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NameJackie Stewart
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthMilton
Date of BirthJun 11th 1939 - 81 years old
Season Entries9
First Race1965 South African F1 GP
Last Race1973 USA F1 GP
First Pole1969 Monaco F1 GP
Last Pole1973 German F1 GP
First Win1965 Italian F1 GP
Last Win1973 German F1 GP
First Podium1965 Monaco F1 GP
Last Podium1973 Austrian F1 GP

Jackie Stewart F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles3
Race Starts100
Race Wins27 (27,0%)
Pole Positions17 (17,0%)
Fastest Laps15 (15,0%)
Podiums43 (43,0%)
Points Finishes57 (57,0%)
Retirements39 (39,0%)
Wins from pole8
Front Row Starts33
Total Points360
Total Laps5.225



Jackie Stewart Biography

Jackie Stewart and his BRM in which he won the Italian GP 50 years ago! in 1965

Jackie Stewart and his BRM in which he won the Italian GP 50 years ago! in 1965

Jackie Stewart was Britain's first driver to win three F1 World Championships in history.

Born on the 11th of June of 1939 in Milton, Scotland, Sir John Young Stewart grew up to be one of the greatest pioneers of Formula 1 racing and the key individual who pushed the sport to become as safe as it is today. A true gentleman, businessman and family man, he also won three Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championships and is among the elite drivers in the history of racing.

Stewart grew up inside his father’s car garage, which was the family’s livelihood. His mother was not a fan of racing, but his father Bob was a rider and his brother Jimmy went on to try his hand at competing in motorsport. Jackie became a talented clay pigeon shooter and was part of Scotland’s shooting team, he even tried to earn a place to compete in the 1960 Olympics.

At age 15, Stewart stopped attending school and was working as a mechanic in his father’s garage. In 1961, he entered the motorsport world after testing a variety of cars for Barry Siler —a client of his father’s garage— at Oulton Park, where he tested a Jaguar in 1962 and proved to have speed. 

After his experience with Filer, Stewart signed with Ecuri Ecosse and competed at Goodwood with high success, driving a Tojeiro and a Cooper T49. He won more than 10 races in 1963 and earned a test with Ken Tyrrell at Goodwood in 1964. He drove a Formula Three car in the test and went on to be faster than Bruce McLaren on the same car —Cooper T72— and on the same day, which, of course, prompted Tyrrell to offer him a racing seat.

In the 1964 Formula Three season, Stewart won his debut race by more than 40 seconds and at the end of the year won the title with solid drives. 

He declined various offers for a Formula 1 seat but eventually competed in a non-championship event in December 1964, the Rand Grand Prix in South Africa. Although he was set to make his official debut with BRM in 1965, he competed for Lotus —which was his F2 team after he tested the F1 Lotus 33— in the non-championship event. Stewart started from Pole, but a driveshaft issue forced him to retire from the race.

Hamilton: Ferrari form 'serious situation' for Mercedes

Sir Jackie Stewart gives Lewis Hamilton his the Pirelli trophy for his 85th pole in Monaco (2019)

In his first World Championship race, at South Africa, Stewart started 11th and finished sixth, scoring one point. In his second race, at Monaco, he earned his first podium with a third place in a race won by his teammate Graham Hill.

After three second places in the following five races, Stewart took his maiden victory after a great drive. He started third in the race and took advantage of a fuel pump issue in Jim Clark’s Lotus. Stewart won ahead of Hill in a BRM 1-2.

Also, he competed in the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans with Hill as his teammate and both finished second in their class driving a Rover-BRM.

He finished his first year third in the WDC behind Clark and his teammate Hill. In the following two seasons with BRM, Stewart could finish only five of the 19 races he started in 1966 and 1967. At the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix, Stewart suffered a crash which forced him to miss the following race at France and opened his eyes on the safety issue that a deadly Formula 1 was facing at that time. His car was upside down and he was rescued by Hill and Bob Bondurant, who were both kicked out of the race track due to the heavy rain.

A win in the inaugural race of the 1966 season at the Monaco Grand Prix was the only success he enjoyed between 1966 and 1967 in Formula 1, However, he won the Tasman Series title in 1966 ahead of Hill and Clark and won Rookie of the Year honours in the 1966 Indy 500, where his LolaT90 failed when he was enjoying a big lead with eight laps remaining.

