1974 F1 Championship Standings

See all 1974 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

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1974 F1 Championship Overview

1974 F1 World Championship
1974 Argentine F1 GPJanuary 13New Zealand Denny Hulme
United Kingdom McLaren5301:41:02.010
1974 Brazilian F1 GPJanuary 27Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
United Kingdom McLaren3201:24:37.060
1974 South African F1 GPMarch 30Argentina Carlos Reutemann
United Kingdom Brabham7801:42:40.960
1974 Spanish F1 GPApril 28Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari8402:00:29.560
1974 Belgian F1 GPMay 12Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
United Kingdom McLaren8501:44:20.570
1974 Monaco F1 GPMay 26Sweden Ronnie Peterson
United Kingdom Team Lotus7801:58:03.700
1974 Swedish F1 GPJune 9South Africa Jody Scheckter
United Kingdom Tyrrell8001:58:31.391
1974 Dutch F1 GPJune 23Austria Niki Lauda
Italy Ferrari7501:43:00.350
1974 French F1 GPJuly 7Sweden Ronnie Peterson
United Kingdom Team Lotus8001:21:55.020
1974 British F1 GPJuly 20South Africa Jody Scheckter
United Kingdom Tyrrell7501:43:02.200
1974 German F1 GPAugust 4Switzerland Clay Regazzoni
Italy Ferrari1401:41:35.000
1974 Austrian F1 GPAugust 18Argentina Carlos Reutemann
United Kingdom Brabham5401:28:44.720
1974 Italian F1 GPSeptember 8Sweden Ronnie Peterson
United Kingdom Team Lotus5201:22:56.600
1974 Canadian F1 GPSeptember 22Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
United Kingdom McLaren8001:40:26.136
1974 USA F1 GPOctober 6Argentina Carlos Reutemann
United Kingdom Brabham5901:40:21.439

1974 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi101731543DNF2DNFDNF21455
2Switzerland Clay Regazzoni3*2*DNF244DNF23415*DNF21152
3South Africa Jody ScheckterDNF138532154*12*DNF3DNFDNF45
4Austria Niki Lauda2DNF161*2DNFDNF125*DNFDNFDNFDNF*DNF38
5Sweden Ronnie Peterson136DNFDNFDNF1*DNF8*1104DNF13DNF35
6Argentina Carlos Reutemann771*DNFDNFDNFDNF12DNF631DNF9132
7New Zealand Denny Hulme112966*DNFDNFDNF67DNF266DNF20
8United Kingdom James HuntDNF9DNF10DNFDNF3DNFDNFDNFDNF3DNF4315
9France Patrick Depailler6848DNF92*68DNFDNFDNF115614
10United Kingdom Mike Hailwood45397DNFDNF47DNF15    12
12Brazil Carlos PaceDNF41113DNFDNFDNF DNQ912DNF5*82*11
13France Jean-Pierre Beltoise5102DNF5DNFDNFDNF1012DNFDNFDNFNCDNQ10
14United Kingdom John Watson12DNFDNF111161171611DNF47DNF56
15France Jean-Pierre JarierDNFDNF DNF1335DNF12DNF88DNFDNF106
18Italy Vittorio Brambilla  10 9DNF101011DNF136DNFDNQDNF1
19United Kingdom Graham HillDNF1112DNF876DNF131391281481
20United Kingdom Tom Pryce    DNF  DNFDNF86DNF10DNFNC1
21France Henri Pescarolo9141812DNFDNFDNFDNFDNFDNF10 DNF  0
22United Kingdom Ian Ashley          14NC DNQDNQ0
23Italy Carlo Facetti            DNQ  0
24United Kingdom David Hobbs           79  0
25United Kingdom David Purley         DNQ     0
26United Kingdom Derek Bell         DNQ11DNQDNQDNQ 0
27Austria Dieter Quester           9   0
28Canada Eppie Wietzes             DNF 0
29Austria Helmuth Koinigg           DNQ 10DNF0
30France Jean-Pierre Jabouille        DNQ  DNQ   0
31France Jacques Laffite          DNFNCDNF15DNF0
32New Zealand John Nicholson         DNQ     0
33France José Dolhem        DNQ   DNQ WD0
34Australia Larry Perkins          DNQ    0
35Italy Lella Lombardi         DNQ     0
36United States Mario Andretti             7DSQ0
37United States Mark Donohue             12DNF0
38United Kingdom Mike Wilds         DNQ DNQDNQDNQNC0
39United Kingdom Peter Gethin         DNF     0
40Australia Vern Schuppan    15DNFDSQDSQDNQDNQDNF    0
41Denmark Tom Belsø  DNFDNQ  8  DNQ     0
42New Zealand Howden Ganley8DNF       DNQDNQ    0
43South Africa Dave Charlton  19            0
44South Africa Ian Scheckter  13        DNQ   0
45France Gérard Larrousse    DNF   DNQ      0
46United Kingdom Guy Edwards11DNF DNQ1287DNF15 DNQ    0
47Netherlands Gijs Van Lennep    14  DNQ       0
49France François MigaultDNF1615DNF16DNF DNF14NCDNQ DNF  0
50South Africa Eddie Keizan  14            0
51Finland Leo Kinnunen    DNQ DNF DNQDNQ DNQDNQ  0
52New Zealand Chris Amon   DNF DNS    DNQ DNQNC90
53Australia Tim Schenken   1410DNF DNQ DNFDNQ10DNF DSQ0
54South Africa Paddy Driver  DNF            0
55Sweden Bertil Roos      DNF        0
56United Kingdom Peter RevsonDNFDNF             0
57Sweden Reine Wisell      DNF        0
58United Kingdom Richard RobartsDNF1517   DNQ        0
59Liechtenstein Rikky von Opel   DNFDNFDNQ99DNQ      0
60United Kingdom Brian Redman   718DNF         0
61Belgium Teddy Pilette    17          0
62Germany Rolf Stommelen           DNFDNF11120

