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Emerson Fittipaldi: Wiki, Age, Bio, F1 Career Stats & Facts
NameEmerson Fittipaldi
CountryBrazil Brazil
Place of BirthSão Paulo
Date of BirthDec 12th 1946 - 73 years old
First Race1970 British Grand Prix
Last Race1980 USA Grand Prix
First Pole1972 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Pole1974 Canadian Grand Prix
First Win1970 USA Grand Prix
Last Win1975 British Grand Prix
First Podium1970 USA Grand Prix
Last Podium1980 USA West Grand Prix

Emerson Fittipaldi F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles2
Race Entries149
Race Starts145
Race Wins14 (9,4%)
Pole Positions6 (4,0%)
Fastest Laps6 (4,0%)
Podiums35 (23,5%)
Points Finishes57 (38,3%)
Retirements57 (38,3%)
Wins from pole4
Frontrow Starts13
Total Points281
Total Laps7.291



Emerson Fittipaldi Biography

Emerson Fittipaldi won two Formula 1 championship with two different teams. His first was in 1972 when he was driving for Team Lotus. He won his second championship in 1974 when he was McLaren driver.

Fittipaldi was also the first F1 champion from Brazil.

Born on the 12th of December of 1946 at São Paulo, Brazil, Emerson Fittipaldi had all the ingredients to be involved with racing in his entire life. His father Wilson was a motorsport journalist, which is why it was not a surprise for the Fittipaldi family to have Emerson and his oldest brother Wilson entering the motorsport world with passion.

Emerson created a steering wheel for his mom’s car, which generated an amazing business between him and his brother, building car parts and accessories. Then, they started building karts and their driving life began. Of course, Emerson found his way quickly and earned the Brazilian kart title.

Emerson Fittipaldi driving the Lotus 69 in England (1971)

Emerson Fittipaldi driving the Lotus 69 in England (1971)

Formula Vee —cars normally powered by Volkswagen Bettle’s engines— became a part of the family when they started building them. Emerson entered the racing series and excelled, winning the championship in 1967.

Fittipaldi left his home in Brazil and travelled to Europe to try his luck as a racing driver who had shown good capabilities in his formative years in Brazil. Sacrifices were made and he had to drop out of the university and his dream of being a mechanical engineer to pursue his racing career.

With a Formula Ford Emerson bought upon his arrival at England, he found success and earned a spot into the Formula Three. Then, he showed competitiveness in Formula Three and Colin Chapman, Lotus F1 Team’s boss, gave him a Lotus seat for the 1970 Formula Two season.

As his progress in the lower Formulas continued, Fittipaldi earned a spot as Lotus third driver behind Jochen Rindt and John Miles.

Fittipaldi made his Formula One debut in the 1970 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch. He qualified 21st and finished eighth in a race won by his teammate Rindt. In his second Grand Prix, at Hockenheim, he qualified 13th and moved up to fourth place on race day.

After Fittipaldi’s third F1 race, at Austria, Rindt —the championship leader at the time— died in a sad crash at Italy. Miles retired immediately and Lotus did not participate in the Italian and Canadian Grands Prix.

The devastated Lotus Team returned to the track at Watkins Glen for the 1970 United States Grand Prix with Reine Wisell as Fittipaldi’s teammate. Driving the Lotus 72C, the Brazilian rookie qualified third for the race. After a tricky start due to a light rain prior to the start, Fittipaldi fell down the order but he fought back and took the lead after Jackie Stewart and Pedro Rodríguez had mechanical issues on their car.

Fittipaldi took the lead at the end of the 100th lap and won the race, which sealed Rindt’s posthumous World Championship and Lotus’ Constructors’ Championship, both emotional to the entire paddock, especially for Chapman and his team.

The 1971 season saw Fittipaldi establish himself into Formula 1, although he could not take a single victory in the year. Three podiums, at France, Great Britain and Austria, and finished sixth in the WDC with 16 points.

Fittipaldi expects 2020 return for Alonso

Emerson Fittipaldi driving the Lotus 56B in Italy (1971)

As Lotus’ leader for the 1972 season, Fittipaldi took the Lotus 72D and made the best out of its speed. After qualifying fifth for the inaugural race of the year at Argentina, he retired due to suspension issues. After that setback, he had a streak of six consecutive podiums which included victories at Spain, Belgium and Great Britain. In the 1970 Monaco Grand Prix, he took the first Pole Position of his career and finished third.

Then, he qualified third for the German Grand Prix but retired due to gearbox woes. After eight races. Fittipaldi had a comfortable WDC lead over Stewart. With consecutive victories at Austria and Italy, the Brazilian became the youngest World Champion at the time. Also, he helped Lotus clinch the Constructors’ Championship, the team’s fifth manufacturers title.

