia Mark Webber18001109470036
United Kingdom David Coulthard18000008780024
Brazil Felipe Massa180000010190011
Canada Jacques Villeneuve18000001033009
Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya16311528271060
United Kingdom Jenson Button16002218710037
Japan Takuma Sato1500000783001
Germany Nick Heidfeld13021317200028
Austria Christian Klien1300000641009
Austria Patrick Friesacher1100000414003
Netherlands Robert Doornbos800000376000
Brazil Antônio Pizzonia500000156002
Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi400000189001
Austria Alexander Wurz10011062006
Spain Pedro de la Rosa10000057104
United Kingdom Anthony Davidson1000002000

2005 Formula 1 Championship Constructor Standings

1France Renault53111241DNFDNS12111222331191
2United Kingdom McLaren9893DNF11111DNS23DNF1141212182
3Italy Ferrari1DNF7DNF2DNF75213652DNF10DNF47DNF100
4Japan Toyota1692253108DNFDNS5914465DNF13DNF1588
5United Kingdom Williams75DNF6763DNF5DNS1211NC7DNF144NC4766
6United Kingdom BAR311DNFDNFDSQ  10DNFDNS453558375838
7Austria Red Bull14468118DNF47DNS10137DNF715DNFDNF6934
8Switzerland Sauber1113DNF114DNF11139DNS81415DNF1111612121020
9Ireland Jordan18161210131213151031317171315178DNF131112
10Italy Minardi2017DNF12DNFDNFDNF18DNF6DNF1918DNF131813DNF14147

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