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NameMika Häkkinen
CountryFinland Finland
Place of BirthVantaa
Date of BirthSep 28th 1968 - 52 years old
First Race1991 USA Grand Prix
Last Race2001 Japanese Grand Prix
First Pole1997 Luxembourg Grand Prix
Last Pole2000 Belgian Grand Prix
First Win1997 European Grand Prix
Last Win2001 USA Grand Prix
First Podium1993 Japanese Grand Prix
Last Podium2001 USA Grand Prix

Mika Häkkinen F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles2
Race Entries165
Race Starts161
Race Wins20 (12,1%)
Pole Positions26 (15,8%)
Fastest Laps25 (15,2%)
Podiums51 (30,9%)
Points Finishes83 (50,3%)
Retirements67 (40,6%)
Wins from pole10
Frontrow Starts39
Total Points420
Total Laps7.720



Mika Hakkinen Biography

Mika Hakkinen driving his first race at the 1991 US GP in Phoenix in the Lotus 102B

Mika Hakkinen driving his first race at the 1991 US GP in Phoenix in the Lotus 102B

Two-time Formula 1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen had great success and tough times in F1. His main rival was Michael Schumacher.

He started his racing career at the age of five (1973) with karting. It turned out he had talent and skill. He won his first race at the age of 7. He then took part of regional and national karting championships in Finland and at the age of 10 he started to win each championship he entered until 1986.

After karting, he got into open-wheel racing. In 1987 he took part of 3 Formula Ford 1600 championship in Scandinavia, the Finish, Swedish and Nordic championship. He won all 3 championships.

In 1988 he entered the Opel Lotus Euroseries Championship and the British GM Euroseries. That season he won the Opel Lotus Euroseries Championship and finished second in the British GM Euroseries.

Mika Hakkinen in the Lotus 107 cockpit (1992)

Mika Hakkinen in the Lotus 107 cockpit (1992)

After this adventure, he stepped up to the British Formula 3 Championship and could really shape up his skills in 1989 and 1990. In 1989 he had a learning curve and finished 7th in the championship. In 1990 he already was used to the much faster Formula 3 cars and won the championship for West Surrey Racing. This resulted in a Formula 1 contract with Lotus for the next season.

Mika's Formula 1 career

In 1991 Mika Häkkinen started his first Formula 1 career in Phoenix for the 1991 US Grand Prix. He qualified 13th on the grid in his Lotus and had to retire, due to a Judd engine failure. He had 3 different teammates that season, Julian Bailey, Johnny Herbert and Michael Bartels.  Häkkinen scored his first and only points that 1991 F1 season in his 3rd race for Lotus by finishing 5th in the San Marino Grand Prix. He started the race on Imola circuit as 25th! He ended his first season on 16th place on the 1991 drivers championship table.

Ayrton Senna and Mika Hakkinen before the Portuguese Grand Prix at the Estoril circuit in Portugal (1993)

Ayrton Senna and Mika Hakkinen before the Portuguese Grand Prix at the Estoril circuit in Portugal (1993)

In 1992 he stayed at Lotus and had a much better season. The Judd engine was changed to a Ford engine and picked up regular points.  He only had Johnny Herbert as teammate and the Lotus 107 with Ford engine had a very fragile gearbox and engine. Mika retired 6 times, 2 times with gearbox problems and 2 times with engine failure. Although Herbert out qualified Hakkinen with 9-7, Mika scored more points than Johnny, because Herbert had to retire 11 times!. Mika scored 11 points in total to end on 8th place of the 1992 drivers championship table.

1993 - 2001 at McLaren

During the 1992 season, Häkkinen wanted to move to the quicker Williams car but got into a contract dispute with Lotus. Häkkinen, who was under contract to Lotus, opted to join Williams, but Lotus team principal Peter Collins would veto the Williams team entry if they had signed Häkkinen.

Mika Hakkinen spins in the McLaren MP4/9 with Peugeot engine (1994).

Mika Hakkinen spins in the McLaren MP4/9 with Peugeot engine (1994).

Mika then tried to get a seat at Ligier although his Lotus contract contained a clause of which his manager Keke Rosberg disagreed. He later approached the McLaren team and principal Ron Dennis signed the contract.

