Denny Hulme info & statistics

Denny Hulme wiki info & stats
NameDenny Hulme
CountryNew Zealand New Zealand
Place of BirthMotueka
Date of BirthJun 18th 1936
Date of DeathOct 4th 1992 - 56 years old
First Race1965 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Race1974 USA Grand Prix
First Pole1973 South African Grand Prix
Last Pole1973 South African Grand Prix
First Win1967 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Win1974 Argentine Grand Prix
First Podium1966 French Grand Prix
Last Podium1974 Austrian Grand Prix

Denny Hulme F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles1
Race Starts112
Race Wins8 (7,1%)
Pole Positions1 (0,9%)
Fastest Laps8 (7,1%)
Podiums33 (29,5%)
Points Finishes61 (54,5%)
Retirements34 (30,4%)
Frontrow Starts15
Total Points248
Total Laps6.237



Denny Hulme Biography

Danny Hulme

Danny Hulme

Denny Hulme was the first and only F1 champion from New Zealand to date.

Born in Motueka, New Zealand, on the 18th of June of 1936, Denis Clive Hulme was not your typical Formula 1 driver with a flashy style, but he certainly showed his supreme ability behind the wheel and earned a well-deserved title in 1967.

Like the Great Jim Clark, Hulme grew up on a farm too and learned to drive with a truck at an early age. His involvement with cars started after he did various activities on his father’s farm. At age 17, he quit school and worked as a mechanic and drove around New Zealand transporting cargo. Of course, he loved racing and was eager to enter the racing world and emulate some of the best drivers of those times.

He saw Stirling Moss and other F1 drivers competing in New Zealand’s Tasman Series, which enhanced his nack for car racing.

Racing Career

The racing life began for Hulme behind the wheel of an MGTF and an MGA which was bought by his father Clive —who was a World War II hero—. His first big racing moment came when he earned the New Zealand's Driver To Europe scholarship to compete in Europe during the 1960 season together with George Lawton.

In his first season in Europe, Hulme finished third whilst driving an Envoy and a Cooper in the Campionato A.N.P.E.C./Auto Italiana d’Europa, a championship won by Colin Davis, who had previously started a couple of Formula 1 races in 1959. Hulme contested two non-championship Formula 1 events in his first year around Europe, were him and Lawton were being helped by fellow New Zealander Bruce McLaren, who was already a race winner in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Lawton tragically died in their first year in Europe, but Hulme kept going to try and find the chance to compete in Formula 1. Working as a mechanic for Jack Brabham, who already was a two-time Formula 1 champion, Hulme got to drive Brabham’s cars too.

Formula 1 Career

Danny Hulme 1973

Danny Hulme (1973)

After racing Brabham cars in junior Formulae and in a couple of non-championship F1 events between 1963 and 1964, Hulme made his official F1 debut on the 30th of May of 1965 during the Monaco Grand Prix, which was the second race of the season.

He competed in six races in 1965 onboard Brabham-Climax cars, scoring points only twice. In the first two races of 1966, his car was equipped with Climax L4 engines and retired both times. Then, the Repco engines proved to be successful for the Brabham team as Hulme got his first podium in the 1966 French Grand Prix.

Hulme scored three other podiums as Jack Brabham achieved his third World Drivers’ Championship. The New Zealander finished fourth in the standings of 1966.

1967 F1 Championship Title

In a 1967 season dominated by Jim Clark statistically, Hulme and his teammate Brabham found a way to consistently score points and fight for the title. Hulme took the first win of his career in the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix, where he lapped all his rivals —in that race, Ferrari’s Lorenzo Bandini lost his life—.

He added another victory to his solid 1967 season with a great drive at the Nürburgring to take the 1967 German Grand Prix.

Despite Clark’s incredible velocity and possibly being the best driver of 1967, Hulme and Brabham entered the final race at Mexico as the only drivers with the chance to take the title home.

Hulme was the championship leader heading into the final race of the season and needed a top-four finish to clinch his title, while Brabham needed the victory and his teammate finishing fifth or worst.

