Graham Hill info & statistics

Graham Hill wiki info & stats
NameGraham Hill
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthHampstead
Date of BirthFeb 15th 1929
Date of DeathNov 29th 1975 - 46 years old
Season Entries18
First Race1958 Monaco F1 GP
Last Race1975 Brazilian F1 GP
First Pole1962 Belgian F1 GP
Last Pole1968 British F1 GP
First Win19625 Dutch F1 GP
Last Win1969 Monaco F1 GP
First Podium1960 Dutch F1 GP
Last Podium1969 Monaco F1 GP

Graham Hill F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles2
Race Entries179
Race Starts177
Race Wins14 (7,8%)
Pole Positions13 (7,3%)
Fastest Laps10 (5,6%)
Podiums36 (20,1%)
Points Finishes59 (33,0%)
Retirements84 (46,9%)
Wins from pole4
Front Row Starts31
Total Points289
Total Laps8.791



Graham Hill Biography

True & Pure Motor Racing by Peter Windsor

1965 Dutch GP Start Richie Ginther Honda RA272, Graham-Hill (10) & Jim Clark (6)

Graham Hill drove a lot of Formula 1 seasons. He started his F1 career in 1958 in Monaco and drove his last race in 1975 in Brazil, which helped to have the record for most starts from 1975 until the 1986 British Grand Prix when Jacques Laffite tied the record.

Norman Graham Hill was born on the 15th of February of 1929 in Hampstead, England. He grew up during war times, but his sense of humour prevailed. At an early age, he tried his hands into music, then attended a technical college. He was an engineering apprentice in the Smiths Instruments company before joining the Royal Navy (due to conscription).

Unable to have the ability to drive a road car, Hill loved motorcycles and rowing. Rowing played a huge role in Graham’s life and its influence carried onto his successful Formula One career. He was a member of the London Rowing Club and he adorned his racing helmet with the club’s insignia.

His motorsport career began with big differences to some of the other all-time greats. Hill learned to drive road cars at 24 years of age and his love for racing started after driving a short stint at Brands Hatch in a Formula Three single-seater. He found a job as a mechanic in a motorsport academy and soon became an employee for the Lotus F1 team, due to his incipient relationship with Colin Chapman.

His successful Formula 1 career started with lowlights, as he retired in his first seven races, six of those with mechanical problems on the unreliable Lotus 12 and Lotus 16 with a Climax L4 engine. He finished just two races in 1958, the Italian and Moroccan Grands Prix, albeit eight and seven laps behind the leader.

The 1959 season was, again, horrible for Hill as he did not score a single point. However, Hill qualified frequently in the top ten and in the 1959 Dutch Grand Prix started in fifth place, seven-tenths of the poleman (Jo Bonnier in British Racing Motors’ car) and 1.6 seconds ahead of the Lotus of Innes Ireland. Coincidentally, Hill’s best qualifying with Lotus occurred in the same Grand Prix British Racing Motors achieved its first F1 victory.

Graham Hill in Italy (1969)

Graham Hill in Italy (1969)

Of course, there was not much to analyze from the 1959 season, but Hill showed his impressive qualifying since he was the pace-setting Lotus in every qualifying session of the year. For 1960, Hill chose to change his equipment and went to the BRM team.

In 1960 he retired from six of the eight races of the year, five DNFs caused by mechanical failures. In the first race with BRM, Hill qualified in third place at Argentina. In just his third Grand Prix with the team, he achieved the first of the 36 podiums of his career. His solid run of qualifying sessions continued and he started the 1960 British Grand Prix at Silverstone from second place. After a bad start, Hill recovered and took the lead in the middle part of the race. With seven laps remaining and reigning champion and championship leader Jack Brabham pressuring him, Hill’s brake struggles sent him into a spin at Copse. He retired from the race and missed a good chance to secure his first victory.