The dispute eventually went to the F1 Contract Recognition Board, who ruled in favour of McLaren after two days of deliberation.

He still could not drive in 1993, because McLaren had hired Michael Andretti to race and Ayrton Senna was their number 1 driver. It was until Andretti had enough of being beaten by Senna and left after finishing 3rd at the Italian GP to drive IndyCar again.

Hakkinen, at last, could drive for McLaren for at Portuguese Grand Prix. Mika Hakkinen was very determined and even out-qualified three times Formula 1 Drivers Champion Senna in his first race.

Mika Hakkinen testing the McLaren MP4/11 Mercedes at Estoril, Portugal (1996).

Mika Hakkinen testing the McLaren MP4/11 Mercedes at Estoril, Portugal (1996).

In the race, he drove second for a long time and could even have won his first race for McLaren if he hadn't crashed into the barrier in the last corner of the Estoril circuit by trying to pass Jean Alesi. In the penultimate race of the season at Japan, he scored his first Formula 1 podium by finishing 3rd.

McLaren filled up the seat left by Senna who moved to Williams, with Martin Brundle. Mika had a tough season with the McLaren MP4/9 which was powered by Peugeot.

He got a race ban for the German Grand Prix because he collided with too many other drivers. The engine also wasn't very reliable and he retired 4 times with engine failure. Nevertheless, the engine seemed to be very powerful and he did score 6 podiums to end as 4th on the 1994 F1 drivers championship table.

In 1995 he had a sever crash in practice for the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide which almost killed him.

Mika Hakkinen driving the McLaren MP4/12 at the 1997 Canadian GP

Mika Hakkinen driving the McLaren MP4/12 at the 1997 Canadian GP

It took 6 seasons before Häkkinen won his first Formula 1 race. The 1997 European Grand Prix was his first F1 victory at Jerez. It was also the race where Michael Schumacher got his heavy penalty for deliberately driving into Jacques Villeneuve's Williams to prevent him from passing and winning the 1997 drivers championship.

It looked like the winning of his first race change everything for Mika. He kept on winning the next 2 seasons and he even became F1 drivers world champion in 1998 and 1999. He was the only driver who was able to defeat Schumacher on his way to his glory days at Ferrari. Hakkinen and Schumacher were able to put each-other under enormous pressure. They were fears competitors but also showed a level of mutual respect never seen before in F1.

The most unbelievable pass ever is the pass made by Hakkinen on Schumacher in Belgium during the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix. Hakkinen was chasing the Ferrari of Schumacher through Eau Rouge and on the Kemmel Straight they lapped a back-marker. Ricardo Zonta was the driving the lapped car, Schumacher overtook him on the outside, but Hakkinen chose to stick to the right side of the backmarker and overtook both cars.

After the very strong season for Schumacher at Ferrari 2001 F1 season in which the German won 9 races and Hakkinen only 2, he decided to quit Formula 1 to enjoy and have more time with his family. It was a sabbatical initially, but it was his definitive retirement from the sport.



Mika Hakkinen F1 Cars



Mika Hakkinen F1 Championship Season Results



Mika Hakkinen F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2001 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes162013068932.3137
2000 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes1747011594495.2489
1999 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes16523101185164.7576
1998 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes1682111985666.25100
1997 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes171023171811.5927
1996 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes160044090001.9431
1995 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes150202053601.1317
1994 United Kingdom McLaren Peugeot150156067001.7326
1993 United Kingdom McLaren Ford30011011301.334
1992 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford150000079400.7311
1991 United Kingdom Team Lotus Judd150000064900.132



Mika Hakkinen F1 GP Race Classifications

1st20 Times
2nd14 Times
3rd17 Times
4th13 Times
5th10 Times
6th9 Times
7th4 Times
8th3 Times
9th5 Times
10th1 Time
12th2 Times
14th3 Times
19th1 Time
DNF58 Times
DSQ1 Time
DNQ2 Times
DNS2 Times


