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NameNelson Piquet
CountryBrazil Brazil
Place of BirthRio de Janeiro
Date of BirthAug 17th 1952 - 68 years old
First Race1978 German Grand Prix
Last Race1991 Australian Grand Prix
First Pole1980 USA West Grand Prix
Last Pole1987 Spanish Grand Prix
First Win1980 USA West Grand Prix
Last Win1991 Canadian Grand Prix
First Podium1980 Argentine Grand Prix
Last Podium1991 Belgian Grand Prix

Nelson Piquet F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles3
Race Entries207
Race Starts204
Race Wins23 (11,1%)
Pole Positions24 (11,6%)
Fastest Laps23 (11,1%)
Podiums60 (29,0%)
Points Finishes100 (48,3%)
Retirements91 (44,0%)
Wins from pole5
Frontrow Starts44
Total Points486
Total Laps9.872



Nelson Piquet Biography

Nelson Piquet. testing the Benetton Ford Test, (1990).

Nelson Piquet. testing the Benetton Ford Test, (1990)

Nelson Piquet was the second F1 champion from Brazil.

Born on the 17th of August of 1952 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nelson Souto Maior had a promising career in tennis, a sport his father Estácio excelled in, but he decided that his real route was headed to motorsports and racing.

He grew up in Brazilia and at 12 years of age, his talent in tennis was fairly recognizable. He made the trip to the United States to continue his growth in the tennis world at age 16. At that point in his life, he had started to drive karts as a 14-year-old and it quickly became his true passion.

Of course, his parents were not supportive of his racing career and it made Nelson use his mother’s surname to hide his racing trajectory from his family.

Before entering the university to study philosophy and engineering, Piquet was already a karting and sports car champions in Brazil. Emerson Fittipaldi was a big influence in Piquet’s racing career in the early stages. He won two National Championships in karting in Brazil and was recognized as a prodigy.

As Fittipaldi did, Piquet entered Formula Vee and won the championship in 1976 before moving to Europe, a move recommended by the World Champion Fittipaldi. After arriving in England with the economical opportunity of supporting his career, he entered two British Formula Three championships.

Nelson Piquet, Brabham Monaco (1979)

He arrived with plenty of experience and talent and established himself pretty quick, breaking Jackie Stewart’s record of most wins in a single year of Formula Three. Piquet won the Formula 3 Britain BARC championship and finished second in the Formula 3 Britain BRDC Vandervell in 1978.


Also in 1978, the chance to enter the Formula 1 circus arrived with Ensign at the 1978 German Grand Prix. Piquet qualified 21st for his first race and retired on race day with an engine issue.

After one race with Ensign, Piquet drove a McLaren M23 for BS Fabrications. He competed in three races with BS Fabrications —at Austria, the Netherlands and Italy— and his best finish was a ninth place at Italy, the only race which he finished.

For the last race of 1978, Bernie Ecclestone came calling and hired Piquet to drive for Brabham alongside Niki Lauda, who already was a double World Champion at the time.

The BT48 with an Alfa Romeo V12 engine was not a highly competitive car and had some reliability issues which hindered Piquet’s first full F1 season. The Brazilian only scored three points in the 1979 World Drivers’ Championship with a fourth-place finish at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Nelson Piquet and Bernie Ecclestone in Spain (1979)

Nelson Piquet and Bernie Ecclestone in Spain (1979)

As Lauda retired after the 1979 season, Piquet became the leader of the team and took advantage of a good car for 1980.

Piquet achieved the first podium of his career in the inaugural race of 1980, the Argentine Grand Prix. Then, he won the fourth race of the season, at Long Beach. His first win came in dominant fashion, starting from Pole Position and winning with a 49-second gap over Riccardo Patrese.

The win had him tied for the championship lead with Renault’s René Arnoux and put him between the contenders. After the first 10 races, Piquet had four podiums and was in second place in the World Drivers’ Championship behind Williams’ Alan Jones.

