Juan Manuel Fangio info & statistics

Juan Manuel Fangio wiki info & stats
NameJuan Manuel Fangio
CountryArgentina Argentina
Place of BirthBalcarce
Date of BirthJun 24th 1911
Date of DeathJul 17th 1995 - 84 years old
First Race1950 British Grand Prix
Last Race1958 French Grand Prix
First Pole1950 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Pole1958 Argentine Grand Prix
First Win1950 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Win1957 German Grand Prix
First Podium1950 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Podium1957 Italian Grand Prix

Juan Manuel Fangio F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles5
Race Starts51
Race Wins24 (47,1%)
Pole Positions29 (56,9%)
Fastest Laps23 (45,1%)
Podiums35 (68,6%)
Points Finishes43 (84,3%)
Retirements12 (23,5%)
Wins from pole13
Frontrow Starts42
Total Points278
Total Laps3.159



Juan Manuel Fangio Biography

Juan Manuel Fangio in Extraordinario 1965

Juan Manuel Fangio in Extraordinario 1965

“Wherever the majestic music of motor racing can be heard; Through the sweeping high-speed curves of Spa, past the sun lit terraces of  Monaco, high on the Monza banking, down the historic ribbon of road that is Reims, through the flat wide opened space Silverstone, or winding round the unrelenting Nurburgring. One man stands out, cool and calm amid a split-second world where time is told in tenths: Fangio”

WG Grace, Pele, Rod Laver, Joe Davies, Babe Ruth, Ben Hogan. Formula One has its own original master, who still stands highest on the podium in the flawed and baseless cliché argument of ‘who’s the greatest ever’. Michael Schumacher may have won the most, Ayrton Senna may have been the fastest, Alain Prost may have been the cleverest, and Jim Clark may have been the most charismatic. But they all came after the original: Juan Manuel Fangio.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio

The Argentine, born in 1911, may have only raced in Formula One for eight years, but he still managed to win five world championships which stood as the record for almost 50 years. Add to that he won 46% of all his races, set 29 pole positions and managed to achieve all this while in his forties.

After success in racing long-distance road races in Argentina, Fangio arrived in Europe in 1948 to compete in Formula One. It was a tough experience as he retired from 11th on the grid in his Simca Gordini in Reims and didn’t race again that season. Fortunately, he wasn’t put off and won four out of the six races in 1949 against strong opposition. Fangio was so impressive that he started as the favourite for the inaugural driver’s championship in his Alfa Romeo. Of the six Grands Prix races the 1950 F1 season, he won three. However, his teammate Nino Farina also won three and claimed the maiden championship due to an extra fourth place.

Mercedes Benz W196 (1954)

Mercedes Benz W196 (1954)

Fangio’s name may not be the first on the trophy but in 1951 he got his revenge. Three more race wins followed and he beat Italian Alberto Ascari by six points to claim his first World Championship. Incredibly Fangio was left without a race seat for the 1952 F1 season as Alfa pulled out of the sport following rule changes.

Luckily he was given a lifeline by Maserati but tragedy almost struck before the partnership really began. The defending champion agreed to race in a non-championship event at Monza, just 24 hours after another race in Dundrod.

Despite missing his connecting flight, Fangio made it to the start grid but had driven from Paris all night and arrived just half an hour before the start. Understandably he was largely fatigued and crashed the car on lap two. The Argentine was lucky to survive as the car crashed into a grass bank and tossed the unsuspecting driver out of the car.

Alberto Ascari & Juan Manuel Fangio

Alberto Ascari & Juan Manuel Fangio

After months of recuperation, Fangio returned for the 1953 season with Maserati. In his absence, the Ferrari of Alberto Ascari had become dominant and the 1952 champion was powerless to stop the Italian running away with the title again. Fangio came second, with one win at Monza and three podiums. Fangio was destined to drive with Maserati again in 1954 until Mercedes came along. With the silver arrows, he dominated the 1954 season, winning six out of eight rounds and storming to his second world crown and in 1955 he won yet again.

After a brief two-year stint Mercedes left the sport before the 1956 season leaving Fangio without a drive again. However, the most famous and successful racing driver of the day was wooed by the most famous and iconic racing brand, Ferrari.

