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NameNico Rosberg
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthWiesbaden
Date of BirthJun 27th 1985 - 35 years old
First Race2006 Bahrain Grand Prix
Last Race2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
First Pole2012 Chinese Grand Prix
Last Pole2016 Japanese Grand Prix
First Win2012 Chinese Grand Prix
Last Win2016 Japanese Grand Prix
First Podium2008 Australian Grand Prix
Last Podium2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg drove car number 6 for Mercedes

Nico Rosberg F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles1
Race Starts206
Race Wins23 (11,2%)
Pole Positions30 (14,6%)
Fastest Laps20 (9,7%)
Podiums57 (27,7%)
Points Finishes133 (64,6%)
Retirements32 (15,5%)
Wins from pole15
Frontrow Starts60
Total Points1.595
Total Laps11.160

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Nico Rosberg Biography

One of the sport’s most underrated drivers, Nico Rosberg swatted aside all the doubts over his credentials as he almost became 2014 world champion.

The German pushed his illustrious team-mate, Lewis Hamilton, all the way to the final race in Abu Dhabi but ultimately came up short. Make no mistake though, 2014 was a fine year for Rosberg who confirmed his status as one of the best in the sport.

2015 proved to be hit and miss, but his end of season form again showed his blistering speed and jaw-dropping potential.

Rosberg F1 review of the 2014 Italian F1 GPCritics have always been quick to dismiss Rosberg as a benefactor of his former champion father Keke, who doesn't possess the necessary skills to reach the top. How wrong they are.

In 2014, Rosberg took on the sport’s fastest driver and beat him in qualifying time and time again. His race craft needs perfecting, but he will perfect it. Hamilton may have the edge at Mercedes, but Rosberg will not go away. He wants a championship, and many would back him.

The 29-year-old joined Williams in 2006, but he flattered to deceive. His pace was obvious but not always on show. In his debut race in Bahrain he set the fastest lap of the race, but finished the season with just four points.

20 points followed in 2007, but Williams went backwards in 2008. Rosberg, acknowledged as a raw driver, typified his strengths and weaknesses in Singapore that year when he squandered the chance of victory, by crossing the white line at the end of the pit-lane and taking a penalty. He still possessed the speed to come second, but it was an opportunity missed.

Nico Rosberg Williams Monaco (2006)

Nico Rosberg driving for Williams at Monaco (2006)

A faster Rosberg came alive in 2009 and he scored each of the team’s 34.5 points as he finished sixth in the championship. However, his time at Williams was coming to an end and the new Mercedes team wanted him to lead their charge to the front, alongside Michael Schumacher.

The seven-time champion seemed to be a fading force, as Rosberg routinely beat the legend in both qualifying and race day.

The Silver Arrows was not progressing at an expected rate though, and Rosberg netted just four podiums in his first three seasons, although he did claim his maiden victory in China in 2012.

Schumacher said goodbye for good at the end of that year, and he was replaced by Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was expected to lead the team, but Rosberg quickly put him in his place by claiming two more wins in 2013, to Hamilton’s one.

Many experts now believe that Schumacher wasn’t as bad as suggested, but he was made to look average by the blistering form of the understated Rosberg. When Hamilton arrived, Mercedes became a real force.

Their single lap pace was faster than anyone else on the grid and Rosberg backed that up with wins in Monaco and Britain. Ultimately, Mercedes couldn't keep up with Red Bull in developing their car and instead opted to focus on 2014, which had many rule changes planned.

Nico Rosberg wins

Nico Rosberg wins

With a renewed focus on engines, Mercedes dominated. Rosberg won in Australia, Monaco, Austria, Germany and Brazil but he failed to press home his early season advantage and win the title, as the tenacious Hamilton won his second world crown.

Controversy followed Rosberg, who hit Hamilton in Belgium and took him out, while he also scored pole position in Monaco after spinning on the final lap, and ruining everyone else’s final attempt to beat him.

Hamilton dominated 2015 and convincingly defended his title. But just as serious questions were being asked of the German, he won the final three races.

He has the speed and momentum, and 2016 was his best F1 season. He defeted his long time race rival Lewis Hamilton and scored his Formula 1 drivers championship. A few days after he won the crown, he decided to quit F1 and leave Mercedes.

It's seems like the stress and pressure was so heavy, that he didn't want any more of that.

