1969 F1 Championship Standings

See all 1969 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

Here you can find the 1969 F1 teams overview, we also have all other F1 results since 1950.

1969 F1 Championship Overview

1969 F1 World Championship
1969 South African F1 GPMarch 1United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra8001:50:39.100
1969 Spanish F1 GPMay 4United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra9002:16:54.000
1969 Monaco F1 GPMay 18United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom Team Lotus8001:56:59.400
1969 Dutch F1 GPJune 21United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra9002:06:42.080
1969 French F1 GPJuly 6United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra3801:56:47.400
1969 British F1 GPJuly 19United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra8401:55:55.600
1969 German F1 GPAugust 3Belgium Jacky Ickx
United Kingdom Brabham1401:49:55.400
1969 Italian F1 GPSeptember 7United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
France Matra6801:39:11.260
1969 Canadian F1 GPSeptember 20Belgium Jacky Ickx
United Kingdom Brabham9001:59:25.700
1969 USA F1 GPOctober 5Austria Jochen Rindt
United Kingdom Team Lotus10801:57:56.840
1969 Mexican F1 GPOctober 19New Zealand Denny Hulme
United Kingdom McLaren6501:54:08.800

1969 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1*1DNF*1*1*1*21DNFDNF463
2Belgium Jacky IckxDNF6DNF5321*101*DNF2*37
3New Zealand Bruce McLaren525DNF43345DNFDNS26
4Austria Jochen RindtDNFDNF* DNFDNF4DNF231*DNF22
5France Jean-Pierre Beltoise63DNF829123*4DNF521
6New Zealand Denny Hulme34648DNFDNF7DNFDNF120
7United Kingdom Graham Hill2DNF176749DNFDNF 19
8United Kingdom Piers Courage DNF2DNFDNF5DNF5DNF21016
9Switzerland Jo Siffert4DNF3298118DNFDNFDNF15
10Australia Jack BrabhamDNFDNFDNF6   DNF24314
11United Kingdom John SurteesDNF5DNF9 DNFDNSNCDNF3DNF6
12New Zealand Chris AmonDNFDNFDNF3DNFDNF     4
13United Kingdom Richard Attwood  4   6    3
14United Kingdom Vic Elford  71056DNF    3
15Mexico Pedro RodríguezDNFDNFDNF  DNF 6 573
16United Kingdom Jackie Oliver7DNFDNFDNF DNFDNFDNFDNFDNF61
17Switzerland Silvio Moser  DNFDNF7  DNFDNF6111
18France Johnny Servoz-Gavin      DNF 6NC81
19Germany Hans Herrmann      DNS    0
20France Henri Pescarolo      5    0
21Germany Hubert Hahne      DNS    0
22United States Pete Lovely        7DNF90
23Canada John Cordts        DNF  0
24Germany Kurt Ahrens      7    0
25Canada George Eaton         DNFDNF0
26United Kingdom Peter Westbury      9    0
27Germany Rolf Stommelen      8    0
28Germany Gerhard Mitter      DNS    0
29South Africa Basil van RooyenDNF          0
30France François Cevert      DNF    0
31Austria Dieter Quester      DNS    0
32Canada Bill Brack        NC  0
33Canada Al Pease        DSQ  0
34Zimbabwe Sam Tingle8          0
35South Africa Peter de KlerkNC          0
36United States Mario AndrettiDNF     DNF  DNF 0
37United Kingdom John Miles    DNF10 DNFDNF DNF0
38Zimbabwe John LoveDNF          0
39Sweden Jo Bonnier     DNFDNF    0
40United Kingdom Derek Bell     DNF     0
41Switzerland Xavier Perrot      10    0

1969 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

United Kingdom Jackie Stewart1161072618563
Belgium Jacky Ickx1122152669337
New Zealand Denny Hulme1110120600020
New Zealand Bruce McLaren1101230596026
France Jean-Pierre Beltoise1101230694121
Switzerland Jo Siffert1101120518015
Austria Jochen Rindt1011135481222
United Kingdom Graham Hill1011020584019
United Kingdom Piers Courage1002020465016
United Kingdom Jackie Oliver100000025301
United Kingdom John Surtees90011045506
Australia Jack Brabham801122449014
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez70000041703
Switzerland Silvio Moser70000027201
New Zealand Chris Amon60011027104
United Kingdom Vic Elford50000027703
United Kingdom John Miles50000012200
France Johnny Servoz-Gavin40000024501
United States Mario Andretti3000003400
United States Pete Lovely30000016800
United Kingdom Richard Attwood2000009303
Sweden Jo Bonnier2000001000
Canada George Eaton2000008200
United Kingdom Derek Bell100000500
South Africa Peter de Klerk1000006700
Canada Al Pease1000002200
United Kingdom Peter Westbury1000001300
France Henri Pescarolo1000001400
Canada John Cordts1000001000
Switzerland Xavier Perrot1000001300
Zimbabwe John Love1000003100
Germany Kurt Ahrens1000001300
France François Cevert100000900
South Africa Basil van Rooyen1000001200
Zimbabwe Sam Tingle1000007300
Canada Bill Brack1000008000
Germany Rolf Stommelen1000001300

1969 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1France Matra11DNF111214NC466
2United Kingdom Brabham8625321512249 (51)
3United Kingdom Team Lotus2DNF12644231947
4United Kingdom McLaren325443345DNF138 (40)
5United Kingdom BRM75DNF9 DNFDNFNCNC367
6Italy FerrariDNFDNFDNF3DNFDNF 6 577
7United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati  7        0
8Germany BMW      DNS    0
9United States Eagle        DSQ  0
10Italy Tecno      DNF    0


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