For Sunday’s race, Clark took Pole Position while Brabham and Hulme lined up fifth and sixth respectively. In the race, Clark dominated clearly, while Brabham climbed up to second, although a minute and 25 seconds behind, which was not enough to take the WDC from Hulme, who finished third and found Formula 1 glory in his third season.

Hulme was the first of just two champions to win the title without achieving one Pole Position during the season (Niki Lauda repeated it in 1984).

Denny Hulme, McLaren M19, Silverstone UK (1971)

Denny Hulme, McLaren M19, Silverstone UK (1971)

He left Brabham to reunite with his friend Bruce McLaren, who had already created his own team. Hulme became the first McLaren driver different to Bruce himself. After a couple of rough seasons to start the team’s history, 1968 was solid. McLaren gave his own team its first win at the 1968 Belgian Grand Prix, then, Hulme added two more in the final stage of the season, at Italy and Canada.

For the final race of 1968 at Mexico, Hulme had a chance to win the title again as he fought Lotus’ Graham Hill and Matra’s Jackie Stewart. He qualified fourth for the race, but the title went to Hill after suspension trouble hit Hulme’s McLaren M7A and Stewart had mechanical issues too.

Although his first year alongside his friend was promising, F1 success was hard to find in the following seasons. However, in the Can-Am Series, they were truly successful, with Hulme and McLaren winning two titles each between 1967 and 1970.

Bruce McLaren died in a crash at Goodwood in the 2nd of June of 1970 at the age of 32. Denny suffered for his friend’s tragedy and started to pay attention to the dangers of racing. He ultimately retired from Formula 1 in 1974, after competing in his seventh season with the team of his beloved friend, which he gave six of its first nine wins in the pinnacle of motorsport.

McLaren M19C driven by Denny Hulme in Monaco 1972 (1972-1973)

McLaren M19C driven by Denny Hulme in Monaco 1972 (1972-1973)

Hulme’s best season for McLaren in terms of points and podiums was 1972, when he finished with 39 points, a win and six other podiums. However, he finished just third in the WDC and far behind the champion —and his future teammate in 1974— Emerson Fittipaldi.

The 1967 World Champion continued racing in various types of auto car racing long after his retirement from the top circus.

Other race series and death

Also, before and during his F1 career, he found time to compete in four editions of the Indy 500 —without success—, three 24 Hours of Le Mans with one class victory in 1961 with a Fiat-Abarth 850 S. He competed in two editions of the 24 Hours of Daytona too, but could not finish the race in those two occasions. After his retirement, he competed 10 times in Australia’s Bathurst 1.000 km race.

During the 1992 Australia’s Bathurst 1.000 km event, when he was the defending champion of his class after winning the 1991 race, ‘The Bear’ Hulme died at the wheel of his BMW due to a heart attack.

‘Probably I was lazy. I should have probably tried a lot harder. The fact that I only got one Pole Position probably proves that I can’t qualify very well, but I do enjoy racing. I enjoy racing better than the practice’.



Denny Hulme Final Championship Results



Denny Hulme F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1974 United Kingdom McLaren Ford151102079111.3320
1973 United Kingdom McLaren Ford151023191521.7326
1972 United Kingdom McLaren Ford121247075013.2539
1971 United Kingdom McLaren
United Kingdom McLaren
1970 United Kingdom McLaren Ford110134066502.4527
1969 United Kingdom McLaren Ford111012060001.8220
1968 United Kingdom McLaren
United Kingdom McLaren
1967 United Kingdom Brabham Repco112338074824.6451
1966 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
1965 United Kingdom Brabham Climax60000029100.835



Denny Hulme F1 GP Race Classifications

1st8 Times
2nd9 Times
3rd16 Times
4th11 Times
5th8 Times
6th9 Times
7th6 Times
8th4 Times
9th1 Time
12th3 Times
13th1 Time
15th2 Times
DNF34 Times


