Piercarlo Ghinzani information & statistics

NamePiercarlo Ghinzani
CountryItaly Italy
Place of BirthRiviera d\'Adda, Lombardy
Date of BirthJan 16th 1952 - 66 years old
First RaceMay 17th 1981 Belgian Grand Prix result
Last RaceNov 5th 1989 Australian Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying13th - Oct 19th 1985 South African Grand Prix result
Best Result5th - Jul 8th 1984 Dallas Grand Prix result

Piercarlo Ghinzani F1 statistics:

Race Starts77
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

Championship Results

Piercarlo Ghinzani F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1989 Italy Osella Ford3000005500.000
1988 Germany Zakspeed Zakspeed90000036400.000
1987 France Ligier Megatron150000056400.000
1986 Italy Osella Alfa Romeo150000024200.000
1985 Italy Osella
United Kingdom Toleman
Alfa Romeo
1984 Italy Osella Alfa Romeo150000042700.132
1983 Italy Osella Alfa Romeo70000020700.000
1981 Italy Osella Ford1000005000.000

Race Results

Piercarlo Ghinzani F1 GP Race Results

11019891989 Australian Grand Prix result18OsellaFord21RetCollision0
10919891989 Spanish Grand Prix result18OsellaFord25RetGearbox0
10819891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10719891989 Italian Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10619891989 Belgian Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10519891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result18OsellaFord22RetElectrical0
10419891989 German Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10319891989 British Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10219891989 French Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10119891989 Canadian Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
10019891989 United States Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
9919891989 Mexican Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
9819891989 Monaco Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
9719891989 San Marino Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
9619891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result18OsellaFord0DNPQNo Time0
9519881988 Australian Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed26RetFuel System0
9419881988 Japanese Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
9319881988 Spanish Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
9219881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
9119881988 Italian Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed16RetEngine0
9019881988 Belgian Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed24RetOil Leak0
8919881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
8819881988 German Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed23140
8719881988 British Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
8619881988 French Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0EXCExcluded0
8519881988 Detroit Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
8419881988 Canadian Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed2214Engine0
8319881988 Mexican Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed18150
8219881988 Monaco Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed23RetGearbox0
8119881988 San Marino Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed25RetGearbox0
8019881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result9ZakspeedZakspeed0DNQNo Time0
7919871987 Australian Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron22RetIgnition0
7819871987 Japanese Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron24130
7719871987 Mexican Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron21RetWater Leak0
7619871987 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron23RetIgnition0
7519871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron23RetIgnition0
7419871987 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron1980
7319871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron25120
7219871987 German Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron17RetEngine0
7119871987 British Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron19EXCExcluded0
7019871987 French Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron17RetEngine0
6919871987 Detroit Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron23RetClutch0
6819871987 Austrian Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron1880
6719871987 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron20120
6619871987 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron1770
6519871987 San Marino Grand Prix result26LigierMegatron18RetHandling0
6419861986 Australian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo25RetTransmission0
6319861986 Mexican Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo25RetTurbo0
6219861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo24RetEngine0
6119861986 Italian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetSuspension0
6019861986 Austrian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo25110
5919861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo23RetSuspension0
5819861986 German Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo25RetClutch0
5719861986 British Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo24RetCollision0
5619861986 French Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo25RetAccident0
5519861986 Detroit Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo22RetTurbo0
5419861986 Canadian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo23RetGearbox0
5319861986 Belgian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo24RetEngine0
5219861986 Monaco Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
5119861986 San Marino Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetOut of Fuel0
5019861986 Spanish Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetEngine0
4919861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result21OsellaAlfa Romeo23RetEngine0
4819851985 Australian Grand Prix result20TolemanHart21RetClutch0
4719851985 South African Grand Prix result20TolemanHart13RetEngine0
4619851985 European Grand Prix result20TolemanHart14RetEngine0
4519851985 Belgian Grand Prix result20TolemanHart16RetAccident0
4419851985 Italian Grand Prix result20TolemanHart0DNSNon Starter0
4319851985 Dutch Grand Prix result20TolemanHart15RetEngine0
4219851985 Austrian Grand Prix result20TolemanHart19DNSNon Starter0
4119851985 British Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo25RetAccident0
4019851985 French Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo24150
3919851985 Detroit Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo22RetAccident0
3819851985 Canadian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo22RetEngine0
3719851985 Monaco Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
3619851985 San Marino Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo22NCNot Classified0
3519851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo2690
3419851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo22120
3319841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo22RetEngine0
3219841984 European Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo20RetAccident0
3119841984 Italian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo227Out of Fuel0
3019841984 Dutch Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetFuel Pump0
2919841984 Austrian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo23RetGearbox0
2819841984 German Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetElectrical0
2719841984 British Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo2190
2619841984 Dallas Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo1852
2519841984 Detroit Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetAccident0
2419841984 Canadian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo19RetGearbox0
2319841984 Monaco Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo1970
2219841984 French Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo25120
2119841984 San Marino Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
2019841984 Belgian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo20RetTransmission0
1919841984 South African Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo0WDAccident in practice0
1819841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result24OsellaAlfa Romeo21RetGearbox0
1719831983 South African Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetEngine0
1619831983 European Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo24RetThrottle0
1519831983 Italian Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo23RetGearbox0
1419831983 Dutch Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
1319831983 Austrian Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo25110
1219831983 German Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetOil Leak0
1119831983 British Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo26RetFuel System0
1019831983 Canadian Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
919831983 Detroit Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo24RetOverheating0
819831983 Belgian Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
719831983 Monaco Grand Prix result32OsellaAlfa Romeo0DNQNo Time0
619831983 San Marino Grand Prix result32OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
519831983 French Grand Prix result32OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
419831983 United States Grand Prix West result32OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
319831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result32OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
219811981 Monaco Grand Prix result32OsellaFord0DNQNo Time0
119811981 Belgian Grand Prix result31OsellaFord24130

Podium Finishes

Piercarlo Ghinzani F1 Podium Finishes


Pole Positions

Piercarlo Ghinzani F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Piercarlo Ghinzani Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1981OsellaBeppe Gabbiani13170000001001
1983OsellaCorrado Fabi11100000004967
1984OsellaJo Gartner750000002662
1985TolemanTeo Fabi15120000001625
1986OsellaAlex Caffi23110000000110
Allen Berg11120000003690
Christian Danner11140000003241
1987LigierRené Arnoux7601000078213
1988ZakspeedBernd Schneider12120000004545
1989OsellaNicola Larini13120000003517

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