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Jim Clark

Jim Clark F1 statistics

Drivers' Titles2
Fastest Laps28



Jim Clark F1 Championship Season Results



Jim Clark F1 Championships Summary

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1968 United Kingdom Lotus Ford1100118019.009
1967 United Kingdom Lotus
United Kingdom Lotus
United Kingdom Lotus
1966 United Kingdom Lotus
United Kingdom Lotus
1965 United Kingdom Lotus Climax96006641466.0054
1964 United Kingdom Lotus Climax103003556043.2032
1963 United Kingdom Lotus Climax107119768567.3073
1962 United Kingdom Lotus Climax93003645553.3330
1961 United Kingdom Lotus Climax80022041411.3811
1960 United Kingdom Lotus Climax60011031101.338



Jim Clark F1 GP Race Classifications

1st25 Times
2nd1 Time
3rd6 Times
4th4 Times
5th3 Times
6th1 Time
7th2 Times
8th1 Time
9th1 Time
10th2 Times
12th1 Time
15th1 Time
16th2 Times
Ret22 Times

Jim Clark F1 GP Race Results

7219681968 South African Grand Prix result4LotusFord119
7119671967 Mexican Grand Prix result5LotusFord119
7019671967 United States Grand Prix result5LotusFord219
6919671967 Italian Grand Prix result20LotusFord134
6819671967 Canadian Grand Prix result3LotusFord1RetIgnition0
6719671967 German Grand Prix result3LotusFord1RetSuspension0
6619671967 British Grand Prix result5LotusFord119
6519671967 French Grand Prix result6LotusFord4RetDifferential0
6419671967 Belgian Grand Prix result21LotusFord161
6319671967 Dutch Grand Prix result5LotusFord819
6219671967 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusClimax5RetSuspension0
6119671967 South African Grand Prix result7LotusBRM3RetEngine0
6019661966 Mexican Grand Prix result1LotusBRM2RetGearbox0
5919661966 United States Grand Prix result1LotusBRM219
5819661966 Italian Grand Prix result22LotusBRM3RetGearbox0
5719661966 German Grand Prix result1LotusClimax1RetAccident0
5619661966 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax334
5519661966 British Grand Prix result1LotusClimax543
5419661966 Belgian Grand Prix result10LotusClimax10RetEngine0
5319661966 Monaco Grand Prix result4LotusClimax1RetSuspension0
5219651965 Mexican Grand Prix result5LotusClimax1RetEngine0
5119651965 United States Grand Prix result5LotusClimax9RetEngine0
5019651965 Italian Grand Prix result24LotusClimax110Fuel pump0
4919651965 German Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
4819651965 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax219
4719651965 British Grand Prix result5LotusClimax119
4619651965 French Grand Prix result6LotusClimax119
4519651965 Belgian Grand Prix result17LotusClimax219
4419651965 South African Grand Prix result5LotusClimax119
4319641964 Mexican Grand Prix result1LotusClimax15Engine2
4219641964 United States Grand Prix result1LotusClimax17Out of fuel0
4119641964 Italian Grand Prix result8LotusClimax415Engine0
4019641964 Austrian Grand Prix result1LotusClimax3RetHalfshaft0
3919641964 German Grand Prix result1LotusClimax2RetEngine0
3819641964 British Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
3719641964 French Grand Prix result2LotusClimax1RetEngine0
3619641964 Belgian Grand Prix result23LotusClimax619
3519641964 Dutch Grand Prix result18LotusClimax219
3419641964 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusClimax14Engine3
3319631963 South African Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
3219631963 Mexican Grand Prix result8LotusClimax119
3119631963 United States Grand Prix result8LotusClimax234
3019631963 Italian Grand Prix result8LotusClimax319
2919631963 German Grand Prix result3LotusClimax126
2819631963 British Grand Prix result4LotusClimax119
2719631963 French Grand Prix result18LotusClimax119
2619631963 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax119
2519631963 Belgian Grand Prix result1LotusClimax819
2419631963 Monaco Grand Prix result9LotusClimax18Gearbox0
2319621962 South African Grand Prix result1LotusClimax1RetOil Leak0
2219621962 United States Grand Prix result8LotusClimax119
2119621962 Italian Grand Prix result20LotusClimax1RetGearbox0
2019621962 German Grand Prix result5LotusClimax343
1919621962 British Grand Prix result20LotusClimax119
1819621962 French Grand Prix result12LotusClimax1RetSuspension0
1719621962 Belgian Grand Prix result16LotusClimax1319
1619621962 Monaco Grand Prix result18LotusClimax1RetClutch0
1519621962 Dutch Grand Prix result4LotusClimax390
1419611961 United States Grand Prix result14LotusClimax670
1319611961 Italian Grand Prix result36LotusClimax7RetAccident0
1219611961 German Grand Prix result14LotusClimax843
1119611961 British Grand Prix result18LotusClimax8RetOil Leak0
1019611961 French Grand Prix result8LotusClimax934
919611961 Belgian Grand Prix result34LotusClimax16120
819611961 Dutch Grand Prix result15LotusClimax1134
719611961 Monaco Grand Prix result28LotusClimax3100
619601960 United States Grand Prix result12LotusClimax5160
519601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result14LotusClimax834
419601960 British Grand Prix result8LotusClimax8160
319601960 French Grand Prix result24LotusClimax1052
219601960 Belgian Grand Prix result18LotusClimax1052
119601960 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax11RetTransmission0



