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Jacques Laffite: Wiki info, Age, F1 Career Stats & Facts Profile
NameJacques Laffite
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthParis
Date of BirthNov 21st 1943 - 76 years old
First Race1974 German Grand Prix
Last Race1986 British Grand Prix
First Pole1976 Italian Grand Prix
Last Pole1981 Spanish Grand Prix
First Win1977 Swedish Grand Prix
Last Win1981 Canadian Grand Prix
First Podium1975 German Grand Prix
Last Podium1986 Detroit Grand Prix

Jacques Laffite F1 Stats

Race Entries180
Race Starts176
Race Wins6 (3,3%)
Pole Positions7 (3,9%)
Fastest Laps6 (3,3%)
Podiums32 (17,8%)
Points Finishes59 (32,8%)
Retirements94 (52,2%)
Wins from pole2
Frontrow Starts11
Total Points228
Total Laps7.996



Jacques Laffite Final Championship Results



Jacques Laffite F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1986 France Ligier Renault90112044501.5614
1985 France Ligier Renault150123071111.0716
1984 United Kingdom Williams Honda160000053000.315
1983 United Kingdom Williams
United Kingdom Williams
1982 France Ligier Matra150011048600.335
1981 France Ligier Matra152237172812.9344
1980 France Ligier Ford141225174112.4334
1979 France Ligier Ford152136463722.4036
1978 France Ligier Matra160022094401.1919
1977 France Ligier Matra171102087111.0618
1976 France Ligier Matra160123182401.2520
1975 United Kingdom Williams Ford100101030600.606
1974 United Kingdom Iso Marlboro Ford50000016600.000



Jacques Laffite F1 GP Race Classifications

1st6 Times
2nd10 Times
3rd16 Times
4th7 Times
5th9 Times
6th11 Times
7th8 Times
8th8 Times
9th4 Times
10th1 Time
11th5 Times
12th4 Times
14th3 Times
15th1 Time
16th1 Time
DNF78 Times
DSQ1 Time
NC3 Times
DNQ3 Times
DNS1 Time


