John Watson info & statistics

John Watson wiki info & stats
NameJohn Watson
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthBelfast
Date of BirthMay 4th 1946 - 74 years old
First Race1973 British Grand Prix
Last Race1985 European Grand Prix
First Pole1977 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Pole1978 French Grand Prix
First Win1976 Austrian Grand Prix
Last Win1983 USA West Grand Prix
First Podium1976 French Grand Prix
Last Podium1983 Dutch Grand Prix

John Watson F1 Stats

Race Entries154
Race Starts152
Race Wins5 (3,2%)
Pole Positions2 (1,3%)
Fastest Laps5 (3,2%)
Podiums20 (13,0%)
Points Finishes47 (30,5%)
Retirements66 (42,9%)
Frontrow Starts11
Total Points169
Total Laps7.388



John Watson Final Championship Results



John Watson F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1985 United Kingdom McLaren TAG1000007300.000
1983 United Kingdom McLaren
United Kingdom McLaren
1982 United Kingdom McLaren Ford152215082112.6039
1981 United Kingdom McLaren Ford151214080911.8027
1980 United Kingdom McLaren Ford130000061800.466
1979 United Kingdom McLaren Ford150011078801.0015
1978 United Kingdom Brabham Alfa Romeo160123175201.5625
1977 United Kingdom Brabham Alfa Romeo170101165920.539
1976 United States Penske Ford161023081101.2520
1975 United States Penske
United Kingdom Surtees
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1974 United Kingdom Brabham Ford150000089700.406
1973 United Kingdom Brabham Ford2000004300.000



John Watson F1 GP Race Classifications

1st5 Times
2nd6 Times
3rd9 Times
4th9 Times
5th7 Times
6th11 Times
7th10 Times
8th6 Times
9th6 Times
10th6 Times
11th9 Times
12th2 Times
13th2 Times
16th2 Times
DNF56 Times
DSQ3 Times
NC3 Times
DNQ2 Times


