Henri Pescarolo info & statistics

NameHenri Pescarolo
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthParis
Date of BirthSep 25th 1942 - 78 years old
Season Entries8
First Race1968 Canadian F1 GP
Last Race1976 USA F1 GP
Best Qualifying5th - (2 times)
Best Result3th - 1970 Monaco F1 GP
First Podium1970 Monaco F1 GP
Last Podium1970 Monaco F1 GP

Henri Pescarolo F1 Stats

Race Entries60
Race Starts57
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps1 (1,7%)
Podiums1 (1,7%)
Points Finishes6 (10,0%)
Retirements29 (48,3%)
Total Points12
Total Laps2.744



Henri Pescarolo Final Championship Results



Henri Pescarolo F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1976 United Kingdom Surtees Ford70000033500.000
1974 United Kingdom BRM BRM120000040500.000
1973 United Kingdom Iso Marlboro
United Kingdom March
1972 United Kingdom March
United Kingdom Politoys
1971 United Kingdom March
United Kingdom March
1970 France Matra Matra130011074700.628
1969 France Matra Ford1000001400.000
1968 France Matra Matra20000011600.000



Henri Pescarolo F1 GP Race Classifications

3th1 Time
4th1 Time
5th2 Times
6th3 Times
7th2 Times
8th5 Times
9th4 Times
10th2 Times
11th4 Times
12th1 Time
13th1 Time
14th3 Times
17th1 Time
18th1 Time
19th1 Time
DNF21 Times
NC4 Times
DNQ3 Times


Henri Pescarolo F1 GP Race Results

6019761976 USA F1 GP38SurteesFord26NCNo Time0
5919761976 Canadian F1 GP38SurteesFord21190
5819761976 Italian F1 GP38SurteesFord22170
5719761976 Dutch F1 GP38SurteesFord22110
5619761976 Austrian F1 GP38SurteesFord2290
5519761976 German F1 GP38SurteesFord0DNQNo Time0
5419761976 British F1 GP38SurteesFord26DNFFuel system0
5319761976 French F1 GP38SurteesFord24DNFSuspension0
5219761976 Monaco F1 GP38SurteesFord0DNQNo Time0
5119741974 Italian F1 GP15BRMBRM25DNFEngine0
5019741974 German F1 GP15BRMBRM24100
4919741974 British F1 GP15BRMBRM24DNFEngine0
4819741974 French F1 GP15BRMBRM19DNFClutch0
4719741974 Dutch F1 GP15BRMBRM24DNFHandling0
4619741974 Swedish F1 GP15BRMBRM19DNFFire0
4519741974 Monaco F1 GP15BRMBRM27DNFGearbox0
4419741974 Belgian F1 GP15BRMBRM15DNFCollision0
4319741974 Spanish F1 GP15BRMBRM20120
4219741974 South African F1 GP15BRMBRM21180
4119741974 Brazilian F1 GP15BRMBRM22140
4019741974 Argentine F1 GP15BRMBRM2190
3919731973 German F1 GP26Iso MarlboroFord12100
3819731973 French F1 GP26Iso MarlboroFord23DNFOverheating0
3719731973 Spanish F1 GP11MarchFord1880
3619721972 USA F1 GP26MarchFord21140
3519721972 Canadian F1 GP28MarchFord21130
3419721972 Italian F1 GP25MarchFord0DNQNo Time0
3319721972 German F1 GP20MarchFord9DNFAccident0
3219721972 British F1 GP24PolitoysFord26DNFAccident0
3119721972 Belgian F1 GP15MarchFord19NCNot Classified0
3019721972 Monaco F1 GP22MarchFord9DNFAccident0
2919721972 Spanish F1 GP14MarchFord19110
2819721972 South African F1 GP21MarchFord22110
2719721972 Argentine F1 GP23MarchFord1580
2619711971 USA F1 GP21MarchFord20DNFEngine0
2519711971 Italian F1 GP16MarchFord10DNFSuspension0
2419711971 Austrian F1 GP25MarchFord1361
2319711971 German F1 GP14MarchFord10DNFSuspension0
2219711971 British F1 GP26MarchFord1743
2119711971 French F1 GP27MarchFord18NCGearbox0
2019711971 Dutch F1 GP31MarchFord15NCNot Classified0
1919711971 Monaco F1 GP27MarchFord1380
1819711971 Spanish F1 GP27MarchFord11DNFEngine0
1719711971 South African F1 GP22MarchCosworth18110
1619701970 Mexican F1 GP7MatraMatra1190
1519701970 USA F1 GP7MatraMatra1280
1419701970 Canadian F1 GP24MatraMatra870
1319701970 Italian F1 GP42MatraMatra5DNFEngine0
1219701970 Austrian F1 GP20MatraMatra13140
1119701970 German F1 GP14MatraMatra561
1019701970 British F1 GP8MatraMatra12DNFAccident0
919701970 French F1 GP20MatraMatra852
819701970 Dutch F1 GP24MatraMatra1380
719701970 Belgian F1 GP26MatraMatra176Electrical1
619701970 Monaco F1 GP9MatraMatra734
519701970 Spanish F1 GP22MatraMatra9DNFEngine0
419701970 South African F1 GP4MatraMatra1870
319691969 German F1 GP26MatraFord1350
219681968 Mexican F1 GP9MatraMatra2090
119681968 Canadian F1 GP19MatraMatra19DNFOil Pressure0



Henri Pescarolo F1 Podium Finishes

119701970 Monaco F1 GP9MatraMatra734



Henri Pescarolo Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1968MatraJackie Stewart960100000202
Jean-Pierre Beltoise970000001102
Johnny Servoz-Gavin990000001102
1969MatraJackie Stewart520600000101
Jean-Pierre Beltoise5120100001001
Johnny Servoz-Gavin5170000001001
1970MatraJean-Pierre Beltoise3381600007649
1971MarchAlex Soler-Roig8160000005050
Andrea de Adamich4113000005160
François Mazet15130000000110
Jean-Pierre Jarier14120000000110
John Love11210000001010
Max Jean15140000000110
Mike Beuttler4134000003140
Nanni Galli4114000004150
Niki Lauda6171000001010
Ronnie Peterson4242700003719
Skip Barber8140000002130
1972MarchCarlos Pace1150300002635
Mike Beuttler1180000003452
Niki Lauda870000005463
Rolf Stommelen11100000003241
Ronnie Peterson8301000002727
Skip Barber13160000002011
1973Iso MarlboroHowden Ganley23140000000110
MarchMike Beuttler870000000110
1974BRMFrançois Migault9140000007483
Jean-Pierre Beltoise92010000048012
1976SurteesAlan Jones950200001808
Brett Lunger9100000001625
Conny Andersson11250000001001
Divina Galica21280000001010


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