Jacques Laffite F1 GP Race Results

18019861986 British Grand Prix result26LigierRenault19DNFCollision0
17919861986 French Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1161
17819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result26LigierRenault626
17719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault870
17619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1752
17519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierRenault761
17419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result26LigierRenault14DNFTransmission0
17319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierRenault8DNFHalfshaft0
17219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault534
17119851985 Australian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault2026
17019851985 European Grand Prix result26LigierRenault18DNFEngine0
16919851985 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1711Accident0
16819851985 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault20DNFEngine0
16719851985 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierRenault13DNFElectrical0
16619851985 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault15DNFAccident0
16519851985 German Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1334
16419851985 British Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1634
16319851985 French Grand Prix result26LigierRenault15DNFTurbo0
16219851985 Detroit Grand Prix result26LigierRenault16120
16119851985 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1980
16019851985 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1661
15919851985 San Marino Grand Prix result26LigierRenault16DNFTurbo0
15819851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result26LigierRenault18DNFTyre0
15719851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1561
15619841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda15140
15519841984 European Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda14DNFEngine0
15419841984 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda13DNFTurbo0
15319841984 Dutch Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda8DNFEngine0
15219841984 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda11DNFEngine0
15119841984 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda12DNFengine0
15019841984 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda16DNFWater Pump0
14919841984 Dallas Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda2443
14819841984 Detroit Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1952
14719841984 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda17DNFTurbo0
14619841984 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1680
14519841984 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1280
14419841984 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda15DNFEngine0
14319841984 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda15DNFElectrical0
14219841984 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda11DNFTransmission0
14119841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda13DNFElectrical0
14019831983 South African Grand Prix result2WilliamsHonda10DNFSpun Off0
13919831983 European Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord0DNQNo Time0
13819831983 Italian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord0DNQNo Time0
13719831983 Dutch Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord17DNFHandling0
13619831983 Austrian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord24DNFVibrations0
13519831983 German Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord1561
13419831983 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord20120
13319831983 Canadian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord13DNFGearbox0
13219831983 Detroit Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord2052
13119831983 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord1161
13019831983 Monaco Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord8DNFGearbox0
12919831983 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord1670
12819831983 French Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord1961
12719831983 USA West Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord443
12619831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord1843
12519821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result26LigierMatra11DNFIgnition0
12419821982 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra21DNFGearbox0
12319821982 Swiss Grand Prix result26LigierMatra13DNFHandling0
12219821982 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1434
12119821982 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra15DNFHandling0
12019821982 French Grand Prix result26LigierMatra16140
11919821982 British Grand Prix result26LigierMatra20DNFGearbox0
11819821982 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierMatra21DNFHandling0
11719821982 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra19DNFFuel System0
11619821982 Detroit Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1361
11519821982 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMatra18DNFHandling0
11419821982 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1790
11319821982 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierMatra15DNFSpun Off0
11219821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra24DNFChassis0
11119821982 South African Grand Prix result26LigierMatra11DNFFuel system0
11019811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1261
10919811981 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1019
10819811981 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra4DNFPuncture0
10719811981 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierMatra6DNFCollision0
10619811981 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra419
10519811981 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra734
10419811981 British Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1434
10319811981 French Grand Prix result26LigierMatra6DNFSuspension0
10219811981 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra126
10119811981 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMatra834
10019811981 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra926
9919811981 San Marino Grand Prix result26LigierMatra10DNFSuspension0
9819811981 Argentine Grand Prix result26LigierMatra21DNFHandling0
9719811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1661
9619811981 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierMatra12DNFCollision0
9519801980 USA Grand Prix result26LigierFord1252
9419801980 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierFord98Out of fuel0
9319801980 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierFord2090
9219801980 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierFord634
9119801980 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierFord543
9019801980 German Grand Prix result26LigierFord519
8919801980 British Grand Prix result26LigierFord2DNFTyre0
8819801980 French Grand Prix result26LigierFord134
8719801980 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierFord526
8619801980 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierFord3110
8519801980 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierFord13DNFPuncture0
8419801980 South African Grand Prix result26LigierFord426
8319801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierFord5DNFElectrical0
8219801980 Argentine Grand Prix result26LigierFord2DNFEngine0
8119791979 USA Grand Prix result26LigierFord4DNFSpun Off0
8019791979 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierFord5DNFEngine0
7919791979 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierFord7DNFEngine0
7819791979 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierFord734
7719791979 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierFord834
7619791979 German Grand Prix result26LigierFord334
7519791979 British Grand Prix result26LigierFord10DNFEngine0
7419791979 French Grand Prix result26LigierFord880
7319791979 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierFord5DNFGearbox0
7219791979 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierFord126
7119791979 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierFord1DNFEngine0
7019791979 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierFord5DNFBrakes0
6919791979 South African Grand Prix result26LigierFord6DNFAccident0
6819791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierFord119
6719791979 Argentine Grand Prix result26LigierFord119
6619781978 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra10DNFTransmission0
6519781978 USA Grand Prix result26LigierMatra10110
6419781978 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra843
6319781978 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierMatra680
6219781978 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra552
6119781978 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra734
6019781978 British Grand Prix result26LigierMatra7100
5919781978 French Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1070
5819781978 Swedish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1170
5719781978 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1034
5619781978 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra145Accident2
5519781978 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMatra15DNFGearbox0
5419781978 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1452
5319781978 South African Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1352
5219781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1490
5119781978 Argentine Grand Prix result26LigierMatra816Engine0
5019771977 Japanese Grand Prix result26LigierMatra55Out of Fuel2
4919771977 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra11DNFTransmission0
4819771977 USA Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1070
4719771977 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra880
4619771977 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierMatra226
4519771977 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra6DNFOil Leak0
4419771977 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra6DNFEngine0
4319771977 British Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1561
4219771977 French Grand Prix result26LigierMatra580
4119771977 Swedish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra819
4019771977 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra10DNFEngine0
3919771977 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1670
3819771977 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra270
3719771977 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierMatra59Electrical0
3619771977 South African Grand Prix result26LigierMatra12DNFAccident0
3519771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra14DNFAccident0
3419771977 Argentine Grand Prix result26LigierMatra15NCNot classified0
3319761976 Japanese Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1170
3219761976 USA Grand Prix result26LigierMatra4DNFTyre0
3119761976 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra9DNFOil pressure0
3019761976 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra134
2919761976 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierMatra10DNFOil Leak0
2819761976 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra526
2719761976 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra6DNFGearbox0
2619761976 British Grand Prix result26LigierMatra13DSQSuspension0
2519761976 French Grand Prix result26LigierMatra13140
2419761976 Swedish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra743
2319761976 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMatra012Accident0
2219761976 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra634
2119761976 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra8120
2019761976 USA West Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1243
1919761976 South African Grand Prix result26LigierMatra8DNFEngine0
1819761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra11DNFTransmission0
1719751975 USA Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord21DNSPhysical0
1619751975 Italian Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord18DNFGearbox0
1519751975 Austrian Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord12DNFHandling0
1419751975 German Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord1526
1319751975 British Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord19DNFGearbox0
1219751975 French Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord16110
1119751975 Dutch Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord15DNFEngine0
1019751975 Belgian Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord23DNFGearbox0
919751975 Monaco Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord0DNQNo Time0
819751975 South African Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord23NCNot classified0
719751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord11110
619751975 Argentine Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord17DNFGearbox0
519741974 USA Grand Prix result21Iso MarlboroFord11DNFEngine0
419741974 Canadian Grand Prix result21Iso MarlboroFord1815Puncture0
319741974 Italian Grand Prix result21Iso MarlboroFord17DNFEngine0
219741974 Austrian Grand Prix result21Iso MarlboroFord12NCNot Classified0
119741974 German Grand Prix result21Iso MarlboroFord21DNFSuspension0



