Vitantonio Liuzzi info & statistics

Vitantonio Liuzzi info & stats
NameVitantonio Liuzzi
CountryItaly Italy
Place of BirthLocorotondo
Date of BirthAug 6th 1981 - 39 years old
First Race2005 San Marino Grand Prix
Last Race2011 Brazilian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying5th - 2010 Canadian Grand Prix
Best Result6th - (2 times)

Vitantonio Liuzzi F1 Stats

Race Entries81
Race Starts80
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Points Finishes9 (11,1%)
Retirements29 (35,8%)
Total Points26
Total Laps3.800



Vitantonio Liuzzi Final Championship Results



Vitantonio Liuzzi F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2011 Spain HRT Cosworth170000084600.000
2010 India Force India Mercedes190000083201.1121
2009 India Force India Mercedes50000026200.000
2007 Italy Toro Rosso Ferrari170000072200.183
2006 Italy Toro Rosso Cosworth180000094900.061
2005 Austria Red Bull Cosworth40000018900.251



Vitantonio Liuzzi F1 GP Race Classifications

6th2 Times
7th1 Time
8th2 Times
9th5 Times
10th4 Times
11th4 Times
12th2 Times
13th8 Times
14th6 Times
15th4 Times
16th4 Times
17th3 Times
18th1 Time
19th1 Time
20th3 Times
21st1 Time
22nd2 Times
23rd2 Times
DNF25 Times
DNQ1 Time


Vitantonio Liuzzi F1 GP Race Results

8120112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth21DNFAlternator0
8020112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth22200
7920112011 Korean Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23210
7820112011 Japanese Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth24230
7720112011 Singapore Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth24200
7620112011 Italian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth24DNFAccident0
7520112011 Belgian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth22190
7420112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth21200
7320112011 German Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23DNFElectrical0
7220112011 British Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23180
7120112011 European Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth22230
7020112011 Canadian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth20130
6920112011 Monaco Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23160
6820112011 Spanish Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth21DNFGearbox0
6720112011 Turkish Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth20220
6620112011 Chinese Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23220
6520112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth23DNFRear wing0
6420112011 Australian Grand Prix result23HRTCosworth0DNQ0
6320102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes16DNFCollision0
6220102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes16DNFAccident0
6120102010 Korean Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes1768
6020102010 Japanese Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes0DNFCollision0
5920102010 Singapore Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes16DNFCollision0
5820102010 Italian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes19120
5720102010 Belgian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes12101
5620102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes16130
5520102010 German Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes21160
5420102010 British Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes20110
5320102010 European Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes14160
5220102010 Canadian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes592
5120102010 Turkish Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes18130
5020102010 Monaco Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes1092
4920102010 Spanish Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes1615Engine0
4820102010 Chinese Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes18DNFCollision0
4720102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes10DNFThrottle0
4620102010 Australian Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes1376
4520102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result15Force IndiaMercedes1292
4420092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result21Force IndiaMercedes16150
4320092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result21Force IndiaMercedes20110
4220092009 Japanese Grand Prix result21Force IndiaMercedes18140
4120092009 Singapore Grand Prix result21Force IndiaMercedes19140
4020092009 Italian Grand Prix result21Force IndiaMercedes7DNFTransmission0
3920072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari14130
3820072007 Chinese Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari1163
3720072007 Japanese Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari1490
3620072007 Belgian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari13120
3520072007 Italian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari19170
3420072007 Turkish Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari15150
3320072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari16DNFElectrical0
3220072007 European Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari19DNFSpun off0
3120072007 British Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari1616Gearbox0
3020072007 French Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari17DNFCollision0
2920072007 USA Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari1917Water Pressure0
2820072007 Canadian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari12DNFAccident0
2720072007 Monaco Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari12DNFAccident0
2620072007 Spanish Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari16DNFRetired0
2520072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari18DNFHydraulics0
2420072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari16170
2320072007 Australian Grand Prix result18Toro RossoFerrari19140
2220062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth15130
2120062006 Japanese Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth15140
2020062006 Chinese Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth13100
1920062006 Italian Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth17140
1820062006 Turkish Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth18DNFSpin0
1720062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth17DNFCollision0
1620062006 German Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth16100
1520062006 French Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth22130
1420062006 USA Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth2081
1320062006 Canadian Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth15130
1220062006 British Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth13130
1120062006 Monaco Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth12100
1020062006 Spanish Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth1515Hydraulics0
920062006 European Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth14DNFAccident damage0
820062006 San Marino Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth16140
720062006 Australian Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth12DNFAccident0
620062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth13110
520062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result20Toro RossoCosworth15110
420052005 European Grand Prix result15Red BullCosworth1490
320052005 Monaco Grand Prix result15Red BullCosworth12DNFAccident0
220052005 Spanish Grand Prix result15Red BullCosworth11DNFSpun off0
120052005 San Marino Grand Prix result15Red BullCosworth1581



Vitantonio Liuzzi Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2005Red BullDavid Coulthard841600002204
2006Toro RossoScott Speed89100000108126
2007Toro RossoScott Speed1490000005564
Sebastian Vettel643500005243
2009Force IndiaAdrian Sutil1140500003214
2010Force IndiaAdrian Sutil6521470000712316
2011HRTDaniel Ricciardo18160000003755
Narain Karthikeyan13170000005261

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