In 1967 he entered the Indianapolis 500 again, but an engine issue cut his race short and he did not lead any of the 168 laps he completed.

Tyrrell 001 with Jackie Stewart & Ken Tyrrell (1970)

Tyrrell 001 with Jackie Stewart & Ken Tyrrell (1970)

For the 1968 Formula 1 Grand Prix, a move to Ken Tyrrell’s Matra International would put Stewart in a position to charge for the World Championship. The first three GPs of the year were bad for Stewart, as he had to retire from the first race at South Africa and missed the following couple of races at Spain and Monaco due to an injury while driving in F2. 

He came back fiercely and went on to win three of the following eight races. He won at Zandvoort, Nürburgring and Watkins Glen to enter the final race at Mexico with the chance to take the title away from Graham Hill and Denny Hulme, who was the reigning champion at the time.

Despite his efforts and the speed of the Matra MS10, Stewart had to settle for second in the championship behind his former teammate Hill. He needed a victory at Mexico to seal the deal, but engine trouble put an end to his charge. In fact, the Cosworth engine proved to be a liability in two of the last four races of 1968, as Stewart had retired from the 1968 Italian Grand Prix due to engine-related problems.

For 1969, Stewart came in as a force and won the first race, held at South Africa, driving the MS10. Then, the MS80 was introduced and Stewart became almost impossible to beat. He won at Spain, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and finished second at the Nürburgring, which put him and Matra on the verge of clinching both titles in the 1969 Italian Grand Prix.

A win in an incredible 1969 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where the leader finished 0.19 seconds ahead of the fourth-placed car, meant the first title for Stewart and Matra. At the same circuit where he won his first-ever Grand Prix, the Scottish clinched his first World Championship. In 1969, Stewart led at least one lap in every race.

Jacky Stewart on the grid in his March-Ford F1 car at Spa-Francorchamps (1970)

Jacky Stewart on the grid in his March-Ford F1 car at Spa-Francorchamps (1970)

For the 1970 season, conflict of interests arrived at the World Championship team, as Matra could not go forward with Ford engines due to contractual agreements with Chrysler. The situation prompted Tyrrell to create his own car, but the team had to race a March 701 in the first 10 races of 1970 as the Tyrrell 001 was introduced in the late stage of the season.

A win at Spain and three other podiums in the 10 races with the March chassis were not enough to allow the reigning champion Stewart to fight for the title. In the first race with the Tyrrell 001, Stewart qualified on Pole at Canada, but could not finish the race due to reliability issues which extended to the other two races to end the season. Stewart finished fifth in 1970 with only one victory.

The 1971 season and the introduction of the Tyrrell 003 in the second race of the year, at Spain, saw Stewart dominate with incredible skills. After a podium in the first race behind the wheel of the Tyrrell 001, Stewart won five of the following six GPs with the 003 equipped with the V8 Cosworth engine.

Stewart’s second title was sealed at the 1971 Austrian Grand Prix, where he had to retire due to mechanical issues. Again with three races to spare, no driver would be able to catch Stewart’s tally of points by the end of the year, summarising just how dominant he was.

In 1971, he also finished third in the Can-Am series.

In 1972, it was Emerson Fittipaldi who dominated, although not in the same fashion as Stewart did in 1969 and 1971. Stewart had a tough 1972. He missed the race at Belgium in 1972 due to health issues and was not able to compete for the title driving his Tyrrell-Ford. However, he managed to take second place in the WDC from Hulme by winning the last two races of the year at Canada and the USA. 

Previous victories at Argentina and France proved his speed was still there, but his car had unreliability issues at certain races and he could not overcome that.

For a superstar such as Stewart, retirement from F1 was close, and it was the 1973 season which would mark his last dance in the pinnacle of motorsport. Stewart was undoubtedly the biggest name in racing at the time, not only for his racing but for his actions off the track. He helped the sport become a little bit safer during his time and cemented the foundation for what F1 is today regarding safety. Also, he helped F1 become the social phenomenon it is with his TV appearances and his contribution as a promoter for F1.

Of course, if he was on his way out, he had to go out as a great champion. 

