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Nico Hulkenberg
NameNico Hülkenberg
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthEmmerich am Rhein
Date of BirthAug 19th 1987 - 30 years old
First RaceMar 14th 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix result
Last RaceNov 26th 2017 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result
First PoleNov 7th 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix result
Last PoleNov 7th 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix result
Best Result4th - (3 times)

Nico Hulkenberg races car number 26 for Renault

Hulkenberg F1 statistics

Race Starts136
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps2

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Nico Hulkenberg Biography

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg

Since a stellar pole position in 2010, Nico Hulkenberg has been one of the most talked about talents in the sport, and he was, seemingly, destined for the top.

However, now 28, the German's career has stalled slightly as the big teams look for a mixture of proven experience and youthful promise.

Hulkenberg has a solid team in Force India, but it is starting to appear unlikely that he will make the move to one of the sport’s bigger outfits. His loss, is Force India’s gain.

Hulkenberg was one of the most highly-rated young drivers around, after he had success at every level of racing. He won the Formula BMW, Formula Three and GP2 championships, while he also lead Germany to victory in the A1 championship in 2006.

On the back of all his achievements Hulkenberg signed to partner Rubens Barrichello at Williams in 2010. After a poor start to his F1 career, he picked up strong points in Britain, Hungary, Italy and Singapore.

Despite being outscored by the vastly more experienced Barrichello, Hulkenberg showed his real class with a blistering pole position in the wet conditions in Brazil. It was Williams first pole position in over five years. A start saw him eventually fall away to finish 8th.

Despite such a strong finish to the campaign, Williams replaced Hulkenberg with Pastor Maldonado, a former team-mate of his from GP2, where Hulkenberg finished 64 points ahead. The Venezuelan was signed for his lucrative financial backing.

Nico Hulkenberg passes Jenson Button

Nico Hulkenberg passes Jenson Button (2012 Brazil)

Force India moved quickly to sign the German for the 2011 season, but only as a reserve driver. However, he was back in 2012, as he replaced Adrian Sutil to partner Paul di Resta.

After another mediocre start to the season in which he was upstaged by his team-mate in a poor car, Hulkenberg rediscovered his very best form as the Force India improved.

This was highlighted by his performance in Brazil, where he was on course to win before he crashed into the back of Lewis Hamilton.

He finished the season in 11th place in the championship with a total of 63 points. Di Resta, his highly rated team-mate, was 17 points adrift.

Hulkenberg's form was so good that he was tipped to replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari, but after the Brazilian signed a new deal, he opted for Sauber instead.

Many saw this as a sideways move but with Massa’s future uncertain beyond 2012, it was believed that the move to the Ferrari powered cars might ease any transition in the future.

Force India VJM08 launch

Force India VJM08 launch

That failed to happen, as Kimi Raikkonen was chosen instead and the German retuned to Force India.

By this time Hulkenberg was most of the most consistent performers on the grid and he showed that again, by finishing ninth in the standings and 37 points clear of Sergio Perez, his new team-mate.

His season highlight came away from F1, as he became Le Mans champion.

If a top team doesn't gamble soon, a different form of racing may take Hulkenberg's fancy.

2016 was a very good season for Nico. The Force India VJM09 chassis fitted with the powerfull Mercedes PU was one of the quickest on the grid. Force India was even able to outperform the Williams this season. Nico wasn't that fortunate this season and had to retire because of several crashes and collisions. His team mate Perez did a lot better and scored 2 podiums. Nico was close to scoring a podium in Spa, were he finished 4th.

In 2017 he will drive for Renault.



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Nico Hulkenberg F1 Championship Season Results



Nico Hulkenberg F1 Championships Summary

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2017 France Renault Renault200000097402.1543
2016 India Force India Mercedes2100000104313.4372
2015 India Force India Mercedes190000090303.0558
2014 India Force India Mercedes1900000103605.0596
2013 Switzerland Sauber Ferrari1800000104402.8351
2012 India Force India Mercedes2000000107513.1563
2010 United Kingdom Williams Cosworth190000192301.1622



Nico Hulkenberg F1 GP Race Classifications

4th3 Times
5th7 Times
6th15 Times
7th14 Times
8th15 Times
9th7 Times
10th13 Times
11th6 Times
12th7 Times
13th6 Times
14th5 Times
15th6 Times
16th2 Times
17th1 Time
Ret29 Times
DNS1 Time

