Event: Canadian F1 Grand Prix
Track: Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

2022 Canadian F1 Grand Prix Results

2022 Canadian podium: 1. Verstappen, 2. Sainz & 3. Hamilton

Weather: dry  20.3°C
Tarmac: dry  41.5°C
Humidity: 33%
Wind: 1.5 m/s W
Pressure: 1012.5 bar

Max Verstappen scored his 26th F1 race win today. The Dutch driver won the Canadian F1 GP for the first time. It was his 6th race win of the 2022 season. The Red Bull driver started from pole and drove to the finish with a great result. It was the 82nd race win for Red Bull Racing.

2022 Canadian F1 GP Race Report

The start of the 2022 Canadian GP was without any incident. When DRS was enabled Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz overtook his friend and countryman Fernando Alonso for P2. Behind them Mercedes driver George Russell pushing hard and in lap 6 he already was 5th. While Sebastian Vettel pitted already to switch Mick Schumacher was going backwards in the Haas and had dropped from P6 to P8.

The top 10 had started on the medium tyres. In lap 8 Magnussen had to do a pitstop to replace his damaged front wing. In the same lap Sergio Perez retired with a gearbox failure. A virtual safety car was used to recover the Red Bull. His teammate went for a free pitstop to switch to hard tyres. Lewis Hamilton did the same. Verstappen returned to the track on P3, while Hamilton dropped back to P6.

Max Verstappen leading the 2022 Canadian F1 GP in the Red Bull RB18 front of Fernando Alonso (Alpine), Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas)

Max Verstappen leading the 2022 Canadian F1 GP in the Red Bull RB18 front of Fernando Alonso (Alpine), Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas)

Verstappen was only 6.3 sec. behind race leader Sainz. Verstappen already passed Alonso for P2 in lap 15. In lap 18 Leclerc passed Alex Albon for P11. He now was right behind the Alfa Romeo of Valtteri Bottas.

Mick Schumacher's race ended in lap 20 when he parked the Haas in turn 7. Russell quickly made a pitstop to switch to hard tyres. The Spanish driver came back just in front of Hamilton on P3. Verstappen now was the race leader again. McLaren did a double stack pitstop that didn't turn out very well for Lando Norris. He lost valuable seconds when the team fitted the wrong tyres. Norris came back on the track on P17.

Alonso had not pitted yet and was already driving around on 22 old medium tyres. The strategy for Alpine clearly wasn't working for them and already lost two places to Sainz and Hamilton and was driving on P4 now. Alonso was 2 seconds slower than his rivals around him.

In lap 42 Leclerc did his first and only pitstop. The Ferrari driver drove on P6 and had a slow pitstop of 5.7 sec. to return to the track behind the Stroll train on P12, while Stroll was on P8. One lap later race leader Verstappen pitted for new set of hard tyres. He had a quick pitstop that took only 2.4 sec. but could not prevent he got behind the Mercedes of Hamilton on P3. The Dutchman overtook the Mercedes straight away on the long back straight. Hamilton also pitted and dropped 10 sec. behind his teammate on P4. Russell also pitted one lap later for new set of hard tyres.

2022 Canadian F1 Grand Prix Results

The top 5 cars in one shot at the hairpin

Tsunoda crashed the AlphaTauri in turn 1 coming out of the pits in lap 48. The safety car was deployed to recover the AlphaTauri AT03 and all drivers who still had to made their pitstop. The race was restarted in lap 55. Although all cars were driving very close behind each other nobody was able to overtake right away.

When DRS was enabled Carlos Sainz tried to overtake Verstappen on the straights. He did came very close but did not came close enough to pass the Red Bull. Behind them Leclerc also drove a great race and overtook both Alpines to get to P5 while starting from P20.

Verstappen and Sainz stayed very close until the finish flag, but Verstappen could maintain the distance between him and the Ferrari driver.

Classification 2022 Canadian GP

11Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull01:36:21.75770
255Spain Carlos Sainz
Italy Ferrari01:36:22.75070
344United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes01:36:28.76370
463United Kingdom George Russell
Germany Mercedes01:36:34.07070
516Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari01:36:36.92570
631France Esteban Ocon
France Alpine01:36:45.64770
777Finland Valtteri Bottas
Switzerland Alfa Romeo01:36:47.00470
824China Zhou Guanyu
Switzerland Alfa Romeo01:36:48.70970
914Spain Fernando Alonso
France Alpine01:36:51.70270