Stewart started 1973 with a third place in Argentina, second in Brazil, a victory in South Africa and a DNF at Spain due to brake failure. After winning one of the first four races, he trailed Lotus’ Fittipaldi by 12 points —a win was worth nine points—.

Sources: Silverstone set for new F1 contract

Jackie Stewart with grid girls

From that point on, Stewart went on to win four of the next eight races. Stewart outscored Fittipaldi 47 to 11 on that eight-race stretch, which practically secured the title for the Scottish driver. In the 1973 Monaco Grand Prix, Stewart tied the all-time record of 25 wins, previously set by Jim Clark in 1968. Then, he went on to break the record with his success at Zandvoort —in the race where Roger Williamson tragically passed away—.

In the 1973 Italian Grand Prix —again at Monza, where all the F1 success started for Stewart—, it became full circle for Stewart as an astonishing recovery saw him go from 20th to fourth to secure his third championship with two races left.

In what would be the 100th and last race of Stewart’s career, the 1973 United States Grand Prix, the weekend became dark after the tragic death of François Cevert—Stewart’s teammate— in qualifying. 

Tyrrell withdrew from the race and Stewart did not start his 100th Grand Prix as his friend sadly died.

Stewart Grand Prix brought the great champion —who held the all-time victories record until 1987— back to Formula 1 in 1997. The team entered 49 races between 1997 and 1999 and could not consistently compete with the bigger brands, but five podiums and a great victory were not bad. 

The win in the 1999 European Grand Prix by Johnny Herbert meant more for Jackie than the 27 he achieved driving.

Three driving championships and possibly three other championships regarding safety —full-face helmets, seatbelts and an efficient medical team at the races— are part of a legacy that must not be forgotten.

“When I arrived in Grand Prix, racing so-called precautions and safety measures were diabolical”. 

“I would have been a much more popular World Champion if I always said what people wanted to hear. I might have been dead, but definitely more popular.”



Jackie Stewart Final Championship Results



Jackie Stewart F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1973 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford155218388414.7371
1972 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford114105260744.0945
1971 United Kingdom Tyrrell
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1970 United Kingdom March
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1969 France Matra Ford116107261855.7363
1968 France Matra Ford103014060823.6036
1967 United Kingdom BRM BRM110112040500.9110
1966 United Kingdom BRM BRM81001030401.7514
1965 United Kingdom BRM BRM101315054003.4034



Jackie Stewart F1 Cars



Jackie Stewart F1 GP Race Classifications

1th27 Times
2th11 Times
3th5 Times
4th6 Times
5th5 Times
6th3 Times
7th2 Times
9th1 Time
10th1 Time
11th2 Times
DNF36 Times
WD1 Time