Piquet went on to win the next two races: the 1980 Dutch Grand Prix and the 1980 Italian Grand Prix, which gave him the title lead with one point over Jones and two races to go. He started from Pole Position in the following race, the 1980 Canadian Grand Prix, but reliability damaged his chances and Jones won the title in 1980.

Piquet fought against the two Williams drivers in 1981, Carlos Reutemann and Jones, and came out victorious behind the wheel of the Cosworth-powered BT49C. To start 1981, Piquet had victories at Argentina and Imola, two Poles and three podiums in the first four rounds.

Nelson Piquet (1981)

Nelson Piquet (1981)

Reutemann was the championship leader early on due to a string of great results to start the season. After the first four races, Piquet retired from three straight races and fell to third on the WDC behind the Williams drivers.

After the three straight DNFs at Belgium, Monaco and Spain, Piquet put together a strong run of results which included a victory at Germany and three other podiums. Heading into the final race of the year at Las Vegas, Reutemann had a one-point advantage over the Brazilian.

In the final race, three drivers had a shot at the title: Reutemann, Piquet and Jacques Laffite, who was driving for Ligier-Matra. Reutemann started the race from Pole Position and looked set to win the title, however, a lost fourth gear in the early stages of the race meant he would suffer. As Piquet overtook Reutemann in a tremendous fight for fifth place, the Argentine faded away and the Brazilian just needed to keep his position to secure the title.

Lafitte was running behind Piquet, who was scoring the two points needed to win the championship as Reutemann was falling down the order. Ultimately, Piquet finished fifth and became the second Brazilian to win the World Drivers’ Championship and the third Brabham driver to win it after Jack Brabham himself (1966) and Denny Hulme (1967).

Nelson Piquet driving the 1983 Brabham BMW

Nelson Piquet driving the Brabham BMW at Zandvoort (1983)

A move to BMW engines for 1982 did not pay off for the team and Piquet only won one race during the season, the 1982 Canadian Grand Prix, which was described as the best win of his career by Piquet himself and also was the first win for a BMW-powered car.


The non-Ground Effect Brabham BT52 was a big improvement from the previous car and Piquet again saw himself with a chance to fight for the title. This time, Renault’s Alain Prost was the main obstacle between the Brazilian and a second WDC.

Prost was consistent throughout the whole year, while Ferrari drivers René Arnoux and Patrick Tambay were consistently fighting for Poles and victories. Piquet was the championship leader in the first races, then Prost took the title lead until the last round of the year.

With three races left, Piquet had won only one race during the year —the 1983 Brazilian Grand Prix— and was sitting third in the standings behind Prost and Arnoux, who had four and three wins apiece.

Piquet won two straight races —the Italian Grand Prix and the European Grand Prix at Brands Hatch— and had a chance to snatch the title from Prost in the final round of the campaign. In the 1983 South African Grand Prix, Piquet started from second place and was leading in the initial phase of the Grand Prix. Arnoux retired and his title quest ended, while Prost had recovered from fifth to third but needed Piquet to finish second to earn the title if he ended the race in third.

As Prost suffered turbo issues and retired, Piquet only needed to finish the race inside the top four to win the championship. The Brazilian reduced his pace and ultimately finished third behind Patrese and Andrea de Cesaris to take his second WDC by two points over Prost.

Between 1984 and 1985, Piquet won three races and just finished on the podiums on three other times. With Brabham not producing competitive cars during those two years and Ecclestone unwilling to double up his salary, Piquet left Brabham for Williams.

Brabham BT53 BMW driven by Nelson Piquet at Monaco (1984)

Brabham BT53 BMW driven by Nelson Piquet at Monaco (1984)

With a big contract from Williams, it was expected Piquet would be the number one driver and would enjoy preferential treatment within the team. However, Nigel Mansell was entering his second year with the team and planned to be the leader.

The Honda-powered FW11 proved to be a great car and Piquet won his debut race with the team in the 1986 Brazilian Grand Prix. As the season went on, the issues between the team, Mansell and Piquet got worst. Piquet accused the team of favouring the Englishman and also insulted Mansell publicly.