Mika Hakkinen F1 GP Race Results

16520012001 Japanese Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes543
16420012001 USA Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4110
16320012001 Italian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes7DNFGearbox0
16220012001 Belgian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes743
16120012001 Hungarian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes652
16020012001 German Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3DNFEngine0
15920012001 British Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2110
15820012001 French Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4DNSGearbox0
15720012001 European Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes661
15620012001 Canadian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes834
15520012001 Monaco Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3DNFSteering0
15420012001 Austrian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes8DNFTransmission0
15320012001 Spanish Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes29Clutch0
15220012001 San Marino Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes243
15120012001 Brazilian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3DNFStalled0
15020012001 Malaysian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes461
14920012001 Australian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes3DNFSuspension0
14820002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes243
14720002000 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes226
14620002000 USA Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes3DNFEngine0
14520002000 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes326
14420002000 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
14320002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes3110
14220002000 German Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes426
14120002000 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
14020002000 French Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes426
13920002000 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes443
13820002000 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes561
13720002000 European Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes326
13620002000 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes2110
13520002000 British Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes326
13420002000 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes126
13320002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFOil Pressure0
13220002000 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFEngine0
13119991999 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes2110
13019991999 Malaysian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes434
12919991999 European Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes352
12819991999 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFSpun off0
12719991999 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes126
12619991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
12519991999 German Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFTyre0
12419991999 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes134
12319991999 British Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFWheel0
12219991999 French Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1426
12119991999 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes2110
12019991999 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
11919991999 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes134
11819991999 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFSpun off0
11719991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
11619991999 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFThrottle0
11519981998 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes2110
11419981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes3110
11319981998 Italian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes343
11219981998 Belgian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1DNFCollision0
11119981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes161
11019981998 German Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
10919981998 Austrian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes3110
10819981998 British Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes126
10719981998 French Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes134
10619981998 Canadian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes2DNFGearbox0
10519981998 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
10419981998 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
10319981998 San Marino Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes2DNFGearbox0
10219981998 Argentine Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes326
10119981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
10019981998 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
9919971997 European Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes5110
9819971997 Japanese Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes443
9719971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes1DNFEngine0
9619971997 Austrian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes2DNFEngine0
9519971997 Italian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes590
9419971997 Belgian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes5DSQDisqualified0
9319971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes4DNFHydraulics0
9219971997 German Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes334
9119971997 British Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes3DNFEngine0
9019971997 French Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes10DNFEngine0
8919971997 Canadian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes9DNFEngine0
8819971997 Spanish Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes570
8719971997 Monaco Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes8DNFCollision0
8619971997 San Marino Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes861
8519971997 Argentine Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes1752
8419971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes443
8319971997 Australian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes634
8219961996 Japanese Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes534
8119961996 Portuguese Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes7DNFCollision0
8019961996 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes434
7919961996 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes634
7819961996 Hungarian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes743
7719961996 German Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes4DNFGearbox0
7619961996 British Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes434
7519961996 French Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes552
7419961996 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes652
7319961996 Spanish Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes1052
7219961996 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes86Collision1
7119961996 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes118Engine0
7019961996 European Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes980
6919961996 Argentine Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes8DNFThrottle0
6819961996 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes743
6719961996 Australian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes552
6619951995 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes24DNSInjured0
6519951995 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes326
6419951995 European Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes980
6319951995 Portuguese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes13DNFEngine0
6219951995 Italian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes726
6119951995 Belgian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes3DNFSpun off0
6019951995 Hungarian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes5DNFEngine0
5919951995 German Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes7DNFEngine0
5819951995 British Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes8DNFElectrical0
5719951995 French Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes870
5619951995 Canadian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes7DNFCollision0
5519951995 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes6DNFEngine0
5419951995 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes9DNFFuel system0
5319951995 San Marino Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes652
5219951995 Argentine Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes5DNFCollision0
5119951995 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes743
5019941994 Australian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot412Brakes0
4919941994 Japanese Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot870
4819941994 European Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot934
4719941994 Portuguese Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot434
4619941994 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot734
4519941994 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot826
4419941994 German Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot8DNFCollision0
4319941994 British Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot534
4219941994 French Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot9DNFEngine0
4119941994 Canadian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot7DNFEngine0
4019941994 Spanish Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot3DNFEngine0
3919941994 Monaco Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot2DNFCollision0
3819941994 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot834
3719941994 Pacific Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot4DNFGearbox0
3619941994 Brazilian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot8DNFEngine0
3519931993 Australian Grand Prix result7McLarenFord5DNFBrakes0
3419931993 Japanese Grand Prix result7McLarenFord334
3319931993 Portuguese Grand Prix result7McLarenFord3DNFSpun off0
3219921992 Australian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord1070
3119921992 Japanese Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord7DNFEngine0
3019921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord752
2919921992 Italian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord11DNFEngine0
2819921992 Belgian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord861
2719921992 Hungarian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord1643
2619921992 German Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord13DNFEngine0
2519921992 British Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord961
2419921992 French Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord1143
2319921992 Canadian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord10DNFGearbox0
2219921992 Monaco Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord14DNFGearbox0
2119921992 San Marino Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord0DNQNo Time0
2019921992 Spanish Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord21DNFSpun Off0
1919921992 Brazilian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord24100
1819921992 Mexican Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord1861
1719921992 South African Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord2190
1619911991 Australian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd25190
1519911991 Japanese Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd21DNFEngine0
1419911991 Spanish Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd21DNFSpun Off0
1319911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd24140
1219911991 Italian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd25140
1119911991 Belgian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd24DNFEngine0
1019911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd26140
919911991 German Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd23DNFEngine0
819911991 British Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd25120
719911991 French Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd0DNQNo Time0
619911991 Mexican Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd2490
519911991 Canadian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd24DNFSpun Off0
419911991 Monaco Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd25DNFOil leak0
319911991 San Marino Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd2552
219911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd2290
119911991 USA Grand Prix result11Team LotusJudd13DNFEngine0



