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Hamilton & Schumacher hold the most F1 drivers records

Complete F1 Drivers Records Overview

On this page you can find 70 F1 records, like most F1 wins and titles, that are set by all Formula 1 drivers. Some drivers of the current season are in the race for breaking records.

F1 legends Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna still hold a lot of F1 records in the lists below. Lewis Hamilton is the one who has the most chance to break all their F1 records. He already broke the most amount of F1 pole positions record in 2017.

Next to the drivers records we also have an overview of all F1 constructors records for you.

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F1 Drivers' Championship Records
F1 Race Entry Records Drivers
F1 Race Win F1 Records Drivers
F1 Pole Position Records Drivers
F1 Fastest Lap Records Drivers
F1 Podium Records Drivers
F1 Points Records Drivers
F1 Race Leader Records Drivers
Special F1 Records Drivers

In 2020 Hamilton also broke the F1 record of Schumacher for most F1 wins and got even with him on the amount winning seven  drivers' championships.

2021 F1 drivers's championship winner Max Verstappen already holds a lot of records. His youngest ever F1 driver records will probably never be broken, since drivers need to be a least 18 to compete in F1 nowadays.

We also have a Top 500 F1 Drivers Ranking ranking list in which you see a lot of data about all other drivers.

Current F1 records list was updated after the 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP was finished.

F1 Drivers' Championship Records

Most drivers world championship titles Michael Schumacher
Lewis Hamilton
7x 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Youngest world champion Sebastian Vettel 23 years + 134 days 2010 F1 season
Youngest double champion Sebastian Vettel 24 years + 99 days 2011 F1 season
Youngest triple champion Sebastian Vettel 25 years + 146 days 2012 F1 season
Youngest quadruple champion Sebastian Vettel 26 years + 116 days 2013 F1 season


F1 Entry Records Drivers

Race entries Fernando Alonso 380 entries 2001 - 2023
Race starts Fernando Alonso 377 race starts 2001 - 2023
Youngest driver to start Max Verstappen 17 years + 166 days 2015 Australian Grand Prix
Oldest driver to start Louis Chiron 55 years + 292 days 1955 Monaco Grand Prix
Most consecutive race starts Lewis Hamilton 265 races 2007 Australia - 2020 Bahrain
Most races with constructor Lewis Hamilton 222 races at Mercedes
Most races same engine manufacturer Lewis Hamilton 332 races Mercedes engine



Race Win F1 Records Drivers

Most F1 race wins Lewis Hamilton 103 wins McLaren 21, Mercedes 82
Highest win % of race entries Juan Manuel Fangio 46,15% 24 wins of 52 entries
Most number of F1 wins in a season Max Verstappen 19 wins (86,4%) 2023 F1 season
Highest win % per season Max Verstappen 86.4% 2023 F1 season
Most consecutive wins Max Verstappen 10 wins 2023 F1 season
Most wins in 1st F1 season Lewis Hamilton 4 wins 2007 F1 season
Jacques Villeneuve 4 wins 1996 F1 season
Youngest race winner Max Verstappen 18 years + 228 days 2016 Spanish Grand Prix
Oldest race winner Luigi Fagioli 53 years + 22 days 1951 French Grand Prix
Most races before 1st win Sergio Pérez 190 races 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix
Most race entries without win Andrea de Cesaris 214 races
Most race starts without win Andrea de Cesaris 208 races
Highest grid position race win John Watson P22 1983 United States Grand Prix West
Most wins 1 Grand Prix Michael Schumacher,
Lewis Hamilton
8x French Grand Prix,
Hungarian Grand Prix
Most consecutive wins 1 GP Ayrton Senna
Lewis Hamilton
5x Monaco Grand Prix
Spanish Grand Prix
Most wins by none WC driver Stirling Moss 16x 1951-1961
Most consecutive seasons with win Michael Schumacher
Lewis Hamilton
15x 1992 - 2006
2007 - 2021
Most wins from pole Lewis Hamilton 61x
Most wins from start to finish Ayrton Senna 19x
Most hat-tricks Michael Schumacher 22x Win, pole position & fastest lap