The first year of his union with BRM was a struggle and his move did not look very good at the time. Lotus had stepped up fixing their reliability issues and Ireland finished fourth in the championship with three podiums. Hill finished in 15th place in the 1960 F1 World Drivers’ Championship with four points. The 1961 campaign was tougher for Hill and BRM, as the team scored just seven points. Hill and his teammate Tony Brooks each finished only twice in the points. Even with the struggles and with the lacklustre performances during the year, they closed out the campaign with a good result.

In the final race of 1961, the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, both BRM cars qualified in the top 5. Hill finished the race in fifth place after starting second, while Brooks took the only podium finish of the year for BRM with a third place.

Hill’s move to BRM and his help regarding the development of the car and the team’s spirit, delivered the ultimate goal for driver and constructor in 1962.

Hill secured his first title in the 1962 season with four wins and two P2 finishes, securing 93.3% of the possible points which counted for the championships (only the best five results counted towards the title). Also, BRM won the Constructors’ title in 1962 after scoring 42 points, more than the previous three years combined.

In the last race of the season, the 1962 South African Grand Prix at East London, Hill secured the championship after a dramatic race. Jim Clark was leading the Grand Prix from Pole Position and on course to his first championship until an oil leak left him out with 20 laps to go. Hill went on to win the Grand Prix and the title.

The 1962 runners-up in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ championship, Clark and Lotus, went on to win the 1963 titles with record-setting domination. Hill finished a distant second place in 1963 after winning his first race at Monaco and adding a second victory of the year at the US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen.

Graham HIll driving the BRM P261 at Monaco (1964)

Graham HIll driving the BRM P261 at Monaco (1964)

In 1964, a heartbreaking title-deciding Mexican Grand Prix saw John Surtees become the first (and so far only) person to win World Championships both in two and four wheels. The last race of the 1964 season had Hill as the championship leader, followed closely by Surtees and Clark. In the first stages, Hill looked on pace to secure his second championship, but with Lorenzo Bandini crashing into his car and damaging the exhaust pipe of the BRM, Hill’s championship hopes were almost over.

Clark was winning the race, Surtees was fourth and Hill was not competitive, which would give Clark his second title. In the closing stages of the race, the Climax engine on Clark’s Lotus 33 exploded and his title went up in smoke. With Dan Gurney leading and the Ferraris of Bandini and Surtees behind, Hill was on course to win the championship, although he was running in the back of the field. However, Ferrari signalled Bandini to let Surtees through and the championship went to Maranello.

Hill again won at Monaco and Watkins Glen in 1965, but two wins and four other podiums were not near enough to stop Clark and Lotus run of success Hill finished second for the third straight year and the tension grew up inside the BRM garage, with Hill’s continuously lashing out his frustration. In 1966 he could not win a single F1 race, although he competed in the 1966 Indy 500 and took a controversial victory since Lotus thought Hill had not gone by Clark when he spun during the race, however, Lotus did not file a formal protest.

Graham HIll driving the Lotus 01 at the Nordschleife in Germany (1969)

Graham HIll driving the Lotus 01 at the Nordschleife in Germany (1969)

Hill moved back to the Lotus F1 team in for the 1967 campaign, but his first year back with the team was even worse than his last with BRM. Hill scored just two podiums during the season and finished just three of the 11 races due to several mechanical woes. His teammate, Clark finished that year third in the WDC behind the two Brabham cars and won four races, the highest tally on the field that year.

For 1968, the Lotus 49 and its evolution, the 49B, were highly competitive machines. Clark won the first race of the season at South Africa on the 1st of January, but he tragically died at the Hockenheimring in April during a Formula Two race. Clark´s replacement at Lotus, Mike Spence, suffered a fatal crash in practice for the Indy 500, which meant the only driver for the devastated Lotus team in the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix was Hill.

Hill delivered a heartfelt win for the Lotus team after starting from sixth on the grid. It was the first race a Lotus car was not running with its usual green-coloured livery, as they had painted the car with the colours of their main sponsor Gold Leaf.

