1950 F1 Championship Standings

1950 F1 season & championship standings

Nino Farina

See all final 1950 F1 results for each race, driver and team. The 1950 Grand Prix season was the inaugural round of the F1 World Championship of Drivers as we know it today.

For the first season of what is now Formula One racing, the calendar was constructed by seven Grands Prix, six in Europe and the Indianapolis 500, which was run with AAA regulations and not the Formula 1 specifications.

The main Formula 1 specifications dictated that supercharged or turbocharged engines could not exceed the 1.5-litre engine displacement, while the naturally aspirated ones could have a 4.5-litre size.


Overview & Report


1950 F1 Championship Overview

1950 F1 World Championship
RaceDateWinning DriverTeamLapsTime
British Grand Prix resultMay 13Italy Nino Farina
Switzerland Alfa Romeo7002:13:23.600
Monaco Grand Prix resultMay 21Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Switzerland Alfa Romeo10003:13:18.700
Indianapolis 500 resultMay 30United States Johnnie Parsons
United States Kurtis Kraft13802:46:55.970
Swiss Grand Prix resultJune 4Italy Nino Farina
Switzerland Alfa Romeo4202:02:53.700
Belgian Grand Prix resultJune 18Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Switzerland Alfa Romeo3502:47:26.000
French Grand Prix resultJuly 2Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Switzerland Alfa Romeo6402:57:52.800
Italian Grand Prix resultSeptember 3Italy Nino Farina
Switzerland Alfa Romeo8002:51:17.400


1950 F1 Championship Report

The championship was dominated by the Alfa Romeo cars, with Giuseppe ‘Nino’ Farina winning three Grands Prix and Juan Manuel Fangio dominating the other three European rounds. Ultimately, Farina’s fourth place at Belgium was the difference in a closely-fought World Championship. Alfa Romeo’s Luigi Fagioli finished third and was the driver with the most podiums in the season, though he did not win a single event.

Only the four best results of the six races counted for the World Drivers’ Championship and the points-allocation was established with an 8-6-4-3-2 format for the first five finishers and one point for the driver with the Fastest Lap of the race, regardless if that driver finished the race or not.

The Battle of The Alfettas

Farina dominated the first-ever Grand Prix, held at Silverstone. Then, the Italian crashed at Monaco as Fangio reigned supreme and Ferrari made its World Championship debut with a second-place from Alberto Ascari in the 125 F1 with a V12 supercharged engine. The Indy 500 was celebrated on 30 May 1950 without participation from the European drivers and Johnnie Parsons took the win.

Engine woes for Pole-sitter Fangio meant Farina won the 1950 Swiss Grand Prix at Bremgarten on 4 June 1950. Fangio struck back at Belgium after winning from second on the grid on the 14.120-kilometre Spa-Francorchamps.

Then, the Argentine maestro won again in France. Fangio qualified almost two seconds ahead of everyone at Reims-Gueux and then won with a 25-second gap over Fagioli and three laps ahead of the third-placed Peter Whitehead, driving a Ferrari. Fuel pump failure for Farina meant Fangio led the championship heading to the final showdown at Monza with two points over Fagioli and four over ‘Nino’.

Farina needed a series of results to win the crown at his home country. The Italian driver needed at least third place to have a chance if Fangio had a difficult afternoon. The worst possible result that could’ve given the title to the Italian racer was third place with the Fastest Lap of the race. Fangio was in a good spot since he could’ve earned the championship even without scoring any points.

Championship Climax at Monza

For the race at the 6.300-kilometre Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Fangio qualified on Pole two tenths ahead of Ferrari’s first superstar in the World Championship, Ascari. Farina was third, 1.6 seconds off of Fangio’s lap.

Farina took the lead at the start and lost it briefly on lap 14 to Ascari, who was driving the Ferrari 375 with the new 4.5-litre V12 engine without a supercharger. Fangio, on the other hand, had gearbox issue in his car and borrowed Piero Taruffi’s Alfetta, only to retire again with engine issues.