He became the first Brazilian to win the World Championship too.

A streak of six consecutive podiums to start 1973, behind the wheel of the 72D and 72E, had Fittipaldi comfortably ahead in the championship lead. In fact, in the first six races of 1973, he had seven more points than what he had at the same point in 1972. However, in the remaining nine races on the calendar, he only scored two podiums and two other point-scoring finishes. Fittipaldi had to settle with second in the 1973 WDC behind Stewart.

As he left for McLaren for 1974, Fittipaldi was ready to fight for the title again, although McLaren had not won a championship at that point and had won eight Grands Prix.

The year started well for McLaren, with Fittipaldi’s teammate Denny Hulme winning the inaugural race of the season at Argentina. The Brazilian bounced back after his 10th place at Argentina with a solid drive at his home race, where he won from Pole Position.

Emerson Fittipaldi driving the Lotus 72D in Italy (1972)

Emerson Fittipaldi driving the Lotus 72D in Italy (1972)

Two other wins, at Belgium and Canada, plus four other podium finishes gave Fittipaldi the chance to win the championship in the final race of the year, the United States Grand Prix. He entered the last race tied at 52 points with Ferrari’s Clay Regazzoni, while Jody Scheckter was sitting three points behind them in his Tyrrell.

In the last race, Fittipaldi needed to finish ahead of Regazzoni, as long as it was in fourth place. If he finished fifth or sixth, then Scheckter had to finish second or worst and Regazzoni to sit behind the Brazilian for him to deliver McLaren’s first title.

If Fittipaldi did not score points, he needed Regazzoni to do the same and Scheckter not to win the race.

Ultimately, Fittipaldi finished fourth in a tragic race that took the life of Helmuth Koinigg. With Regazzoni out of the points and with Scheckter with no chances, Fittipaldi gave McLaren its first Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship. Emerson also helped McLaren defeat Ferrari in the Constructors’ Championship.

In 1975, Fittipaldi won the first race of the season at Argentina and took another victory at Great Britain. Four other podiums helped him finish a distant second in the WDC behind Niki Lauda.

Fittipaldi suddenly left McLaren to join the family team, the Copersucar-Fittipaldi and the Fittipaldi Automotive squad, in 1976. The move, predictably, did not produce stunning results for the Brazilian champion and his Formula 1 career became full of ordinary results. In 1978, he scored the first podium for the team at Brazil. Then, he added another podium in the United States Grand Prix West.

McLaren M23 driven by Emerson Fittipaldi in Monaco 1975

McLaren M23 driven by Emerson Fittipaldi in Monaco (1975)

Fittipaldi retired at the end of 1980 and started to look for ways to make the team competitive, but the team did not make it past 1982.

The two-time F1 champion continued his career in the United States with high success. He won the 1989 Indianapolis 500 and also won the CART/Indycar Championship in the same season. Then, he continued racing in the US and enhanced his legend with another Indy 500 win in 1993.

After 14 seasons, he retired from the American category in 1996 after a heavy crash left him with a broken neck. While recovering, a plane crash gave him back injuries which simply make him retire from any type of racing.

He drove in the World Endurance Championship in 2014 at age 68 and finished sixth at São Paulo.

Fittipaldi is still a somewhat prominent figure in the F1 paddock. The Fittipaldi name continues to produce racing drivers, with his grandchildren Pietro and Enzo making their way in the racing world.

He is still related to motorsport and has even manufactured a Sportscar.

"When I'm sitting in the cockpit of a Grand Prix car or an Indycar, is like if I switch off a plug from the wall of the world. I'm by myself, doing what I know how to do best in life, that's drive fast a racing car. I'm in control of the situation and I'm enjoying, it's a challenge for me and it's just a different world. When I put my visor down and first gear out of the pits, that's it. It's just a fantastic feeling"



Emerson Fittipaldi Final Championship Results



Emerson Fittipaldi F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1980 Brazil Fittipaldi Ford140011057100.365
1979 Brazil Fittipaldi Ford150000061200.071
1978 Brazil Fittipaldi Ford160101075501.0617
1977 Brazil Copersucar-Fittipaldi
Brazil Fittipaldi
1976 Brazil Fittipaldi Ford150000062500.203
1975 United Kingdom McLaren Ford132406067313.4645
1974 United Kingdom McLaren Ford153227289403.6755
1973 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford153328184953.6755
1972 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford125218372205.0861
1971 United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Team Lotus
Pratt & Whitney
1970 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford61001029202.0012



