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NameJohnny Herbert
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthBrentwood
Date of BirthJun 25th 1964 - 56 years old
First Race1989 Brazilian Grand Prix
Last Race2000 Malaysian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying4th - (3 times)
First Win1995 British Grand Prix
Last Win1999 European Grand Prix
First Podium1995 Spanish Grand Prix
Last Podium1999 European Grand Prix

Johnny Herbert F1 Stats

Race Entries165
Race Starts161
Race Wins3 (1,8%)
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Podiums7 (4,2%)
Points Finishes29 (17,6%)
Retirements83 (50,3%)
Total Points98
Total Laps7.347



Johnny Herbert F1 Championship Season Results



Johnny Herbert F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2000 United Kingdom Jaguar Cosworth170000077300.000
1999 United Kingdom Stewart Ford151001070201.0015
1998 Switzerland Sauber Petronas160000072000.061
1997 Switzerland Sauber Petronas170011082900.8815
1996 Switzerland Sauber Ford160011071600.254
1995 Italy Benetton Renault172114092502.6545
1994 Italy Benetton
France Ligier
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1993 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford160000070500.6911
1992 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford160000052400.132
1991 United Kingdom Team Lotus Judd70000028000.000
1990 United Kingdom Team Lotus Lamborghini2000008800.000
1989 Italy Benetton
United Kingdom Tyrrell



Johnny Herbert F1 GP Race Classifications

1st3 Times
2nd1 Time
3rd3 Times
4th11 Times
5th6 Times
6th5 Times
7th17 Times
8th10 Times
9th4 Times
10th10 Times
11th10 Times
12th3 Times
13th3 Times
14th3 Times
15th1 Time
DNF70 Times
DSQ1 Time
DNQ3 Times
DNS1 Time