Denny Hulme F1 GP Race Results

11219741974 USA Grand Prix result6McLarenFord17DNFEngine0
11119741974 Canadian Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1461
11019741974 Italian Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1961
10919741974 Austrian Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1026
10819741974 German Grand Prix result6McLarenFord7DNFAccident0
10719741974 British Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1970
10619741974 French Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1161
10519741974 Dutch Grand Prix result6McLarenFord9DNFIgnition0
10419741974 Swedish Grand Prix result6McLarenFord12DNFSuspension0
10319741974 Monaco Grand Prix result6McLarenFord12DNFCollision0
10219741974 Belgian Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1261
10119741974 Spanish Grand Prix result6McLarenFord861
10019741974 South African Grand Prix result6McLarenFord990
9919741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result6McLarenFord11120
9819741974 Argentine Grand Prix result6McLarenFord1019
9719731973 USA Grand Prix result7McLarenFord843
9619731973 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord7130
9519731973 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord3150
9419731973 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord380
9319731973 German Grand Prix result7McLarenFord8120
9219731973 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord4DNFEngine0
9119731973 British Grand Prix result7McLarenFord234
9019731973 French Grand Prix result7McLarenFord680
8919731973 Swedish Grand Prix result7McLarenFord619
8819731973 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenFord361
8719731973 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord270
8619731973 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenFord261
8519731973 South African Grand Prix result5McLarenFord152
8419731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord534
8319731973 Argentine Grand Prix result14McLarenFord852
8219721972 USA Grand Prix result19McLarenFord334
8119721972 Canadian Grand Prix result18McLarenFord234
8019721972 Italian Grand Prix result14McLarenFord534
7919721972 Austrian Grand Prix result12McLarenFord726
7819721972 German Grand Prix result3McLarenFord10DNFEngine0
7719721972 British Grand Prix result18McLarenFord1152
7619721972 French Grand Prix result2McLarenFord270
7519721972 Belgian Grand Prix result9McLarenFord334
7419721972 Monaco Grand Prix result14McLarenFord7150
7319721972 Spanish Grand Prix result11McLarenFord2DNFGearbox0
7219721972 South African Grand Prix result12McLarenFord519
7119721972 Argentine Grand Prix result17McLarenFord426
7019711971 USA Grand Prix result7McLarenFord3DNFAccident0
6919711971 Canadian Grand Prix result9McLarenFord1043
6819711971 Austrian Grand Prix result9McLarenFord9DNFEngine0
6719711971 German Grand Prix result18McLarenFord6DNFFuel Leak0
6619711971 British Grand Prix result9McLarenFord8DNFEngine0
6519711971 French Grand Prix result9McLarenFord11DNFIgnition0
6419711971 Dutch Grand Prix result26McLarenFord14120
6319711971 Monaco Grand Prix result9McLarenFord643
6219711971 Spanish Grand Prix result9McLarenFord952
6119711971 South African Grand Prix result11McLarenCosworth761
6019701970 Mexican Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1434
5919701970 USA Grand Prix result8McLarenFord1170
5819701970 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord15DNFEngine0
5719701970 Italian Grand Prix result30McLarenFord943
5619701970 Austrian Grand Prix result21McLarenFord11DNFEngine0
5519701970 German Grand Prix result4McLarenFord1634
5419701970 British Grand Prix result9McLarenFord534
5319701970 French Grand Prix result19McLarenFord743
5219701970 Monaco Grand Prix result11McLarenFord343
5119701970 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenFord2DNFIgnition0
5019701970 South African Grand Prix result6McLarenFord626
4919691969 Mexican Grand Prix result5McLarenFord419
4819691969 USA Grand Prix result5McLarenFord2DNFGearbox0
4719691969 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord5DNFDistributor0
4619691969 Italian Grand Prix result16McLarenFord270
4519691969 German Grand Prix result9McLarenFord5DNFTransmission0
4419691969 British Grand Prix result5McLarenFord3DNFIgnition0
4319691969 French Grand Prix result4McLarenFord280
4219691969 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord743
4119691969 Monaco Grand Prix result3McLarenFord1261
4019691969 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenFord843
3919691969 South African Grand Prix result5McLarenFord334
3819681968 Mexican Grand Prix result1McLarenFord4DNFSuspension0
3719681968 USA Grand Prix result1McLarenFord5DNFAccident0
3619681968 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord619
3519681968 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord719
3419681968 German Grand Prix result1McLarenFord1170
3319681968 British Grand Prix result1McLarenFord1143
3219681968 French Grand Prix result8McLarenFord452
3119681968 Dutch Grand Prix result1McLarenFord7DNFIgnition0
3019681968 Belgian Grand Prix result6McLarenFord5DNFHalfshaft0
2919681968 Monaco Grand Prix result12McLarenFord1052
2819681968 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenFord326
2719681968 South African Grand Prix result1McLarenBRM952
2619671967 Mexican Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco634
2519671967 USA Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco634
2419671967 Italian Grand Prix result18BrabhamRepco6DNFOverheating0
2319671967 Canadian Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco326
2219671967 German Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco219
2119671967 British Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco426
2019671967 French Grand Prix result4BrabhamRepco626
1919671967 Belgian Grand Prix result26BrabhamRepco14DNFEngine0
1819671967 Dutch Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco734
1719671967 Monaco Grand Prix result9BrabhamRepco419
1619671967 South African Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco243
1519661966 Mexican Grand Prix result6BrabhamRepco634
1419661966 USA Grand Prix result6BrabhamRepco7DNFEngine0
1319661966 Italian Grand Prix result12BrabhamRepco1034
1219661966 German Grand Prix result4BrabhamRepco15DNFIgnition0
1119661966 Dutch Grand Prix result18BrabhamRepco2DNFIgnition0
1019661966 British Grand Prix result6BrabhamRepco226
919661966 French Grand Prix result14BrabhamRepco934
819661966 Belgian Grand Prix result4BrabhamClimax13DNFAccident0
719661966 Monaco Grand Prix result8BrabhamClimax6DNFTransmission0
619651965 Italian Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax12DNFSuspension0
519651965 German Grand Prix result6BrabhamClimax13DNFFuel Leak0
419651965 Dutch Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax752
319651965 British Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax10DNFAlternator0
219651965 French Grand Prix result16BrabhamClimax643
119651965 Monaco Grand Prix result2BrabhamClimax880



