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NameCarlos Sainz Jr.
CountrySpain Spain
Place of BirthMadrid
Date of BirthSep 1st 1994 - 26 years old
First Race2015 Australian Grand Prix
Last Race2020 Portuguese Grand Prix
Best Qualifying3rd - (2 times)
Best Result2nd - 2020 Italian Grand Prix
First Podium2019 Brazilian Grand Prix
Last Podium2020 Italian Grand Prix
Carlos Sainz races car number 55 for McLaren

Carlos Sainz Jr. F1 Stats

Race Entries114
Race Starts113
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps1 (0,9%)
Podiums2 (1,8%)
Points Finishes60 (52,6%)
Retirements28 (24,6%)
Total Points326
Total Laps5.896

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Carlos Sainz jr. Biography

Carlos Sainz jr.

Carlos Sainz jr.

As the son of a former World Rally Champion who shares his name, Carlos Sainz has a racing pedigree that matched his first team-mate Max Verstappen, son of Jos Verstappen.

Sainz and Verstappen did some a battle at Toro Rosso in 2015, in what is one of the most fascinating sub-plots to an intriguing season.

Sainz is a latecomer to the grid, as he wasn’t expected to be racing in Formula 1 in 2015.

Sebastian Vettel’s move to Ferrari freed up some room at Red Bull and the management picked Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat.

Carlos Sainz driving the (55) Scuderia Toro Rosso STR11 Ferrari 060/5 turbo locks a wheel under braking on track during practice for the 2016 Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix at Sepang Circuit

Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso STR11 locks a wheel 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

However, Sainz should not be taken lightly. His junior career is impressive and it is clear he has raw speed and potential. But the 20-year-old has been fast-tracked into motorsport’s top division after just a solitary season in GP3 and a Formula Renault 3.5 championship last season.

Toro Rosso are were confident that Sainz would be a success, and both they and Red Bull were impressed with how he has performed in testing events. That’s no substitute for the real thing though, and Sainz will be scrutinised from the start.

2016 was a good season for Carlos he scored 46 points and finished 6th as best result in 3 races. If it wasn't for Max Verstappen he certainly would have replaced Daniil Kvyat instead of Max. The Toro Rosso STR11 was a very good chassis, except the 2015 Ferrari power unit wasn't up to the job to show their real speed.

Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP) Renault Sport F1 Team. United States Grand Prix, Thursday 19th October 2017. Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, USA.

Carlos Sainz Jr as Renault driver

In the 2017 season, Sainz showed his skill with the Renault powered Toro Rosso STR12. The car was compared to the grid about as fast as last years STR11. But his performance compared to his teammate Daniel Kvyat was outstanding. The Spanish driver scored 48 points while the Russian driver only scored 4 points at Toro Rosso.

Because underperforming Renault driver Jolyon Palmer had to leave and McLaren wanted to get rid of their Honda engine nightmare, Carlos got an opportunity to switch from Toro Rosso to factory team Renault. He was allowed to race the last four races for Renault and was giving his new teammate Nico Hulkenberg a hard time at the moment he stepped in the RS17.

In the start of 2018, Renault thought they would be closer to the top 3 teams. Carlos was able to score 1 point in Melbourne but was hoping to do better than his teammate Hulkenberg who finished 7th in the championship with 69 points. Sainz scored a total of 53 points in 2018. His best result was 6th in the last race of the season at Abu Dhabi.

In 2019 he replaced the empty seat at McLaren, that was leftover by Fernando Alonso's F1 exit. His teammate will be the youngest McLaren driver ever: Lando Norris. The current season started with problems for the Spanish driver. He out-qualified Norris in the first three races but was not able to score points in that span.

On the 28th of April, Sainz scored his first points for McLaren at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, with a solid 7th place. That race started a streak of high-quality performances which helped the Spaniard to score points in eight of the last nine Grands Prix before the summer break, including two 5th places in a row in Germany and Hungary.

Carlos Sainz, McLaren MCL34, on a straight Brazilian GP F1/2019

Carlos Sainz, McLaren MCL34, on a straight Brazilian GP F1/2019

Sainz scored points in just three of the first seven races of the second half of 2019, he earned his first podium with an amazing drive during the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix. Sainz's car lost power during Q1 and he had to start the race from 20th of the grid. In the race, he spent the first half of the race making great overtaking manoeuvres.

Two late Safety Car periods and brave calls by the McLaren pit wall put Sainz in position to score a good amount of points. With the Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc out and the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Alex Albon, Sainz finished the race in fourth. Hamilton admitted responsibility in a crash which sent Albon to the back of the grid and was given a 5-second penalty after the race.

Sainz was promoted to third but was under investigation for illegal use of the DRS, however, he was not penalized and kept his third place. Sainz's first podium in 101 F1 starts was McLaren's first since the 2014 Australian Grand Prix.

He finished 2019 in sixth place in the WDC with 96 points, the best tally in his Formula 1 career. His sixth-place was the highest finish for a McLaren driver since Lewis Hamilton finished fourth in 2012.