Johnny Herbert F1 GP Race Results

16520002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth12DNFSuspension0
16420002000 Japanese Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth1070
16320002000 USA Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth19110
16220002000 Italian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth18DNFCollision0
16120002000 Belgian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth980
16020002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth17DNFGearbox0
15920002000 German Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth8DNFGearbox0
15820002000 Austrian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth1670
15720002000 French Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth11DNFGearbox0
15620002000 Canadian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth11DNFGearbox0
15520002000 Monaco Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth1190
15420002000 European Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth1611Collision0
15320002000 Spanish Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth14130
15220002000 British Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth14120
15120002000 San Marino Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth17100
15020002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth17DNFGearbox0
14920002000 Australian Grand Prix result8JaguarCosworth20DNFClutch0
14819991999 Japanese Grand Prix result17StewartFord870
14719991999 Malaysian Grand Prix result17StewartFord543
14619991999 European Grand Prix result17StewartFord14110
14519991999 Italian Grand Prix result17StewartFord15DNFClutch0
14419991999 Belgian Grand Prix result17StewartFord10DNFBrakes0
14319991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result17StewartFord10110
14219991999 German Grand Prix result17StewartFord1711Gearbox0
14119991999 Austrian Grand Prix result17StewartFord6140
14019991999 British Grand Prix result17StewartFord11120
13919991999 French Grand Prix result17StewartFord9DNFGearbox0
13819991999 Canadian Grand Prix result17StewartFord1052
13719991999 Spanish Grand Prix result17StewartFord14DNFTransmission0
13619991999 Monaco Grand Prix result17StewartFord13DNFSuspension0
13519991999 San Marino Grand Prix result17StewartFord1210Engine0
13419991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result17StewartFord10DNFHydraulics0
13319991999 Australian Grand Prix result17StewartFord13DNSNo Time0
13219981998 Japanese Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas11100
13119981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas13DNFEngine0
13019981998 Italian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas15DNFSpun off0
12919981998 Belgian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas12DNFCollision0
12819981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas15100
12719981998 German Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas12DNFGearbox0
12619981998 Austrian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas1880
12519981998 British Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas9DNFSpun off0
12419981998 French Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas1380
12319981998 Canadian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas12DNFSpun off0
12219981998 Monaco Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas970
12119981998 Spanish Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas770
12019981998 San Marino Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas11DNFPuncture0
11919981998 Argentine Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas12DNFCollision0
11819981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas1411Physical0
11719981998 Australian Grand Prix result15SauberPetronas561
11619971997 European Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1480
11519971997 Japanese Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas861
11419971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1670
11319971997 Austrian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1280
11219971997 Italian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas12DNFCollision0
11119971997 Belgian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1143
11019971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1034
10919971997 German Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas14DNFAccident0
10819971997 British Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas9DNFElectrical0
10719971997 French Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1480
10619971997 Canadian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1352
10519971997 Spanish Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1052
10419971997 Monaco Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas7DNFSpun off0
10319971997 San Marino Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas7DNFElectrical0
10219971997 Argentine Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas843
10119971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas1370
10019971997 Australian Grand Prix result16SauberPetronas7DNFCollision0
9919961996 Japanese Grand Prix result14SauberFord13100
9819961996 Portuguese Grand Prix result14SauberFord1280
9719961996 Italian Grand Prix result14SauberFord129Engine0
9619961996 Belgian Grand Prix result14SauberFord12DNFCollision0
9519961996 Hungarian Grand Prix result14SauberFord8DNFEngine0
9419961996 German Grand Prix result14SauberFord14DNFVibrations0
9319961996 British Grand Prix result14SauberFord1390
9219961996 French Grand Prix result14SauberFord16DSQDisqualified0
9119961996 Canadian Grand Prix result14SauberFord1570
9019961996 Spanish Grand Prix result14SauberFord9DNFSpun off0
8919961996 Monaco Grand Prix result14SauberFord1334
8819961996 San Marino Grand Prix result14SauberFord15DNFElectrical0
8719961996 European Grand Prix result14SauberFord1270
8619961996 Argentine Grand Prix result14SauberFord1790
8519961996 Brazilian Grand Prix result14SauberFord12DNFEngine0
8419961996 Australian Grand Prix result14SauberFord14DNFCollision0
8319951995 Australian Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault8DNFTransmission0
8219951995 Japanese Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault934
8119951995 Pacific Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault761
8019951995 European Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault752
7919951995 Portuguese Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault670
7819951995 Italian Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault8110
7719951995 Belgian Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault470
7619951995 Hungarian Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault943
7519951995 German Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault943
7419951995 British Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault5110
7319951995 French Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault10DNFSpun off0
7219951995 Canadian Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault6DNFCollision0
7119951995 Monaco Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault743
7019951995 Spanish Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault726
6919951995 San Marino Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault870
6819951995 Argentine Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault1143
6719951995 Brazilian Grand Prix result2BenettonRenault4DNFCollision0
6619941994 Australian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord7DNFGearbox0
6519941994 Japanese Grand Prix result6BenettonFord5DNFSpun off0
6419941994 European Grand Prix result25LigierRenault780
6319941994 Portuguese Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda20110
6219941994 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda4DNFAlternator0
6119941994 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda20120
6019941994 Hungarian Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda24DNFElectrical0
5919941994 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda15DNFCollision0
5819941994 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda21110
5719941994 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda1970
5619941994 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda1780
5519941994 Spanish Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda22DNFSpun off0
5419941994 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda16DNFGearbox0
5319941994 San Marino Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda20100
5219941994 Pacific Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda2370
5119941994 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusMugen-Honda2170
5019931993 Australian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord20DNFSuspension0
4919931993 Japanese Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord19110
4819931993 Portuguese Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord14DNFSpun off0
4719931993 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord7DNFSpun off0
4619931993 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1052
4519931993 Hungarian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord20DNFSpun off0
4419931993 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord13100
4319931993 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord743
4219931993 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord19DNFSpun off0
4119931993 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord20100
4019931993 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord14DNFGearbox0
3919931993 Spanish Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord10DNFSuspension0
3819931993 San Marino Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord128Engine0
3719931993 European Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1143
3619931993 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1243
3519931993 South African Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord17DNFFuel system0
3419921992 Australian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord12130
3319921992 Japanese Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord6DNFGearbox0
3219921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord9DNFAccident0
3119921992 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord13DNFEngine0
3019921992 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1013Engine0
2919921992 Hungarian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord13DNFCollision0
2819921992 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord11DNFEngine0
2719921992 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord7DNFTransmission0
2619921992 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1261
2519921992 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord6DNFClutch0
2419921992 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord9DNFSpun Off0
2319921992 San Marino Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord26DNFGearbox0
2219921992 Spanish Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord26DNFSpun Off0
2119921992 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord26DNFSpun Off0
2019921992 Mexican Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1270
1919921992 South African Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1161
1819911991 Australian Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd21110
1719911991 Japanese Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd23DNFEngine0
1619911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd26DNFEngine0
1519911991 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd2170
1419911991 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd2414Oil Pressure0
1319911991 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd20100
1219911991 Mexican Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd25100
1119911991 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusJudd0DNQNo Time0
1019901990 Australian Grand Prix result12Team LotusLamborghini18DNFClutch0
919901990 Japanese Grand Prix result12Team LotusLamborghini12DNFEngine0
819891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord0DNQNo Time0
719891989 Belgian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord16DNFSpun Off0
619891989 Canadian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord0DNQNo Time0
519891989 USA Grand Prix result20BenettonFord2552
419891989 Mexican Grand Prix result20BenettonFord18150
319891989 Monaco Grand Prix result20BenettonFord24140
219891989 San Marino Grand Prix result20BenettonFord23110
119891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord1043



Johnny Herbert Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1989BenettonAlessandro Nannini435800002415
TyrrellJonathan Palmer2660100000211
1990Team LotusDerek Warwick12110000001102
1991Team LotusMika Häkkinen790000004444
1992Team LotusMika Häkkinen64211000041297
1993Team LotusAlessandro Zanardi46111000093102
Pedro Lamy11110000002240
1994BenettonMichael Schumacher2220600010202
LigierOlivier Panis890000001010
Team LotusAlessandro Zanardi790000005252
Pedro Lamy780000003140
Philippe Adams11160000002020
1995BenettonMichael Schumacher11451022904512116
1996SauberHeinz-Harald Frentzen34470000610313
1997SauberGianni Morbidelli3912000007180
Nicola Larini463100002350
Norberto Fontana890000002240
1998SauberJean Alesi63190000511610
1999StewartRubens Barrichello131521100179313
2000JaguarEddie Irvine74040000610313
Luciano Burti7110000001010



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