Jim Clark F1 Podium Finishes

3219681968 South African Grand Prix result4LotusFord119
3119671967 Mexican Grand Prix result5LotusFord119
3019671967 United States Grand Prix result5LotusFord219
2919671967 Italian Grand Prix result20LotusFord134
2819671967 British Grand Prix result5LotusFord119
2719671967 Dutch Grand Prix result5LotusFord819
2619661966 United States Grand Prix result1LotusBRM219
2519661966 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax334
2419651965 German Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
2319651965 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax219
2219651965 British Grand Prix result5LotusClimax119
2119651965 French Grand Prix result6LotusClimax119
2019651965 Belgian Grand Prix result17LotusClimax219
1919651965 South African Grand Prix result5LotusClimax119
1819641964 British Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
1719641964 Belgian Grand Prix result23LotusClimax619
1619641964 Dutch Grand Prix result18LotusClimax219
1519631963 South African Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
1419631963 Mexican Grand Prix result8LotusClimax119
1319631963 United States Grand Prix result8LotusClimax234
1219631963 Italian Grand Prix result8LotusClimax319
1119631963 German Grand Prix result3LotusClimax126
1019631963 British Grand Prix result4LotusClimax119
919631963 French Grand Prix result18LotusClimax119
819631963 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax119
719631963 Belgian Grand Prix result1LotusClimax819
619621962 United States Grand Prix result8LotusClimax119
519621962 British Grand Prix result20LotusClimax119
419621962 Belgian Grand Prix result16LotusClimax1319
319611961 French Grand Prix result8LotusClimax934
219611961 Dutch Grand Prix result15LotusClimax1134
119601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result14LotusClimax834



Jim Clark F1 Pole Positions

3319681968 South African Grand Prix result4LotusFord119
3219671967 Mexican Grand Prix result5LotusFord119
3119671967 Italian Grand Prix result20LotusFord134
3019671967 Canadian Grand Prix result3LotusFord1RetIgnition0
2919671967 German Grand Prix result3LotusFord1RetSuspension0
2819671967 British Grand Prix result5LotusFord119
2719671967 Belgian Grand Prix result21LotusFord161
2619661966 German Grand Prix result1LotusClimax1RetAccident0
2519661966 Monaco Grand Prix result4LotusClimax1RetSuspension0
2419651965 Mexican Grand Prix result5LotusClimax1RetEngine0
2319651965 Italian Grand Prix result24LotusClimax110Fuel pump0
2219651965 German Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
2119651965 British Grand Prix result5LotusClimax119
2019651965 French Grand Prix result6LotusClimax119
1919651965 South African Grand Prix result5LotusClimax119
1819641964 Mexican Grand Prix result1LotusClimax15Engine2
1719641964 United States Grand Prix result1LotusClimax17Out of fuel0
1619641964 British Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
1519641964 French Grand Prix result2LotusClimax1RetEngine0
1419641964 Monaco Grand Prix result12LotusClimax14Engine3
1319631963 South African Grand Prix result1LotusClimax119
1219631963 Mexican Grand Prix result8LotusClimax119
1119631963 German Grand Prix result3LotusClimax126
1019631963 British Grand Prix result4LotusClimax119
919631963 French Grand Prix result18LotusClimax119
819631963 Dutch Grand Prix result6LotusClimax119
719631963 Monaco Grand Prix result9LotusClimax18Gearbox0
619621962 South African Grand Prix result1LotusClimax1RetOil Leak0
519621962 United States Grand Prix result8LotusClimax119
419621962 Italian Grand Prix result20LotusClimax1RetGearbox0
319621962 British Grand Prix result20LotusClimax119
219621962 French Grand Prix result12LotusClimax1RetSuspension0
119621962 Monaco Grand Prix result18LotusClimax1RetClutch0