The English champion went on to win his fourth Monaco Grand Prix with the Lotus 49B, which was the first car to have wings to further improve downforce. A couple of podiums and a win in the title-deciding last race of the year at Mexico saw Hill become fifth multiple World Champion and the third to do it with different teams after Juan Manuel Fangio (Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes, and Ferrari) and Jack Brabham (Cooper and Brabham).

Lotus 49B driven by Graham Hill in Monaco (1969)

Lotus 49B driven by Graham Hill in Monaco (1969)

A complete year with the Lotus 49B in 1969 did not produce similar results for Hill, although he took his fifth win in the most glamorous race of the season, the 1969 Monaco Grand Prix. He finished seventh in the WDC in 1969, but that was not the worst aspect of that year, as he suffered near-fatal crash at Watkins Glen in the 1969 US Grand Prix. His car stalled on lap 88 and he jumped out of the car to push it. As he restarted the car, he did not fasten his belts. His mechanics were ready to change the tyres of the car, but before entering the pits, a rear tyre exploded and Hill flew off the car, injuring his two legs severely.

He recovered in time for the 1970 F1 season when Chapman out him in Rob Walker’s team with a Lotus car. He scored only seven points that year, without a podium finish. Then, similar years followed in 1971 and 1972 with Brabham.

In 1972 he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans driving a Matra-Simca alongside Henri Pescarolo. With the win at Le Mans, Hill completed motorsport’s Triple Crown, which consists of winning the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans race. Also, some say that the real Triple Crown does not take in consideration success at the Monaco F1 race but the Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship. In any case, Hill is the only driver to achieve such a feat.

The downwards row in Hill’s F1 career continued after he created his own team, Embassy Hill Racing. In the first 29 races with his own car, a Shadow then a Lola, Hill scored points just once, in the 1974 Swedish Grand Prix. After failing to qualify for the 1975 South African Grand Prix and especially for the 1975 Monaco Grand Prix, at a track he used to dominate, Hill retired from driving.

Brabham BT34 driven by Graham Hill in Britiain (1971)

Brabham BT34 driven by Graham Hill in Britiain (1971)

He continued with his team and was a mentor to his driver Tony Brise, which was 23 years old. Brise replicated his mentor’s best result for his own team with a sixth place in the 1975 Swedish Grand Prix, the only point-scoring finish in his short career.

Hill was known to be the pilot of his own aeroplanes too. Hill, Brise and other key members of the Embassy Hill team were on a test in the south of France. As they were on their way back to England, the two-time F1 champion failed to land the plane during the dark night of the 29th of November of 1975 and the crash tragically took the lives of every passenger on the plane.

Damon Hill, Graham's son, became a Formula 1 World Champion in 1996 with Williams, making him the first son of a World Champion to replicate his father's triumphs. Damon wore a similar helmet to his father's during his career, with the insignia of the London Rowing Club as the main aspect of the livery.

“I am an artist. The track is my canvas, and the car is my brush.”



Graham Hill Final Championship Results



Graham Hill F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1975 United Kingdom Lola Ford2000009100.000
1974 United Kingdom Lola Ford150000084500.071
1973 United Kingdom Shadow Ford120000052900.000
1972 United Kingdom Brabham Ford120000065000.334
1971 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
1970 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford120000064300.587
1969 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford101102058401.9019
1968 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford123306265904.0048
1967 United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1966 United Kingdom BRM BRM90123036501.8917
1965 United Kingdom BRM BRM102316467234.7047
1964 United Kingdom BRM BRM102305154014.1041
1963 United Kingdom BRM BRM102035264002.9029
1962 United Kingdom BRM BRM94206160635.7852
1961 United Kingdom BRM Climax80000031500.383
1960 United Kingdom BRM BRM80011032710.504
1959 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax70000018700.000
1958 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax90000030700.000


