F1 Standings 2022 Championship

F1 drivers standings 2022: See current season drivers & teams results

All 2022 F1 drivers in Bahrain that started the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship

F1 Championship 2022 Overview

The F1 standings of the 2022 Formula 1 season. This season will have 22 GP's in stead of the 23 Grand Prix events that was announced at the start of the season. The Russian GP was cancelled, due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Because the previous two seasons were infected by many postponed, replaced or cancelled grand prix', it was anticipated that this season would also change a lot, but because the coronavirus pandemic had ended, the championship stayed more or less the same as scheduled at the start of the season.

Table of Contents
1. F1 Drivers Standings 2022 Championship
2. 2022 F1 Drivers Statistics Table
3. F1 Constructors Standings 2022 Championship
4. 2022 F1 Championship Summary Report

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2022 F1 World Championship
NOGrand PrixDateWinnerTeamLapsTime
12022 Bahrain F1 GPMarch 20Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari5701:37:33.584
22022 Saudi Arabian F1 GPMarch 27Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5001:24:19.293
32022 Australian F1 GPApril 10Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari5801:27:46.548
42022 Emilia Romagna F1 GPApril 24Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull6301:32:07.986
52022 Miami F1 GPMay 5Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5701:34:24.258
62022 Spanish F1 GPMay 22Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull6601:37:20.475
72022 Monaco F1 GPMay 29Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red Bull6401:56:30.265
82022 Azerbaijan F1 GPJune 12Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5101:34:05.941
92022 Canadian F1 GPJune 19Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull7001:36:21.757
102022 British F1 GPJuly 3Spain Carlos Sainz
Italy Ferrari5202:17:50.311
112022 Austrian F1 GPJuly 10Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari7101:24:24.312
122022 French F1 GPJuly 24Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5301:30:02.112
132022 Hungarian F1 GPJuly 31Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull7001:39:35.912
142022 Belgian F1 GPAugust 28Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull4401:25:52.894
152022 Dutch F1 GPSeptember 4Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull7201:36:42.773
162022 Italian F1 GPSeptember 11Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5301:20:27.511
172022 Singapore F1 GPOctober 2Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red Bull5902:02:20.238
182022 Japanese F1 GPOctober 9Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull2903:01:44.004
192022 USA F1 GPOctober 23Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5601:42:11.687
202022 Mexico F1 GPOctober 30Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull7101:38:36.729
212022 Brazilian F1 GPNovember 13United Kingdom George Russell
Germany Mercedes7101:38:34.044
222022 Abu Dhabi F1 GPNovember 20Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5801:27:45.914


2022 F1 Drivers Standings

1Netherlands Max Verstappen454DNF1DNF1*1*131172*111*1*1711161
2Monaco Charles Leclerc3081*2*1*62DNF4DNF541DNF6632233642
3Mexico Sergio Pérez305DNF42242*12*DNF2DNF45256*124373
4United Kingdom George Russell275453453534DNF43342314*85*4*1*5
5Spain Carlos Sainz24623DNFDNF342DNF2*1DNF5*43843DNFDNF534
6United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton240310413658433*322*DNF4595222DNF
7United Kingdom Lando Norris12215753DNF86*9156777127741069DNF6*
8France Esteban Ocon92767148712106DNF5897911DNF411887
9Spain Fernando Alonso819DNF17DNF1197795106856DNFDNF77DNF5DNF
10Finland Valtteri Bottas496DNF85769117DNF1114DNFDNFDNF131115DNF10915
11Australia Daniel Ricciardo3714DNF6181312138111399151517DNF511167DNF9
12Germany Sebastian Vettel37DNF8DNF11106129171110814DNF868141110
13Denmark Kevin Magnussen2559149DNF17DNFDNF17108DNF161615161214917DNF17
14France Pierre Gasly23DNF8912DNF1311514DNF1512129118101814111414
15Canada Lance Stroll1812131210101514DNF10111310111110DNF612DNF15108
16Germany Mick Schumacher121113171514DNF14DNF861514171312131715161316
17Japan Yuki Tsunoda128DNS15712101713DNF1416DNF1913DNF14DNF1310DNF1711
18China Zhou Guanyu610111115DNFDNF16DNF8DNF14DNF13141610DNF16*12131212
19Thailand Alex Albon413DNF1011918DNF1213DNF1213171012DNFDNF13121513
20Canada Nicholas Latifi216DNF1616141615151612DNFDNF18181815DNF9171816DNF
21Netherlands Nyck de Vries29
22Germany Nico Hülkenberg01712
2022 F1 results distribution of points: P1 = 25, P2 = 18, P3 =15, P4 = 12, P5 = 10, P6 = 8, P7 = 6, P8 = 4, P9 = 2, P10 = 1 point
Positions that are bold show which driver started from pole.
Positions with an asterisk (*) show which driver drove the fastest lap of the race and scored 1 extra point when classified in the top 10.
DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified


