All Time F1 list by Drivers Country

British Flag & F1 Flag

British Flag & F1 Flag

Ever questioned yourself in which country the most successful F1 drivers are born?

Check out the list below and you will find out that the British F1 drivers are the best.

They may drive on the wrong side of the road for a lot of people, but the sure are the most successful in Formula 1.

From the figures you can also see that the worst F1 drivers come from Japan. Untill 2017 the Japanese F1 drivers all together have driven 554 races without any victory or 2nd place classification. The funny thing is that Japanese people also drive on the left side of the road in Japan.

F1 Ranking by Country List

NationalityGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Points
1United Kingdom United Kingdom40682992051977012842429329.28
2Germany Germany21931791261084131661597839.5
3Finland Finland103456888823264914056.5
4Brazil Brazil184810110389293126883423
5France France27858011211330577903139.47
6Australia Australia74642394712835562641.5
7Spain Spain69632402910122252307
8Italy Italy301443798520747512036.8
9Netherlands Netherlands3959161742291137
10Austria Austria6664140371184649990.5
11United States United States11883139511213836937
12Mexico Mexico3522581506749
13Argentina Argentina351383030983837697.42
14New Zealand New Zealand37712233671614541.5
15Canada Canada348171011381517466
16Sweden Sweden472121418441510396
17Belgium Belgium462111123451415383
18Monaco Monaco802381374382
19Switzerland Switzerland4487161336720348
20Colombia Colombia1157158301312307
21South Africa South Africa1941016103635282
22Poland Poland971561211274
23Russian Federation Russian Federation183013402249
24Japan Japan554003303209
25Thailand Thailand52001100164
26Denmark Denmark146010102159
27Venezuela Venezuela11410011076
28Ireland Ireland6700000016
29Portugal Portugal730011008
30Zimbabwe Zimbabwe170101006
31India India570000005
32Chile Chile240000003
33Hungary Hungary200000001
34Liechtenstein Liechtenstein100000000
35Uruguay Uruguay60000000
36Czech Republic Czech Republic30000000
37Indonesia Indonesia120000000
38Malaysia Malaysia140000000

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