Stefan Johansson info & statistics

Stefan Johansson info & stats
NameStefan Johansson
CountrySweden Sweden
Place of BirthVäxjö
Date of BirthSep 8th 1956 - 64 years old
First Race1983 British Grand Prix
Last Race1991 Canadian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying2nd - 1985 German Grand Prix
Best Result2nd - (4 times)
First Podium1985 Canadian Grand Prix
Last Podium1989 Portuguese Grand Prix

Stefan Johansson F1 Stats

Race Entries101
Race Starts79
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Podiums12 (11,9%)
Points Finishes26 (25,7%)
Retirements62 (61,4%)
Frontrow Starts1
Total Points88
Total Laps3.460



Stefan Johansson Final Championship Results



Stefan Johansson F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1991 United Kingdom Footwork Porsche1000004800.000
1989 Italy Onyx Ford80011032800.756
1988 France Ligier Judd100000035200.000
1987 United Kingdom McLaren TAG160235077101.8830
1986 Italy Ferrari Ferrari160044073901.4423
1985 Italy Ferrari
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1984 United Kingdom Toleman
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1983 United Kingdom Spirit Honda60000021200.000



Stefan Johansson F1 GP Race Classifications

2nd4 Times
3rd8 Times
4th7 Times
5th4 Times
6th3 Times
7th4 Times
8th3 Times
9th3 Times
10th2 Times
11th3 Times
12th2 Times
14th1 Time
DNF31 Times
DSQ4 Times
DNPQ6 Times
DNQ16 Times


Stefan Johansson F1 GP Race Results

10119911991 British Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNQNo Time0
10019911991 French Grand Prix result10FootworkFord0DNQNo Time0
9919911991 Mexican Grand Prix result10FootworkPorsche0DNQNo Time0
9819911991 Canadian Grand Prix result10FootworkPorsche25DNFThrottle0
9719911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result18AGSFord0DNQNo Time0
9619911991 USA Grand Prix result18AGSFord0DNQNo Time0
9519901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result35OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
9419901990 USA Grand Prix result35OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
9319891989 Spanish Grand Prix result36OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0
9219891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result36OnyxFord1234
9119891989 Italian Grand Prix result36OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0
9019891989 Belgian Grand Prix result36OnyxFord1580
8919891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result36OnyxFord24DNFGearbox0
8819891989 German Grand Prix result36OnyxFord24DNFOverheating0
8719891989 British Grand Prix result36OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0
8619891989 French Grand Prix result36OnyxFord1352
8519891989 Canadian Grand Prix result36OnyxFord18DSQDisqualified0
8419891989 USA Grand Prix result36OnyxFord19DNFSuspension0
8319891989 Mexican Grand Prix result36OnyxFord21DNFTransmission0
8219891989 Monaco Grand Prix result36OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0
8119891989 San Marino Grand Prix result36OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0
8019891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result36OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0
7919881988 Australian Grand Prix result26LigierJudd229Out of Fuel0
7819881988 Japanese Grand Prix result26LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
7719881988 Spanish Grand Prix result26LigierJudd21DNFWheel0
7619881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result26LigierJudd24DNFEngine0
7519881988 Italian Grand Prix result26LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
7419881988 Belgian Grand Prix result26LigierJudd2011Engine0
7319881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result26LigierJudd24DNFThrottle0
7219881988 German Grand Prix result26LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
7119881988 British Grand Prix result26LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
7019881988 French Grand Prix result26LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
6919881988 Detroit Grand Prix result26LigierJudd18DNFOverheating0
6819881988 Canadian Grand Prix result26LigierJudd25DNFEngine0
6719881988 Mexican Grand Prix result26LigierJudd24100
6619881988 Monaco Grand Prix result26LigierJudd26DNFEngine0
6519881988 San Marino Grand Prix result26LigierJudd0DNQNo Time0
6419881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result26LigierJudd2190
6319871987 Australian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG8DNFBrakes0
6219871987 Japanese Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG934
6119871987 Mexican Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG15DNFAccident0
6019871987 Spanish Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG1134
5919871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG852
5819871987 Italian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG1161
5719871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG8DNFGearbox0
5619871987 German Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG826
5519871987 British Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG10DNFEngine0
5419871987 French Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG980
5319871987 Detroit Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG1170
5219871987 Austrian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG1470
5119871987 Monaco Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG7DNFEngine0
5019871987 Belgian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG1026
4919871987 San Marino Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG843
4819871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result2McLarenTAG1034
4719861986 Australian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1234
4619861986 Mexican Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1412Turbo0
4519861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari861
4419861986 Italian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1234
4319861986 Austrian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1434
4219861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari743
4119861986 German Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1111Broken wing0
4019861986 British Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari18DNFEngine0
3919861986 French Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari10DNFTurbo0
3819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari5DNFElectrical0
3719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari18DNFAccident0
3619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1134
3519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari15100
3419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari743
3319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari11DNFBrakes0
3219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari8DNFBrakes0
3119851985 Australian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1552
3019851985 South African Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1643
2919851985 European Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari13DNFElectrical0
2819851985 Belgian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari5DNFSpun Off0
2719851985 Italian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1052
2619851985 Dutch Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari17DNFEngine0
2519851985 Austrian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1243
2419851985 German Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari290
2319851985 British Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari11DNFAccident0
2219851985 French Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1643
2119851985 Detroit Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari926
2019851985 Canadian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari426
1919851985 Monaco Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari15DNFAccident0
1819851985 San Marino Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari156Out of Fuel1
1719851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari1180
1619851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord2370
1519841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result20TolemanHart10110
1419841984 European Grand Prix result20TolemanHart26DNFOverheating0
1319841984 Italian Grand Prix result19TolemanHart1743
1219841984 Dutch Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord25DSQDisqualified0
1119841984 Austrian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord0DNQNo Time0
1019841984 German Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord26DSQDisqualified0
919841984 British Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord25DSQDisqualified0
819831983 European Grand Prix result40SpiritHonda19140
719831983 Italian Grand Prix result40SpiritHonda17DNFDistributor0
619831983 Dutch Grand Prix result40SpiritHonda1670
519831983 Austrian Grand Prix result40SpiritHonda16120
419831983 German Grand Prix result40SpiritHonda13DNFEngine0
319831983 British Grand Prix result40SpiritHonda15DNFFuel System0
219801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0
119801980 Argentine Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0



Stefan Johansson Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1980ShadowDave Kennedy26250000000000
1984TolemanAyrton Senna1130400001102
Pierluigi Martini4273000001010
TyrrellMike Thackwell10270000001010
Stefan Bellof15130000000320
1985FerrariMichele Alboreto212647020087213
TyrrellMartin Brundle780000001001
1986FerrariMichele Alboreto322314000088412
1987McLarenAlain Prost2130460300511016
1988LigierRené Arnoux91000000059311
1989OnyxBertrand Gachot5122000007254
Jyrki Järvilehto3214000001111
1990OnyxJyrki Järvilehto27280000000000
1991AGSGabriele Tarquini2880000000202
FootworkMichele Alboreto13190000001304



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