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Nico Rosberg F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2016 Germany Mercedes Mercedes219521681202618.33385
2015 Germany Mercedes Mercedes196721571100516.95322
2014 Germany Mercedes Mercedes19510015111063516.68317
2013 Germany Mercedes Mercedes1921143105809.00171
2012 Germany Mercedes Mercedes2011021103624.6593
2011 Germany Mercedes Mercedes1900000103604.6889
2010 Germany Mercedes Mercedes1900330102907.47142
2009 United Kingdom Williams Toyota170000094112.0334.5
2008 United Kingdom Williams Toyota1801120106800.9417
2007 United Kingdom Williams Toyota170000096501.1820
2006 United Kingdom Williams Cosworth180000066210.224



Nico Rosberg F1 GP Race Classifications

1st23 Times
2nd25 Times
3rd9 Times
4th11 Times
5th16 Times
6th16 Times
7th15 Times
8th10 Times
9th10 Times
10th9 Times
11th9 Times
12th6 Times
13th3 Times
14th5 Times
15th4 Times
16th4 Times
17th2 Times
19th1 Time
DNF28 Times


Nico Rosberg F1 GP Race Results

20620162016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
20520162016 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
20420162016 Mexican Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
20320162016 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
20220162016 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
20120162016 Malaysian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2315
20020162016 Singapore Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
19920162016 Italian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
19820162016 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
19720162016 German Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1412
19620162016 Hungarian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
19520162016 British Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2315
19420162016 Austrian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes6412
19320162016 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
19220162016 Canadian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2510
19120162016 Monaco Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes276
19020162016 Spanish Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2DNFCrashed0
18920162016 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
18820162016 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
18720162016 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
18620162016 Australian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
18520152015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
18420152015 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
18320152015 Mexican Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
18220152015 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
18120152015 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1DNFThrottle0
18020152015 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
17920152015 Singapore Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes6412
17820152015 Italian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes417Power unit0
17720152015 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
17620152015 Hungarian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes284
17520152015 British Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
17420152015 Austrian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
17320152015 Canadian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
17220152015 Monaco Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
17120152015 Spanish Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
17020152015 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3315
16920152015 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
16820152015 Malaysian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3315
16720152015 Australian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
16620142014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1140
16520142014 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
16420142014 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
16320142014 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
16220142014 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
16120142014 Singapore Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2DNFWiring failure0
16020142014 Italian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
15920142014 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
15820142014 Hungarian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1412
15720142014 German Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
15620142014 British Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1DNFGearbox0
15520142014 Austrian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3125
15420142014 Canadian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
15320142014 Monaco Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
15220142014 Spanish Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
15120142014 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes4218
15020142014 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
14920142014 Malaysian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3218
14820142014 Australian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3125
14720132013 Brazilian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes2510
14620132013 USA Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes1292
14520132013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes3315
14420132013 Indian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes2218
14320132013 Japanese Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes684
14220132013 Korean Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes476
14120132013 Singapore Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes2412
14020132013 Italian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes668
13920132013 Belgian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes4412
13820132013 Hungarian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes419Blown Engine0
13720132013 German Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes1192
13620132013 British Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes2125
13520132013 Canadian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes4510
13420132013 Monaco Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes1125
13320132013 Spanish Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes168
13220132013 Bahrain Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes192
13120132013 Chinese Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes4DNFSuspension0
13020132013 Malaysian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes6412
12920132013 Australian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes6DNFMechanical0
12820122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes9150
12720122012 USA Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes17130
12620122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes7DNFCollision0
12520122012 Indian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes10110
12420122012 Korean Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes9DNFCollision0
12320122012 Japanese Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes13DNFCollision0
12220122012 Singapore Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes10510
12120122012 Italian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes776
12020122012 Belgian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes23110
11920122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes13101
11820122012 German Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes21101
11720122012 British Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes11150
11620122012 European Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes668
11520122012 Canadian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes568
11420122012 Monaco Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes2218
11320122012 Spanish Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes676
11220122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes5510
11120122012 Chinese Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes1125
11020122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes7130
10920122012 Australian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes7120
10820112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes676
10720112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes768
10620112011 Indian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes768
10520112011 Korean Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes784
10420112011 Japanese Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes23101
10320112011 Singapore Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes776
10220112011 Italian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes9DNFAccident0
10120112011 Belgian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes568
10020112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes792
9920112011 German Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes676
9820112011 British Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes968
9720112011 European Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes776
9620112011 Canadian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes6110
9520112011 Monaco Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes7110
9420112011 Spanish Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes776
9320112011 Turkish Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes3510
9220112011 Chinese Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes4510
9120112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes9120
9020112011 Australian Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes7DNFCollision damage0
8920102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes9412
8820102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes1368
8720102010 Korean Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes5DNFCollision0
8620102010 Japanese Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes617Wheel0
8520102010 Singapore Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes7510
8420102010 Italian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes7510
8320102010 Belgian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes1468
8220102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes6DNFWheel0
8120102010 German Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes984
8020102010 British Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes5315
7920102010 European Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes12101
7820102010 Canadian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes868
7720102010 Turkish Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes6510
7620102010 Monaco Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes676
7520102010 Spanish Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes8130
7420102010 Chinese Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes4315
7320102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes2315
7220102010 Australian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes6510
7120102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes5510
7020092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota990
6920092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota7DNFGearbox0
6820092009 Japanese Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota754
6720092009 Singapore Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota3110
6620092009 Italian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota18160
6520092009 Belgian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota1081
6420092009 European Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota754
6320092009 Hungarian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota545
6220092009 German Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota1545
6120092009 British Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota754
6020092009 Turkish Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota954
5920092009 Monaco Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota663
5820092009 Spanish Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota981
5720092009 Bahrain Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota990
5620092009 Chinese Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota7150
5520092009 Malaysian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota480.5
5420092009 Australian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota563
5320082008 Brazilian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota18120
5220082008 Chinese Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota14150
5120082008 Japanese Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota15110
5020082008 Singapore Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota828
4920082008 Italian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota5140
4820082008 Belgian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota15120
4720082008 European Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota981
4620082008 Hungarian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota14140
4520082008 German Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota13100
4420082008 British Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota2090
4320082008 French Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota19160
4220082008 Canadian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota5100
4120082008 Monaco Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota6DNFAccident0
4020082008 Turkish Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota1181
3920082008 Spanish Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota15DNFEngine0
3820082008 Bahrain Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota881
3720082008 Malaysian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota16140
3620082008 Australian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota736
3520072007 Brazilian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota1045
3420072007 Chinese Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota15160
3320072007 Japanese Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota16DNFElectronics0
3220072007 Belgian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota563
3120072007 Italian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota863
3020072007 Turkish Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota872
2920072007 Hungarian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota472
2820072007 European Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota11DNFSpun off0
2720072007 British Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota17120
2620072007 French Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota990
2520072007 USA Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota1416Engine0
2420072007 Canadian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota7100
2320072007 Monaco Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota5120
2220072007 Spanish Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota1163
2120072007 Bahrain Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota10100
2020072007 Malaysian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota6DNFHydraulics0
1920072007 Australian Grand Prix result16WilliamsToyota1272
1820062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth13DNFCollision0
1720062006 Japanese Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth10100
1620062006 Chinese Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth15110
1520062006 Italian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth12DNFDriveshaft0
1420062006 Turkish Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth14DNFWater leak0
1320062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth18DNFElectrical0
1220062006 German Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth14DNFAccident0
1120062006 French Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth18140
1020062006 USA Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth2190
920062006 Canadian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth6DNFAccident0
820062006 British Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth1290
720062006 Monaco Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth8DNFAccident0
620062006 Spanish Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth13110
520062006 European Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth2272
420062006 San Marino Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth13110
320062006 Australian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth14DNFAccident Damage0
220062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth3DNFEngine0
120062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result10WilliamsCosworth1272