Juan Manuel Fangio in 1955

Juan Manuel Fangio in 1955

Just as Schumacher did 40 years later, Fangio moved to Ferrari, briefed with returning the world crown to Enzo’s team. It was a dubious season and Fangio’s car suffered regular mechanical problems. On the frequent occasions that it broke down he was handed his team mate’s car to finish the race and they would share the points. In the final round of the championship Fangio’s teammate, Peter Collins, was 15 laps away from winning the world crown before being forced to hand his car to Fangio. The 45 year-old won the race, and with the points shared he claimed his third consecutive championship and fourth overall.

Enzo Ferrari and his star driver didn’t always see eye to eye and not surprisingly Fangio left that season to return to Maserati who were still using the same car Fangio drove in 1954. Three wins in the opening three races looked to have set Fangio on his way to another world crown. However, a retirement in Britain left him with work to do in Germany.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio

The 1957 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring is F1’s most iconic race. An error of judgement by Fangio saw him need to pit much earlier than he predicted and an awful stop put him 50 seconds behind the Ferrari pair of Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins. Fangio then produced the fastest stint of racing ever seen in F1. He broke the lap record time and time again, which culminated in lap 20 being 11 seconds faster than the Ferrari’s. With one lap left he had hunted them down and past them both to claim a famous victory. That day he claimed his fifth world crown and his last ever win.

Afterwards he said “I have never driven that quickly before in my life and I don’t think I will ever be able to do so again”.

Prior to the 1958 season at a race in Cuba, Fangio was kidknapped at gunpoint. His captors hoped to force the abandonment of the race in a political protest against the government. They held Fangio for 29 hours before releasing him and even allowed him to listen to the race on the radio. Following the French Grand Prix of 1958, Fangio retired. In his last race, the leader Mike Hawthorn lapped the great man on the final lap, before slowing down to let him cross the line first so that he could complete the race. He retired at 47 with five World Championships. That great record lasted for 46 years, and there are still five records he holds:

Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio

Highest percentage of wins- 47.1% (24 wins from 51 race starts)

Highest percentage of Pole Positions- 55.7% (29 Poles from 52 race starts)

Highest Percentage of front-row starts- 94,1% (48 from 51 race starts)

Oldest World Champion- 46 years, 41 days

World Champion with most teams- 4 (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes, Maserati)

Fangio is referred to as one of the greatest sportsmen Argentina has produced. His nickname, El maestro, El mejor (The Master, the best one) pays testament to his impact and status in F1’s history. Michael Schumacher also regarded to be one of the greatest ever, sums up Fangio’s impeccable career perfectly

”What he did stands alone”.

Juan Manuel Fangio- El Maestro, el mejor.



Juan Manuel Fangio Final Championship Results



Juan Manuel Fangio F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1958 Italy Maserati Maserati20000113013.507
1957 Italy Maserati Maserati74206445826.5746
1956 Italy Ferrari Ferrari103205645843.3033
1955 Germany Mercedes Mercedes64105342136.8341
1954 Italy Maserati
Germany Mercedes
1953 Italy Maserati Maserati101304239722.9529.5
1951 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo83205442554.6337
1950 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo73003435033.8627



Juan Manuel Fangio F1 GP Race Classifications

1st24 Times
2nd10 Times
3rd1 Time
4th6 Times
8th1 Time
9th1 Time
11th1 Time
DNF14 Times


