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This Formula One Champions summary shows you who won a F1 world championship title in Formula 1 each year.

The list shows every Formula 1 driver and Formula 1 constructor (and engine) that won a championship title since the beginning of Formula 1 back in 1950.

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F1 Champions List by year

2021Netherlands Max VerstappenRed BullMercedesMercedes
2020United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes
2019United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes
2018United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes
2017United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes
2016Germany Nico RosbergMercedesMercedesMercedes
2015United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes
2014United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes
2013Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2012Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2011Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2010Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2009United Kingdom Jenson ButtonBrawnBrawnMercedes
2008United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMcLarenFerrariFerrari
2007Finland Kimi RäikkönenFerrariFerrariFerrari
2006Spain Fernando AlonsoRenaultRenaultRenault
2005Spain Fernando AlonsoRenaultRenaultRenault
2004Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2003Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2002Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2001Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2000Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
1999Finland Mika HäkkinenMcLarenFerrariFerrari
1998Finland Mika HäkkinenMcLarenMcLarenMercedes
1997Canada Jacques VilleneuveWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1996United Kingdom Damon HillWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1995Germany Michael SchumacherBenettonBenettonRenault
1994Germany Michael SchumacherBenettonWilliamsRenault
1993France Alain ProstWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1992United Kingdom Nigel MansellWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1991Brazil Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1990Brazil Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1989France Alain ProstMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1988Brazil Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1987Brazil Nelson PiquetWilliamsWilliamsHonda
1986France Alain ProstMcLarenWilliamsHonda
1985France Alain ProstMcLarenMcLarenTAG
1984Austria Niki LaudaMcLarenMcLarenTAG
1983Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabhamFerrariFerrari
1982Finland Keke RosbergWilliamsFerrariFerrari
1981Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabhamWilliamsFord
1980Australia Alan JonesWilliamsWilliamsFord
1979South Africa Jody ScheckterFerrariFerrariFerrari
1978United States Mario AndrettiTeam LotusTeam LotusFord
1977Austria Niki LaudaFerrariFerrariFerrari
1976United Kingdom James HuntMcLarenFerrariFerrari
1975Austria Niki LaudaFerrariFerrariFerrari
1974Brazil Emerson FittipaldiMcLarenMcLarenFord
1973United Kingdom Jackie StewartTyrrellTeam LotusFord
1972Brazil Emerson FittipaldiTeam LotusTeam LotusFord
1971United Kingdom Jackie StewartTyrrellTyrrellFord
1970Austria Jochen RindtTeam LotusTeam LotusFord
1969United Kingdom Jackie StewartMatraMatraFord
1968United Kingdom Graham HillTeam LotusTeam LotusFord
1967New Zealand Denny HulmeBrabhamBrabhamRepco
1966Australia Jack BrabhamBrabhamBrabhamRepco
1965United Kingdom Jim ClarkTeam LotusTeam LotusClimax
1964United Kingdom John SurteesFerrariFerrariFerrari
1963United Kingdom Jim ClarkTeam LotusTeam LotusBRM
1962United Kingdom Graham HillBRMBRMBRM
1961United States Phil HillFerrariFerrariFerrari
1960Australia Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxCooper-ClimaxMaserati
1959Australia Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxCooper-ClimaxClimax
1958United Kingdom Mike HawthornFerrariVanwallVanwall
1957Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMaserati
1956Argentina Juan Manuel FangioFerrari
1955Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
1954Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
1953Italy Alberto AscariFerrari
1952Italy Alberto AscariFerrari
1951Argentina Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
1950Italy Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo

Which driver won the most F1 drivers' titles?

Which driver won the most F1 drivers' titles?

Lewis Hamilton & Michael Schumacher

Driving Formula 1 is in the end, all about to become world champion. In total there are only 34 F1 champions that won a F1 drivers championship title. Of those 34 drivers 47% won two or more championships, in fact a crazy amount of 16 drivers has won more than one title. On top of those 16 drivers are Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton who both won an amazing seven titles. In 2021 Hamilton was very close at scoring the record breaking eight Formula 1 drivers' title. Unfortunately for Hamilton, the champ lost it in the very last lap of the very last GP that 2021 season. Michael Schumacher is by the way, still the only F1 driver who scored 5 consecutive F1 drivers' titles.

The second most F1 drivers' titles are still won by the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. He won five F1 titles. This great driver from Argentina drove F1 in the 50's. In that time F1 was very dangerous and many drivers got killed in action those days. Fangio also won 4 titles with 4 different constructors, which still is a record.

Third on this shortlist of champions are Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost. They both won 4 titles.

Which team won the most F1 constructors' titles?

Which team won the most F1 constructors' titles?

Old entrance Ferrari Factory Maranello

The constructors title isn't as popular as the driver title. Nevertheless it's the most important championship. This is because the price money that the F1 teams receive, is depending on it. In total there are only fifteen F1 constructors that ever won the F1 Championship. You have to keep in mind that the F1 constructors championship did not exists until 1958.

Just as there are drivers that won more than one championship, there are nine constructors that won more than one constructors title. Out of these nine F1 champions, Ferrari won the most titles and has a total of 16 F1 constructors' titles. Second is Williams with nine and third are McLaren and Mercedes who both have 8 titles.

With eight consecutive won constructors titles the Mercedes F1 team is on top of the list. They won it from 2014 till 2021 and now the Mercedes team holds that F1 record for winning the most consecutive constructors' titles. Ferrari is second with seven (1999-2004) and McLaren once won four titles in a row (1988-1991).

Which country won the most F1 champion titles

The Formula 1 championship is a world championship, but out of the current 195 countries only 15 different nationalities are represented in the all time Formula 1 drivers champions list.

Below you can see the list of F1 champions by nationality.

F1 Champion List by country

No.NationTitlesDifferent Drivers
1Great Britain2010 (Hamilton 7x, Button, D. HIll, Mansell, Hunt, Stewart 3x, G. Hill 2x, Clark 2x, Surtees & Hawthorn)
2Germany123 (Schumacher 7x, N. Rosberg & Vettel 4x)
3Brazil83 (Senna 3x, Piquet 3x & Fittipaldi 2x)
4Argentina51 (Fangio 5x)
5Finland43 (Raikkonen, Hakkinen (2x) & K. Rosberg)
6Australia42 (Jones & Brabham)
7Austria42 (Lauda 3x & Rindt)
8France41 (Prost 4x)
9Italy32 (Farina & Ascari 2x)
10United States22 (Andretti & P. Hill)
11Spain21 (Alonso 2x)
12New Zealand11 (Hulme)
13South Africa11 (Scheckter)
14Canada11 (Villeneuve)
15Netherlands11 (Verstappen)

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