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NameClay Regazzoni
CountrySwitzerland Switzerland
Place of BirthMendrisio
Date of BirthSep 5th 1939
Date of DeathDec 15th 2006 - 67 years old
First Race1970 Dutch Grand Prix
Last Race1980 USA West Grand Prix
First Pole1970 Mexican Grand Prix
Last Pole1976 USA West Grand Prix
First Win1970 Italian Grand Prix
Last Win1979 British Grand Prix
First Podium1970 Austrian Grand Prix
Last Podium1979 Canadian Grand Prix

Clay Regazzoni F1 Stats

Race Entries138
Race Starts131
Race Wins5 (3,6%)
Pole Positions5 (3,6%)
Fastest Laps15 (10,9%)
Podiums28 (20,3%)
Points Finishes52 (37,7%)
Retirements57 (41,3%)
Wins from pole1
Frontrow Starts19
Total Points212
Total Laps6.553



Clay Regazzoni Final Championship Results



Clay Regazzoni F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1980 United Kingdom Ensign Ford40000018400.000
1979 United Kingdom Williams Ford151225072022.1332
1978 United Kingdom Shadow Ford110000056000.364
1977 United Kingdom Ensign Ford140000055800.365
1976 Italy Ferrari Ferrari151304186332.0731
1975 Italy Ferrari Ferrari141023060041.7925
1974 Italy Ferrari Ferrari151427189433.4752
1973 United Kingdom BRM BRM140000169500.142
1972 Italy Ferrari Ferrari100112055001.5015
1971 Italy Ferrari Ferrari110033135601.1813
1970 Italy Ferrari Ferrari81304157334.1333


Clay Regazzoni F1 Cars



Clay Regazzoni F1 GP Race Classifications

1st5 Times
2nd13 Times
3rd10 Times
4th8 Times
5th9 Times
6th7 Times
7th7 Times
8th3 Times
9th6 Times
10th3 Times
11th2 Times
12th2 Times
13th2 Times
14th2 Times
15th3 Times
16th1 Time
DNF42 Times
DSQ1 Time
NC4 Times
WD1 Time
DNQ7 Times