F1 Pole Position Records Drivers

Most pole positions Lewis Hamilton 104 poles 2007 Canada - 2023 Hungary
Percentage pole positions Juan Manuel Fangio 55,77% 1950 - 1958
Most consecutive pole positions Ayrton Senna 8x 1988 Spain - 1989 US
Most pole positions 1 GP Lewis Hamilton 9x Hungarian Grand Prix
Most pole positions in 1 season Sebastian Vettel 15 2011 F1 season
Highest % poles in 1 season Nigel Mansell 88% 1992 F1 season
Youngest pole sitter Sebastian Vettel 21 years + 72 days 2008 Italian Grand Prix
Oldest pole sitter Nino Farina 47 years + 79 days 1954 Argentine Grand Prix
Most pole positions without winning F1 Titlepole Sergio Pérez 216 entries
214 starts
Most races without pole Sergio Pérez 216 entries
214 starts



F1 Fastest Lap Records Drivers

Most fastest laps Michael Schumacher 77x
Most fastest laps per season Kimi Räikkönen 10x 2005 F1 season
2008 F1 season
Michael Schumacher 10x 2004 F1 season
Highest % fastest laps per season Alberto Ascari 75% 1952 F1 season
Youngest driver fastest lap Max Verstappen 19 years + 44 days 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix
Oldest driver fastest lap Juan Manuel Fangio 46 years + 209 days 1958 Argentine Grand Prix


Podium Records Drivers

Most podium finishes Lewis Hamilton 197x 103x1st | 56x2nd | 38x3rd
Most podium finishes in 1 season Max Verstappen 21x 2023 F1 season
Most consecutive podium finishes Michael Schumacher 19x 2001 US - 2002 Japan
Most podium finishes single circuit Lewis Hamilton 14x Silverstone Circuit
Youngest driver to score podium Max Verstappen 18 years + 228 days 2016 Spanish Grand Prix
Oldest driver to score podium Luigi Fagioli 53 years + 22 days 1951 French Grand Prix
Most races without podium Nico Hülkenberg 204 entries
202 starts
4th as best result
Most podiums without a win Nick Heidfeld 13x in 183 race starts
Most pole positions by none WC driver Charles Leclerc 22x
Most races before podium Martin Brundle 91 races



F1 Points Records Drivers

Most points in one F1 season Max Verstappen 575 points 2023 F1 season
Most race finishes with points Lewis Hamilton 289 races
Most consecutive points finishes Lewis Hamilton 54 races 2018 Britain - 2021 Monaco
Youngest driver to score points Max Verstappen 17 years + 180 days 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix
Oldest driver to score points Philippe Étancelin 53 years + 249 days 1950 Italian Grand Prix
Most points without win Lando Norris 623 points
Most races before scoring points Nicola Larini 44 races 1994 San Marino Grand Prix
Most races without points Luca Badoer 50 races


F1 Race Leader Records Drivers

Youngest race leader Max Verstappen 18 years + 228 days 2016 Spanish Grand Prix
Most laps as race leader Lewis Hamilton 5.447
Longest distance as race  leader Michael Schumacher 24.148 km
Most laps led without a win Chris Amon 183 laps
Most consecutive laps leading Alberto Ascari 304 laps


Special F1 Records Drivers

Speed record Valtteri Bottas
Williams FW38
372.5 km/h
231.5 mph
2016 Mexican Grand Prix
Quickest penalty Sebastian Vettel 6 seconds 2007 Turkish F1 GP
Fastest Fully Driven Grand Prix Michael Schumacher 1:14:19.838
247.585 km/h
153.856 mph
2003 Italian GP
Shortest Fully Driven Grand Prix Max Verstappen 1:13:41.143
240.318 km/h
149.340 mph
2023 Italian GP
Smallest race finish lead Peter Gethin
Ronnie Peterson
0.01 sec. 1971 Italian Grand Prix
Shortest F1 career Marco Apicella
Jordan F1 Team
First corner 1993 Italian Gran Prix

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