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Carlos Sainz F1 Cars



Carlos Sainz Final Championship Results



Carlos Sainz F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2020 United Kingdom McLaren Renault110101056215.3659
2019 United Kingdom McLaren Renault2100110113304.5796
2018 France Renault Renault2100000119702.5253
2017 France Renault
Italy Toro Rosso
2016 Italy Toro Rosso Ferrari2100000116302.1946
2015 Italy Toro Rosso Renault190000095800.9518



Carlos Sainz F1 GP Race Classifications

2nd1 Time
3rd1 Time
4th1 Time
5th6 Times
6th11 Times
7th8 Times
8th14 Times
9th10 Times
10th8 Times
11th7 Times
12th6 Times
13th5 Times
14th4 Times
15th1 Time
16th1 Time
17th2 Times
19th1 Time
DNF26 Times
DNS1 Time


Carlos Sainz F1 GP Race Results

11420202020 Portuguese Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault768
11320202020 Eifel Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault10510
11220202020 Russian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault6DNFCrashed0
11120202020 Tuscan Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault9DNFCrashed0
11020202020 Italian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault3218
10920202020 Belgian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7DNSEngine0
10820202020 Spanish Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault768
10720202020 70th Anniversary GP result55McLarenRenault12130
10620202020 British Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7130
10520202020 Hungarian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault992
10420202020 Styrian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault393
10320202020 Austrian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault8510
10220192019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault8101
10120192019 Brazilian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault20315
10020192019 USA Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault784
9920192019 Mexican Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7130
9820192019 Japanese Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7510
9720192019 Russian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault568
9620192019 Singapore Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7120
9520192019 Italian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7DNFWheel nut0
9420192019 Belgian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault16DNFTechnical0
9320192019 Hungarian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault8510
9220192019 German Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault7510
9120192019 British Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault1368
9020192019 Austrian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault1984
8920192019 French Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault668
8820192019 Canadian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault11110
8720192019 Monaco Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault968
8620192019 Spanish Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault1284
8520192019 Azerbijan Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault976
8420192019 Chinese Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault14140
8320192019 Bahrain Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault719Technical0
8220192019 Australian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault18DNFMGU-K0
8120182018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault1168
8020182018 Brazilian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault15120
7920182018 Mexican Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault8DNFBattery0
7820182018 USA Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault1176
7720182018 Japanese Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault13101
7620182018 Russian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault11170
7520182018 Singapore Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault1284
7420182018 Italian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault784
7320182018 Belgian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault19110
7220182018 Hungarian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault792
7120182018 German Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault8120
7020182018 British Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault16DNFCollision with Grosjean0
6920182018 Austrian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault9120
6820182018 French Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault784
6720182018 Canadian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault984
6620182018 Monaco Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault8101
6520182018 Spanish Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault976
6420182018 Azerbijan Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault9510
6320182018 Chinese Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault992
6220182018 Bahrain Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault10110
6120182018 Australian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault9101
6020172017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault12DNFWheelnut0
5920172017 Brazilian Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault8110
5820172017 Mexican Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault8DNFSteering0
5720172017 USA Grand Prix result55RenaultRenault776
5620172017 Japanese Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari19DNFSpun off0
5520172017 Singapore Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari10412
5420172017 Malaysian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari14DNFPower unit0
5320172017 Italian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari15140
5220172017 Belgian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari13101
5120172017 Hungarian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari976
5020172017 British Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari13DNFCollision with Kvyat0
4920172017 Austrian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari10DNFEngine0
4820172017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1584
4720172017 Canadian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari13DNFCollision0
4620172017 Monaco Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari668
4520172017 Spanish Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1276
4420172017 Russian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari14101
4320172017 Bahrain Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari16DNFCollision0
4220172017 Chinese Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1176
4120172017 Australian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari884
4020162016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari21DNFCollision damage0
3920162016 Brazilian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1568
3820162016 Mexican Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari10160
3720162016 USA Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1068
3620162016 Japanese Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari14170
3520162016 Malaysian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari16110
3420162016 Singapore Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari6140
3320162016 Italian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari15150
3220162016 Belgian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari14DNFPuncture0
3120162016 German Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari13140
3020162016 Hungarian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari684
2920162016 British Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari784
2820162016 Austrian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1584
2720162016 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari18DNFSuspension0
2620162016 Canadian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari1592
2520162016 Monaco Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari684
2420162016 Spanish Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari868
2320162016 Russian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari11120
2220162016 Chinese Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari892
2120162016 Bahrain Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari11DNFDamaged floor0
2020162016 Australian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoFerrari792
1920152015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault10110
1820152015 Brazilian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault19DNFPower unit0
1720152015 Mexican Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault11130
1620152015 USA Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault2076
1520152015 Russian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault20DNFBrake failure0
1420152015 Japanese Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault12101
1320152015 Singapore Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault1492
1220152015 Italian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault17110
1120152015 Belgian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault10DNFPower unit0
1020152015 Hungarian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault12DNFFuel pressure0
920152015 British Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault8DNFElectrical0
820152015 Austrian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault12DNFElectrical0
720152015 Canadian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault11120
620152015 Monaco Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault20101
520152015 Spanish Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault992
420152015 Bahrain Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault9DNFWheel0
320152015 Chinese Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault14130
220152015 Malaysian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault1584
120152015 Australian Grand Prix result55Toro RossoRenault892



Carlos Sainz F1 Podium Finishes

220202020 Italian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault3218
120192019 Brazilian Grand Prix result55McLarenRenault20315



Carlos Sainz F1 Pole Positions




Carlos Sainz Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2015Toro RossoMax Verstappen7418490000811910
2016Toro RossoDaniil Kvyat69364000012395
Max Verstappen9641300002213
2017RenaultNico Hülkenberg766900002213
Toro RossoDaniil Kvyat4948400009577
Pierre Gasly19130000000211
2018RenaultNico Hülkenberg55536900001110912
2019McLarenLando Norris36964900001381011
2020McLarenLando Norris23596500005775



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