Mika Hakkinen F1 Podium Finishes

5120012001 USA Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes4110
5020012001 British Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes2110
4920012001 Canadian Grand Prix result3McLarenMercedes834
4820002000 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes226
4720002000 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes326
4620002000 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
4520002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes3110
4420002000 German Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes426
4320002000 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
4220002000 French Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes426
4120002000 European Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes326
4020002000 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes2110
3920002000 British Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes326
3820002000 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes126
3719991999 Japanese Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes2110
3619991999 Malaysian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes434
3519991999 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes126
3419991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
3319991999 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes134
3219991999 French Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1426
3119991999 Canadian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes2110
3019991999 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
2919991999 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes134
2819991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
2719981998 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes2110
2619981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes3110
2519981998 German Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
2419981998 Austrian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes3110
2319981998 British Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes126
2219981998 French Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes134
2119981998 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
2019981998 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
1919981998 Argentine Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes326
1819981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
1719981998 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
1619971997 European Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes5110
1519971997 German Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes334
1419971997 Australian Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes634
1319961996 Japanese Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes534
1219961996 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes434
1119961996 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes634
1019961996 British Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes434
919951995 Japanese Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes326
819951995 Italian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes726
719941994 European Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot934
619941994 Portuguese Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot434
519941994 Italian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot734
419941994 Belgian Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot826
319941994 British Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot534
219941994 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenPeugeot834
119931993 Japanese Grand Prix result7McLarenFord334



Mika Hakkinen F1 Pole Positions

2620002000 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
2520002000 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
2420002000 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes126
2320002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFOil Pressure0
2220002000 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFEngine0
2119991999 Italian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFSpun off0
2019991999 Belgian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes126
1919991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
1819991999 German Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFTyre0
1719991999 Austrian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes134
1619991999 British Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFWheel0
1519991999 Spanish Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
1419991999 Monaco Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes134
1319991999 San Marino Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFSpun off0
1219991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1110
1119991999 Australian Grand Prix result1McLarenMercedes1DNFThrottle0
1019981998 Belgian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1DNFCollision0
919981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes161
819981998 German Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
719981998 British Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes126
619981998 French Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes134
519981998 Monaco Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
419981998 Spanish Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
319981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
219981998 Australian Grand Prix result8McLarenMercedes1110
119971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result9McLarenMercedes1DNFEngine0



Mika Hakkinen Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1991Team LotusJohnny Herbert970000004444
Julian Bailey562100004040
Michael Bartels14280000004040
1992Team LotusJohnny Herbert46112000012479
1993McLarenAyrton Senna3142002011212
1994McLarenMartin Brundle222613000096150
1995McLarenMark Blundell241513000068122
Nigel Mansell5102000002020
1996McLarenDavid Coulthard3231180000106124
1997McLarenDavid Coulthard112736121089116
1998McLarenDavid Coulthard11100568193124133
1999McLarenDavid Coulthard11764852110106133
2000McLarenDavid Coulthard1189734352116107
2001McLarenDavid Coulthard113765220241398



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