Jacques Villeneuve info & statistics

Jacques Villeneuve wiki info & stats
NameJacques Villeneuve
CountryCanada Canada
Place of BirthSaint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Date of BirthApr 9th 1971 - 49 years old
First Race1996 Australian Grand Prix
Last Race2006 German Grand Prix
First Pole1996 Australian Grand Prix
Last Pole1997 European Grand Prix
First Win1996 European Grand Prix
Last Win1997 Luxembourg Grand Prix
First Podium1996 Australian Grand Prix
Last Podium2001 German Grand Prix

Jacques Villeneuve F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles1
Race Entries165
Race Starts164
Race Wins11 (6,7%)
Pole Positions13 (7,9%)
Fastest Laps9 (5,5%)
Podiums23 (13,9%)
Points Finishes53 (32,1%)
Retirements63 (38,2%)
Wins from pole5
Frontrow Starts23
Total Points235
Total Laps8.314



Jacques Villeneuve Biography

Jacques Villeneuve was Canada's first and onlyF1 champion in history.


Jacques Villeneuve Final Championship Results



Jacques Villeneuve F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2006 Switzerland BMW Sauber BMW Sauber120000064600.587
2005 Switzerland Sauber Petronas1800000103300.509
2004 France Renault Renault30000017700.000
2003 United Kingdom BAR Honda150000066200.406
2002 United Kingdom BAR Honda170000079400.244
2001 United Kingdom BAR Honda170022079000.7112
2000 United Kingdom BAR Honda170000090001.0017
1999 United Kingdom BAR Supertec160000057300.000
1998 United Kingdom Williams Mecachrome160022093901.3121
1997 United Kingdom Williams Renault1770181086334.7681
1996 United Kingdom Williams Renault1645211393764.8878



Jacques Villeneuve F1 GP Race Classifications

1st11 Times
2nd5 Times
3rd7 Times
4th10 Times
5th6 Times
6th10 Times
7th9 Times
8th11 Times
9th8 Times
10th9 Times
11th7 Times
12th7 Times
13th2 Times
14th2 Times
15th3 Times
16th1 Time
DNF55 Times
DSQ1 Time
DNS1 Time