2022 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Netherlands Max Verstappen221511177127252454
Monaco Charles Leclerc22353119119033308
Mexico Sergio Pérez22272111118433305
United Kingdom George Russell2211682124141275
Spain Carlos Sainz2213593103326246
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton2205490124722240
United Kingdom Lando Norris2200110125422122
France Esteban Ocon220000012440292
Spain Fernando Alonso220000011190681
Finland Valtteri Bottas220000011410649
Australia Daniel Ricciardo220000011960337
Denmark Kevin Magnussen220000011330525
France Pierre Gasly220000012380323
Canada Lance Stroll220000012350318
Japan Yuki Tsunoda220000011020612
China Zhou Guanyu22000001061166
Canada Nicholas Latifi22000001156052
Germany Mick Schumacher210000011430212
Thailand Alex Albon21000001100054
Germany Sebastian Vettel200000011020337
Germany Nico Hülkenberg200000107000
Netherlands Nyck de Vries10000053002


2022 F1 Constructors Standings

1Austria Red Bull1DNF1DNF1113117211111711161759
2Italy Ferrari1612162DNF4DNF541DNF6632233642554
3Germany Mercedes44310413658433322DNF4595222DNF515
4France Alpine149DNF17DNF1197795106856DNFDNF77DNF5DNF173
5United Kingdom McLaren314DNF6181312138111399151517DNF511167DNF9159
6Switzerland Alfa Romeo2410111115DNFDNF16DNF8DNF14DNF13141610DNF161213121255
7United Kingdom Aston Martin5  DNF8DNF11106129171110814DNF86814111055
8United States Haas259149DNF17DNFDNF17108DNF161615161214917DNF1737
4711 13171514DNF14DNF861514171312131715161316
9Italy AlphaTauri1DNF8912DNF1311514DNF151212911810181411141435
10United Kingdom Williams616DNF1616141615151612DNFDNF18181815DNF9171816DNF8
2313DNF1011918DNF1213DNF1213171012 DNFDNF13121513
45               9      


2022 F1 Championship Summary Report

F1 Standings 2022 Championship

The Red Bull RB18, Max Verstappen holding the F1 drivers title trophy and Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner holding the F1 constructors champions trophy

Max Verstappen has been crowned the 2022 Formula One World Champion after a dominant season with Red Bull Racing, securing his second F1 Drivers' Title. The Dutchman won a record breaking 15 out of the 22 races this season and finished on the podium 17 times, clinching the championship with another record breaking amount points total of 454 points.

Verstappen's closest rival in the championship was Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who finished second with 308 points. The Monegasque driver won three races and achieved a total of 11 podiums, but was unable to keep up with Verstappen's consistent and dominant performances throughout the season.

Sergio Pérez finished third in the championship with 305 points, after a second strong season with Red Bull Racing. The Mexican driver won two races and also achieved eleven podium finishes.

George Russell had an impressive debut season with Mercedes, finishing fourth in the championship with 275 points in front of his highly rated team mate. The British driver secured his first F1 win in the Brazilian Grand Prix and finished on the podium eight times.

Carlos Sainz completed the top five with 246 points, securing his maiden F1 win at Silverstone and nine podium finishes in his second season with Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, had a difficult season and finished in sixth place with 'only' 240 points. The British driver failed to win a single race for the first time in his 16 seasons long F1 career and was plagued with technical issues due to the new regulations which Mercedes had not done a very good job with.

Lando Norris finished seventh in the championship with 122 points, securing his sixth F1 podium in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Esteban Ocon finished eighth with 92 points, while Fernando Alonso and Valtteri Bottas completed the top ten with 81 and 49 points respectively.

In the constructors' championship, Red Bull Racing secured their fifth F1 title with a total of 759 points, while Ferrari finished second with 554 points, just ahead of Mercedes that finished third with 515 points. On P4 was Alpine with 173 points followed by McLaren with 159 points on P5.

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