Emerson Fittipaldi F1 Cars



Emerson Fittipaldi F1 GP Race Classifications

1st14 Times
2nd13 Times
3rd8 Times
4th9 Times
5th5 Times
6th8 Times
7th4 Times
8th8 Times
9th5 Times
10th2 Times
11th7 Times
12th2 Times
13th5 Times
14th1 Time
15th3 Times
17th1 Time
18th1 Time
DNF45 Times
NC3 Times
WD1 Time
DNQ3 Times
DNS1 Time


Emerson Fittipaldi F1 GP Race Results

14919801980 USA Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord19DNFSuspension0
14819801980 Canadian Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord16DNFGearbox0
14719801980 Italian Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord15DNFAccident0
14619801980 Dutch Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord21DNFBrakes0
14519801980 Austrian Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord23110
14419801980 German Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord12DNFBrakes0
14319801980 British Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord22120
14219801980 French Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord2413Engine0
14119801980 Monaco Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord1861
14019801980 Belgian Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord24DNFElectrical0
13919801980 USA West Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord2434
13819801980 South African Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord1880
13719801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord19150
13619801980 Argentine Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord24NCNot Classified0
13519791979 USA Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord2370
13419791979 Canadian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1580
13319791979 Italian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord2080
13219791979 Dutch Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord21DNFElectrical0
13119791979 Austrian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord12DNFBrakes0
13019791979 German Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord22DNFElectrical0
12919791979 British Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord22DNFEngine0
12819791979 French Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord18DNFEngine0
12719791979 Monaco Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord17DNFEngine0
12619791979 Belgian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord2390
12519791979 Spanish Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord19110
12419791979 USA West Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord16DNFTransmission0
12319791979 South African Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord18130
12219791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord9110
12119791979 Argentine Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1161
12019781978 Canadian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord6DNFAccident0
11919781978 USA Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1352
11819781978 Italian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1380
11719781978 Dutch Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1052
11619781978 Austrian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord643
11519781978 German Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1043
11419781978 British Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord11DNFEngine0
11319781978 French Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord15DNFSuspension0
11219781978 Swedish Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1361
11119781978 Spanish Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord15DNFThrottle0
11019781978 Belgian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord15DNFAccident0
10919781978 Monaco Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord2090
10819781978 USA West Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1580
10719781978 South African Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord16DNFTransmission0
10619781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord726
10519781978 Argentine Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord1790
10419771977 Canadian Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord19DNFEngine0
10319771977 USA Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord18130
10219771977 Italian Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord0DNQNo Time0
10119771977 Dutch Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord1743
10019771977 Austrian Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord23110
9919771977 German Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord0DNQNo Time0
9819771977 British Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord22DNFThrottle0
9719771977 French Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord22110
9619771977 Swedish Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord18180
9519771977 Belgian Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord16DNFElectrical0
9419771977 Monaco Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord18DNFEngine0
9319771977 Spanish Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord19140
9219771977 USA West Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord752
9119771977 South African Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord9100
9019771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result28FittipaldiFord1643
8919771977 Argentine Grand Prix result28Copersucar-FittipaldiFord1643
8819761976 Japanese Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord23DNFWithdrew0
8719761976 USA Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord1590
8619761976 Canadian Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord17DNFExhaust0
8519761976 Italian Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord20150
8419761976 Dutch Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord17DNFElectrical0
8319761976 Austrian Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord17DNFAccident0
8219761976 German Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord20130
8119761976 British Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord2161
8019761976 French Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord21DNFOil Pressure0
7919761976 Swedish Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord21DNFHandling0
7819761976 Monaco Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord761
7719761976 Belgian Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord0DNQNo Time0
7619761976 Spanish Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord19DNFTransmission0
7519761976 USA West Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord1661
7419761976 South African Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord2117Engine0
7319761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result30FittipaldiFord5130
7219751975 USA Grand Prix result1McLarenFord226
7119751975 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord326
7019751975 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord390
6919751975 German Grand Prix result1McLarenFord8DNFsuspension0
6819751975 British Grand Prix result1McLarenFord719
6719751975 French Grand Prix result1McLarenFord1043
6619751975 Dutch Grand Prix result1McLarenFord6DNFEngine0
6519751975 Swedish Grand Prix result1McLarenFord1180
6419751975 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord870
6319751975 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenFord926
6219751975 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenFord26DNSNon starter0
6119751975 South African Grand Prix result1McLarenFord11NCNot classified0
6019751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord226
5919751975 Argentine Grand Prix result1McLarenFord519
5819741974 USA Grand Prix result5McLarenFord843
5719741974 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord119
5619741974 Italian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord626
5519741974 Austrian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord3DNFEngine0
5419741974 German Grand Prix result5McLarenFord3DNFSuspension0
5319741974 British Grand Prix result5McLarenFord826
5219741974 French Grand Prix result5McLarenFord5DNFEngine0
5119741974 Dutch Grand Prix result5McLarenFord334
5019741974 Swedish Grand Prix result5McLarenFord943
4919741974 Monaco Grand Prix result5McLarenFord1352
4819741974 Belgian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord419
4719741974 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenFord434
4619741974 South African Grand Prix result5McLarenFord570
4519741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord119
4419741974 Argentine Grand Prix result5McLarenFord3100
4319731973 USA Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord361
4219731973 Canadian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord526
4119731973 Italian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord426
4019731973 Austrian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord111Fuel System0
3919731973 German Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1461
3819731973 Dutch Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord16DNFPhysical0
3719731973 British Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord5DNFTransmission0
3619731973 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord3DNFAccident0
3519731973 Swedish Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord412Gearbox0
3419731973 Monaco Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord526
3319731973 Belgian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord934
3219731973 Spanish Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord719
3119731973 South African Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord234
3019731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord219
2919731973 Argentine Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord219
2819721972 USA Grand Prix result10Team LotusFord9DNFSuspension0
2719721972 Canadian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord4110
2619721972 Italian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord619
2519721972 Austrian Grand Prix result31Team LotusFord119
2419721972 German Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord3DNFGearbox0
2319721972 British Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord219
2219721972 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord826
2119721972 Belgian Grand Prix result32Team LotusFord119
2019721972 Monaco Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord134
1919721972 Spanish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord319
1819721972 South African Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord326
1719721972 Argentine Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord5DNFSuspension0
1619711971 USA Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord2NCNot Classified0
1519711971 Canadian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord470
1419711971 Italian Grand Prix result5Team LotusPratt & Whitney1880
1319711971 Austrian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord526
1219711971 German Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord8DNFOil Leak0
1119711971 British Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord434
1019711971 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1734
919711971 Monaco Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1752
819711971 Spanish Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord14DNFSuspension0
719711971 South African Grand Prix result2Team LotusCosworth5DNFEngine0
619701970 Mexican Grand Prix result24Team LotusFord18DNFEngine0
519701970 USA Grand Prix result24Team LotusFord319
419701970 Italian Grand Prix result26Team LotusFord0WDNo Time0
319701970 Austrian Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord16150
219701970 German Grand Prix result17Team LotusFord1343
119701970 British Grand Prix result28Team LotusFord2180