John Watson F1 GP Race Results

15419851985 European Grand Prix result1McLarenTAG2170
15319831983 South African Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG15DSQDisqualified0
15219831983 European Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG10DNFSpun Off0
15119831983 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenTAG15DNFElectrical0
15019831983 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1534
14919831983 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1790
14819831983 German Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2352
14719831983 British Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2490
14619831983 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2061
14519831983 Detroit Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2134
14419831983 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord20DNFCollision0
14319831983 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenFord0DNQNo Time0
14219831983 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2452
14119831983 French Grand Prix result7McLarenFord14DNFEngine0
14019831983 USA West Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2219
13919831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord16DNFEngine0
13819821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result7McLarenFord926
13719821982 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1243
13619821982 Swiss Grand Prix result7McLarenFord11130
13519821982 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord189Engine0
13419821982 German Grand Prix result7McLarenFord10DNFSuspension failure0
13319821982 French Grand Prix result7McLarenFord12DNFElectrical0
13219821982 British Grand Prix result7McLarenFord12DNFSpun Off0
13119821982 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1190
13019821982 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord634
12919821982 Detroit Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1719
12819821982 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenFord10DNFElectrical0
12719821982 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1019
12619821982 USA West Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1161
12519821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1226
12419821982 South African Grand Prix result7McLarenFord961
12319811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result7McLarenFord670
12219811981 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord926
12119811981 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord7DNFAccident0
12019811981 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord8DNFIgnition0
11919811981 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1261
11819811981 German Grand Prix result7McLarenFord961
11719811981 British Grand Prix result7McLarenFord519
11619811981 French Grand Prix result7McLarenFord226
11519811981 Spanish Grand Prix result7McLarenFord434
11419811981 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenFord10DNFEngine0
11319811981 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord570
11219811981 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenFord7100
11119811981 Argentine Grand Prix result7McLarenFord11DNFTransmission0
11019811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1580
10919811981 USA West Grand Prix result7McLarenFord23DNFBrakes0
10819801980 USA Grand Prix result7McLarenFord9NC0
10719801980 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord743
10619801980 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord14DNFWheel Bearing0
10519801980 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord9DNFEngine0
10419801980 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord21DNFEngine0
10319801980 German Grand Prix result7McLarenFord20DNFEngine0
10219801980 British Grand Prix result7McLarenFord128Engine0
10119801980 French Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1370
10019801980 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenFord0DNQNo Time0
9919801980 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord20NCNot Classified0
9819801980 USA West Grand Prix result7McLarenFord2143
9719801980 South African Grand Prix result7McLarenFord21110
9619801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord23110
9519801980 Argentine Grand Prix result7McLarenFord17DNFGearbox0
9419791979 USA Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1361
9319791979 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1761
9219791979 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord19DNFAccident0
9119791979 Dutch Grand Prix result7McLarenFord12DNFEngine0
9019791979 Austrian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1690
8919791979 German Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1252
8819791979 British Grand Prix result7McLarenFord743
8719791979 French Grand Prix result7McLarenFord15110
8619791979 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1443
8519791979 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1961
8419791979 Spanish Grand Prix result7McLarenFord18DNFEngine0
8319791979 USA West Grand Prix result7McLarenFord18DNFInjection0
8219791979 South African Grand Prix result7McLarenFord14DNFIgnition0
8119791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord1480
8019791979 Argentine Grand Prix result7McLarenFord634
7919781978 Canadian Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo4DNFAccident0
7819781978 USA Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo7DNFEngine0
7719781978 Italian Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo726
7619781978 Dutch Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo843
7519781978 Austrian Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo1070
7419781978 German Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo570
7319781978 British Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo934
7219781978 French Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo143
7119781978 Swedish Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo2DNFSpun Off0
7019781978 Spanish Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo752
6919781978 Belgian Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo9DNFAccident0
6819781978 Monaco Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo243
6719781978 USA West Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo5DNFGearbox0
6619781978 South African Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo1034
6519781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo2180
6419781978 Argentine Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo4DNFEngine0
6319771977 Japanese Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo3DNFGearbox0
6219771977 Canadian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo10DNFSuspension0
6119771977 USA Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo3120
6019771977 Italian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo14DNFAccident0
5919771977 Dutch Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo8DNFOil Leak0
5819771977 Austrian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo1280
5719771977 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo2DNFEngine0
5619771977 British Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo2DNFFuel system0
5519771977 French Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo426
5419771977 Swedish Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo252
5319771977 Belgian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo2DNFAccident0
5219771977 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo1DNFGearbox0
5119771977 Spanish Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo6DNFFuel system0
5019771977 USA West Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo6DSQNo Time0
4919771977 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo1161
4819771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo7DNFAccident0
4719771977 Argentine Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo2DNFSuspension0
4619761976 Japanese Grand Prix result28PenskeFord4DNFEngine0
4519761976 USA Grand Prix result28PenskeFord861
4419761976 Canadian Grand Prix result28PenskeFord14100
4319761976 Italian Grand Prix result28PenskeFord26110
4219761976 Dutch Grand Prix result28PenskeFord4DNFGearbox0
4119761976 Austrian Grand Prix result28PenskeFord219
4019761976 German Grand Prix result28PenskeFord1970
3919761976 British Grand Prix result28PenskeFord1134
3819761976 French Grand Prix result28PenskeFord834
3719761976 Swedish Grand Prix result28PenskeFord17DNFAccident0
3619761976 Monaco Grand Prix result28PenskeFord0100
3519761976 Belgian Grand Prix result28PenskeFord1770
3419761976 Spanish Grand Prix result28PenskeFord13DNFengine0
3319761976 USA West Grand Prix result28PenskeFord9NCNo Time0
3219761976 South African Grand Prix result28PenskeFord352
3119761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result28PenskeFord8DNFFuel System0
3019751975 USA Grand Prix result28PenskeFord1290
2919751975 Austrian Grand Prix result18SurteesFord18100
2819751975 German Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord14DNFSuspension0
2719751975 British Grand Prix result18SurteesFord1811Accident0
2619751975 French Grand Prix result18SurteesFord14130
2519751975 Dutch Grand Prix result18SurteesFord14DNFVibrations0
2419751975 Swedish Grand Prix result18SurteesFord10160
2319751975 Belgian Grand Prix result18SurteesFord18100
2219751975 Monaco Grand Prix result18SurteesFord6DNFSpun Off0
2119751975 Spanish Grand Prix result18SurteesFord680
2019751975 South African Grand Prix result18SurteesFord10DNFClutch0
1919751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result18SurteesFord13100
1819751975 Argentine Grand Prix result18SurteesFord15DSQDisqualified0
1719741974 USA Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord752
1619741974 Canadian Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord15DNFSuspension0
1519741974 Italian Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord470
1419741974 Austrian Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord1143
1319741974 German Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord14DNFSuspension0
1219741974 British Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord13110
1119741974 French Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord14160
1019741974 Dutch Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord1370
919741974 Swedish Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord14110
819741974 Monaco Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord2361
719741974 Belgian Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord19110
619741974 Spanish Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord15110
519741974 South African Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord13DNFFuel System0
419741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord15DNFClutch0
319741974 Argentine Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord20120
219731973 USA Grand Prix result9BrabhamFord24DNFEngine0
119731973 British Grand Prix result29BrabhamFord23DNFFuel system0



John Watson F1 Pole Positions

219781978 French Grand Prix result2BrabhamAlfa Romeo143
119771977 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo1DNFGearbox0



John Watson Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1973BrabhamAndrea de Adamich16240000001001
Carlos Reutemann1630500000202
Wilson Fittipaldi16140000000211
1974BrabhamCarlo Facetti7270000001010
Carlos Pace425800002534
Carlos Reutemann41632030178114
Eppie Wietzes20250000001010
Gérard Larrousse11250000002011
Helmuth Koinigg4313000001010
Ian Ashley5292000002020
Lella Lombardi11290000001010
Richard Robarts12150000001230
Rikky von Opel691000005160
Teddy Pilette11170000001010
1975SurteesDave Morgan11180000001010
Team LotusRonnie Peterson21220000001010
1976PenskeBoy Hayje19140000000110
1977BrabhamCarlos Pace621600001221
Giorgio Francia24340000001010
Hans Joachim Stuck238120010410113
1978BrabhamNelson Piquet19110000000110
Niki Lauda212544021179511
1979McLarenPatrick Tambay371500000123132
1980McLarenAlain Prost453500005858
Stephen South4273000001010
1981McLarenAndrea de Cesaris162711000123141
1982McLarenNiki Lauda113930220068410
1983McLarenNiki Lauda122212100077311
1985McLarenAlain Prost740300000101



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