Graham Hill F1 Cars




Graham Hill F1 GP Race Classifications

1th14 Times
2th15 Times
3th7 Times
4th9 Times
5th7 Times
6th9 Times
7th6 Times
8th5 Times
9th8 Times
10th6 Times
11th3 Times
12th4 Times
13th4 Times
14th2 Times
16th3 Times
DNF71 Times
NC3 Times
WD1 Time
DNQ2 Times

Graham Hill F1 GP Race Results

17919751975 Monaco F1 GP23HillFord0DNQNo Time0
17819751975 South African F1 GP22LolaFord0DNQNo Time0
17719751975 Brazilian F1 GP22LolaFord20120
17619751975 Argentine F1 GP22LolaFord21100
17519741974 USA F1 GP26LolaFord2480
17419741974 Canadian F1 GP26LolaFord20140
17319741974 Italian F1 GP26LolaFord2180
17219741974 Austrian F1 GP26LolaFord21120
17119741974 German F1 GP26LolaFord1990
17019741974 British F1 GP26LolaFord22130
16919741974 French F1 GP26LolaFord21130
16819741974 Dutch F1 GP26LolaFord19DNFGearbox0
16719741974 Swedish F1 GP26LolaFord1561
16619741974 Monaco F1 GP26LolaFord2170
16519741974 Belgian F1 GP26LolaFord2980
16419741974 Spanish F1 GP26LolaFord19DNFEngine0
16319741974 South African F1 GP26LolaFord18120
16219741974 Brazilian F1 GP26LolaFord21110
16119741974 Argentine F1 GP26LolaFord17DNFEngine0
16019731973 USA F1 GP12ShadowFord18130
15919731973 Canadian F1 GP12ShadowFord17160
15819731973 Italian F1 GP12ShadowFord22140
15719731973 Austrian F1 GP12ShadowFord22DNFSuspension0
15619731973 German F1 GP12ShadowFord20130
15519731973 Dutch F1 GP12ShadowFord17NCNot Classified0
15419731973 British F1 GP12ShadowFord27DNFChassis0
15319731973 French F1 GP12ShadowFord16100
15219731973 Swedish F1 GP12ShadowFord18DNFIgnition0
15119731973 Monaco F1 GP12ShadowFord24DNFSuspension0
15019731973 Belgian F1 GP12ShadowFord2390
14919731973 Spanish F1 GP25ShadowFord22DNFBrakes0
14819721972 USA F1 GP28BrabhamFord27110
14719721972 Canadian F1 GP7BrabhamFord1780
14619721972 Italian F1 GP28BrabhamFord1352
14519721972 Austrian F1 GP16BrabhamFord14DNFInjection0
14419721972 German F1 GP11BrabhamFord1561
14319721972 British F1 GP26BrabhamFord21DNFSpun off0
14219721972 French F1 GP18BrabhamFord20100
14119721972 Belgian F1 GP17BrabhamFord16DNFSuspension0
14019721972 Monaco F1 GP20BrabhamFord20120
13919721972 Spanish F1 GP18BrabhamFord23100
13819721972 South African F1 GP19BrabhamFord1461
13719721972 Argentine F1 GP1BrabhamFord16DNFFuel pump0
13619711971 USA F1 GP22BrabhamFord1870
13519711971 Canadian F1 GP37BrabhamFord15DNFAccident0
13419711971 Italian F1 GP10BrabhamFord14DNFGearbox0
13319711971 Austrian F1 GP7BrabhamFord852
13219711971 German F1 GP24BrabhamFord1390
13119711971 British F1 GP7BrabhamFord22DNFaccident0
13019711971 French F1 GP7BrabhamFord4DNFOil Pipe0
12919711971 Dutch F1 GP24BrabhamFord16100
12819711971 Monaco F1 GP7BrabhamFord9DNFAccident0
12719711971 Spanish F1 GP7BrabhamFord10DNFSteering0
12619711971 South African F1 GP14BrabhamCosworth1990