Jackie Stewart F1 GP Race Results

10019731973 USA F1 GP5TyrrellFord5WDWithdrew0
9919731973 Canadian F1 GP5TyrrellFord952
9819731973 Italian F1 GP5TyrrellFord643
9719731973 Austrian F1 GP5TyrrellFord726
9619731973 German F1 GP5TyrrellFord119
9519731973 Dutch F1 GP5TyrrellFord219
9419731973 British F1 GP5TyrrellFord4100
9319731973 French F1 GP5TyrrellFord143
9219731973 Swedish F1 GP5TyrrellFord352
9119731973 Monaco F1 GP5TyrrellFord119
9019731973 Belgian F1 GP5TyrrellFord619
8919731973 Spanish F1 GP3TyrrellFord4DNFBrakes0
8819731973 South African F1 GP3TyrrellFord1619
8719731973 Brazilian F1 GP3TyrrellFord826
8619731973 Argentine F1 GP6TyrrellFord434
8519721972 USA F1 GP1TyrrellFord119
8419721972 Canadian F1 GP1TyrrellFord519
8319721972 Italian F1 GP1TyrrellFord3DNFClutch0
8219721972 Austrian F1 GP1TyrrellFord370
8119721972 German F1 GP1TyrrellFord211Collision0
8019721972 British F1 GP1TyrrellFord426
7919721972 French F1 GP4TyrrellFord319
7819721972 Monaco F1 GP1TyrrellFord843
7719721972 Spanish F1 GP1TyrrellFord4DNFAccident0
7619721972 South African F1 GP1TyrrellFord1DNFGearbox0
7519721972 Argentine F1 GP21TyrrellFord219
7419711971 USA F1 GP8TyrrellFord152
7319711971 Canadian F1 GP11TyrrellFord119
7219711971 Italian F1 GP30TyrrellFord7DNFEngine0
7119711971 Austrian F1 GP11TyrrellFord2DNFHalfshaft0
7019711971 German F1 GP2TyrrellFord119
6919711971 British F1 GP12TyrrellFord219
6819711971 French F1 GP11TyrrellFord119
6719711971 Dutch F1 GP5TyrrellFord3110
6619711971 Monaco F1 GP11TyrrellFord119
6519711971 Spanish F1 GP11TyrrellFord419
6419711971 South African F1 GP9TyrrellCosworth126
6319701970 Mexican F1 GP1TyrrellFord2DNFSuspension0
6219701970 USA F1 GP1TyrrellFord2DNFOil Leak0
6119701970 Canadian F1 GP3TyrrellFord1DNFAxle0
6019701970 Italian F1 GP18MarchFord426
5919701970 Austrian F1 GP1MarchFord4DNFFuel Pipe0
5819701970 German F1 GP1MarchFord7DNFEngine0
5719701970 British F1 GP1MarchFord8DNFClutch0
5619701970 French F1 GP1MarchFord490
5519701970 Dutch F1 GP5MarchFord226
5419701970 Belgian F1 GP11MarchFord1DNFEngine0
5319701970 Monaco F1 GP21MarchFord1DNFEngine0
5219701970 Spanish F1 GP1MarchFord319
5119701970 South African F1 GP1MarchFord134
5019691969 Mexican F1 GP3MatraFord343
4919691969 USA F1 GP3MatraFord3DNFEngine0
4819691969 Canadian F1 GP17MatraFord4DNFCollision0
4719691969 Italian F1 GP20MatraFord319
4619691969 German F1 GP7MatraFord226
4519691969 British F1 GP3MatraFord219
4419691969 French F1 GP2MatraFord119
4319691969 Dutch F1 GP4MatraFord219
4219691969 Monaco F1 GP7MatraFord1DNFHalfshaft0
4119691969 Spanish F1 GP7MatraFord419
4019691969 South African F1 GP7MatraFord419
3919681968 Mexican F1 GP15MatraFord770
3819681968 USA F1 GP15MatraFord219
3719681968 Canadian F1 GP14MatraFord1161
3619681968 Italian F1 GP4MatraFord6DNFEngine0
3519681968 German F1 GP6MatraFord619
3419681968 British F1 GP14MatraFord761
3319681968 French F1 GP28MatraFord234
3219681968 Dutch F1 GP8MatraFord519
3119681968 Belgian F1 GP7MatraFord24Out of fuel3
3019681968 South African F1 GP16MatraFord3DNFEngine0
2919671967 Mexican F1 GP7BRMBRM12DNFEngine0
2819671967 USA F1 GP7BRMBRM10DNFInjection0
2719671967 Italian F1 GP34BRMBRM7DNFEngine0
2619671967 Canadian F1 GP15BRMBRM9DNFThrottle0
2519671967 German F1 GP11BRMBRM3DNFDifferential0
2419671967 British F1 GP3BRMBRM12DNFTransmission0
2319671967 French F1 GP10BRMBRM1034
2219671967 Belgian F1 GP14BRMBRM626
2119671967 Dutch F1 GP9BRMBRM11DNFBrakes0
2019671967 Monaco F1 GP4BRMBRM6DNFDifferential0
1919671967 South African F1 GP5BRMBRM9DNFEngine0
1819661966 Mexican F1 GP4BRMBRM10DNFOil Leak0
1719661966 USA F1 GP4BRMBRM6DNFEngine0
1619661966 Italian F1 GP28BRMBRM9DNFFuel Leak0
1519661966 German F1 GP6BRMBRM352
1419661966 Dutch F1 GP14BRMBRM843
1319661966 British F1 GP4BRMBRM8DNFEngine0
1219661966 Belgian F1 GP15BRMBRM3DNFAccident0
1119661966 Monaco F1 GP12BRMBRM319
1019651965 Mexican F1 GP4BRMBRM8DNFClutch0
919651965 USA F1 GP4BRMBRM6DNFSuspension0
819651965 Italian F1 GP32BRMBRM319
719651965 German F1 GP10BRMBRM2DNFSuspension0
619651965 Dutch F1 GP12BRMBRM626
519651965 British F1 GP4BRMBRM452
419651965 French F1 GP12BRMBRM226
319651965 Belgian F1 GP8BRMBRM326
219651965 Monaco F1 GP4BRMBRM334
119651965 South African F1 GP4BRMBRM1161



