René Arnoux info & statistics

René Arnoux wiki info & stats
NameRené Arnoux
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthPontcharra
Date of BirthJul 4th 1948 - 72 years old
First Race1978 Belgian Grand Prix
Last Race1989 Australian Grand Prix
First Pole1979 Austrian Grand Prix
Last Pole1983 British Grand Prix
First Win1980 Brazilian Grand Prix
Last Win1983 Dutch Grand Prix
First Podium1979 French Grand Prix
Last Podium1984 Dallas Grand Prix

René Arnoux F1 Stats

Race Entries163
Race Starts149
Race Wins7 (4,3%)
Pole Positions18 (11,0%)
Fastest Laps12 (7,4%)
Podiums22 (13,5%)
Points Finishes42 (25,8%)
Retirements85 (52,1%)
Wins from pole2
Frontrow Starts34
Total Points181
Total Laps6.611



René Arnoux Final Championship Results



René Arnoux F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1989 France Ligier Ford90000039100.222
1988 France Ligier Judd140000046000.000
1987 France Ligier Megatron140000056900.071
1986 France Ligier Renault160000088200.8814
1985 Italy Ferrari Ferrari1000005903.003
1984 Italy Ferrari Ferrari160224081721.6927
1983 Italy Ferrari Ferrari153227475123.2749
1982 France Renault Renault162114553811.7528
1981 France Renault Renault140101458510.7911
1980 France Renault Renault142103374942.0729
1979 France Renault Renault140213250221.2117
1978 France Martini
United Kingdom Surtees



René Arnoux F1 GP Race Classifications

1st7 Times
2nd9 Times
3rd6 Times
4th7 Times
5th8 Times
6th5 Times
7th5 Times
8th2 Times
9th11 Times
10th8 Times
11th3 Times
12th1 Time
13th3 Times
14th2 Times
15th1 Time
16th1 Time
17th2 Times
18th1 Time
DNF66 Times
NC1 Time
DNPQ2 Times
DNQ10 Times
DNS2 Times