12519701970 Mexican F1 GP14Team LotusFord8DNFOverheating0
12419701970 USA F1 GP14Team LotusFord10DNFClutch0
12319701970 Canadian F1 GP9Team LotusFord20NCNot Classified0
12219701970 Italian F1 GP28Team LotusFord0WDWithdrew0
12119701970 German F1 GP9Team LotusFord20DNFEngine0
12019701970 British F1 GP14Team LotusFord2261
11919701970 French F1 GP8Team LotusFord20100
11819701970 Dutch F1 GP15Team LotusFord20NCNot Classified0
11719701970 Belgian F1 GP23Team LotusFord16DNFEngine0
11619701970 Monaco F1 GP1Team LotusFord1652
11519701970 Spanish F1 GP6Team LotusFord1543
11419701970 South African F1 GP11Team LotusFord1961
11319691969 USA F1 GP2Team LotusFord4DNFAccident0
11219691969 Canadian F1 GP2Team LotusFord7DNFEngine0
11119691969 Italian F1 GP2Team LotusFord99Halfshaft0
11019691969 German F1 GP2Team LotusFord943
10919691969 British F1 GP2Team LotusFord1270
10819691969 French F1 GP2Team LotusFord861
10719691969 Dutch F1 GP2Team LotusFord370
10619691969 Monaco F1 GP2Team LotusFord419
10519691969 Spanish F1 GP2Team LotusFord3DNFAccident0
10419691969 South African F1 GP2Team LotusFord726
10319681968 Mexican F1 GP10Team LotusFord319
10219681968 USA F1 GP10Team LotusFord326
10119681968 Canadian F1 GP3Team LotusFord543
10019681968 Italian F1 GP16Team LotusFord5DNFwheel0
9919681968 German F1 GP3Team LotusFord426
9819681968 British F1 GP8Team LotusFord1DNFHalfshaft0
9719681968 French F1 GP12Team LotusFord9DNFHalfshaft0
9619681968 Dutch F1 GP3Team LotusFord39Accident0
9519681968 Belgian F1 GP1Team LotusFord14DNFHalfshaft0
9419681968 Monaco F1 GP9Team LotusFord119
9319681968 Spanish F1 GP10Team LotusFord619
9219681968 South African F1 GP5Team LotusFord226
9119671967 Mexican F1 GP6Team LotusFord4DNFHalf Shaft0
9019671967 USA F1 GP6Team LotusFord126
8919671967 Italian F1 GP22Team LotusFord8DNFEngine0
8819671967 Canadian F1 GP4Team LotusFord243
8719671967 German F1 GP4Team LotusFord13DNFSuspension0
8619671967 British F1 GP6Team LotusFord2DNFEngine0
8519671967 French F1 GP7Team LotusFord1DNFDifferential0
8419671967 Belgian F1 GP22Team LotusFord3DNFClutch0
8319671967 Dutch F1 GP6Team LotusFord1DNFEngine0
8219671967 Monaco F1 GP14Team LotusBRM826
8119671967 South African F1 GP8Team LotusBRM15DNFAccident0
8019661966 Mexican F1 GP3BRMBRM7DNFEngine0
7919661966 USA F1 GP3BRMBRM5DNFDifferential0
7819661966 Italian F1 GP26BRMBRM11DNFEngine0
7719661966 German F1 GP5BRMBRM1043
7619661966 Dutch F1 GP12BRMBRM726
7519661966 British F1 GP3BRMBRM434
7419661966 French F1 GP16BRMBRM8DNFEngine0
7319661966 Belgian F1 GP14BRMBRM9DNFAccident0
7219661966 Monaco F1 GP11BRMBRM434
7119651965 Mexican F1 GP3BRMBRM5DNFEngine0
7019651965 USA F1 GP3BRMBRM119
6919651965 Italian F1 GP30BRMBRM426
6819651965 German F1 GP9BRMBRM326
6719651965 Dutch F1 GP10BRMBRM143
6619651965 British F1 GP3BRMBRM226