Jacques Villeneuve F1 GP Race Results

16520062006 German Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber13DNFAccident0
16420062006 French Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber16110
16320062006 USA Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber6DNFEngine0
16220062006 Canadian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber11DNFAccident0
16120062006 British Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber1081
16020062006 Monaco Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber14140
15920062006 Spanish Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber22120
15820062006 European Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber981
15720062006 San Marino Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber12120
15620062006 Australian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber1963
15520062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber1072
15420062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result17BMW SauberBMW Sauber11DNFEngine0
15320052005 Chinese Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas16100
15220052005 Japanese Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas8120
15120052005 Brazilian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas20120
15020052005 Belgian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas1463
14920052005 Italian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas12110
14820052005 Turkish Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas16110
14720052005 Hungarian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas15DNFEngine fire0
14620052005 German Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas14150
14520052005 British Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas10140
14420052005 French Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas1081
14320052005 USA Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas12DNSWithdrew0
14220052005 Canadian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas890
14120052005 European Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas15130
14020052005 Monaco Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas9110
13920052005 Spanish Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas12DNFEngine0
13820052005 San Marino Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas1145
13720052005 Bahrain Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas1511Suspension0
13620052005 Malaysian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas16DNFSpun Off0
13520052005 Australian Grand Prix result11SauberPetronas4130
13420042004 Brazilian Grand Prix result7RenaultRenault13100
13320042004 Japanese Grand Prix result7RenaultRenault9100
13220042004 Chinese Grand Prix result7RenaultRenault12110
13120032003 USA Grand Prix result16BARHonda12DNFEngine0
13020032003 Italian Grand Prix result16BARHonda1063
12920032003 Hungarian Grand Prix result16BARHonda16DNFHydraulics0
12820032003 German Grand Prix result16BARHonda1390
12720032003 British Grand Prix result16BARHonda9100
12620032003 French Grand Prix result16BARHonda1290
12520032003 European Grand Prix result16BARHonda17DNFGearbox0
12420032003 Canadian Grand Prix result16BARHonda14DNFBrakes0
12320032003 Monaco Grand Prix result16BARHonda11DNFEngine0
12220032003 Austrian Grand Prix result16BARHonda12120
12120032003 Spanish Grand Prix result16BARHonda11DNFElectrical0
12020032003 San Marino Grand Prix result16BARHonda7DNFEngine0
11920032003 Brazilian Grand Prix result16BARHonda1363
11820032003 Malaysian Grand Prix result16BARHonda12DNFElectrical0
11720032003 Australian Grand Prix result16BARHonda690
11620022002 Japanese Grand Prix result11BARHonda9DNFEngine0
11520022002 USA Grand Prix result11BARHonda761
11420022002 Italian Grand Prix result11BARHonda990
11320022002 Belgian Grand Prix result11BARHonda1280
11220022002 Hungarian Grand Prix result11BARHonda13DNFTransmission0
11120022002 German Grand Prix result11BARHonda11DNFGearbox0
11020022002 French Grand Prix result11BARHonda13DNFEngine0
10920022002 British Grand Prix result11BARHonda943
10820022002 European Grand Prix result11BARHonda19120
10720022002 Canadian Grand Prix result11BARHonda9DNFOil pressure0
10620022002 Monaco Grand Prix result11BARHonda14DNFMechanical0
10520022002 Austrian Grand Prix result11BARHonda1710Engine0
10420022002 Spanish Grand Prix result11BARHonda1570
10320022002 San Marino Grand Prix result11BARHonda1070
10220022002 Brazilian Grand Prix result11BARHonda1510Engine0
10120022002 Malaysian Grand Prix result11BARHonda1380
10020022002 Australian Grand Prix result11BARHonda13DNFBroken Wing0
9920012001 Japanese Grand Prix result10BARHonda14100
9820012001 USA Grand Prix result10BARHonda18DNFSuspension0
9720012001 Italian Grand Prix result10BARHonda1561
9620012001 Belgian Grand Prix result10BARHonda680
9520012001 Hungarian Grand Prix result10BARHonda1090
9420012001 German Grand Prix result10BARHonda1234
9320012001 British Grand Prix result10BARHonda1280
9220012001 French Grand Prix result10BARHonda10DNFEngine0
9120012001 European Grand Prix result10BARHonda1190
9020012001 Canadian Grand Prix result10BARHonda9DNFHalfshaft0
8920012001 Monaco Grand Prix result10BARHonda943
8820012001 Austrian Grand Prix result10BARHonda1280
8720012001 Spanish Grand Prix result10BARHonda734
8620012001 San Marino Grand Prix result10BARHonda11DNFEngine0
8520012001 Brazilian Grand Prix result10BARHonda1270
8420012001 Malaysian Grand Prix result10BARHonda7DNFSpun off0
8320012001 Australian Grand Prix result10BARHonda8DNFCollision0
8220002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result22BARHonda652
8120002000 Japanese Grand Prix result22BARHonda961
8020002000 USA Grand Prix result22BARHonda843
7920002000 Italian Grand Prix result22BARHonda4DNFElectrical0
7820002000 Belgian Grand Prix result22BARHonda770
7720002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result22BARHonda16120
7620002000 German Grand Prix result22BARHonda980
7520002000 Austrian Grand Prix result22BARHonda743
7420002000 French Grand Prix result22BARHonda743
7320002000 Canadian Grand Prix result22BARHonda615Collision0
7220002000 Monaco Grand Prix result22BARHonda1770
7120002000 European Grand Prix result22BARHonda9DNFEngine0
7020002000 Spanish Grand Prix result22BARHonda6DNFHydraulics0
6920002000 British Grand Prix result22BARHonda10160
6820002000 San Marino Grand Prix result22BARHonda952
6720002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result22BARHonda10DNFGearbox0
6620002000 Australian Grand Prix result22BARHonda843
6519991999 Japanese Grand Prix result22BARSupertec1190
6419991999 Malaysian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec10DNFHydraulics0
6319991999 European Grand Prix result22BARSupertec810Clutch0
6219991999 Italian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec1180
6119991999 Belgian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec11150
6019991999 Hungarian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec9DNFClutch0
5919991999 German Grand Prix result22BARSupertec12DNFCollision0
5819991999 Austrian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec9DNFHalfshaft0
5719991999 British Grand Prix result22BARSupertec9DNFHalfshaft0
5619991999 French Grand Prix result22BARSupertec12DNFSpun off0
5519991999 Canadian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec16DNFSpun off0
5419991999 Spanish Grand Prix result22BARSupertec6DNFGearbox0
5319991999 Monaco Grand Prix result22BARSupertec8DNFOil Leak0
5219991999 San Marino Grand Prix result22BARSupertec14DNFGearbox0
5119991999 Brazilian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec21DNFHydraulics0
5019991999 Australian Grand Prix result22BARSupertec11DNFWing failure0
4919981998 Japanese Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome661
4819981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome980
4719981998 Italian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome2DNFSpun off0
4619981998 Belgian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome6DNFSpun off0
4519981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome634
4419981998 German Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome334
4319981998 Austrian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome1161
4219981998 British Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome370
4119981998 French Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome543
4019981998 Canadian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome6100
3919981998 Monaco Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome1352
3819981998 Spanish Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome1061
3719981998 San Marino Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome643
3619981998 Argentine Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome7DNFCollision0
3519981998 Brazilian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome1070
3419981998 Australian Grand Prix result1WilliamsMecachrome452
3319971997 European Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault134
3219971997 Japanese Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1DSQDisqualified0
3119971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault2110
3019971997 Austrian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1110
2919971997 Italian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault452
2819971997 Belgian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault152
2719971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault2110
2619971997 German Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault9DNFSpun off0
2519971997 British Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1110
2419971997 French Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault443
2319971997 Canadian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault2DNFAccident0
2219971997 Spanish Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1110
2119971997 Monaco Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault3DNFSpun off0
2019971997 San Marino Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1DNFGearbox0
1919971997 Argentine Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1110
1819971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1110
1719971997 Australian Grand Prix result3WilliamsRenault1DNFCollision0
1619961996 Japanese Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault1DNFWheel0
1519961996 Portuguese Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault2110
1419961996 Italian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault270
1319961996 Belgian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault126
1219961996 Hungarian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault3110
1119961996 German Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault634
1019961996 British Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault2110
919961996 French Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault626
819961996 Canadian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault226
719961996 Spanish Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault234
619961996 Monaco Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault10DNFCollision0
519961996 San Marino Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault311Suspension0
419961996 European Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault2110
319961996 Argentine Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault326
219961996 Brazilian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault3DNFSpun off0
119961996 Australian Grand Prix result6WilliamsRenault126



