1966 F1 Championship Standings

See all 1966 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

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1966 F1 Championship Overview

1966 F1 World Championship
1966 Monaco F1 GPMay 22United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
United Kingdom BRM10002:33:10.500
1966 Belgian F1 GPJune 12United Kingdom John Surtees
Italy Ferrari2802:09:11.300
1966 French F1 GPJuly 3Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham4801:48:31.300
1966 British F1 GPJuly 16Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham8002:13:13.400
1966 Dutch F1 GPJuly 24Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham9002:20:32.500
1966 German F1 GPAugust 7Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham1502:27:03.000
1966 Italian F1 GPSeptember 4Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti
Italy Ferrari6801:47:14.800
1966 USA F1 GPOctober 2United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus10802:09:40.110
1966 Mexican F1 GPOctober 23United Kingdom John Surtees
United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati6502:06:35.340

1966 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Australia Jack BrabhamDNF411*11DNFDNF242 (45)
2United Kingdom John SurteesDNF1*DNFDNFDNF2*DNF3*128
3Austria Jochen RindtDNF245DNF342DNF22 (24)
4New Zealand Denny HulmeDNFDNF32DNF*DNF3DNF318
5United Kingdom Graham Hill3DNFDNF324DNFDNFDNF17
6United Kingdom Jim ClarkDNFDNF 43DNFDNF1DNF16
7United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1DNF DNF45DNFDNFDNF14
8Italy Lorenzo Bandini2*3NC* 66DNFDNF 12
9United Kingdom Mike Parkes  2 DNFDNF2  12
10Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti     DNF1*  9
11United States Richie GintherDNF5    DNFNC4*5
12United States Dan Gurney NC5DNFDNF7DNFDNF54
13United Kingdom Mike SpenceDNFDNFDNFDNF5DNF5DNFDNS4
14New Zealand Bruce McLarenDNFDNS 6   5DNF3
15United States Bob Bondurant4DNF 9 DNF7DSQDNF3
16Switzerland Jo SiffertDNFDNFDNFNCDNF DNF4DNF3
17United Kingdom John Taylor  688DNF   1
18United Kingdom Peter Arundell DNSDNFDNFDNF88671
19United Kingdom Bob AndersonDNF 7NCDNFDNF6  1
21United Kingdom Innes Ireland       DNFDNF0
22France Guy LigierNCNCNC109DNS   0
23Italy Giancarlo Baghetti      NC  0
24Italy Giacomo "Geki" Russo      9  0
25United Kingdom Chris Lawrence   11 DNF   0
26Mexico Moisés Solana        DNF0
27Mexico Pedro Rodríguez  DNF    DNFDNF0
28United Kingdom Chris Irwin   7     0
29United States Phil Hill      DNQ  0
30New Zealand Chris Amon  8   DNQ  0
31United States Ronnie Bucknum       DNF80
32United Kingdom Trevor Taylor   DNF     0
33United Kingdom Vic Wilson DNS       0

1966 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Australia Jack Brabham941053403145
United Kingdom John Surtees921142378328
Austria Jochen Rindt902130432024
New Zealand Denny Hulme901340336118
United Kingdom Graham Hill901230365017
Sweden Jo Bonnier90000035701
United Kingdom Jim Clark810122413016
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart810010304014
United States Dan Gurney80000020104
United Kingdom Mike Spence80000029704
Switzerland Jo Siffert80000037803
Italy Lorenzo Bandini701121333212
United States Bob Bondurant70000026803
United Kingdom Peter Arundell70000030201
United Kingdom Bob Anderson60000025801
United States Richie Ginther50000026615
France Guy Ligier50000030000
United Kingdom Mike Parkes402021135012
New Zealand Bruce McLaren40000023203
United Kingdom John Taylor40000020501
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez30000010200
Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti2100107719
United Kingdom Chris Lawrence2000008300
United Kingdom Innes Ireland20000012400
United States Ronnie Bucknum20000011800
Italy Giancarlo Baghetti1000005900
United Kingdom Chris Irwin1000007800
Mexico Moisés Solana100000900
United Kingdom Trevor Taylor100000000
Italy Giacomo "Geki" Russo1000006300
New Zealand Chris Amon1000004400

1966 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom BrabhamDNF411113DNF242 (49)
2Italy Ferrari212 661DNF 31 (32)
3United Kingdom Cooper-MaseratiDNF2457242130 (35)
4United Kingdom BRM1DNFDNF3247DNFDNF22
5United Kingdom Team LotusDNFDNFDNF43851718
6United States Eagle NC5DNFDNF7DNFDNF54
7Japan Honda      DNFNC43
8United Kingdom McLarenDNFDNS 6   5DNF3
9United Kingdom Cooper-ClimaxDNF  11 DNF   0
10United Kingdom Shannon   DNF     0


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