Given the struggles within Williams, it was merely logical for another driver to swamp them in the championship, which Alain Prost duly did, although with some luck. Mansell was on pace to win the title in the 1986 Australian Grand Prix before a puncture ended his race. Then, it was Piquet who was on course for his third championship, but Williams elected to precautionary pit him for new tyres and Prost took the World Drivers’ Championship.

The FW11B maintained the level from its predecessor and the Williams drivers were again in a heated battle for the WDC. It was right before the second race of 1987, the San Marino Grand Prix, in which Piquet suffered a huge crash during practice and was not able to start the race. Piquet has revealed in recent years that he never felt “quite right” after that crash but did not tell the team in fear they wouldn’t let him compete.

Nelson Piquet, Williams Honda FW11, Monaco GP (1986)

Nelson Piquet, Williams Honda FW11, Monaco GP (1986)

Mansell had the advantage in qualifying and won races with more consistency than the Brazilian. However, Piquet always found the way to get into podium places and was leading the championship with just two races left. As Mansell, who was pushing to catch Piquet at the top, crashed during practice for the 1987 Japanese Grand Prix and got injured, the title was decided in Piquet’s favour with two races left.

The Brazilian only won three races during the year, while Mansell won six. However, Piquet’s consistency was unmatched. The best 11 results counted towards the championship and Piquet played perfectly to that rule, achieving 11 podiums during the season while his teammate got only seven.

After winning the 1987 title, Piquet left to fill the void generated at Lotus after Ayrton Senna’s move to McLaren. After starting the year promisingly with straight podiums at Brazil and San Marino, Piquet’s first year with Lotus went downhill as the Honda-powered 100T struggled. He finished sixth in 1988 with three podiums. Then, the 1989 season was even worse for Piquet and Lotus, as the Brazilian could not finish a single race in podium places.

He joined Benetton for 1990 and even though the car was not the fastest, Piquet found reliability and his own consistency. In 1990, Piquet scored points in 12 of the 16 races on the calendar and even won the controversial 1990 Japanese Grand Prix, as well as the 1990 Australian Grand Prix, the last two races of the season.

Benetton B191 Ford driven by Nelson Piquet at Monaco (1991)

Benetton B191 Ford driven by Nelson Piquet at Monaco (1991)

In 1991, the Brazilian scored a podium in the first race but had a difficult season overall. Still, he won the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix, which was his third win for Benetton and the last of his career. It was an iconic win, as his rival Mansell caused the gearbox in his Williams to get stuck in the last lap while waving to the crowd as a celebration to his almost certain win.

Piquet shared team with rookie Michael Schumacher in the last five races of 1991, which were the last five races of his own career too. At the age of 39, Piquet retired from Formula 1 with 204 starts, three World Championships, 23 wins and 60 podiums.

After leaving F1, Piquet entered the 1992 and 1993 Indy 500 but ended up crashing during practice for the 1992 race and finishing 32nd in 1993. Then, the 24 Hours of Le Mans became a new challenge for him in 1996 and 1997, but he could only finish sixth in his class in the 1996 edition.

A businessman, Piquet was able to help his son Nelson’s motorsport career. “Nelsinho” competed in Formula 1 until the Crashgate scandal, in which he was ordered by Renault Team Boss Flavio Briatore to crash to make Fernando Alonso’s strategy work. Alonso eventually won the race, but Piquet revealed details a year after and the scandal exploded.

Nelsinho also became the first Formula E champion in history.

Piquet also helps the racing career of Pedro, one of the children of his current marriage with Viviane de Souza. He has seven children: Geraldo, Nelson, Laszlo, Kelly, Julia, Pedro, and Marco.

“Once you’re in the car, it doesn’t matter what happens, you go to the end… To drive a Formula 1 car I think is the maximum you can get... And also the competition with another driver is the good feeling”.



