Tom Pryce info & statistics

Tom Pryce info & stats
NameTom Pryce
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthRuthin
Date of BirthJun 11th 1949
Date of DeathMar 5th 1977 - 27 years old
First Race1974 Belgian Grand Prix
Last Race1977 South African Grand Prix
First Pole1975 British Grand Prix
Last Pole1975 British Grand Prix
Best Result3rd - (2 times)
First Podium1975 Austrian Grand Prix
Last Podium1976 Brazilian Grand Prix

Tom Pryce F1 Stats

Race Starts42
Race Wins0
Pole Positions1 (2,4%)
Fastest Laps0
Podiums2 (4,8%)
Points Finishes9 (21,4%)
Retirements21 (50,0%)
Frontrow Starts2
Total Points19
Total Laps1.919



Tom Pryce Final Championship Results



Tom Pryce F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1977 United Kingdom Shadow Ford30000010000.000
1976 United Kingdom Shadow Ford160011089300.6310
1975 United Kingdom Shadow Ford140011158700.578
1974 United Kingdom Shadow
United Kingdom Token



Tom Pryce F1 GP Race Classifications

3rd2 Times
4th3 Times
6th4 Times
7th2 Times
8th5 Times
9th2 Times
10th2 Times
11th1 Time
12th1 Time
DNF17 Times
NC3 Times


Tom Pryce F1 GP Race Results

4219771977 South African Grand Prix result16ShadowFord15DNFFatal Accident0
4119771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord5DNFEngine0
4019771977 Argentine Grand Prix result16ShadowFord9NCNot classified0
3919761976 Japanese Grand Prix result16ShadowFord14DNFEnergy0
3819761976 USA Grand Prix result16ShadowFord9DNFEngine0
3719761976 Canadian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord13110
3619761976 Italian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1580
3519761976 Dutch Grand Prix result16ShadowFord343
3419761976 Austrian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord6DNFBrakes0
3319761976 German Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1880
3219761976 British Grand Prix result16ShadowFord2043
3119761976 French Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1680
3019761976 Swedish Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1290
2919761976 Monaco Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1570
2819761976 Belgian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord13100
2719761976 Spanish Grand Prix result16ShadowFord2280
2619761976 USA West Grand Prix result16ShadowFord5DNFHalfshaft0
2519761976 South African Grand Prix result16ShadowFord770
2419761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1234
2319751975 USA Grand Prix result16ShadowFord7NCNot Classified0
2219751975 Italian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1461
2119751975 Austrian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1532
2019751975 German Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1643
1919751975 British Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1DNFAccident0
1819751975 French Grand Prix result16ShadowFord6DNFTransmission0
1719751975 Dutch Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1261
1619751975 Swedish Grand Prix result16ShadowFord7DNFSpun off0
1519751975 Belgian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord561
1419751975 Monaco Grand Prix result16ShadowFord2DNFAccident0
1319751975 Spanish Grand Prix result16ShadowFord8DNFAccident0
1219751975 South African Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1990
1119751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord14DNFAccident0
1019751975 Argentine Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1412Transmission0
919741974 USA Grand Prix result16ShadowFord18NCNot Classified0
819741974 Canadian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord13DNFEngine0
719741974 Italian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord22100
619741974 Austrian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord16DNFSpun Off0
519741974 German Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1161
419741974 British Grand Prix result16ShadowFord580
319741974 French Grand Prix result16ShadowFord3DNFCollision0
219741974 Dutch Grand Prix result16ShadowFord11DNFCollision0
119741974 Belgian Grand Prix result42TokenFord20DNFCollision0



Tom Pryce F1 Podium Finishes

219761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1234
119751975 Austrian Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1532



Tom Pryce F1 Pole Positions

119751975 British Grand Prix result16ShadowFord1DNFAccident0



Tom Pryce Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1974ShadowJean-Pierre Jarier681000004444
1975ShadowJean-Pierre Jarier3481.50012104410
1976ShadowJean-Pierre Jarier371000000115124
Mike Wilds4293000001010
1977ShadowRenzo Zorzi960100002130

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