René Arnoux F1 GP Race Results

16319891989 Australian Grand Prix result25LigierFord26DNFCollision0
16219891989 Spanish Grand Prix result25LigierFord0DNQNo Time0
16119891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result25LigierFord23130
16019891989 Italian Grand Prix result25LigierFord2390
15919891989 Belgian Grand Prix result25LigierFord17DNFCollision0
15819891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result25LigierFord0DNQNo Time0
15719891989 German Grand Prix result25LigierFord23110
15619891989 British Grand Prix result25LigierFord0DNQNo Time0
15519891989 French Grand Prix result25LigierFord18DNFGearbox0
15419891989 Canadian Grand Prix result25LigierFord2252
15319891989 USA Grand Prix result25LigierFord0DNQNo Time0
15219891989 Mexican Grand Prix result25LigierFord25140
15119891989 Monaco Grand Prix result25LigierFord21120
15019891989 San Marino Grand Prix result25LigierFord0DNQNo Time0
14919891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result25LigierFord0DNQNo Time0
14819881988 Australian Grand Prix result25LigierJudd23DNFCollision0
14719881988 Japanese Grand Prix result25LigierJudd23170
14619881988 Spanish Grand Prix result25LigierJudd19DNFThrottle0
14519881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result25LigierJudd23100
14419881988 Italian Grand Prix result25LigierJudd24130
14319881988 Belgian Grand Prix result25LigierJudd17DNFAccident0
14219881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result25LigierJudd25DNFEngine0
14119881988 German Grand Prix result25LigierJudd17170
14019881988 British Grand Prix result25LigierJudd25180
13919881988 French Grand Prix result25LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
13819881988 Detroit Grand Prix result25LigierJudd20DNFOverheating0
13719881988 Canadian Grand Prix result25LigierJudd20DNFTransmission0
13619881988 Mexican Grand Prix result25LigierJudd20DNFAccident0
13519881988 Monaco Grand Prix result25LigierJudd20DNFEngine0
13419881988 San Marino Grand Prix result25LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
13319881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result25LigierJudd18DNFClutch0
13219871987 Australian Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron20DNFIgnition0
13119871987 Japanese Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron17DNFOut of Fuel0
13019871987 Mexican Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron18DNFOverheating0
12919871987 Spanish Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron14DNFCollision0
12819871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron18DNFRadiator0
12719871987 Italian Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron15100
12619871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron19DNFElectrical0
12519871987 German Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron12DNFIgnition0
12419871987 British Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron16DNFElectrical0
12319871987 French Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron13DNFExhaust0
12219871987 Detroit Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron21100
12119871987 Austrian Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron16100
12019871987 Monaco Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron22110
11919871987 Belgian Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron1661
11819871987 San Marino Grand Prix result25LigierMegatron0DNSSuspension0
11719861986 Australian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault570
11619861986 Mexican Grand Prix result25LigierRenault1315Engine0
11519861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result25LigierRenault1070
11419861986 Italian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault11DNFGearbox0
11319861986 Austrian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault12100
11219861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault9DNFEngine0
11119861986 German Grand Prix result25LigierRenault843
11019861986 British Grand Prix result25LigierRenault843
10919861986 French Grand Prix result25LigierRenault452
10819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result25LigierRenault4DNFAccident0
10719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault561
10619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault7DNFEngine0
10519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result25LigierRenault1252
10419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result25LigierRenault8DNFWheel0
10319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result25LigierRenault6DNFHalf Shaft0
10219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result25LigierRenault443
10119851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari743
10019841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1790
9919841984 European Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari652
9819841984 Italian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari14DNFGearbox0
9719841984 Dutch Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1511Electrical0
9619841984 Austrian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1570
9519841984 German Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1061
9419841984 British Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1361
9319841984 Dallas Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari426
9219841984 Detroit Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari15DNFAccident0
9119841984 Canadian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari552
9019841984 Monaco Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari332
8919841984 French Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1143
8819841984 San Marino Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari626
8719841984 Belgian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari234
8619841984 South African Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari15DNFInjection0
8519841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari10DNFBattery0
8419831983 South African Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari4DNFEngine0
8319831983 European Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari590
8219831983 Italian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari326
8119831983 Dutch Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1019
8019831983 Austrian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari226
7919831983 German Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari219
7819831983 British Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari152
7719831983 Canadian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari119
7619831983 Detroit Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1DNFElectrical0
7519831983 Belgian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari5DNFEngine0
7419831983 Monaco Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari2DNFSuspension0
7319831983 San Marino Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari134
7219831983 French Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari470
7119831983 USA West Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari234
7019831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari6100
6919821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2DNFEngine0
6819821982 Italian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault619
6719821982 Swiss Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault216Injection0
6619821982 Austrian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault5DNFInjection0
6519821982 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault326
6419821982 French Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault119
6319821982 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault6DNFCollision0
6219821982 Dutch Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1DNFSpun Off0
6119821982 Canadian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2DNFSpun Off0
6019821982 Detroit Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault15100
5919821982 Monaco Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1DNFSpun Off0
5819821982 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2DNFTurbo0
5719821982 San Marino Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1DNFTurbo0
5619821982 USA West Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault3DNFCollision0
5519821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault4DNFCollision0
5419821982 South African Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault134
5319811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault13DNFElectrical0
5219811981 Canadian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault8DNFCollision0
5119811981 Italian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1DNFSpun Off0
5019811981 Dutch Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2DNFEngine0
4919811981 Austrian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault126
4819811981 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2130
4719811981 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault19Distributor0
4619811981 French Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault143
4519811981 Spanish Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1790
4419811981 Monaco Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault13DNFSpun Off0
4319811981 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault0DNQNo Time0
4219811981 San Marino Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault380
4119811981 Argentine Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault552
4019811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault8DNFCollision0
3919811981 USA West Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2080
3819801980 USA Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault670
3719801980 Canadian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault23DNFBrakes0
3619801980 Italian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1100
3519801980 Dutch Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault126
3419801980 Austrian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault190
3319801980 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault3DNFEngine0
3219801980 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault16NCNot Classified0
3119801980 French Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault252
3019801980 Monaco Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault20DNFAccident0
2919801980 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault643
2819801980 USA West Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault290
2719801980 South African Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault219
2619801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault619
2519801980 Argentine Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault19DNFSuspension0
2419791979 USA Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault726
2319791979 Canadian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault8DNFAccident0
2219791979 Italian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault2DNFEngine0
2119791979 Dutch Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1DNFSuspension0
2019791979 Austrian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault161
1919791979 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault10DNFTyre0
1819791979 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault526
1719791979 French Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault234
1619791979 Monaco Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault19DNFAccident0
1519791979 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault18DNFTurbo0
1419791979 Spanish Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1190
1319791979 USA West Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault0DNSWithdrawn0
1219791979 South African Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault10DNFTyre0
1119791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault11DNFSpun Off0
1019791979 Argentine Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault25DNFEngine0
919781978 Canadian Grand Prix result31SurteesFord16DNFEngine0
819781978 USA Grand Prix result31MartiniFord2190
719781978 Dutch Grand Prix result31MartiniFord23DNFChassis0
619781978 Austrian Grand Prix result31MartiniFord2690
519781978 German Grand Prix result31MartiniFord0DNPQNo Time0
419781978 French Grand Prix result31MartiniFord18140
319781978 Belgian Grand Prix result31MartiniFord1990
219781978 Monaco Grand Prix result31MartiniFord0DNPQNo Time0
119781978 South African Grand Prix result31MartiniFord0DNQNo Time0



René Arnoux Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1978SurteesBeppe Gabbiani17240000001010
1979RenaultJean-Pierre Jabouille21179012477410
1980RenaultJean-Pierre Jabouille11299213210358
1981RenaultAlain Prost2111430342510510
1982RenaultAlain Prost112834225551188
1983FerrariPatrick Tambay11494031448778
1984FerrariMichele Alboreto212730.5010188412
1985FerrariMichele Alboreto423600010101
1986LigierJacques Laffite42111400005481
Philippe Alliot463100005252
1987LigierPiercarlo Ghinzani6710000087132
1988LigierStefan Johansson10900000095113
1989LigierOlivier Grouillard5621000058310



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