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Hamilton celebrates on the Monza podium

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F1 2018 Season Tickets

No.DateF1 Grand PrixFormula 1 CircuitDiscountBuy F1 TicketsNeed Hotel?
126 Feb
01 Mar
 F1 Winter TestingCatalunya CircuitBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
223 Mar
25 Mar
 Australian Grand PrixAlbert Park Circuit11% until
Get TicketsFind Hotel
306 Apr
08 Apr
 Bahrain Grand PrixBahrain International Circuit15% until
Get TicketsFind Hotel
413 Apr
15 Apr
 Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International CircuitBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
527 Apr
29 Apr
 Azerbaijan GPBaku City CircuitBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
611 May
13 May
 Spanish Grand PrixCatalunya Circuit10% until
Get TicketsFind Hotel
724 May
27 May
 Monaco Grand PrixMonaco Street CircuitBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
808 Jun
10 Jun
 Canadian Grand PrixCircuit Gilles VilleneuveBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
922 Jun
24 Jun
 French Grand PrixPaul Ricard CircuitBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
1029 Jun
01 Jul
 Austrian Grand PrixRed Bull RingBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
1106 Jul
08 Jul
 British Grand PrixSilverstone CircuitBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
1220 Jul
22 Jul
 German Grand PrixHockeheimringBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
1327 Jul
29 Jul
 Hungarian GPHungaroringBest Price GuaranteedGet TicketsFind Hotel
1424 Aug
26 Aug
 Belgian Grand PrixSpa Francorchamps Circuit5% until
Get TicketsFind Hotel
1531 Aug
02 Sep
 Italian Grand PrixAutodromo Nazionale Monza9% until
Get TicketsFind Hotel
1614 Sep
16 Sep
 Singapore GPSingapore Street Circuit17% until
Get TicketsFind Hotel
1728 Sep
30 Sep
 Russian Grand PrixSochi Street Circuitnot availableFind Hotel
1805 Oct
07 Oct
 Japanese Grand PrixSuzuka Circuitnot availableFind Hotel
1919 Oct
21 Oct
 USA Grand PrixCircuit of The Americasnot availableFind Hotel
2026 Oct
28 Oct
 Mexican Grand PrixAutodromo Hermandos Rodrígueznot availableFind Hotel
2109 Nov
11 Nov
 Brazilian Grand PrixAutodromo Interlagosnot availableFind Hotel
2223 Nov
25 Nov
 Abu Dhabi Grand PrixYas Marina Circuitnot availableFind Hotel


Tips when Visiting Grand Prix Events

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari with fans Monza Italian GP F1/2017

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari with fans Monza

We have some tips about visiting races around the world:

  • When you want to get autographs from your favourite drivers you should visit the circuit already on Thursday's. When you have bought weekend tickets you can visit the pit around 17:30 hours. Here the drivers (not all) will come out the garage to sign your stuff.
  • On Friday and Saturday, your allowed to sit anywhere you want around the circuit. So when you bought the cheapest tickets you can take a look on the main grand stand!
  • Almost all grand prix have big campsites around the track for you to camp. You don't have to book a hotel. These campsites have great atmosphere and party's are everywhere. The only thing you won't get are clean toilets and great showers...


VIP Monaco Grand Prix Tickets

Would you like to visit the Monaco Grand Prix in VIP-style? Then we have just the thing for you! Read more about this exclusive VIP experience on our 2018 VIP Monaco Grand Prix Tickets page. You can always check out our latest F1 News updates.

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