Kevin Magnussen info & statistics

Kevin Magnussen wiki info & stats
NameKevin Magnussen
CountryDenmark Denmark
Place of BirthRoskilde
Date of BirthOct 5th 1992 - 28 years old
First Race2014 Australian Grand Prix
Last Race2020 Portuguese Grand Prix
Best Qualifying4th - (2 times)
Best Result2nd - 2014 Australian Grand Prix
First Podium2014 Australian Grand Prix
Last Podium2014 Australian Grand Prix
Kevin Magnussen races car number 20 for Haas

Kevin Magnussen F1 Stats

Race Entries115
Race Starts114
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps2 (1,7%)
Podiums1 (0,9%)
Points Finishes35 (30,4%)
Retirements21 (18,3%)
Total Points158
Total Laps6.071

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Kevin Magnussen Biography

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen (2014)

For a 22-year-old to make his debut at one of the biggest teams in the sport must mean he has plenty of talent. The Hamilton comparisons will be written everywhere, and so they should be.

Kevin Magnussen has been described as “very talented and very determined” by his new team principle Martin Whitmarsh and these are similar qualities boasted by Lewis Hamilton, who Magnussen hopes to emulate in his debut season.

Hamilton almost won the championship in his first year and the Dane has already spoken of going that tiny step further this year and becoming Denmark’s first F1 champion.

McLaren’s new recruit hopes to bring back the glory days to the Woking team, who have put a lot of faith in the talents of the 22-year-old.

Kevin Magnussen talks to the media

Kevin Magnussen talks to the media

In replacing Sergio Pérez, Magnussen raced alongside Jenson Button in what will be a thrilling sub-plot as the old takes on the new in a head-to-head battle. A new ear of F1 is approaching and Magnussen is seen at the strongest of the new batch of drivers.

Magnussen has good racing pedigree. His father, Jan Magnussen, was also an F1 driver formerly with McLaren and Stewart. Magnussen hasn’t taken the contemporary route into the sport by going through GP2.

Last season he won the Formula Renault 3.5 Feeder series championship, while he has also had past experience in Formula Ford and almost won the Formula 3 Championship in 2011, but narrowly finished second despite winning seven races.

MAGNUSSEN Kevin during the 2016 Formula One World Championship, Japan Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen, 2016 Japanese F1 GP

This isn’t a rash decision by McLaren. They have had their eyes on Magnussen for a long time and signed him as their development driver in 2012.

He attended the Abu Dhabi young driver test and impressed McLaren who felt he looked at home in the car from the off, while he was the fastest McLaren driver at the Silverstone young drivers test in July. He is one of two drivers they believe are future world champions. The second, Stoffel Vandoorne, finished second to him the Formula Renault champion of last season.

Magnussen also possesses the immense self-belief needed to become a success at a top team, further drawing comparisons with Lewis Hamilton. He has the aura that makes you believe he will be in F1 for a number of years to come, and, probably, near the top.

In 2015 he was test and reserve driver at McLaren and in 2016 Magnussen drove for Renault. The French car brand entered F1 again after being away since 2011. Because of this the Renault RS16 was very fast, so Magnussen could not show his talent on the track. His best finish was 7th in Russia. But could only score 7 points in total and retired 4th times.

To have better changes on good results he switched to Haas for the 2017 F1 season and got better results with the team that only is participating it's second season. Magnussen scored 19 points for Haas, 12 more than his season with Renault. His best finish was was 7th in Azerbaijan. The Danish driver ended up on 14th place in the 2017 F1 championship standings.

Kevin Magnussen, Haas VF-19 during the French GP at Circuit Paul Ricard on June 23, 2019 in Circuit Paul Ricard, France. (Photo by Glenn Dunbar / LAT Images)

For 2018, Magnussen pulled out another level in his driving and outscored Romain Grosjean comfortably in the same car. The Danish scored points in 11 out of the 21 races of the calendar and his 56 points propelled Haas to the fifth place in the World Constructors' Championship, ahead of McLaren, which is Haas best result so far.

His best result in 2018 was 5th place, achieved at Bahrain and Austria. 2018 was his best year in terms of points, scoring just one more point than his previous best —55 for McLaren in 2014, his debut year—. 2019 did not start well for him, after a series of collisions with his teammate and tension between the team and lots of talk about his aggressive driving, he scored only 19 points in the first 12 races, which was not even close to his tally of 45 units at the same stage of the 2018 season.