1974 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi1532272894055
Sweden Ronnie Peterson1530141715235
Argentina Carlos Reutemann1530141657132
South Africa Jody Scheckter1522260855245
Austria Niki Lauda1523059783338
Switzerland Clay Regazzoni1514271894352
New Zealand Denny Hulme1511020791120
United Kingdom James Hunt1500330497015
France Patrick Depailler1501011875114
Belgium Jacky Ickx1500220655012
United Kingdom John Watson150000089706
United Kingdom Graham Hill150000084501
France Jean-Pierre Beltoise1401010507010
France Jean-Pierre Jarier140011067406
Italy Arturo Merzario140000050504
Brazil Carlos Pace1301010590211
Germany Hans Joachim Stuck120000034505
Germany Jochen Mass120000041300
France Henri Pescarolo120000040500
United Kingdom Mike Hailwood1100110566012
Italy Vittorio Brambilla110000051101
France François Migault100000045000
United Kingdom Tom Pryce90000033901
United Kingdom Guy Edwards70000040200
Australia Tim Schenken70000023600
France Jacques Laffite50000016600
Australia Vern Schuppan50000023600
Germany Rolf Stommelen40000017100
Liechtenstein Rikky von Opel40000021500
New Zealand Chris Amon30000014900
United Kingdom Brian Redman30000016100
United Kingdom Richard Robarts30000014000
New Zealand Howden Ganley2000006000
United States Mark Donohue20000010500
Denmark Tom Belsø2000007900
Austria Helmuth Koinigg2000008700
United Kingdom Ian Ashley2000005900
United States Mario Andretti2000008300
United Kingdom Peter Revson2000001100
United Kingdom David Hobbs20000010400
Belgium Teddy Pilette1000008100
South Africa Ian Scheckter1000007600
Sweden Reine Wisell1000005900
France José Dolhem1000002500
Austria Dieter Quester1000005100
South Africa Eddie Keizan1000007600
Sweden Bertil Roos100000200
United Kingdom Peter Gethin100000000
Finland Leo Kinnunen100000800
United Kingdom Mike Wilds1000005000
South Africa Dave Charlton1000007100
United Kingdom Derek Bell1000001400
France Gérard Larrousse1000005300
Canada Eppie Wietzes1000003300
South Africa Paddy Driver100000600
Netherlands Gijs Van Lennep1000008200

1974 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom McLaren113315436215221473 (75)
2Italy Ferrari2216124DNF12415DNF21165
3United Kingdom Tyrrell68453215412DNF35652
4United Kingdom Team Lotus13313DNFDNF1DNF8134DNF13DNF42
5United Kingdom Brabham77111116971663158135
6United Kingdom Hesketh  DNF10DNFDNF3DNFDNFDNFDNF3DNF4315
7United Kingdom BRM5102125DNFDNFDNF101210DNFDNFNC910
8United Kingdom ShadowDNFDNF 71335DNF1286810DNF107
9United Kingdom March89549DNF101011DNF76DNFDNFDNF6
10United Kingdom Iso MarlboroDNFDNF6DNF14DNF8DNF9DNFDNFNC415DNF4
11United Kingdom SurteesDNF41113DNFDNFDNFDNFDNF14119DNQ10WD3
12United Kingdom Lola111112DNF876DNF131391281181
13United States Parnelli             7DSQ0
14Japan Maki         DNQDNQ    0
15United Kingdom Lyncar         DNQ     0
16Australia Amon   DNF DNS    DNQ DNQ  0
17United Kingdom Trojan   1410DNF DNQ DNFDNQ10DNF  0
18United Kingdom Token    DNF    DNQ14NC   0
20United States Penske             12DNF0


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