Farina won comfortably ahead of the Ferrari driven by Dorino Serafini and Ascari. Ascari’s car had reliability issues, but he managed to get a podium place at home for Ferrari after finishing in Serafini’s own 375. It was Serafini’s only Grand Prix and he finished second. In third place was Fagioli in one of the other Alfa Romeos.

‘Nino’ Farina, the “Gentleman of Turin”, became the first World Drivers’ Champion in history and 70 years later, he is still the only driver to seal the Formula 1 championship in his home race.

The first Formula 1 season will be remembered forever, due to the utter dominance of the Alfettas, the battle between Farina and Fangio and because it gave way to the mega-sport the Formula 1 championship is today.

The beginning of a great sport, the origin of golden history.

Here you can find the 1950 F1 teams overview.

Drivers Standings

1950 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Italy Nino Farina1*DNF 1*4*7130
2Argentina Juan Manuel FangioDNF1* DNF11*DNF27
3Italy Luigi Fagioli2DNF 222324 (28)
4France Louis Rosier5DNF 336413
5Italy Alberto Ascari 2 DNF5DNQ211
6United States Johnnie Parsons  1*    9
7United States Bill Holland  2    6
8Thailand Prince BiraDNF5 4  DNF5
9United Kingdom Reg Parnell3    DNF 4
10United Kingdom Peter Whitehead DNS   374
11United States Mauri Rose  3    4
12Monaco Louis ChironDNF3 9 DNFDNF4
13France Yves Giraud Cabantous4  DNFDNF8 3
14United States Cecil Green  4    3
15France Robert Manzon DNF   4DNF3
16France Raymond Sommer 4 DNFDNFDNFDNF3
17France Philippe Étancelin8DNF DNFDNF553
18Italy Dorino Serafini      23
19Italy Felice Bonetto   5 DNFDNS2
20United States Tony Bettenhausen  5    1
21United States Joie Chitwood  5    1
22France Eugène Chaboud    DNF5 1
23France Eugène MartinDNF  DNF   0
24France Pierre Levegh    7DNFDNF0
25France Maurice Trintignant DNF    DNF0
26United States Myron Fohr  11    0
27Italy Nello Pagani   7   0
28United States Bayliss Levrett  27    0
29United States Pat Flaherty  10    0
30Germany Paul Pietsch      DNF0
31United States Paul Russo  9    0
32United Kingdom Peter WalkerDNF      0
33United States Dick Rathmann  32    0
34United Kingdom David MurrayDNF     DNF0
35Italy Piero Taruffi      DNF0
36United Kingdom David Hampshire9    DNF 0
37United States Mack Hellings  13    0
38United Kingdom Cuth Harrison7DNF    DNF0
39Italy Consalvo Sanesi      DNF0
40Italy Clemente Biondetti      DNF0
41United States Sam Hanks  30    0
42United States Spider Webb  20    0
43Switzerland Toni Branca   1110  0
44France Charles Pozzi     6 0
45United Kingdom Tony RoltDNF      0
46Switzerland Toulo de GraffenriedDNFDNF 6  60
47United States Troy Ruttman  15    0
48United States Walt Ader  22    0
49United States Walt Brown  19    0
50United States Walt Faulkner  7    0
51United States Duane Carter  12    0
52Italy Luigi Villoresi DNF DNF6DNQ 0
53Italy Franco Comotti     DNPDNF0
54United States Jim Rathmann  24    0
55Italy Franco Rol DNF   DNFDNF0
56United States Fred Agabashian  28    0
57United States Gene Hartley  16    0
58United Kingdom Geoff CrossleyDNF   9  0
59United States George Connor  8    0
60France Guy Mairesse      DNF0
61United States Harry Schell DNF 8   0
62France Henri Louveau      DNF0
63United States Henry Banks  25    0
64United States Jack McGrath  14    0
65United States Jackie Holmes  23    0
66United States Jerry Hoyt  21    0
67United States Jimmy Davies  17    0
68United States Bill Cantrell  27    0
69United States Jimmy Jackson  29    0
70United Kingdom Joe Fry10      0
71Ireland Joe KellyNC      0
72Argentina Alfredo Piàn DNS     0
73Belgium Johnny Claes117 108DNFDNF0
74United States Johnny McDowell  18    0
75United Kingdom Brian Shawe Taylor10      0
76Argentina José Froilán González DNF   DNF 0
77United States Bill Schindler  26    0
78United States Lee Wallard  6    0
79United Kingdom Leslie JohnsonDNF      0
80United States Duke Dinsmore  33    0
81United Kingdom Bob Gerard66     0