Emerson Fittipaldi F1 Podium Finishes

3519801980 USA West Grand Prix result20FittipaldiFord2434
3419781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result14FittipaldiFord726
3319751975 USA Grand Prix result1McLarenFord226
3219751975 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord326
3119751975 British Grand Prix result1McLarenFord719
3019751975 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenFord926
2919751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenFord226
2819751975 Argentine Grand Prix result1McLarenFord519
2719741974 Canadian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord119
2619741974 Italian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord626
2519741974 British Grand Prix result5McLarenFord826
2419741974 Dutch Grand Prix result5McLarenFord334
2319741974 Belgian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord419
2219741974 Spanish Grand Prix result5McLarenFord434
2119741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result5McLarenFord119
2019731973 Canadian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord526
1919731973 Italian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord426
1819731973 Monaco Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord526
1719731973 Belgian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord934
1619731973 Spanish Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord719
1519731973 South African Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord234
1419731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord219
1319731973 Argentine Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord219
1219721972 Italian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord619
1119721972 Austrian Grand Prix result31Team LotusFord119
1019721972 British Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord219
919721972 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord826
819721972 Belgian Grand Prix result32Team LotusFord119
719721972 Monaco Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord134
619721972 Spanish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord319
519721972 South African Grand Prix result8Team LotusFord326
419711971 Austrian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord526
319711971 British Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord434
219711971 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1734
119701970 USA Grand Prix result24Team LotusFord319



Emerson Fittipaldi Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1970Team LotusGraham Hill1612110002331
Jochen Rindt4131802021203
John Miles4133000003103
Pete Lovely1109010002020
Reine Wisell139410001111
1971Team LotusDave Charlton3224000001010
Pete Lovely7180000002020
Reine Wisell2416900005472
1972Team LotusDave Charlton12221010004040
David Walker19520403091100
Reine Wisell11100000001120
1973Team LotusDave Charlton3224000001010
Ronnie Peterson115552341987411
1974McLarenDave Charlton7190000001010
David Hobbs276000001120
Denny Hulme1155203120123141
Jochen Mass1712010102020
Mike Hailwood133712201074101
1975McLarenDave Charlton19140000000110
Jochen Mass114520210095113
1976FittipaldiIngo Hoffmann6111000003140
1977FittipaldiIngo Hoffmann473000001010
1979FittipaldiAlex Ribeiro7280000002020
1980FittipaldiKeke Rosberg3356000086410



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