Jackie Stewart F1 Podium Finishes

4319731973 Austrian F1 GP5TyrrellFord726
4219731973 German F1 GP5TyrrellFord119
4119731973 Dutch F1 GP5TyrrellFord219
4019731973 Monaco F1 GP5TyrrellFord119
3919731973 Belgian F1 GP5TyrrellFord619
3819731973 South African F1 GP3TyrrellFord1619
3719731973 Brazilian F1 GP3TyrrellFord826
3619731973 Argentine F1 GP6TyrrellFord434
3519721972 USA F1 GP1TyrrellFord119
3419721972 Canadian F1 GP1TyrrellFord519
3319721972 British F1 GP1TyrrellFord426
3219721972 French F1 GP4TyrrellFord319
3119721972 Argentine F1 GP21TyrrellFord219
3019711971 Canadian F1 GP11TyrrellFord119
2919711971 German F1 GP2TyrrellFord119
2819711971 British F1 GP12TyrrellFord219
2719711971 French F1 GP11TyrrellFord119
2619711971 Monaco F1 GP11TyrrellFord119
2519711971 Spanish F1 GP11TyrrellFord419
2419711971 South African F1 GP9TyrrellCosworth126
2319701970 Italian F1 GP18MarchFord426
2219701970 Dutch F1 GP5MarchFord226
2119701970 Spanish F1 GP1MarchFord319
2019701970 South African F1 GP1MarchFord134
1919691969 Italian F1 GP20MatraFord319
1819691969 German F1 GP7MatraFord226
1719691969 British F1 GP3MatraFord219
1619691969 French F1 GP2MatraFord119
1519691969 Dutch F1 GP4MatraFord219
1419691969 Spanish F1 GP7MatraFord419
1319691969 South African F1 GP7MatraFord419
1219681968 USA F1 GP15MatraFord219
1119681968 German F1 GP6MatraFord619
1019681968 French F1 GP28MatraFord234
919681968 Dutch F1 GP8MatraFord519
819671967 French F1 GP10BRMBRM1034
719671967 Belgian F1 GP14BRMBRM626
619661966 Monaco F1 GP12BRMBRM319
519651965 Italian F1 GP32BRMBRM319
419651965 Dutch F1 GP12BRMBRM626
319651965 French F1 GP12BRMBRM226
219651965 Belgian F1 GP8BRMBRM326
119651965 Monaco F1 GP4BRMBRM334



Jackie Stewart Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1965BRMGiorgio Bassi1239010001010
Graham Hill11344712044637
Lucien Bianchi2126000001010
Masten Gregory1817010003140
Roberto Bussinello1139010002020
1966BRMBob Bondurant1411310003250
Graham Hill12141710005344
Innes Ireland1370000000220
Vic Wilson8180000001010
1967BRMChris Irwin2510200005371
David Hobbs1480000000220
Mike Spence2510900004792
Piers Courage1280000001120
1968MatraHenri Pescarolo691000002020
Jean-Pierre Beltoise12369300082100
Johnny Servoz-Gavin621600002130
1969MatraHenri Pescarolo256000001010
Jean-Pierre Beltoise126321602092101
Johnny Servoz-Gavin269100002240
1970MarchChris Amon12251410304682
François Cevert2612100004260
Hubert Hahne14250000001010
Jo Siffert1725010306491
Johnny Servoz-Gavin1513210203030
Mario Andretti1313410104150
Ronnie Peterson2712000204370
1971TyrrellFrançois Cevert116226616083101
Peter Revson5292000101010
1972TyrrellFrançois Cevert12459402083110
Patrick Depailler1718020102020
1973TyrrellChris Amon5102000002020
Eddie Keizan1139010001010
François Cevert1271475030105114



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