Nelson Piquet Final Championship Results



Nelson Piquet F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1991 Italy Benetton Ford161023075601.6626.5
1990 Italy Benetton Ford162114095802.7544
1989 United Kingdom Team Lotus Judd150000072200.8012
1988 United Kingdom Team Lotus Honda160033076601.3822
1987 United Kingdom Williams Honda1537111488945.0776
1986 United Kingdom Williams Honda1643310293774.3169
1985 United Kingdom Brabham BMW161102151901.3121
1984 United Kingdom Brabham BMW162114968331.8129
1983 United Kingdom Brabham BMW153328180843.9359
1982 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
1981 United Kingdom Brabham Ford153137480813.3350
1980 United Kingdom Brabham Ford143216274213.8654
1979 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
Alfa Romeo
1978 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Ensign
United Kingdom McLaren
Alfa Romeo



Nelson Piquet F1 Cars



Nelson Piquet F1 GP Race Classifications

1st23 Times
2nd20 Times
3rd17 Times
4th18 Times
5th15 Times
6th7 Times
7th6 Times
8th9 Times
9th2 Times
11th3 Times
12th2 Times
13th1 Time
15th1 Time
DNF78 Times
DSQ2 Times
DNQ2 Times
DNS1 Time


Nelson Piquet F1 GP Race Results

20719911991 Australian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord541.5
20619911991 Japanese Grand Prix result20BenettonFord1070
20519911991 Spanish Grand Prix result20BenettonFord10110
20419911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result20BenettonFord1152
20319911991 Italian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord861
20219911991 Belgian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord634
20119911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord11DNFGearbox0
20019911991 German Grand Prix result20BenettonFord8DNFEngine0
19919911991 British Grand Prix result20BenettonFord852
19819911991 French Grand Prix result20BenettonFord780
19719911991 Mexican Grand Prix result20BenettonFord6DNFWheel Bearing0
19619911991 Canadian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord8110
19519911991 Monaco Grand Prix result20BenettonFord4DNFSuspension0
19419911991 San Marino Grand Prix result20BenettonFord14DNFSpun Off0
19319911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord752
19219911991 USA Grand Prix result20BenettonFord534
19119901990 Australian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord719
19019901990 Japanese Grand Prix result20BenettonFord619
18919901990 Spanish Grand Prix result20BenettonFord8DNFBattery0
18819901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result20BenettonFord652
18719901990 Italian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord970
18619901990 Belgian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord852
18519901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord934
18419901990 German Grand Prix result20BenettonFord7DNFEngine0
18319901990 British Grand Prix result20BenettonFord1152
18219901990 French Grand Prix result20BenettonFord943
18119901990 Mexican Grand Prix result20BenettonFord861
18019901990 Canadian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord526
17919901990 Monaco Grand Prix result20BenettonFord10DSQPush Start0
17819901990 San Marino Grand Prix result20BenettonFord852
17719901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord1361
17619901990 USA Grand Prix result20BenettonFord643
17519891989 Australian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd18DNFCollision0
17419891989 Japanese Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd1143
17319891989 Spanish Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd780
17219891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd20DNFCollision0
17119891989 Italian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd11DNFSpun Off0
17019891989 Belgian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd0DNQNo Time0
16919891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd1761
16819891989 German Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd852
16719891989 British Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd1043
16619891989 French Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd2080
16519891989 Canadian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd1943
16419891989 USA Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd22DNFSpun Off0
16319891989 Mexican Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd26110
16219891989 Monaco Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd19DNFCollision0
16119891989 San Marino Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd8DNFEngine0
16019891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd9DNFFuel system0
15919881988 Australian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda534
15819881988 Japanese Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda5DNFDriver ill0
15719881988 Spanish Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda980
15619881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda8DNFClutch0
15519881988 Italian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda7DNFClutch0
15419881988 Belgian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda943
15319881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda1380
15219881988 German Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda5DNFSpun Off0
15119881988 British Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda752
15019881988 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda752
14919881988 Detroit Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda8DNFSpun Off0
14819881988 Canadian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda643
14719881988 Mexican Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda4DNFEngine0
14619881988 Monaco Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda11DNFCollision0
14519881988 San Marino Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda334
14419881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda534
14319871987 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda3DNFBrakes0
14219871987 Japanese Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda515Engine0
14119871987 Mexican Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda326
14019871987 Spanish Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda143
13919871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda434
13819871987 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda119
13719871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda319
13619871987 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda419
13519871987 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda126
13419871987 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda426
13319871987 Detroit Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda326
13219871987 Austrian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda126
13119871987 Monaco Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda326
13019871987 Belgian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda2DNFExhaust0
12919871987 San Marino Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda0DNSInjury0
12819871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda226
12719861986 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda226
12619861986 Mexican Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda243
12519861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda634
12419861986 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda619
12319861986 Austrian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda7DNFEngine0
12219861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda219
12119861986 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda519
12019861986 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda126
11919861986 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda334
11819861986 Detroit Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda3DNFAccident0
11719861986 Canadian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda334
11619861986 Belgian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda1DNFTurbo0
11519861986 Monaco Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda1170
11419861986 San Marino Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda226
11319861986 Spanish Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda2DNFEngine0
11219861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda219
11119851985 Australian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW9DNFFire0
11019851985 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW2DNFEngine0
10919851985 European Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW2DNFAccident0
