2004 F1 Championship Standings

See all 2004 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

Here you can find the 2004 F1 teams overview, we also have all other F1 results since 1950.

2004 F1 Championship Overview

2004 F1 World Championship
2004 Australian F1 GPMarch 7Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5801:24:15.757
2004 Malaysian F1 GPMarch 21Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5601:31:07.490
2004 Bahrain F1 GPApril 4Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5701:28:34.875
2004 San Marino F1 GPApril 25Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6201:26:19.670
2004 Spanish F1 GPMay 9Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6601:27:32.841
2004 Monaco F1 GPMay 23Italy Jarno Trulli
France Renault7701:45:46.601
2004 European F1 GPMay 30Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6001:32:35.101
2004 Canadian F1 GPJune 13Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7001:28:24.803
2004 USA F1 GPJune 20Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7301:40:29.914
2004 French F1 GPJuly 4Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7001:30:18.133
2004 British F1 GPJuly 11Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6001:24:42.700
2004 German F1 GPJuly 25Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari6601:23:54.848
2004 Hungarian F1 GPAugust 15Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari7001:35:26.131
2004 Belgian F1 GPAugust 29Finland Kimi Räikkönen
United Kingdom McLaren4401:32:35.274
2004 Italian F1 GPSeptember 12Brazil Rubens Barrichello
Italy Ferrari5301:15:18.448
2004 Chinese F1 GPSeptember 26Brazil Rubens Barrichello
Italy Ferrari5601:29:12.420
2004 Japanese F1 GPOctober 10Germany Michael Schumacher
Italy Ferrari5301:24:26.985
2004 Brazilian F1 GPOctober 24Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya
United Kingdom Williams7101:28:01.451

2004 Formula 1 Championship Driver Standings

1Germany Michael Schumacher1*11*1*1*DNF*1*111*1*11*2212*17148
2Brazil Rubens Barrichello24262322*2*3312231*1DNF*3114
3United Kingdom Jenson Button63328233DNF5425DNF323DNF85
4Spain Fernando Alonso37644DNF5DNFDNF21033DNFDNF45459
5Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya52*133DNF48DSQDSQ8554DNF5571*58
6Italy Jarno Trulli7545314DNF44DNF11DNF910 111246
7Finland Kimi RäikkönenDNFDNFDNF811DNFDNF5672DNF*DNF1*DNF36245
8Japan Takuma Sato9155165DNFDNFDNF3DNF1186DNF464634
9United Kingdom David Coulthard86DNF1210DNFDNF676749769DNF1124
10Germany Ralf Schumacher4DNF77610DNFDSQDNF      DNF2524
11Italy Giancarlo Fisichella10111197DNF649126985878922
12Brazil Felipe MassaDNF81210959DNFDNF13913DNF41289812
13Australia Mark WebberDNFDNF81312DNF7DNFDNF98610DNF910DNFDNF7
14France Olivier Panis1312911DNF811DSQ515DNF14118DNF1414 6
15Brazil Antônio Pizzonia           77DNF7   6
16Austria Christian Klien11101414DNFDNF129DNF11141013613DNF12143
17Germany Nick HeidfeldDNFDNF15DNFDNF7108DNF1615DNF1211141313DNF3
18Brazil Cristiano da Matta12910DNF136DNFDSQDNF1413DNF      3
19Germany Timo Glock       7       1515152
20Hungary Zsolt BaumgartnerDNF16DNF15DNF915108DNFDNF1615DNF1516DNF161
21Spain Marc Gené         1012       0
22Canada Jacques Villeneuve               1110100
23Italy Giorgio Pantano141316DNFDNFDNF13 DNF17DNF15DNFDNFDNF   0
24Brazil Ricardo Zonta            DNF1011DNF 130
25Italy Gianmaria BruniNC1417DNFDNFDNF14DNFDNF18161714DNFDNFDNF16170

2004 F1 results distribution of points: 1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd =4, 4th = 3, 5th = 2, 6th = 1 point
* = this driver has driven the fastest lap of the race.

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

2004 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Germany Michael Schumacher181320158108910148
Brazil Rubens Barrichello1827514411074114
Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya18111301076258
Finland Kimi Räikkönen1812141752245
United Kingdom Jenson Button18046101991085
Spain Fernando Alonso1801341949059
Japan Takuma Sato1800110901034
United Kingdom David Coulthard1800000983024
Italy Giancarlo Fisichella18000001032022
Brazil Felipe Massa1800000969012
Australia Mark Webber180000078707
Austria Christian Klien180000088603
Germany Nick Heidfeld180000090703
Hungary Zsolt Baumgartner180000087401
Italy Gianmaria Bruni180000073700
Italy Jarno Trulli1710122943046
France Olivier Panis170000090406
Italy Giorgio Pantano140000054900
Germany Ralf Schumacher1201011579024
Brazil Cristiano da Matta120000059203
Brazil Ricardo Zonta50000023000
Brazil Antônio Pizzonia40000021906
Germany Timo Glock40000024302
Canada Jacques Villeneuve30000017700
Spain Marc Gené20000013000

2004 Formula 1 Championship Constructor Standings

1Italy Ferrari111111DNF1111111221217262
2United Kingdom BAR963328233DNF5425DNF323DNF119
3France Renault77545314DNF44DNF11DNF910111010105
4United Kingdom Williams352133DNF48DSQDSQ8554DNF557188
5United Kingdom McLaren586DNF1210DNFDNF676749769DNF1169
6Switzerland Sauber1110111197DNF649126985878934
7United Kingdom Jaguar14DNFDNF81312DNF7DNFDNF98610DNF910DNFDNF10
8Japan Toyota1612910DNF136DNFDSQDNF1413DNFDNF1011DNF11129
9Ireland Jordan18DNFDNF15DNFDNF7108DNF1615DNF1211141313DNF5
10Italy Minardi20NC1417DNFDNFDNF14DNFDNF18161714DNFDNFDNF16171


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