Juan Manuel Fangio F1 GP Race Results

5819581958 French Grand Prix result34MaseratiMaserati843
5719581958 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati144
5619571957 Italian Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati426
5519571957 Pescara Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati126
5419571957 German Grand Prix result1MaseratiMaserati119
5319571957 British Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati4DNFEngine0
5219571957 French Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati118
5119571957 Monaco Grand Prix result32MaseratiMaserati119
5019571957 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati218
4919561956 Italian Grand Prix result22FerrariFerrari180
4819561956 Italian Grand Prix result26FerrariFerrari723
4719561956 German Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari119
4619561956 British Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari218
4519561956 French Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari144
4419561956 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1DNFTransmission0
4319561956 Monaco Grand Prix result20FerrariFerrari140
4219561956 Monaco Grand Prix result26FerrariFerrari924
4119561956 Argentine Grand Prix result30FerrariFerrari1DNFFuel Pump0
4019561956 Argentine Grand Prix result34FerrariFerrari315
3919551955 Italian Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
3819551955 British Grand Prix result10MercedesMercedes226
3719551955 Dutch Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes118
3619551955 Belgian Grand Prix result10MercedesMercedes219
3519551955 Monaco Grand Prix result2MercedesMercedes1DNFTransmission1
3419551955 Argentine Grand Prix result2MercedesMercedes319
3319541954 Spanish Grand Prix result2MercedesMercedes234
3219541954 Italian Grand Prix result16MercedesMercedes118
3119541954 Swiss Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes219
3019541954 German Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
2919541954 British Grand Prix result1MercedesMercedes143.14
2819541954 French Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
2719541954 Belgian Grand Prix result26MaseratiMaserati119
2619541954 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati318
2519531953 Italian Grand Prix result50MaseratiMaserati219
2419531953 Swiss Grand Prix result30MaseratiMaserati0DNFEngine0
2319531953 Swiss Grand Prix result32MaseratiMaserati141.5
2219531953 German Grand Prix result5MaseratiMaserati226
2119531953 British Grand Prix result23MaseratiMaserati426
2019531953 French Grand Prix result18MaseratiMaserati427
1919531953 Belgian Grand Prix result6MaseratiMaserati10DNFAccident0
1819531953 Belgian Grand Prix result4MaseratiMaserati1DNFEngine0
1719531953 Dutch Grand Prix result12MaseratiMaserati2DNFAxle0
1619531953 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati2DNFTransmission0
1519511951 Spanish Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo219
1419511951 Italian Grand Prix result38Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFEngine0
1319511951 German Grand Prix result75Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo327
1219511951 British Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo226
1119511951 French Grand Prix result8Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo715
1019511951 French Grand Prix result24Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1110
919511951 Belgian Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo191
819511951 Swiss Grand Prix result24Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
719501950 Italian Grand Prix result60Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo7DNFEngine0
619501950 Italian Grand Prix result18Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFGearbox1
519501950 French Grand Prix result6Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
419501950 Belgian Grand Prix result10Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo218
319501950 Swiss Grand Prix result14Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFEngine0
219501950 Monaco Grand Prix result34Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
119501950 British Grand Prix result1Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo3DNFOil Leak0



Juan Manuel Fangio F1 Podium Finishes

3519571957 Italian Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati426
3419571957 Pescara Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati126
3319571957 German Grand Prix result1MaseratiMaserati119
3219571957 French Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati118
3119571957 Monaco Grand Prix result32MaseratiMaserati119
3019571957 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati218
2919561956 Italian Grand Prix result26FerrariFerrari723
2819561956 German Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari119
2719561956 British Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari218
2619561956 Monaco Grand Prix result26FerrariFerrari924
2519561956 Argentine Grand Prix result34FerrariFerrari315
2419551955 Italian Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
2319551955 British Grand Prix result10MercedesMercedes226
2219551955 Dutch Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes118
2119551955 Belgian Grand Prix result10MercedesMercedes219
2019551955 Argentine Grand Prix result2MercedesMercedes319
1919541954 Spanish Grand Prix result2MercedesMercedes234
1819541954 Italian Grand Prix result16MercedesMercedes118
1719541954 Swiss Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes219
1619541954 German Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
1519541954 French Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
1419541954 Belgian Grand Prix result26MaseratiMaserati119
1319541954 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati318
1219531953 Italian Grand Prix result50MaseratiMaserati219
1119531953 German Grand Prix result5MaseratiMaserati226
1019531953 British Grand Prix result23MaseratiMaserati426
919531953 French Grand Prix result18MaseratiMaserati427
819511951 Spanish Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo219
719511951 German Grand Prix result75Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo327
619511951 British Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo226
519511951 French Grand Prix result8Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo715
419511951 Swiss Grand Prix result24Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
319501950 French Grand Prix result6Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
219501950 Belgian Grand Prix result10Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo218
119501950 Monaco Grand Prix result34Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119