10819851985 Belgian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW352
10719851985 Italian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW426
10619851985 Dutch Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW180
10519851985 Austrian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW5DNFExhaust0
10419851985 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW6DNFTurbo0
10319851985 British Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW243
10219851985 French Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW519
10119851985 Detroit Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW1061
10019851985 Canadian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW9DNFTransmission0
9919851985 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW13DNFAccident0
9819851985 San Marino Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW98Out of Fuel0
9719851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW16DNFTyre0
9619851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW8DNFTransmission0
9519841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW161
9419841984 European Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW134
9319841984 Italian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW1DNFEngine0
9219841984 Dutch Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW2DNFOil Pressure0
9119841984 Austrian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW126
9019841984 German Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW5DNFGearbox0
8919841984 British Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW170
8819841984 Dallas Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW12DNFSpun off0
8719841984 Detroit Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW119
8619841984 Canadian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW119
8519841984 Monaco Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW9DNFElectrical0
8419841984 French Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW3DNFTurbo0
8319841984 San Marino Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW1DNFTurbo0
8219841984 Belgian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW99Engine0
8119841984 South African Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW1DNFTurbo0
8019841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW7DNFEngine0
7919831983 South African Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW234
7819831983 European Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW419
7719831983 Italian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW419
7619831983 Dutch Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW1DNFCollision0
7519831983 Austrian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW434
7419831983 German Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW413Fire0
7319831983 British Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW626
7219831983 Canadian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW3DNFThrottle0
7119831983 Detroit Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW243
7019831983 Belgian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW443
6919831983 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW626
6819831983 San Marino Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW2DNFEngine0
6719831983 French Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW626
6619831983 USA West Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW20DNFThrottle0
6519831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW419
6419821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW12DNFSpark Plugs0
6319821982 Italian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW2DNFEngine0
6219821982 Swiss Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW643
6119821982 Austrian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW1DNFElectrical0
6019821982 German Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW4DNFCollision0
5919821982 French Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW6DNFEngine0
5819821982 British Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW3DNFFuel System0
5719821982 Dutch Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW326
5619821982 Canadian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW419
5519821982 Detroit Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW0DNQNo Time0
5419821982 Monaco Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW13DNFTurbo0
5319821982 Belgian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW852
5219821982 USA West Grand Prix result1BrabhamFord6DNFSpun Off0
5119821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result1BrabhamFord7DSQDisqualified (Illegal Water Tank)0
5019821982 South African Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW2DNFSpun Off0
4919811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord452
4819811981 Canadian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord152
4719811981 Italian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord66Engine1
4619811981 Dutch Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord326
4519811981 Austrian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord734
4419811981 German Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord619
4319811981 British Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord3DNFTyre0
4219811981 French Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord434
4119811981 Spanish Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord9DNFAccident0
4019811981 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord1DNFSpun Off0
3919811981 Belgian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord2DNFAccident0
3819811981 San Marino Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord519
3719811981 Argentine Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord119
3619811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord1120
3519811981 USA West Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord434
3419801980 USA Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord2DNFSpun Off0
3319801980 Canadian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord1DNFEngine0
3219801980 Italian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord519
3119801980 Dutch Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord519
3019801980 Austrian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord752
2919801980 German Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord643
2819801980 British Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord526
2719801980 French Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord843
2619801980 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord434
2519801980 Belgian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord7DNFSpun Off0
2419801980 USA West Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord119
2319801980 South African Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord343
2219801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord9DNFSuspension0
2119801980 Argentine Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord426
2019791979 USA Grand Prix result6BrabhamFord28Transmission0
1919791979 Canadian Grand Prix result6BrabhamFord4DNFGearbox0
1819791979 Italian Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo8DNFAccident0
1719791979 Dutch Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo1143
1619791979 Austrian Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo7DNFEngine0
1519791979 German Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo412Engine0
1419791979 British Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo3DNFSpun Off0
1319791979 French Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo4DNFAccident0
1219791979 Monaco Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo187Transmission0
1119791979 Belgian Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo3DNFEngine0
1019791979 Spanish Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo7DNFInjection0
919791979 USA West Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo1280
819791979 South African Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo1270
719791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo22DNFAccident0
619791979 Argentine Grand Prix result6BrabhamAlfa Romeo20DNFCollision0
519781978 Canadian Grand Prix result66BrabhamAlfa Romeo14110
419781978 Italian Grand Prix result29McLarenFord2490
319781978 Dutch Grand Prix result29McLarenFord25DNFTransmission0
219781978 Austrian Grand Prix result29McLarenFord20DNFAccident0
119781978 German Grand Prix result22EnsignFord21DNFEngine0