Jacques Laffite F1 Podium Finishes

3219861986 Detroit Grand Prix result26LigierRenault626
3119861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault534
3019851985 Australian Grand Prix result26LigierRenault2026
2919851985 German Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1334
2819851985 British Grand Prix result26LigierRenault1634
2719821982 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1434
2619811981 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1019
2519811981 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra419
2419811981 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra734
2319811981 British Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1434
2219811981 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra126
2119811981 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMatra834
2019811981 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra926
1919801980 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierFord634
1819801980 German Grand Prix result26LigierFord519
1719801980 French Grand Prix result26LigierFord134
1619801980 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierFord526
1519801980 South African Grand Prix result26LigierFord426
1419791979 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierFord734
1319791979 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierFord834
1219791979 German Grand Prix result26LigierFord334
1119791979 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierFord126
1019791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierFord119
919791979 Argentine Grand Prix result26LigierFord119
819781978 German Grand Prix result26LigierMatra734
719781978 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra1034
619771977 Dutch Grand Prix result26LigierMatra226
519771977 Swedish Grand Prix result26LigierMatra819
419761976 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra134
319761976 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra526
219761976 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMatra634
119751975 German Grand Prix result21WilliamsFord1526



Jacques Laffite Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1974Iso MarlboroArturo Merzario1540300002323
1975WilliamsArturo Merzario11160000003112
François Migault11260000001010
Ian Ashley2256000001010
Ian Scheckter17120000000110
Jo Vonlanthen20220000001010
Lella Lombardi23240000000010
Renzo Zorzi18140000000110
1977LigierJean-Pierre Jarier5202000001010
1979LigierJacky Ickx3512300006280
Patrick Depailler11242221404343
1980LigierDidier Pironi11343211126868
1981LigierJean-Pierre Jabouille21416000104150
Jean-Pierre Jarier671000001111
Patrick Tambay11327020007171
1982LigierEddie Cheever3251500006978
1983WilliamsJonathan Palmer29130000000101
Keke Rosberg4111270101312114
1984WilliamsKeke Rosberg41520.5010079214
1985LigierAndrea de Cesaris3410300006547
Philippe Streiff236400001313
1986LigierRené Arnoux24141100004518

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