Teammate Comparison


Jim Clark Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1960LotusAlan Stacey582000001111
David Piper5122000001120
Innes Ireland3281700003315
Jim Hall1670000000110
John Surtees324600012121
Mike Taylor5192000001010
Ron Flockhart562100001010
Stirling Moss3161101022204
1961LotusCliff Allison1080000001120
Ernesto Prinoth28370000001010
Gaetano Starrabba28150000000110
Gerry Ashmore4163000003030
Henry Taylor3104000004150
Ian Burgess3148000003140
Innes Ireland3171201004352
Jim Hall7130000001010
Juan Manuel Bordeu3284000001010
Ken Miles7200000001010
Lloyd Ruby7140000001010
Lucien Bianchi3194000003030
Masten Gregory7170000001120
Michael May3117000004040
Olivier Gendebien7110000001010
Peter Ryan790000001010
Stirling Moss31112102014417
Tim Parnell18100000001120
Tony Maggs4113000001120
Tony Marsh4153000003030
Trevor Taylor3134000001010
Willy Mairesse3174000002020
Wolfgang Seidel3177000004150
1962LotusCarlo Abate11210000101010
Dan Gurney1209010001010
Ernesto Prinoth21270000101010
Ernie Pieterse12100000100110
Gary Hocking12180000101010
Gerry Ashmore21240000101010
Günther Seiffert4303000001010
Heinz Schiller4243000001010
Innes Ireland1527230605371
Jack Brabham1518320304150
Jay Chamberlain11512010203030
Jim Hall1209010101010
Jo Siffert11021020406060
John Campbell-Jones1119010001010
Keith Greene1229010101010
Kurt Kuhnke21310000101010
Lucien Bianchi199010001010
Masten Gregory1627130506161
Maurice Trintignant1730030506280
Neville Lederle1260100100110
Nino Vaccarella1090000201120
Peter Arundell11180000101010
Rob Schroeder1109010101010
Roger Penske199010101010
Sam Tingle12210000101010
Syd van der Vyver12190000101010
Tony Shelly12112010203030
Trevor Taylor1230630606381
Wolfgang Seidel12012010102020
1963LotusAndré Pilette12315010102020
Bernard Collomb2106000202020
Brausch Niemann1149010101010
Chris Amon1209010101010
Ernie Pieterse1199010101010
Gaetano Starrabba1339010001010
Günther Seiffert1319010001010
Hap Sharp1713010102020
Innes Ireland11019010304040
Jack Brabham890000101010
Jim Hall1564360609090
Jo Siffert1664160609090
John Campbell-Jones8200000101010
Kurt Kuhnke2266000101010
Masten Gregory11133030304040
Maurice Trintignant189010101010
Mike Hailwood189010101010
Mike Spence1139010001010
Neville Lederle1229010101010
Paddy Driver1219010101010
Pedro Rodríguez11513010102020
Peter Arundell12118020102020
Phil Hill1149010101010
Rodger Ward3144000001010
Thomas Monarch1259010101010
Tim Parnell2256000101010
Trevor Taylor1664160708190
Walt Hansgen12213010102020
1964LotusBernard Collomb4193000101010
Chris Amon1532230507290
Gerhard Mitter1590000000110
Innes Ireland4203000101010
Jo Siffert483000101010
Mike Hailwood1623120507290
Mike Spence1411410302460
Moisés Solana5102000101010
Peter Arundell13211120202231
Peter Revson11121020203250
Trevor Taylor1199010101010
Walt Hansgen750200100110
1965LotusBob Bondurant17150000100110
Brausch Niemann1249010101010
Brian Gubby1239010101010
Chris Amon11218020202020
Clive Puzey1269010101010
Dave Charlton1289010101010
Ernie Pieterse1259010101010
Gerhard Mitter1129010101010
Giacomo "Geki" Russo10180000101010
Innes Ireland1936040406170
Mike Spence13541060608181
Moisés Solana15100000100220
Neville Lederle1229010101010
Paul Hawkins1179010101010
Richard Attwood1636240404370
Tony Maggs1119010101010
1966LotusGiacomo "Geki" Russo1190000000110
Mike Spence1516410204361
Pedro Rodríguez199010001120
Peter Arundell1616110104370
1967LotusChris Irwin179010001010
Eppie Wietzes12130000101010
Giancarlo Baghetti3104000101010
Graham Hill12411540638383
Jackie Oliver1950000100110
Mike Fisher1119010201120
Moisés Solana11718020102020
Piers Courage16100000000110
1968LotusGraham Hill129610101010

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