Onofre Marimón information & statistics

NameOnofre Marimón
CountryArgentina Argentina
Place of BirthZárate
Date of BirthDec 23rd 1923
Date of DeathJul 31st 1954 - 30 years old
First RaceJul 1st 1951 French Grand Prix result
Last RaceJul 17th 1954 British Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying4th - (2 times)
Best Result3rd - (2 times)
First PodiumJun 21st 1953 Belgian Grand Prix result
Last PodiumJul 17th 1954 British Grand Prix result

Onofre Marimón F1 statistics:

Race Starts11
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

Championship Results

Onofre Marimón F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1954 Italy Maserati Maserati40011016711.044.14
1953 Italy Maserati Maserati60011028900.674
1951 Italy Maserati Milano100000200.000

Race Results

Onofre Marimón F1 GP Race Results

1219541954 German Grand Prix result6MaseratiMaserati8DNSFatal Accident0
1119541954 British Grand Prix result23MaseratiMaserati2834.14
1019541954 French Grand Prix result12MaseratiMaserati5RetGearbox0
919541954 Belgian Grand Prix result28MaseratiMaserati4RetEngine0
819541954 Argentine Grand Prix result4MaseratiMaserati6RetEngine0
719531953 Italian Grand Prix result54MaseratiMaserati4RetAccident0
619531953 Swiss Grand Prix result36MaseratiMaserati5RetEngine0
519531953 German Grand Prix result8MaseratiMaserati8RetSuspension0
419531953 British Grand Prix result26MaseratiMaserati7RetEngine0
319531953 French Grand Prix result22MaseratiMaserati890
219531953 Belgian Grand Prix result28MaseratiMaserati1634
119511951 French Grand Prix result50MaseratiMilano15RetEngine0

Podium Finishes

Onofre Marimón F1 Podium Finishes

219541954 British Grand Prix result23MaseratiMaserati2834.14
119531953 Belgian Grand Prix result28MaseratiMaserati1634

Pole Positions

Onofre Marimón F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Onofre Marimón Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1951MaseratiHarry Schell21160000000110
Toulo de Graffenried21220000001010
1953MaseratiChico Landi12100000001120
Felice Bonetto9404.500002442
Hermann Lang1250200000110
Johnny Claes3124000001001
José Froilán González3348.500001203
Juan Manuel Fangio31829.501023517
Luigi Musso1970000000110
Prince Bira19110000000110
Sergio Mantovani1970000000110
Toulo de Graffenried344500003351
1954MaseratiAlberto Ascari3218.280.1400003012
Carlos Menditeguy12180000001010
Harry Schell364.14000002231
Jorge Daponte12150000001010
Juan Manuel Fangio11101702010202
Ken Wharton384.14000002021
Luigi Musso12170000001010
Luigi Villoresi354.14200001121
Prince Bira344.14300001441
Roberto Mieres364.14000004150
Ron Flockhart3204.14000001001
Roy Salvadori3154.14000002011
Sergio Mantovani1050200001230
Stirling Moss334.144.1400001212
Toulo de Graffenried1280000000110

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