All Time F1 list by Drivers Country

All Time F1 list by Drivers Country

The Union Jack and the old F1 flag

Ever questioned yourself in which country the most successful F1 drivers are born?

Check out the list below and you will find out that the British F1 drivers are the best.

They may drive on the wrong side of the road for a lot of people, but the sure are the most successful in Formula 1.

From the figures you can also see that the worst F1 drivers come from Japan. Untill 2017 the Japanese F1 drivers all together have driven 554 races without any victory or 2nd place classification. The funny thing is that Japanese people also drive on the left side of the road in Japan.

F1 Ranking by Country List

NationalityGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  DT  Points
1United Kingdom United Kingdom4316314234223771298270 2011667.78
2Germany Germany2317179127109415166159 127974.5
3Finland Finland11425791972457095 44397.5
4France France2953811131163107791 43601.47
5Spain Spain8553547491312731 23519.5
6Brazil Brazil18501011038929312688 83423
7Australia Australia8484342491343560 43070.5
8Netherlands Netherlands4896130181094032 32870.5
9Italy Italy30414379852074751 32040.8
10Mexico Mexico4358201846413 01698
11Monaco Monaco1616131736239 01224
12Austria Austria6664140371184649 4990.5
13United States United States12223139511213836 2938
14Argentina Argentina351383030983837 5697.42
15Canada Canada479171012391617 1642
16New Zealand New Zealand38212233671614 1543.5
17Sweden Sweden472121418441510 0396
18Belgium Belgium462111123451415 0383
19Switzerland Switzerland4487161336720 0348
20Colombia Colombia1157158301312 0307
21Japan Japan629003304 0290
22South Africa South Africa1941016103635 1282
23Russian Federation Russian Federation209013403 0267
24Poland Poland961461111 0265
25Thailand Thailand112002200 0240
26Denmark Denmark207010102 0192
27Venezuela Venezuela114100110 076
28Ireland Ireland67000000 016
29China China56000002 012
30Portugal Portugal73001100 08
31Zimbabwe Zimbabwe17010100 06
32India India57000000 05
33Chile Chile24000000 03
34Hungary Hungary20000000 01
35Uruguay Uruguay6000000 00
36Czech Republic Czech Republic3000000 00
37Liechtenstein Liechtenstein10000000 00
38Indonesia Indonesia12000000 00
39Malaysia Malaysia14000000 00

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