1018Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Aston Martin01:36:59.97970
113Australia Daniel Ricciardo
United Kingdom McLaren01:37:04.80470
125Germany Sebastian Vettel
United Kingdom Aston Martin01:37:06.00270
1323Thailand Alexander Albon
United Kingdom Williams01:37:06.65070
1410France Pierre Gasly
Italy AlphaTauri01:37:06.94070
154United Kingdom Lando Norris
United Kingdom McLaren01:37:13.90270
166Canada Nicholas Latifi
United Kingdom Williams01:37:21.73570
1720Denmark Kevin Magnussen
United States Haas01:37:29.93770
DNF22Japan Yuki Tsunoda
Italy AlphaTauriCrash47
DNF47Germany Mick Schumacher
United States HaasPower unit18
DNF11Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red BullGearbox7

Fastest lap: 1:15.749 min by Carlos Sainz, Ferrari (no.55) on lap 63

2022 Canadian F1 GP Results
FP1 2022 Canadian F1 GP
FP2 2022 Canadian F1 GP
FP3 2022 Canadian F1 GP
Quali 2022 Canadian F1 GP
Start grid 2022 Canadian F1 GP

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15 F1 Fan comments on “2022 Canadian F1 Grand Prix Results

  1. Jax

    So in summary. Sainz is clearly nothing special as him being in arguably the best car on the grid with several laps newer tyres, still couldn't mount a proper challenge to Max. Smh.
    Sir Lewis, as demonstrated in Barcelona, proves once again his superior race pace to Boy George given their gap and all things being equal. I mean really, who's surprised?
    The Gremlins are back to attacking RB again. But unfortunately, they took out the wrong driver....damn it.
    And finally, Ferrari screws Leclerc again!

  2. Shroppyfly

    Sir Max is in a different class this year, as for Hamilton, What back ache..all fake watching max jumping into his mechanics yeah course there's a problem NOT I think they pitted King George at an odd time... what happened was it gave the Dame his podium as I saw it right. ! The Rb is clearly the best car on the grid you'd have to be an idiot to think anything else, as for reliability, ha ha what have Rb had a fuel pump and a gearbox after 8 races no ice issues at all Honda aced it again,Ron must be tearing his hair out if he had any.. lol

  3. Jere Jyrälä

    Good battle until the end, but Sainz ultimately didn’t maximize his corner exits, but good effort anyway.
    The WDC battle is starting to be effectively over.
    Alpine failed with Alonso's strategy, although the weaving penalty that cost him more points was on him.
    Yet another lost points-scoring opportunity for Mick, albeit this time via something entirely out of his control.
    A silly error by Tsunoda & not the best directing at the start.

  4. f1award

    Something has got to happen about safety cars etc as it really is the focal point of the races these days, the race was basically 20 laps long. Close the pits during the virtual or safety car!!!

    • Susan

      Love everyone’s race strategy, teams hope for a yellow flag to help win. Interesting. Love to see closed pits and do away with DRS. Would be more fun to watch.

    • Jere Jyrälä

      JCB justified SC for Tsunoda's off & closing pit lane for SC & VSC neutralizations would introduce an unnecessary danger element if a driver had very worn tyres or damage.

  5. CanadianEh

    After years of trying to regulate in 'closer racing', the aero rules have managed to reduce the turbulent-flow behind the cars which appears to allow a following car to get much closer and remain aerodynamically stable. The advantage offered by DRS in the past seems to have been lessened to an extent. It still represents an unfair advantage. So, right on, Susan. Getting rid of DRS would be a significant step forward.

    I like F1award's idea for closing pit-lane during SC, VSC or Yellow flag events. Not every team dives into the pits during these opportunities, and those that do re-enter the race with an unfair advantage in the form of fresh tires.

    • Jere Jyrälä

      Hardly an unfair advantage & closing the pit lanes for SC & VSC neutralizations would only bring an unnecessary danger element if a driver had very worn tyres or damage.

    • Jax

      No pits stops during any safety car scenario is fine. No one would gain a significant advantage anymore. But honestly shut up about DRS. It's not always a panacea for the driver behind as clearly demonstrated by Sainz in a Ferrari with fresher tyres who couldn't even properly pressure, much less pass Max. And there have been several other instances like this.
      Yet the noise about DRS drones on. Christ.. 🙄

  6. The Spy

    I don’t see the closure of pit lane as a fair solution either for example, your tyres are cooked you’ve been told to box and as you are getting close to the pit lane entrance out comes the yellow flag. You then follow the safety car around for five or six laps but your tyres are cooked you’ve no hope to get them working. Then the yellow flag goes away and you limp around to the pit entrance while everyone else is flying past you. There are better options to mix it up. I personally favour the idea of the driver having to get out of the car and skull a pint without spilling a drop.


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