Ronnie Peterson info & statistics

Ronnie Peterson wiki info & stats
NameRonnie Peterson
CountrySweden Sweden
Place of BirthÖrebro
Date of BirthFeb 14th 1944
Date of DeathSep 11th 1978 - 34 years old
First Race1970 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Race1978 Italian Grand Prix
First Pole1973 Brazilian Grand Prix
Last Pole1978 Austrian Grand Prix
First Win1973 French Grand Prix
Last Win1978 Austrian Grand Prix
First Podium1971 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Podium1978 Dutch Grand Prix

Ronnie Peterson F1 Stats

Race Starts123
Race Wins10 (8,1%)
Pole Positions14 (11,4%)
Fastest Laps9 (7,3%)
Podiums26 (21,1%)
Points Finishes42 (34,1%)
Retirements57 (46,3%)
Wins from pole3
Frontrow Starts24
Total Points206
Total Laps5.725



Ronnie Peterson Final Championship Results



Ronnie Peterson F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1978 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford142417372133.6451
1977 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford170011060910.417
1976 United Kingdom March
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1975 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford140000056300.436
1974 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford153014171522.3335
1973 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford154217977123.4752
1972 United Kingdom March Ford120011070001.0012
1971 United Kingdom March
United Kingdom March
United Kingdom March
Alfa Romeo
1970 United Kingdom March Ford90000048000.000



Ronnie Peterson F1 GP Race Classifications

1st10 Times
2nd10 Times
3rd6 Times
4th5 Times
5th7 Times
6th4 Times
7th3 Times
8th3 Times
9th7 Times
10th5 Times
11th4 Times
12th2 Times
13th1 Time
15th2 Times
16th1 Time
19th1 Time
DNF49 Times
DSQ1 Time
NC2 Times