Nelson Piquet F1 Podium Finishes

6019911991 Belgian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord634
5919911991 Canadian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord8110
5819911991 USA Grand Prix result20BenettonFord534
5719901990 Australian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord719
5619901990 Japanese Grand Prix result20BenettonFord619
5519901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord934
5419901990 Canadian Grand Prix result20BenettonFord526
5319881988 Australian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda534
5219881988 San Marino Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda334
5119881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result1Team LotusHonda534
5019871987 Mexican Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda326
4919871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda434
4819871987 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda119
4719871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda319
4619871987 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda419
4519871987 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda126
4419871987 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda426
4319871987 Detroit Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda326
4219871987 Austrian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda126
4119871987 Monaco Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda326
4019871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda226
3919861986 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda226
3819861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda634
3719861986 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda619
3619861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda219
3519861986 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda519
3419861986 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda126
3319861986 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda334
3219861986 Canadian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda334
3119861986 San Marino Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda226
3019861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsHonda219
2919851985 Italian Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW426
2819851985 French Grand Prix result7BrabhamBMW519
2719841984 European Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW134
2619841984 Austrian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW126
2519841984 Detroit Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW119
2419841984 Canadian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW119
2319831983 South African Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW234
2219831983 European Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW419
2119831983 Italian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW419
2019831983 Austrian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW434
1919831983 British Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW626
1819831983 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW626
1719831983 French Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW626
1619831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result5BrabhamBMW419
1519821982 Dutch Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW326
1419821982 Canadian Grand Prix result1BrabhamBMW419
1319811981 Dutch Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord326
1219811981 Austrian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord734
1119811981 German Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord619
1019811981 French Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord434
919811981 San Marino Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord519
819811981 Argentine Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord119
719811981 USA West Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord434
619801980 Italian Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord519
519801980 Dutch Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord519
419801980 British Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord526
319801980 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord434
219801980 USA West Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord119
119801980 Argentine Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord426