Juan Manuel Fangio F1 Pole Positions

2919581958 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati144
2819571957 Pescara Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati126
2719571957 German Grand Prix result1MaseratiMaserati119
2619571957 French Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati118
2519571957 Monaco Grand Prix result32MaseratiMaserati119
2419561956 Italian Grand Prix result22FerrariFerrari180
2319561956 German Grand Prix result1FerrariFerrari119
2219561956 French Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari144
2119561956 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1DNFTransmission0
2019561956 Monaco Grand Prix result20FerrariFerrari140
1919561956 Argentine Grand Prix result30FerrariFerrari1DNFFuel Pump0
1819551955 Italian Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
1719551955 Dutch Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes118
1619551955 Monaco Grand Prix result2MercedesMercedes1DNFTransmission1
1519541954 Italian Grand Prix result16MercedesMercedes118
1419541954 German Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
1319541954 British Grand Prix result1MercedesMercedes143.14
1219541954 French Grand Prix result18MercedesMercedes118
1119541954 Belgian Grand Prix result26MaseratiMaserati119
1019531953 Swiss Grand Prix result32MaseratiMaserati141.5
919531953 Belgian Grand Prix result4MaseratiMaserati1DNFEngine0
819511951 Italian Grand Prix result38Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFEngine0
719511951 French Grand Prix result24Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1110
619511951 Belgian Grand Prix result2Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo191
519511951 Swiss Grand Prix result24Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
419501950 Italian Grand Prix result18Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFGearbox1
319501950 French Grand Prix result6Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119
219501950 Swiss Grand Prix result14Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFEngine0
119501950 Monaco Grand Prix result34Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo119



Juan Manuel Fangio Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1950Alfa RomeoConsalvo Sanesi13231000102011
Luigi Fagioli12273230403452
Nino Farina11273834423443
Piero Taruffi13131000100110
Reg Parnell1230400000110
1951Alfa RomeoConsalvo Sanesi1421320304141
Felice Bonetto1322710103140
Luigi Fagioli1110822201130
Nino Farina11372431506381
Paul Pietsch2167000001010
Toulo de Graffenried1518220203030
1953MaseratiChico Landi11010.5010102121
Felice Bonetto1331810206272
Hermann Lang451.5400101111
Johnny Claes12120000100110
José Froilán González231315.500105252
Luigi Musso179010001010
Onofre Marimón1329.5810205371
Óscar Alfredo Gálvez1150200000110
Prince Bira1119010001010
Sergio Mantovani179010001010
Toulo de Graffenried1429.51010205472
1954MaseratiCarlos Menditeguy1188010001010
Harry Schell168010001010
Jorge Daponte1158010001010
Luigi Musso1178010001010
Onofre Marimón11117020102020
Prince Bira1617020102020
Roberto Mieres11317020102020
Sergio Mantovani179010101010
Stirling Moss139410101010
Toulo de Graffenried188010001010
MercedesHans Herrmann1337840305050
Hermann Lang1128010101010
Karl Kling1240.141240406060
1955MercedesAndré Simon15171000101010
Hans Herrmann1410110102020
Karl Kling1349550206060
Piero Taruffi1214910102020
Stirling Moss11502351315261
1956FerrariAlfonso de Portago1232330306060
André Pilette960000100110
Eugenio Castellotti124994090112123
Giorgio Scarlatti11513010203030
Luigi Musso1121822405142
Olivier Gendebien159410202130
Paul Frère920600100110
Peter Collins115031527055100
Wolfgang von Trips2253000102020
1957MaseratiAndré Simon11115010102020
Bruce Halford11021010203030
Carlos Menditeguy1325430204040
Giorgio Scarlatti1530120304040
Hans Herrmann11618020202020
Harry Schell13611050509090
Horace Gould11038030406060
Ivor Bueb1380000000110
Jean Behra1237630305151
Jo Bonnier1720010104040
Luigi Piotti11029020204040
Masten Gregory13301020304040
Ottorino Volonterio2116000001010
Paco Godia1921010203030
Stirling Moss188110011001
1958MaseratiCarlos Menditeguy474000101010
Carroll Shelby4203000001010
Gerino Gerini493000001010
Harry Schell464000101010
Horace Gould494000101010
Jean Behra454200101010
Jo Bonnier483000001010
Paco Godia487000102020
Phil Hill473000001010
Troy Ruttman4103000001010

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