Denny Hulme F1 Pole Positions

319641964 Belgian Grand Prix result15BrabhamClimax16Out of Fuel1
219641964 Dutch Grand Prix result16BrabhamClimax1DNFSteering0
119621962 German Grand Prix result7PorschePorsche134



Denny Hulme Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1965BrabhamBob Anderson495000003140
Dan Gurney4351300001405
Frank Gardner582000004150
Giancarlo Baghetti15220000001010
Ian Raby15110000001120
Jack Brabham850200002112
Jo Bonnier475000002451
Jo Siffert465200003342
1966BrabhamBob Anderson2614100005151
Chris Amon3224000001010
Chris Irwin276000001010
Jack Brabham21184504031818
Jo Bonnier21210000002020
Jo Siffert14100000000110
John Taylor2610100003140
1967BrabhamAlan Rees179010001010
Bob Anderson1528210005160
Dave Charlton473000001010
Gerhard Mitter1259010001010
Guy Ligier1823110005050
Jack Brabham11514822025629
Luki Botha483000001010
1968McLarenBruce McLaren11312221007483
Dan Gurney149310001221
Jo Bonnier1621120005160
1969McLarenBasil van Rooyen3184000001010
Bruce McLaren122026100048102
Derek Bell13160000001010
Vic Elford453300002240
1970McLarenAndrea de Adamich3817000007281
Bruce McLaren229600002130
Dan Gurney367100002020
Jo Bonnier4193000002020
John Surtees269000002130
Nanni Galli4263000001010
Peter Gethin3611100004242
1971McLarenDavid Hobbs22100000000110
Jackie Oliver1990000001120
Jo Bonnier6161000003140
Mark Donohue433400000101
Peter Gethin486000004361
1972McLarenBrian Redman750400001230
Jody Scheckter394000001010
Peter Revson12392310016345
1973McLarenJacky Ickx1230400000101
Jody Scheckter399000105032
Peter Revson112638121068104
1974McLarenDave Charlton9190000001010
David Hobbs277000002020
Emerson Fittipaldi1120551302312114
Jochen Mass671000001111
Mike Hailwood13121210006547

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