Nico Rosberg F1 Podium Finishes

5720162016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
5620162016 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
5520162016 Mexican Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
5420162016 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
5320162016 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
5220162016 Malaysian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2315
5120162016 Singapore Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
5020162016 Italian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
4920162016 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
4820162016 Hungarian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
4720162016 British Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2315
4620162016 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
4520162016 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
4420162016 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
4320162016 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
4220162016 Australian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
4120152015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
4020152015 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
3920152015 Mexican Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
3820152015 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
3720152015 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
3620152015 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
3520152015 British Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
3420152015 Austrian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
3320152015 Canadian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
3220152015 Monaco Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2125
3120152015 Spanish Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
3020152015 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3315
2920152015 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
2820152015 Malaysian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3315
2720152015 Australian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
2620142014 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2520142014 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
2420142014 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
2320142014 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
2220142014 Italian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
2120142014 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
2020142014 German Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
1920142014 Austrian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3125
1820142014 Canadian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1720142014 Monaco Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
1620142014 Spanish Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes2218
1520142014 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes4218
1420142014 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1320142014 Malaysian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3218
1220142014 Australian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes3125
1120132013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes3315
1020132013 Indian Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes2218
920132013 British Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes2125
820132013 Monaco Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes1125
720122012 Monaco Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes2218
620122012 Chinese Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes1125
520102010 British Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes5315
420102010 Chinese Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes4315
320102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result4MercedesMercedes2315
220082008 Singapore Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota828
120082008 Australian Grand Prix result7WilliamsToyota736



