F1 Event: Portuguese Grand Prix
Race Track: Portimão Circuit

2021 Portuguese Grand Prix Results: F1 Race Winner & Report

Bottas and Hamilton at the 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix, Saturday - Wolfgang Wilhelm

Weather: dry  19.5°C
Tarmac: dry  39.2°C
Humidity : 37.7%
Wind : 0.8 m/s NW
Pressure: 1004.6 bar

Lewis Hamilton won his 97th F1 race at the 2021 Portugal F1 GP today. He started from P2 and won on the Portimao circuit for the second time. It was the 117th victory for the Mercedes team.

The start was clean all cars got away from the grid. Red Bull driver Sergio Perez lost P4 to Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz and we saw a nice battle between McLaren driver Lando Norris and Esteban Ocon in the Alpine for P6.

On the main straight after lap 1 both Alfa Romeo drivers collided. A broken front wing and retirement was the result for Kimi Raikkonen. Antonio Giovinazzi was able to go on undamaged. The safety car was deployed for 6 laps to clean up the debris on the track. At the restart  Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was awake and able to pass the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton for P2 at turn 1.

In lap 9 DRS was enabled and Verstappen tried to get into DRS range of Valtteri Bottas' Mercedes. Hamilton did the same and passed the Dutchman for P2 again in lap 10.

Daniel Ricciardo had won 6 places on lap 18 and was already inside the points on P10 with the McLaren.

In lap 20 Hamilton overtook race leader Bottas for P1. Verstappen was still behind the two Mercedes drivers looking for a opportunity to pass them.

Carlos Sainz was the first to get rid of the soft tyres. His Ferrari got fitted with medium tyres. He was driving on P5 and came back on the track on P11. His teammate Leclerc was the first who pitted to get rid of medium tyres. He switched to the hard tyres in lap 26.

The top 3 waited for lap 36 until they did their pit stops. Verstappen tried to undercut Bottas and had a great pitstop of 2.3s. One lap later Bottas also pitted for the hard tyres but his pitstop took 1 sec. longer. Bottas just made it to enter the the track inf front of Verstappen, but the Dutchman already had warmer tyres and passed the Mercedes for P2 in the braking zone of P5.

Sergio Perez was leading the race now. He was 10 sec. in front of Hamilton still driving on the medium tyres. The Mexican driver did his pitstop in lap 52 to hold up Hamilton. He switched to soft tyres as soon as Hamilton had passed him and came back to the track P4 behind Bottas.

In lap 55 Bottas told his team on the radio he was losing power. His gap towards Verstappen was increased in one lap from 1.8s to 5s. The Mercedes team told him a faulty sensor in the exhaust had caused the problem and he was able to attack again.

At the end of the race Verstappen and Bottas both went in to get a set of softs to try and win the extra point by driving the quickest lap of the race. Bottas was quickest in lap 65, but Verstappen was quicker in lap 66 and won the point at first, but lost it again due to crossing track limits in turn 14.

2021 Portuguese F1 GP Results
FP1 2021 Portuguese F1 GP
FP2 2021 Portuguese F1 GP
FP3 2021 Portuguese F1 GP
Quali 2021 Portuguese F1 GP
Start grid 2021 Portuguese GP

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Classification 2021 Portuguese F1 GP

144United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes01:34:31.42166
233Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull01:35:00.56966
377Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes01:35:04.95166
411Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red Bull01:35:11.15666
54United Kingdom Lando Norris
United Kingdom McLaren01:35:22.79066
616Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari01:35:27.20266
731France Esteban Ocon
France Alpine01:35:35.17066
814Spain Fernando Alonso
France Alpine01:35:36.22966
93Australia Daniel Ricciardo
United Kingdom McLaren01:35:46.79066
1010France Pierre Gasly
Italy AlphaTauri01:35:47.88466
1155Spain Carlos Sainz
Italy Ferrari01:35:50.37666
1299Italy Antonio Giovinazzi
Switzerland Alfa Romeo01:34:34.36365
135Germany Sebastian Vettel
United Kingdom Aston Martin01:34:39.62965
1418Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Aston Martin01:34:40.33565
1522Japan Yuki Tsunoda
Italy AlphaTauri01:34:56.53765
1663United Kingdom George Russell
United Kingdom Williams01:35:39.36465
1747Germany Mick Schumacher
United States Haas01:34:38.85164
186Canada Nicholas Latifi
United Kingdom Williams01:34:41.92064
199Russian Federation Nikita Mazepin
United States Haas01:35:46.35464
DNF7Finland Kimi Räikkönen
Switzerland Alfa RomeoCollision1

Fastest lap: 1:19.865 min by Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes no. 77 on lap 64

Car 9 - 5 second time penalty - Ignoring blue flags

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3 F1 Fan comments on “2021 Portuguese Grand Prix Race Results

  1. Jax

    Well the G.O.A.T has used his horns to HAMMER his competitors with another master class performance. Well done to Max for putting up a strong fight but his maturity clearly needs seasoning as he threw away a point by exceeding track limits again! And poor Bottas lol. At least he got third and salvaged an extra point from Max's mistake.
    To quote Rosberg. "phenomenal race by Lewis, I'm a bit amused because Max Verstappen is starting to understand better and better how good Lewis Hamilton is. He needs to do everything perfect to beat him in the championship and at the moment it's 2-1 to Lewis."

    Hey...Hammer haters, how you like this race? Is it still just the car? Asking for a friend....Lol

    • Vasco

      Very appropiate words from Nico, indeed. Nevertheless several season in F1, Max still behaves as a spoiled kid whenever he doesn't get what he wants, most of the times for his lack of temper. Funny haters call Lewis a cryer; all I hear every race is Max complaints. Yesterday he beaten the TV camera. His main enemy is the gigantic wirght fans have deposited on his shoulders.

  2. Tom smith

    As a Hamilton hater I can admire his driving ability, he is a great for sure but certainly the GOAT, however it’s the fact his a complete tool in what his says and how acts is the reason I dislike the guy.


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