After a difficult year for Haas, Magnussen only scored points in just four races during the year. He ended the campaign with 20 points, 12 more than his teammate, and finished 16th in the WDC.

Kevin Magnussen is one of the few drivers who doesn't have an official Kevin Magnussen website.



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Kevin Magnussen Final Championship Results



Kevin Magnussen F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2020 United States Haas Ferrari120000051500.081
2019 United States Haas Ferrari2100000118810.9520
2018 United States Haas Ferrari2100000117312.6756
2017 United States Haas Ferrari2000000100500.9519
2016 France Renault Renault2100000107800.337
2014 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes1901010111202.8955



Kevin Magnussen F1 GP Race Classifications

2nd1 Time
5th3 Times
6th3 Times
7th6 Times
8th7 Times
9th7 Times
10th8 Times
11th5 Times
12th11 Times
13th12 Times
14th8 Times
15th7 Times
16th5 Times
17th8 Times
18th2 Times
19th1 Time
DNF19 Times
DSQ1 Time
DNS1 Time


Kevin Magnussen F1 GP Race Results

11520202020 Portuguese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari19160
11420202020 Eifel Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15130
11320202020 Russian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari18120
11220202020 Tuscan Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari20DNFHit from behind0
11120202020 Italian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15DNFGearbox0
11020202020 Belgian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari20170
10920202020 Spanish Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16150
10820202020 70th Anniversary GP result20HaasFerrari17DNF0
10720202020 British Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari14DNFCollision damage0
10620202020 Hungarian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16101
10520202020 Styrian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15120
10420202020 Austrian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16DNFBrakes0
10320192019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari14140
10220192019 Brazilian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari9110
10120192019 USA Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1218Brakes0
10020192019 Mexican Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari17150
9920192019 Japanese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari19150
9820192019 Russian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1392
9720192019 Singapore Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari13170
9620192019 Italian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari11DNFHydraulic0
9520192019 Belgian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari8120
9420192019 Hungarian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari14130
9320192019 German Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1284
9220192019 British Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16DNFCollision damage0
9120192019 Austrian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari10190
9020192019 French Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15170
8920192019 Canadian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari20170
8820192019 Monaco Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari6140
8720192019 Spanish Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari876
8620192019 Azerbijan Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari14130
8520192019 Chinese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari9130
8420192019 Bahrain Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari6130
8320192019 Australian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari768
8220182018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari13101
8120182018 Brazilian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1092
8020182018 Mexican Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16150
7920182018 USA Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari12DSQFuel consumption0
7820182018 Japanese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari12DNFPuncture damage0
7720182018 Russian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari584
7620182018 Singapore Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16180
7520182018 Italian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari11160
7420182018 Belgian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari984
7320182018 Hungarian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari976
7220182018 German Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari5110
7120182018 British Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1092
7020182018 Austrian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari8510
6920182018 French Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari968
6820182018 Canadian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari11130
6720182018 Monaco Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari19130
6620182018 Spanish Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari768
6520182018 Azerbijan Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15130
6420182018 Chinese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari11101
6320182018 Bahrain Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari6510
6220182018 Australian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari5DNFWheel nut0
6120172017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari14130
6020172017 Brazilian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari13DNFCollision damage0
5920172017 Mexican Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1484
5820172017 USA Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari17160
5720172017 Japanese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1284
5620172017 Malaysian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari17120
5520172017 Singapore Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16DNFPower unit0
5420172017 Italian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari9110
5320172017 Belgian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari12150
5220172017 Hungarian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15130
5120172017 British Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari16120
5020172017 Austrian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari15DNFHydraulics0
4920172017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1276
4820172017 Canadian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari18120
4720172017 Monaco Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari11101
4620172017 Spanish Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari11140
4520172017 Russian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari13130
4420172017 Bahrain Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari20DNFTechnical0
4320172017 Chinese Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari1284
4220172017 Australian Grand Prix result20HaasFerrari17DNFSuspension0
4120162016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault18DNFSuspension0
4020162016 Brazilian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault18140
3920162016 Mexican Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault14170
3820162016 USA Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault18120
3720162016 Japanese Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault17140
3620162016 Malaysian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault14DNFTechnical0
3520162016 Singapore Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault16101
3420162016 Italian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault21170
3320162016 Belgian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault12DNFSpun off0
3220162016 German Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault17160
3120162016 Hungarian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault19150
3020162016 British Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault16170
2920162016 Austrian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault17140
2820162016 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault12140
2720162016 Canadian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault22160
2620162016 Monaco Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault16DNFCollision0
2520162016 Spanish Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault15150
2420162016 Russian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault1776
2320162016 Chinese Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault17170
2220162016 Bahrain Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault19110
2120162016 Australian Grand Prix result20RenaultRenault15120
2020152015 Australian Grand Prix result20McLarenHonda18DNSGearbox0
1920142014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes9110
1820142014 Brazilian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes792
1720142014 USA Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes784
1620142014 Russian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes11510
1520142014 Japanese Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes7140
1420142014 Singapore Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes9101
1320142014 Italian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes5101
1220142014 Belgian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes7120
1120142014 Hungarian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes21120
1020142014 German Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes492
920142014 British Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes576
820142014 Austrian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes676
720142014 Canadian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes1292
620142014 Monaco Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes8101
520142014 Spanish Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes15120
420142014 Chinese Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes15130
320142014 Bahrain Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes8DNFClutch0
220142014 Malaysian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes892
120142014 Australian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes4218