Nico Hulkenberg F1 GP Race Results

13720172017 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result27RenaultRenault768
13620172017 Brazilian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault7101
13520172017 Mexican F1 GP result27RenaultRenault7Retpower unit0
13420172017 US F1 GP result27RenaultRenault18Retoil leak0
13320172017 Japanese F1 GP result27RenaultRenault11RetDRS failure0
13220172017 Singapore F1 GP result27RenaultRenault7Ret0
13120172017 Malaysian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault8110
13020172017 Italian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault14130
12920172017 Belgian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault768
12820172017 Hungarian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault12RetTechnical0
12720172017 British F1 GP result27RenaultRenault568
12620172017 Austrian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault11130
12520172017 Azerbaijan F1 GP result27RenaultRenault13Ret0
12420172017 Canadian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault1084
12320172017 Monaco F1 GP result27RenaultRenault10RetGearbox0
12220172017 Spanish F1 GP result27RenaultRenault1368
12120172017 Russian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault884
12020172017 Bahrain F1 GP result27RenaultRenault792
11920172017 Chinese F1 GP result27RenaultRenault7120
11820172017 Australian F1 GP result27RenaultRenault11110
11720162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes776
11620162016 Brazilian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes876
11520162016 Mexican F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes576
11420162016 US F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes7RetCollision0
11320162016 Japanese F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes984
11220162016 Malaysian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes884
11120162016 Singapore F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes8RetCrashed0
11020162016 Italian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes9101
10920162016 Belgian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes7412
10820162016 German F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes776
10720162016 Hungarian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes9101
10620162016 British F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes876
10520162016 Austrian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes2Ret0
10420162016 Azerbaijan F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1292
10320162016 Canadian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes984
10220162016 Monaco F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes568
10120162016 Spanish F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11RetEngine0
10020162016 Russian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes13RetCrashed0
9920162016 Chinese F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes10150
9820162016 Bahrain F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes8150
9720162016 Australian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1076
9620152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes776
9520152015 Brazilian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes668
9420152015 Mexican F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1076
9320152015 US F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes6RetCollision damage0
9220152015 Russian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes6RetCollision Ericsson0
9120152015 Japanese F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1168
9020152015 Singapore F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11Retcollision0
8920152015 Italian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes976
8820152015 Belgian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11Rettechnical0
8720152015 Hungarian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11RetCrashed0
8620152015 British F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes976
8520152015 Austrian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes568
8420152015 Canadian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes784
8320152015 Monaco F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11110
8220152015 Spanish F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes15150
8120152015 Bahrain F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes8130
8020152015 Chinese F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes16Retgearbox0
7920152015 Malaysian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes13140
7820152015 Australian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1476
7720142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes12616
7620142014 Brazilian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1284
7520142014 United States F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes13Retengine0
7420142014 Russian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes17120
7320142014 Japanese F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1484
7220142014 Singapore F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1392
7120142014 Italian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes14120
7020142014 Belgian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes18101
6920142014 Hungarian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes9Retspun off0
6820142014 German F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes976
6720142014 British F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes484
6620142014 Austrian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes1092
6520142014 Canadian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11510
6420142014 Monaco F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11510
6320142014 Spanish F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11101
6220142014 Chinese F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes868
6120142014 Bahrain F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes11510
6020142014 Malaysian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes7510
5920142014 Australian F1 GP result27Force IndiaMercedes768
5820132013 Brazilian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari1084
5720132013 United States F1 GP result11SauberFerrari468
5620132013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result11SauberFerrari5140
5520132013 Indian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari7RetTechnical0
5420132013 Japanese F1 GP result11SauberFerrari768
5320132013 Korean F1 GP result11SauberFerrari7412
5220132013 Singapore F1 GP result11SauberFerrari1192
5120132013 Italian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari3510
5020132013 Belgian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari11130
4920132013 Hungarian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari12110
4820132013 German F1 GP result11SauberFerrari10101
4720132013 British F1 GP result11SauberFerrari14101
4620132013 Canadian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari9RetCollision0
4520132013 Monaco F1 GP result11SauberFerrari11110
4420132013 Spanish F1 GP result11SauberFerrari15150
4320132013 Bahrain F1 GP result11SauberFerrari14120
4220132013 Chinese F1 GP result11SauberFerrari10101
4120132013 Australian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari11DNSFuel system0
4020132013 Malaysian F1 GP result11SauberFerrari1284
3920122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes6510
3820122012 United States Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes684
3720122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes10RetCollision0
3620122012 Indian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes1284
3520122012 Korean Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes868
3420122012 Japanese Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes1576
3320122012 Singapore Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes11140
3220122012 Italian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes24RetSuspension0
3120122012 Belgian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes11412
3020122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes10110
2920122012 German Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes492
2820122012 British Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes14120
2720122012 European Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes8510
2620122012 Canadian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes13120
2520122012 Monaco Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes1084
2420122012 Spanish Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes13101
2320122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes13120
2220122012 Chinese Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes16150
2120122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes1692
2020122012 Australian Grand Prix result12Force IndiaMercedes9RetCollision damage0
1920102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth15160
1820102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth184
1720102010 Korean Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth11101
1620102010 Japanese Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth9RetCollision0
1520102010 Singapore Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth17101
1420102010 Italian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth876
1320102010 Belgian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth9140
1220102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth1068
1120102010 German Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth10130
1020102010 British Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth13101
920102010 European Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth8RetExhaust0
820102010 Canadian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth12130
720102010 Turkish Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth17170
620102010 Monaco Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth11RetAccident0
520102010 Spanish Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth13160
420102010 Chinese Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth16150
320102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth5101
220102010 Australian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth15RetCollision0
120102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth13140



Nico Hulkenberg F1 Podium Finishes




Nico Hulkenberg F1 Pole Positions

120102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth184

Teammate Comparison


Nico Hulkenberg Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2010WilliamsRubens Barrichello6422470010613613
2012Force IndiaPaul di Resta44634600001191010
2013SauberEsteban Gutierrez475160000145181
2014Force IndiaSergio Pérez5396590000118118
2015Force IndiaSergio Pérez6358780000712109
2016Force IndiaSergio Pérez43721010000813129
2017RenaultCarlos Sainz Jr.679600002231
Jolyon Palmer663480000115151



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