Clay Regazzoni F1 GP Race Results

13819801980 USA West Grand Prix result14EnsignFord23DNFAccident0
13719801980 South African Grand Prix result14EnsignFord2090
13619801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result14EnsignFord12DNFEngine0
13519801980 Argentine Grand Prix result14EnsignFord15NCNot Classified0
13419791979 USA Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord5DNFAccident0
13319791979 Canadian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord334
13219791979 Italian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord634
13119791979 Dutch Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord3DNFAccident0
13019791979 Austrian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord652
12919791979 German Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord626
12819791979 British Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord419
12719791979 French Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord961
12619791979 Monaco Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord1626
12519791979 Belgian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord8DNFAccident0
12419791979 Spanish Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord14DNFEngine0
12319791979 USA West Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord15DNFEngine0
12219791979 South African Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord2290
12119791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord17150
12019791979 Argentine Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord17100
11919781978 Canadian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0
11819781978 USA Grand Prix result17ShadowFord17140
11719781978 Italian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord15NC0
11619781978 Dutch Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0
11519781978 Austrian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord22NC0
11419781978 German Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0
11319781978 British Grand Prix result17ShadowFord17DNFGearbox0
11219781978 French Grand Prix result17ShadowFord17DNFElectrical0
11119781978 Swedish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1652
11019781978 Spanish Grand Prix result17ShadowFord2215Fuel Pipe0
10919781978 Belgian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord18DNFTransmission0
10819781978 Monaco Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0
10719781978 USA West Grand Prix result17ShadowFord20100
10619781978 South African Grand Prix result17ShadowFord0DNQNo Time0
10519781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ShadowFord1552
10419781978 Argentine Grand Prix result17ShadowFord16150
10319771977 Japanese Grand Prix result22EnsignFord10DNFEngine0
10219771977 Canadian Grand Prix result22EnsignFord14DNFAccident0
10119771977 USA Grand Prix result22EnsignFord1952
10019771977 Italian Grand Prix result22EnsignFord752
9919771977 Dutch Grand Prix result22EnsignFord9DNFThrottle0
9819771977 Austrian Grand Prix result22EnsignFord11DNFAccident0
9719771977 British Grand Prix result22EnsignFord0DNQNo Time0
9619771977 French Grand Prix result22EnsignFord1670
9519771977 Swedish Grand Prix result22EnsignFord1470
9419771977 Belgian Grand Prix result22EnsignFord13DNFEngine0
9319771977 Monaco Grand Prix result22EnsignFord0DNQNo Time0
9219771977 Spanish Grand Prix result22EnsignFord8DNFAccident0
9119771977 USA West Grand Prix result22EnsignFord13DNFGearbox0
9019771977 South African Grand Prix result22EnsignFord1690
8919771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result22EnsignFord9DNFAccident0
8819771977 Argentine Grand Prix result22EnsignFord1261
8719761976 Japanese Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari752
8619761976 USA Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1470
8519761976 Canadian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1261
8419761976 Italian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari926
8319761976 Dutch Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari526
8219761976 German Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari590
8119761976 British Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari4DSQOil pressure0
8019761976 French Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari4DNFEngine0
7919761976 Swedish Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1161
7819761976 Monaco Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari014Accident0
7719761976 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari226
7619761976 Spanish Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari5110
7519761976 USA West Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari119
7419761976 South African Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari9DNFEngine0
7319761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari470
7219751975 USA Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari11WDWithdrew0
7119751975 Italian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari219
7019751975 Austrian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari570
6919751975 German Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari5DNFEngine0
6819751975 British Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari4130
6719751975 French Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari9DNFEngine0
6619751975 Dutch Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari234
6519751975 Swedish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari1234
6419751975 Belgian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari452
6319751975 Monaco Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari17DNFAccident0
6219751975 Spanish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari2NCNot Classified0
6119751975 South African Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari916Throttle0
6019751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari543
5919751975 Argentine Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari743
5819741974 USA Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari9110
5719741974 Canadian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari626
5619741974 Italian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari5DNFEngine0
5519741974 Austrian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari852
5419741974 German Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari219
5319741974 British Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari743
5219741974 French Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari434
5119741974 Dutch Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari226
5019741974 Swedish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari4DNFGearbox0
4919741974 Monaco Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari243
4819741974 Belgian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari143
4719741974 Spanish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari326
4619741974 South African Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari6DNFOil Pressure0
4519741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari826
4419741974 Argentine Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari234
4319731973 USA Grand Prix result19BRMBRM1580
4219731973 Italian Grand Prix result19BRMBRM18DNFIgnition0
4119731973 Austrian Grand Prix result19BRMBRM1461
4019731973 German Grand Prix result19BRMBRM10DNFEngine0
3919731973 Dutch Grand Prix result19BRMBRM1280
3819731973 British Grand Prix result19BRMBRM1070
3719731973 French Grand Prix result19BRMBRM9120
3619731973 Swedish Grand Prix result19BRMBRM1290
3519731973 Monaco Grand Prix result19BRMBRM8DNFBrakes0
3419731973 Belgian Grand Prix result19BRMBRM1210Accident0
3319731973 Spanish Grand Prix result14BRMBRM890
3219731973 South African Grand Prix result15BRMBRM5DNFAccident0
3119731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result14BRMBRM461
3019731973 Argentine Grand Prix result32BRMBRM170
2919721972 USA Grand Prix result8FerrariFerrari680
2819721972 Canadian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari752
2719721972 Italian Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari4DNFCollision0
2619721972 Austrian Grand Prix result19FerrariFerrari2DNFFuel System0
2519721972 German Grand Prix result9FerrariFerrari726
2419721972 Belgian Grand Prix result30FerrariFerrari2DNFAccident0
2319721972 Monaco Grand Prix result7FerrariFerrari3DNFAccident0
2219721972 Spanish Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari834
2119721972 South African Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari2120
2019721972 Argentine Grand Prix result9FerrariFerrari643
1919711971 USA Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari461
1819711971 Canadian Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari18DNFAccident0
1719711971 Italian Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari8DNFEngine0
1619711971 Austrian Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari4DNFEngine0
1519711971 German Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari434
1419711971 British Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari1DNFOil Pressure0
1319711971 French Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari2DNFAccident0
1219711971 Dutch Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari434
1119711971 Monaco Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari11DNFAccident0
1019711971 Spanish Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari2DNFEngine0
919711971 South African Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari334
819701970 Mexican Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari126
719701970 USA Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari6130
619701970 Canadian Grand Prix result19FerrariFerrari326
519701970 Italian Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari319
419701970 Austrian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari226
319701970 German Grand Prix result15FerrariFerrari3DNFEngine0
219701970 British Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari643
119701970 Dutch Grand Prix result26FerrariFerrari643



Clay Regazzoni F1 Podium Finishes

2819791979 Canadian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord334
2719791979 Italian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord634
2619791979 German Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord626
2519791979 British Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord419
2419791979 Monaco Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord1626
2319761976 Italian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari926
2219761976 Dutch Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari526
2119761976 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari226
2019761976 USA West Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari119
1919751975 Italian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari219
1819751975 Dutch Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari234
1719751975 Swedish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari1234
1619741974 Canadian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari626
1519741974 German Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari219
1419741974 French Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari434
1319741974 Dutch Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari226
1219741974 Spanish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari326
1119741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari826
1019741974 Argentine Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari234
919721972 German Grand Prix result9FerrariFerrari726
819721972 Spanish Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari834
719711971 German Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari434
619711971 Dutch Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari434
519711971 South African Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari334
419701970 Mexican Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari126
319701970 Canadian Grand Prix result19FerrariFerrari326
219701970 Italian Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari319
119701970 Austrian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari226



Clay Regazzoni F1 Pole Positions

519761976 USA West Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari119
419741974 Belgian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari143
319731973 Argentine Grand Prix result32BRMBRM170
219711971 British Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari1DNFOil Pressure0
119701970 Mexican Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari126



Clay Regazzoni Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1970FerrariIgnazio Giunti1715010002020
Jacky Ickx11334013132626
1971FerrariJacky Ickx31131901125656
Mario Andretti31121201003351
1972FerrariArturo Merzario2126000001010
Jacky Ickx21152701032864
Mario Andretti347400002341
1973BRMJean-Pierre Beltoise652600107777
Niki Lauda651200108585
1974FerrariNiki Lauda115238121987312
1975FerrariNiki Lauda112564.51509410014
1976FerrariCarlos Reutemann296000001001
Niki Lauda112568151368113
1977EnsignJacky Ickx24100000000101
Patrick Tambay554400003452
1978ShadowDanny Ongais10290000001010
Hans Joachim Stuck554200008787
1979WilliamsAlan Jones1132431403510015

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