Kevin Magnussen F1 Podium Finishes

120142014 Australian Grand Prix result20McLarenMercedes4218



Kevin Magnussen F1 Pole Positions




Kevin Magnussen Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2014McLarenJenson Button23551260000415109
2015McLarenJenson Button16110000000101
2016RenaultJolyon Palmer710710000129129
2017HaasRomain Grosjean76192800001010812
2018HaasRomain Grosjean545637000011101011
2019HaasRomain Grosjean6720800001110129
2020HaasRomain Grosjean1091200005766



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In the pitlane - Gene Haas to decide

Last week Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean learned their services are no longer required by the Haas team. Grosjean told L’Equipe that team boss Guenther Steiner informed him..

October 27, 2020 with 0 Comments

Magnussen: Atmosphere is relaxed after Haas exit news

Oct.26 - Kevin Magnussen says he has no hard feelings after being told he is not needed by the Haas team for 2021. The small American team is also ousting Romain Grosjean, in a..

October 26, 2020 with 0 Comments

Grosjean says Haas will sign two paying drivers for next season

Oct.24 - Haas needs "two paying drivers" to replace both Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean for 2021. That is not the claim of an F1 pundit, but of Grosjean himself as he admits..

October 24, 2020 with 3 Comments

2021 driver 'silly season' explodes in Portugal

Oct.23 - With Haas clearing the decks for 2021, the 'silly season' has exploded at the scene of Sunday's Portuguese GP. Haas' Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean appear unlikely..

October 23, 2020 with 0 Comments

Jan Magnussen: Haas 'needs money more than talent'

Oct.23 - Kevin Magnussen's father says the Haas team "obviously needs money more than talent". Former F1 driver Jan Magnussen's comments came on the same day that the small..

October 23, 2020 with 2 Comments

Magnussen & Grosjean exit at Haas confirmed

Oct.22 - and French media are confirming reports that Romain Grosjean will leave Haas at the end of the 2020 season. Later today Kevin Magnussen confirmed the news on..

October 22, 2020 with 6 Comments

Haas to announce two new 2021 drivers in Portugal?

Oct.21 - Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean have now been told they will not be re-signed by Haas for the 2021 season. Citing 'a number of sources', Ekstra Bladet newspaper..

October 21, 2020 with 9 Comments

Insider: F1 exit very likely for Magnussen

Oct.20 - Another F1 insider has chimed in to consider Kevin Magnussen's next move. On Monday, former McLaren communications director Matt Bishop told us that he thought the Danish..

October 20, 2020 with 5 Comments

F1 insider thinks Red Bull should consider Magnussen

Oct.19 - A former F1 insider says Kevin Magnussen would be a "brilliant" candidate to become Max Verstappen's next teammate at Red Bull. Dr Helmut Marko has named Nico Hulkenberg..

October 19, 2020 with 7 Comments

Marko: Both Haas seats more or less taken for 2021

Oct.16 - Haas has "more or less" already decided who will drive for the small American team in 2021. That is the view of Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko, who also thinks Alfa Romeo has..

October 16, 2020 with 4 Comments

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