Nico Rosberg F1 Pole Positions

3020162016 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2920162016 Singapore Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2820162016 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2720162016 German Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1412
2620162016 Hungarian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
2520162016 Azerbaijan Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2420162016 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2320162016 Chinese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2220152015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2120152015 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
2020152015 Mexican Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
1920152015 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1820152015 Russian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1DNFThrottle0
1720152015 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1620152015 Spanish Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
1520142014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1140
1420142014 Brazilian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
1320142014 USA Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1220142014 Japanese Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1120142014 Belgian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
1020142014 Hungarian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1412
920142014 German Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
820142014 British Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1DNFGearbox0
720142014 Canadian Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
620142014 Monaco Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1125
520142014 Bahrain Grand Prix result6MercedesMercedes1218
420132013 Monaco Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes1125
320132013 Spanish Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes168
220132013 Bahrain Grand Prix result9MercedesMercedes192
120122012 Chinese Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes1125



Nico Rosberg Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2006WilliamsMark Webber76470000711513
2007WilliamsAlexander Wurz6315130000106151
Kazuki Nakajima4105000001010
2008WilliamsKazuki Nakajima261790000117135
2009WilliamsKazuki Nakajima4934.500000143143
2010MercedesMichael Schumacher34142720000145154
2011MercedesMichael Schumacher5489760000127163
2012MercedesMichael Schumacher13934910101010128
2013MercedesLewis Hamilton111711892135910811
2014MercedesLewis Hamilton11317384511117712127
2015MercedesLewis Hamilton11322381610711712712
2016MercedesLewis Hamilton113853809108121011912



Nico Rosberg News

Wolff: Hamilton's market value 'incredibly high'

Oct.26 - Toto Wolff admits that Lewis Hamilton's market value is currently "incredibly high". The six-time world champion, who is cruising towards equalling Michael Schumacher's..

October 26, 2020 with 1 Comment

Wolff denies Hamilton talks could 'fail'

Oct.11 - Toto Wolff has denied that long-delayed contract negotiations with Lewis Hamilton may ultimately "fail". The six-time world champion's current deal with Mercedes expires..

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Vettel to get new Ferrari chassis for Barcelona

Aug.11 - Sebastian Vettel will have a new chassis at his disposal from this weekend as his relationship with Ferrari teeters on the brink. 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg had..

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Rosberg: Sim drivers to have an edge in Austria

Jun.9 - Nico Rosberg thinks F1 drivers who have spent the corona shutdown at the wheel of home simulators will be the best prepared for the resumption of racing next month. Like..

June 9, 2020 with 0 Comments

Kovalainen: Rosberg achievements are under estimated

The extent of Nico Rosberg's career achievements in Formula 1 is not fully appreciated. That is the view of Heikki Kovalainen, a former F1 driver who - like Rosberg - was once..

May 26, 2020 with 0 Comments

Rosberg questions Hamilton's fitness claims

Nico Rosberg has questioned former teammate Lewis Hamilton's claim that he is fitter than ever amid the corona shutdown. Mercedes' Hamilton claims he is "fitter and healthier"..

May 12, 2020 with 0 Comments

Rosberg: 'Selfish' top teams risking F1 'collapse'

The attitudes of some "high level teams" threaten the very existence of "two, three, four" of their smaller competitors. That is the view of 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg, who..

April 17, 2020 with 0 Comments

Rosberg: F1 must get 'creative' amid pandemic

Nico Rosberg has urged Formula 1 to get "creative" amid the coronavirus crisis. So far in this unprecedented situation, the messages are mixed. MotoGP admits the entire..

April 8, 2020 with 0 Comments

Rosberg reverts to meditation amid crisis

Having already put his smartphone away, Nico Rosberg is now coping with the coronavirus crisis by reverting to meditation. The former F1 driver says he managed to beat his then..

April 7, 2020 with 0 Comments

Rosberg shelves smartphone amid pandemic

Nico Rosberg has developed a shrewd and simple method for coping with the coronavirus pandemic - putting his smartphone away. All over the globe, stress levels about the fate of..

April 2, 2020 with 2 Comments

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