Jacques Villeneuve Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1996WilliamsDamon Hill117897483988313
1997WilliamsHeinz-Harald Frentzen1181427110198134
1998WilliamsHeinz-Harald Frentzen332117000097106
1999BARMika Salo1470000000330
Ricardo Zonta8800000067121
2000BARRicardo Zonta461730000125152
2001BAROlivier Panis341250000107116
2002BAROlivier Panis45430000116107
2003BARJenson Button6461200006978
2004RenaultFernando Alonso10401400000312
2005SauberFelipe Massa449110000513712
2006BMW SauberNick Heidfeld6471300005775



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Villeneuve: Leclerc car developments are slowing down Vettel

Oct.27 - Jacques Villeneuve thinks all of Ferrari's car development in 2020 has been done to suit Charles Leclerc. His comments come after team boss Mattia Binotto denied..

October 27, 2020 with 0 Comments

Abiteboul: Still no engine talks with Red Bull

Oct.15 - Cyril Abiteboul says Red Bull is still yet to ask about a supply of customer engines for 2022. The energy drink-owned outfit needs to replace departing works partner..

October 15, 2020 with 0 Comments

Villeneuve slams ill Stroll for missing race

Oct.11 - 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve has slammed Lance Stroll for sitting out this weekend's racing at the Nurburgring. Fellow Canadian Stroll did not appear on track..

October 11, 2020 with 2 Comments

Villeneuve tips Mercedes to keep winning in 2022

Sep.21 - If F1's engine rules do not drastically change, Mercedes will continue to dominate long into the future. That is the view of 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, who..

September 21, 2020 with 0 Comments

Domenicali: 'No alternative to Binotto' for Ferrari

Sep.6 - Former Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali has called for a stop to the criticism of Mattia Binotto. As team boss today, Binotto is under fire as the famous Maranello outfit..

September 6, 2020 with 0 Comments

Villeneuve: Bottas must 'get into Hamilton's head'

Aug.25 - Merely trying to beat Lewis Hamilton "on the track" will not be enough for Valtteri Bottas. That is the view of 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, whose title..

August 25, 2020 with 0 Comments

Marko: Red Bull has 'solved' main car problem

Aug.11 - Dr Helmut Marko says Red Bull must keep the pressure on Mercedes. As the reigning champions struggled with excessive tyre wear at Silverstone, Max Verstappen said on the..

August 11, 2020 with 1 Comment

Vettel to get new Ferrari chassis for Barcelona

Aug.11 - Sebastian Vettel will have a new chassis at his disposal from this weekend as his relationship with Ferrari teeters on the brink. 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg had..

August 11, 2020 with 3 Comments

Villeneuve: Vettel better than Albon with Newey's cars

Jul.22 - Red Bull should rehire Sebastian Vettel, because he is better equipped than Alexander Albon to drive Adrian Newey's difficult Formula 1 cars. That is the view of 1997..

July 22, 2020 with 0 Comments

Villeneuve: Alonso the 'logical choice' for Renault

Jul.4 - 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve thinks Fernando Alonso would be a good choice as Renault looks to complete its 2021 driver lineup. The French works team's boss..

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