1950 F1 results distribution of points: 1st = 9, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 4, 4th = 3, 5th = 2 point

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

Drivers Stats

1950 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio7300343503027
France Louis Rosier7002202850013
Italy Nino Farina6300322823030
Italy Luigi Fagioli6041502910028
France Philippe Étancelin600000277003
Belgium Johnny Claes600000251000
Italy Alberto Ascari5020202380011
Monaco Louis Chiron500110182004
France Raymond Sommer500000188003
Thailand Prince Bira400000185005
France Yves Giraud Cabantous400000122003
Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried400000148000
France Robert Manzon30000068003
United Kingdom Cuth Harrison300000118000
Italy Luigi Villoresi300000105000
France Pierre Levegh30000098000
Italy Franco Rol30000045000
United Kingdom Peter Whitehead200110133004
United Kingdom Reg Parnell20011079004
Italy Felice Bonetto20000054002
France Eugène Chaboud20000081001
United States Tony Bettenhausen200000166001
Argentina José Froilán González2000004000
United Kingdom David Murray200000100000
France Maurice Trintignant20000013000
United Kingdom Geoff Crossley20000073000
Switzerland Toni Branca20000064000
United Kingdom Bob Gerard200000161000
United Kingdom David Hampshire20000069000
France Eugène Martin20000027000
United States Harry Schell20000039000
United States Johnnie Parsons110010138109
United States Bill Holland101010137006
United States Mauri Rose100110137004
United States Cecil Green100000137003
Italy Dorino Serafini10101080003
United States Joie Chitwood100000136001
United States Sam Hanks10000042000
Ireland Joe Kelly10000057000
United States Jim Rathmann100000122000
Italy Clemente Biondetti10000017000
United States Jimmy Davies100000128000
Italy Nello Pagani10000039000
United States Pat Flaherty100000135000
United Kingdom Leslie Johnson1000002000
United States Bayliss Levrett100000108000
Germany Paul Pietsch1000000000
United States Jerry Hoyt100000125000
United States Jack McGrath100000131000
United States Walt Faulkner100001135000
United States Dick Rathmann10000025000
United States Henry Banks100000112000
France Henri Louveau10000016000
United States Johnny McDowell100000128000
United States Myron Fohr100000133000
United States Fred Agabashian10000064000
United Kingdom Joe Fry10000032000
United States Walt Ader100000123000
France Guy Mairesse10000042000
United States Troy Ruttman100000130000
United States George Connor100000135000
United States Duke Dinsmore10000010000
United Kingdom Peter Walker1000005000
United States Bill Schindler100000111000
Italy Franco Comotti10000015000
United States Walt Brown100000127000
United States Duane Carter100000133000
United States Jimmy Jackson10000052000
United Kingdom Brian Shawe Taylor10000032000
United States Jackie Holmes100000123000
Italy Piero Taruffi10000034000
United States Gene Hartley100000128000
United States Paul Russo100000135000
United Kingdom Tony Rolt1000005000
United States Bill Cantrell100000108000
Italy Consalvo Sanesi10000011000
United States Spider Webb100000126000
France Charles Pozzi10000056000
United States Mack Hellings100000132000
United States Lee Wallard100000136000

Teams Standings

1950 F1 Constructors Championship Table

The World Constructors Championship did not exist until 1958.

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