Nelson Piquet Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1978BrabhamJohn Watson11190000001001
Niki Lauda11200000001001
EnsignHarald Ertl16110000000101
McLarenBrett Lunger980000001203
Bruno Giacomelli9130000001102
James Hunt9100000001203
Patrick Tambay950200000303
1979BrabhamNiki Lauda443400007777
Ricardo Zunino870000001120
1980BrabhamHector Rebaque1629120106170
Ricardo Zunino1725010106170
1981BrabhamHector Rebaque1450113040123150
1982BrabhamRiccardo Patrese112021111011496
1983BrabhamRiccardo Patrese115913311196105
1984BrabhamCorrado Fabi179010203131
Manfred Winkelhock6101000101010
Teo Fabi13199106074110
1985BrabhamFrançois Hesnault8220000003140
Marc Surer14215101084111
1986WilliamsNigel Mansell11697245227988
1987WilliamsNigel Mansell117661364887510
Riccardo Patrese1190000000110
1988Team LotusSatoru Nakajima362210000124151
1989Team LotusSatoru Nakajima441230000105132
1990BenettonAlessandro Nannini22262100008695
Roberto Moreno1218620002020
1991BenettonMichael Schumacher454.5400003214
Roberto Moreno1422810006583



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Kvyat hoping fatherhood can wait until after race

Daniil Kvyat is crossing his fingers that fatherhood can be held at bay for another day or two. The Russian's girlfriend Kelly Piquet, whose father is the F1 legend Nelson Piquet,..

July 14, 2019 with 0 Comments

Piquet VS Salazar backmarker incident 1982

In this video you can see how Nelson Piquet driving the Brabham reacted back in 1982 on similar backmarker incident between him and Eliseo Salazar (ATS) diuring the 1982 German..

November 16, 2018 with 0 Comments

Piquet: 'Chaos' brought by Alonso limited his success

Aug.20 - The "chaos" brought by Fernando Alonso means the Spaniard was not able to reach his full potential in F1. That is the claim of Nelson Piquet, a triple world champion who..

August 20, 2018 with 0 Comments

Kvyat: 2017 training to be 'intensive'

Jan.10 - Daniil Kvyat says he has returned from a Christmas break to a spate of "intensive training" ahead of the 2017 season. The young Russian had a tumultuous 2016 season,..

January 10, 2017 with 0 Comments

Piquet jr admits F1 return chances low

Feb.9 - Nelson Piquet jr has acknowledged that his formula one days are over for now. Famously, the Brazilian found himself at the centre of the biggest race-fixing scandal to..

February 9, 2016 with 0 Comments

Piquet turned down Toro Rosso return

Jul.9 - When it comes to 'crashgate', the only protagonist who did not rebuild his F1 career was Nelson Piquet jr. Since the Singapore crash scandal struck, Pat Symonds has..

July 9, 2015 with 0 Comments

Massa hits back at Piquet's F1 criticism

Felipe Massa has hit back at F1 legend Nelson Piquet's harsh critique of modern formula one. The triple world champion had declared at Interlagos last weekend that with so many..

November 12, 2014 with 0 Comments

Nelson Piquet jr: Alonso would be champion in 2012 Sauber F1 Car

Fernando Alonso's former teammate thinks the Spaniard could have been this year's world champion at the wheel of the Sauber C31 F1 car. Nelson Piquet jr, who was Alonso's teammate..

November 22, 2012 with 0 Comments

'Kicked by Piquet' Salazar to be Spa steward

Aug.30 (GMM) The official FIA preview of this weekend's Belgian grand prix overlooked arguably the most famous moment of Eliseo Salazar's career. Chilean Salazar, who will..

August 30, 2012 with 0 Comments

Piquet Jr camp clarifies Senna comments

Aug.23 (GMM) Nelson Piquet Jr has denied reports he doubts the great Ayrton Senna would have succeeded in today's formula one. The former Renault driver's spokesman Luis..

August 23, 2012 with 0 Comments

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