6519651965 French F1 GP10BRMBRM1352
6419651965 Belgian F1 GP7BRMBRM152
6319651965 Monaco F1 GP3BRMBRM119
6219651965 South African F1 GP3BRMBRM534
6119641964 Mexican F1 GP3BRMBRM6110
6019641964 USA F1 GP3BRMBRM419
5919641964 Italian F1 GP18BRMBRM3DNFClutch0
5819641964 Austrian F1 GP3BRMBRM1DNFDistributor0
5719641964 German F1 GP3BRMBRM526
5619641964 British F1 GP3BRMBRM226
5519641964 French F1 GP8BRMBRM626
5419641963 Belgian F1 GP1BRMBRM25Fuel Pump2
5319641964 Dutch F1 GP6BRMBRM343
5219641964 Monaco F1 GP8BRMBRM319
5119631963 South African F1 GP5BRMBRM634
5019631963 Mexican F1 GP1BRMBRM343
4919631963 USA F1 GP1BRMBRM119
4819631963 Italian F1 GP12BRMBRM216Clutch0
4719631963 German F1 GP1BRMBRM4DNFGearbox0
4619631963 British F1 GP1BRMBRM334
4519631963 French F1 GP2BRMBRM230
4419631963 Dutch F1 GP12BRMBRM2DNFOverheating0
4319631963 Belgian F1 GP7BRMBRM1DNFGearbox0
4219631963 Monaco F1 GP6BRMBRM219
4119621962 South African F1 GP3BRMBRM219
4019621962 USA F1 GP4BRMBRM326
3919621962 Italian F1 GP14BRMBRM219
3819621962 German F1 GP11BRMBRM219
3719621962 British F1 GP12BRMBRM543
3619621962 French F1 GP8BRMBRM290
3519621962 Belgian F1 GP1BRMBRM126
3419621962 Monaco F1 GP10BRMBRM26Engine1
33196219625 Dutch F1 GP17BRMBRM219
3219611961 USA F1 GP4BRMClimax252
3119611961 Italian F1 GP24BRMClimax5DNFEngine0
3019611961 German F1 GP17BRMClimax16DNFAccident0
2919611961 British F1 GP20BRMClimax11DNFEngine0
2819611961 French F1 GP22BRMClimax661
2719611961 Belgian F1 GP36BRMClimax6DNFIgnition0
2619611961 Dutch F1 GP4BRMClimax58No Time0
2519611961 Monaco F1 GP18BRMClimax4DNFFuel Pump0
2419601960 USA F1 GP17BRMBRM11DNFGearbox0
2319601960 Portuguese F1 GP22BRMBRM5DNFGearbox0
2219601960 British F1 GP4BRMBRM2DNFSpun Off0
2119601960 French F1 GP12BRMBRM3DNFAccident0
2019601960 Belgian F1 GP10BRMBRM6DNFEngine0
1919601960 Dutch F1 GP16BRMBRM534
1819601960 Monaco F1 GP6BRMBRM67Spun Off0
1719601960 Argentine F1 GP42BRMBRM3DNFOverheating0
1619591959 Italian F1 GP18Team LotusClimax10DNFClutch0
1519591959 Portuguese F1 GP11Team LotusClimax15DNFAccident0
1419591959 German F1 GP16Team LotusClimax10DNFGearbox0
1319591959 British F1 GP28Team LotusClimax990
1219591959 French F1 GP32Team LotusClimax14DNFRadiator0
1119591959 Dutch F1 GP14Team LotusClimax570
1019591959 Monaco F1 GP40Team LotusClimax14DNFFire0
919581958 Moroccan F1 GP32Team LotusClimax12160
819581958 Italian F1 GP38Team LotusClimax1260
719581958 Portuguese F1 GP20Team LotusClimax12DNFSpun Off0
619581958 German F1 GP25Team LotusClimax22DNFOil pipe0
519581958 British F1 GP16Team LotusClimax14DNFOverheating0
419581958 French F1 GP24Team LotusClimax19DNFOverheating0
319581958 Belgian F1 GP42Team LotusClimax15DNFEngine0
219581958 Dutch F1 GP16Team LotusClimax13DNFOverheating0
119581958 Monaco F1 GP26Team LotusClimax15DNFHalfshaft0