Ronnie Peterson F1 GP Race Results

12319781978 Italian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord5DNFFatal Accident0
12219781978 Dutch Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord226
12119781978 Austrian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord119
12019781978 German Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord2DNFGearbox0
11919781978 British Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord1DNFFuel System0
11819781978 French Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord526
11719781978 Swedish Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord434
11619781978 Spanish Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord226
11519781978 Belgian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord726
11419781978 Monaco Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord7DNFGearbox0
11319781978 USA West Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord643
11219781978 South African Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord1219
11119781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord1DNFCollision0
11019781978 Argentine Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord352
10919771977 Japanese Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord18DNFAccident0
10819771977 Canadian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord3DNFFuel Leak0
10719771977 USA Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord5160
10619771977 Italian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1261
10519771977 Dutch Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord7DNFIgnition0
10419771977 Austrian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1552
10319771977 German Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord149Engine0
10219771977 British Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord16DNFEngine0
10119771977 French Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord17120
10019771977 Swedish Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord10DNFIgnition0
9919771977 Belgian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord834
9819771977 Monaco Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord4DNFBrakes0
9719771977 Spanish Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord1580
9619771977 USA West Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord10DNFFuel System0
9519771977 South African Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord7DNFFuel system0
9419771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord8DNFAccident0
9319771977 Argentine Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord14DNFSpun off0
9219761976 Japanese Grand Prix result10MarchFord9DNFEngine0
9119761976 USA Grand Prix result10MarchFord3DNFSuspension0
9019761976 Canadian Grand Prix result10MarchFord290
8919761976 Italian Grand Prix result10MarchFord819
8819761976 Dutch Grand Prix result10MarchFord1DNFOil Pressure0
8719761976 Austrian Grand Prix result10MarchFord361
8619761976 German Grand Prix result10MarchFord11DNFAccident0
8519761976 British Grand Prix result10MarchFord7DNFFuel system0
8419761976 French Grand Prix result10MarchFord619Fuel System0
8319761976 Swedish Grand Prix result10MarchFord970
8219761976 Monaco Grand Prix result10MarchFord0DNFAccident0
8119761976 Belgian Grand Prix result10MarchFord10DNFAccident0
8019761976 Spanish Grand Prix result10MarchFord16DNFTransmission0
7919761976 USA West Grand Prix result10MarchFord6100
7819761976 South African Grand Prix result10MarchFord13DNFAccident0
7719761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord18DNFAccident0
7619751975 USA Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1452
7519751975 Italian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord11DNFEngine0
7419751975 Austrian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1351
7319751975 German Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord18DNFClutch0
7219751975 British Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord16DNFEngine0
7119751975 French Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord17100
7019751975 Dutch Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1615Out of fuel0
6919751975 Swedish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord990
6819751975 Belgian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord14DNFBrakes0
6719751975 Monaco Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord443
6619751975 Spanish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord12DNFSuspension0
6519751975 South African Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord8100
6419751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord16150
6319751975 Argentine Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord11DNFEngine0
6219741974 USA Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord19DNFFuel System0
6119741974 Canadian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1034
6019741974 Italian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord719
5919741974 Austrian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord6DNFHalfshaft0
5819741974 German Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord843
5719741974 British Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord2100
5619741974 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord219
5519741974 Dutch Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1080
5419741974 Swedish Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord5DNFHalfshaft0
5319741974 Monaco Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord319
5219741974 Belgian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord5DNFFuel Leak0
5119741974 Spanish Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord2DNFEngine0
5019741974 South African Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord16DNFCollision0
4919741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord461
4819741974 Argentine Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1130
4719731973 USA Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord119
4619731973 Canadian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1DNFSuspension0
4519731973 Italian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord119
4419731973 Austrian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord219
4319731973 German Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord2DNFIgnition0
4219731973 Dutch Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord111Engine0
4119731973 British Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord126
4019731973 French Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord519
3919731973 Swedish Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord126
3819731973 Monaco Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord234
3719731973 Belgian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1DNFAccident0
3619731973 Spanish Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1DNFGearbox0
3519731973 South African Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord4110
3419731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1DNFWheel0
3319731973 Argentine Grand Prix result4Team LotusFord5DNFOil Pressure0
3219721972 USA Grand Prix result4MarchFord2643
3119721972 Canadian Grand Prix result25MarchFord3DSQPush-start after collision0
3019721972 Italian Grand Prix result19MarchFord2490
2919721972 Austrian Grand Prix result5MarchFord11120
2819721972 German Grand Prix result10MarchFord434
2719721972 British Grand Prix result3MarchFord87Spun off0
2619721972 French Grand Prix result12MarchFord952
2519721972 Belgian Grand Prix result11MarchFord1490
2419721972 Monaco Grand Prix result3MarchFord15110
2319721972 Spanish Grand Prix result2MarchFord9DNFFuel Leak0
2219721972 South African Grand Prix result3MarchFord952
2119721972 Argentine Grand Prix result14MarchFord1061
2019711971 USA Grand Prix result25MarchFord1134
1919711971 Canadian Grand Prix result17MarchFord626
1819711971 Italian Grand Prix result25MarchFord626
1719711971 Austrian Grand Prix result17MarchFord1180
1619711971 German Grand Prix result15MarchFord752
1519711971 British Grand Prix result18MarchFord526
1419711971 French Grand Prix result17MarchAlfa Romeo12DNFEngine0
1319711971 Dutch Grand Prix result16MarchFord1343
1219711971 Monaco Grand Prix result17MarchFord826
1119711971 Spanish Grand Prix result18MarchFord13DNFIgnition0
1019711971 South African Grand Prix result7MarchCosworth13100
919701970 USA Grand Prix result29MarchFord15110
819701970 Canadian Grand Prix result26MarchFord16NCNot Classified0
719701970 Italian Grand Prix result52MarchFord13DNFEngine0
619701970 German Grand Prix result22MarchFord19DNFEngine0
519701970 British Grand Prix result27MarchFord1390
419701970 French Grand Prix result18MarchFord9DNFDifferential0
319701970 Dutch Grand Prix result22MarchFord1690
219701970 Belgian Grand Prix result14MarchFord9NCNot Classified0
119701970 Monaco Grand Prix result23MarchFord1270



Ronnie Peterson Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1970MarchChris Amon7202000002727
François Cevert960100002534
Hubert Hahne16250000001010
Jackie Stewart7201200023407
Jo Siffert770000005454
Johnny Servoz-Gavin7210000001010
Mario Andretti9150000001102
1971MarchAlex Soler-Roig2169000004150
Andrea de Adamich21118000005160
François Mazet20130000000110
Henri Pescarolo2427400007391
Jean-Pierre Jarier2126000001010
John Love10210000001010
Max Jean20140000000110
Mike Beuttler21320000005050
Nanni Galli21124000006060
Niki Lauda8170000001010
Skip Barber21419000004040
1972MarchCarlos Pace3511300008383
Henri Pescarolo3810000007272
Mike Beuttler3890000010091
Niki Lauda371200000102102
Rolf Stommelen3108000007180
Skip Barber4163000002011
1973Team LotusDave Charlton11220000001010
Emerson Fittipaldi115255439178114
1974Team LotusIan Scheckter26130000000110
Jacky Ickx133512301096132
Paddy Driver26250000000110
Tim Schenken13250000001010
1975Team LotusBrian Henton5123000002130
Eddie Keizan10130000001010
Guy Tunmer10110000001010
Jacky Ickx423300005481
Jim Crawford22130000000220
John Watson22210000000101
1976MarchArturo Merzario790000004360
Hans Joachim Stuck14105101087123
Vittorio Brambilla16101101096104
Team LotusMario Andretti19200000001001
1977TyrrellKunimitsu Takahashi1890000000110
Patrick Depailler32720000061189
1978Team LotusHector Rebaque165112030113140
Mario Andretti1151642637311311

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