Graham Hill F1 Pole Positions

1319681968 British F1 GP8Team LotusFord1DNFHalfshaft0
1219681968 Monaco F1 GP9Team LotusFord119
1119671967 USA F1 GP6Team LotusFord126
1019671967 French F1 GP7Team LotusFord1DNFDifferential0
919671967 Dutch F1 GP6Team LotusFord1DNFEngine0
819651965 USA F1 GP3BRMBRM119
719651965 Dutch F1 GP10BRMBRM143
619651965 Belgian F1 GP7BRMBRM152
519651965 Monaco F1 GP3BRMBRM119
419641964 Austrian F1 GP3BRMBRM1DNFDistributor0
319631963 USA F1 GP1BRMBRM119
219631963 Belgian F1 GP7BRMBRM1DNFGearbox0
119621962 Belgian F1 GP1BRMBRM126



Graham Hill Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1958Team LotusAlan Stacey19180000000110
Cliff Allison640300002644
Ivor Bueb17110000000101
1959Team LotusAlan Stacey980000000110
Bruce Halford12160000001010
David Piper9210000001010
Dennis Taylor9280000001010
Innes Ireland740300002350
Pete Lovely12220000001010
1960BRMDan Gurney3104000004352
Jo Bonnier354400004453
1961BRMTony Brooks533600002662
1962BRMBruce Johnstone199010001010
Gerry Ashmore2236000101010
Jack Lewis2226000101010
Jackie Lewis6181000001010
Richie Ginther12521040108181
Tony Marsh11916010104040
1963BRMLorenzo Bandini1513210105041
Maurice Trintignant1690000000110
Moisés Solana4113000001010
Richie Ginther122934202055100
1964BRMGiancarlo Baghetti1726010105270
Maurice Trintignant1527210004150
Richard Attwood2256000001010
Richie Ginther124123201064100
Tony Maggs1424410104150
1965BRMGiorgio Bassi2236000001010
Jackie Stewart11473421406473
Lucien Bianchi5122000101010
Masten Gregory2820000104040
Roberto Bussinello21312000002020
1966BRMBob Bondurant3411300004150
Innes Ireland1470000000220
Jackie Stewart21171401003544
Vic Wilson11180000001010
1967Team LotusChris Irwin1570000100110
Eppie Wietzes4133000001010
Giancarlo Baghetti8100000001010
Jackie Oliver1650000000110
Jim Clark21154104363838
Mike Fisher4113000002020
Moisés Solana2176000102020
Piers Courage17100000000110
1968Team LotusBill Brack4183000001010
Jackie Oliver1333620206390
Jim Clark216901010101
Jo Siffert11421231217483
Mario Andretti2186000012011
Moisés Solana1179010001010
1969Team LotusHans Herrmann4263000001010
Jo Bonnier4153000002020
Jo Siffert12191510007373
Jochen Rindt21102201054509
John Love2166000001010
John Miles6101000004040
Mario Andretti2159000003021
Pete Lovely870000001120
Richard Attwood149310001010
Rolf Stommelen483000001010
1970Team LotusAlex Soler-Roig4223000002020
Dave Charlton6121000001001
Emerson Fittipaldi6111201003213
Jochen Rindt4174505024508
John Love681000001010
John Miles457200006326
Pete Lovely6101000004040
Reine Wisell1630400000211
1971BrabhamChris Craft7240000002020
Dave Charlton9190000001001
Jackie Pretorius9220000001010
Tim Schenken532500004655
1972BrabhamCarlos Reutemann544300016419
Wilson Fittipaldi573000006464
1973ShadowBrian Redman13240000001001
George Follmer930400007456
Jackie Oliver9304000075210
1974LolaGuy Edwards671000007254
Peter Gethin13250000001001
Rolf Stommelen8110000003104
1975LolaRolf Stommelen10130000002011


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