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NameNigel Mansell
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthUpton-upon-Severn
Date of BirthAug 8th 1953 - 67 years old
First Race1980 Austrian Grand Prix
Last Race1995 Spanish Grand Prix
First Pole1984 Dallas Grand Prix
Last Pole1994 Australian Grand Prix
First Win1985 European Grand Prix
Last Win1994 Australian Grand Prix
First Podium1981 Belgian Grand Prix
Last Podium1994 Australian Grand Prix

Nigel Mansell F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles1
Race Entries192
Race Starts188
Race Wins31 (16,1%)
Pole Positions32 (16,7%)
Fastest Laps30 (15,6%)
Podiums59 (30,7%)
Points Finishes82 (42,7%)
Retirements101 (52,6%)
Wins from pole17
Frontrow Starts56
Total Points482
Total Laps8.750



Nigel Mansell Biography

Nigel Mansell (2015)

Nigel Mansell (2015)

Nigel Mansell won the 1992 F1 championship with one of the most technically advanced cars in history.

Born on the 8th of August of 1953 in Worcestershire, Nigel Ernest James Mansell went on to become one of the most beloved and charismatic F1 drivers of all time, but his story was not far from complex, from tough economic decisions to harsh injuries, his way into the Formula 1 grid was not a fairytale. Still, his racing character was evidently shaped by the setbacks he suffered on his way to greatness.

His first motorsport experience occurred during the 1962 British Grand Prix at Aintree, when he saw Jim Clark obliterate the field in July 1962, just before Mansell’s ninth birthday. With money being an issue, he managed to have a successful karting adventure and in 1976 he was racing in Formula Ford and having some good results.

Many wins came in the 1977 Formula Ford championship, but his and his wife Roseanne’s economical situation was rough and he had to sell many of his personal items to finance his career and also resigned from working as an aerospace engineer to focus fully in racing.

He won the 1977 Formula Ford championship, but the challenges were still coming, as he suffered a broken neck in a test at Brands Hatch that threatened his career as he got close to quadriplegia. Despite the setback, he sneaked out of the hospital and continued to work towards his goal of becoming a Formula 1 racing driver.

Nigel Mansell, Austrian F1 GP (1981)

Nigel Mansell, Austrian F1 GP (1981)

For 1978 and 1979, Mansell had difficult years in Formula 3 as he could not land drives with competitive cars despite selling his house to fund the move. In 1980, journalist Peter Windsor and the assistant manager at Team Lotus, Peter Collins, talked Colin Chapman, Lotus’ owner, into taking a look at the talented and fast Mansell. Time later, Mansell earned the right to perform in a test at Paul Ricard for Lotus, which was looking for the number two driver for 1980 alongside 1978 World Champion Mario Andretti. Though Mansell had been taking painkillers to hide the pain generated by a back injury from an accident at Oulton Park, he performed well.

In the test, Elio de Angelis, Eddie Cheever, Jan Lammers and Stephen South were Nigel’s ‘rivals’. Mansell spun his car, a Lotus 79, shortly after starting his run but kept going and drove fast and controlled. Ultimately, de Angelis got the seat to be Andretti’s number two driver, but Mansell became a test driver for the legendary brand.

Nine races into 1980, Mansell had his chance to drive in a Formula 1 race at Austria, as the team decided to introduce a third car, the Lotus 81B. He started 24th at Austria but could not finish the race due to engine troubles. His debut race was harsh, as he suffered severe burns due to a fuel leak. Then, he participated in two other events, at the Netherlands and Italy. He qualified just three tenths behind Andretti at Zandvoort but did not finish the race due to brake failure.

At Italy, he could not qualify for the race after crashing during qualifying. His 1980 ended with the participation at Imola, but he managed to earn a spot as the second driver for 1981, alongside de Angelis.

Lotus 88 driven by Nigel Mansell in Austria (1981)

Lotus 88 driven by Nigel Mansell in Austria (1981)

To start 1981, Mansell out-qualified de Angelis in the first race of the year but was unable to score points as the Italian did. After the team withdrew from the 1981 San Marino Grand Prix to protest against the ban of the twin chassis Lotus 88, Mansell achieved his first podium with third in a chaotic race at Zolder.

It was the team’s first podium in the last 16 races and the only podium achieved in 1981, as Mansell went on to finish just three more races during the year. However, his podium was followed by third on the grid in the next race, at Monaco, and it prompted Chapman to increase his salary and offer him a long-term deal at the end of the year.

The 1982 season was fairly similar for Mansell, as he was able to score a podium in a year filled with retirements. His podium happened early in the year (third at Brazil), as a result of the disqualification of Nelson Piquet and Keke Rosberg due to water-cooled brakes.

He finished just five of the 11 races he started after his podium at Brazil and finished 14th in the World Drivers’ Championship again with just seven points, one less than he had in the previous season. The team, however, had some consistent results from de Angelis during 1982 and the Italian even won the 1982 Austrian Grand Prix, which sadly was the last Lotus’ win witnessed by the founder Chapman.

Chapman died on the 16th of December of 1982, and it was a terrible situation for Mansell, who considered him as a friend, as Chapman had helped him throughout his career and had shown he cared for his safety. Mansell said many years after that Chapman’s death was “absolutely dreadful” and that Colin was like a father to him.

Peter Warr was now in charge at Lotus, and it was terrible for Mansell, who was not the favourite driver of the new Team Principal in any way, shape or form. 1983 and 1984 were tough years for Mansell, with the team boss wanting to get rid of him, his car often failing to complete Grands Prix and some costly mistakes made by himself.

Lotus 95T driven by Nigel Mansell in Monaco (1984)

Lotus 95T driven by Nigel Mansell in Monaco (1984)

Though he scored a podium in the 1983 European Grand Prix and another one in the 1984 French Grand Prix, crashing out from the lead of the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix prompted one of the worse quotes ever uttered by a Team Principal about one of his drivers. “Mansell will never win a Grand Prix as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse”, Warr said.

Mansell was able to score the first Pole Position of his career, at Dallas three races later, but transmission issues ended his hopes of a podium as he only finished sixth after pushing his car to the finish line. A podium in the 1984 Dutch Grand Prix improved his season, though he finished nowhere near de Angelis in the WDC, as the Italian finished third overall and Mansell 10th.

Before the end of the 1984 season, it was public knowledge that Ayrton Senna was headed to Lotus and Mansell was out. Williams showed interest in Mansell and he signed with them, though he initially showed doubts about signing with the team.

Keke Rosberg, the 1982 World Champion, was Mansell’s teammate at Williams in 1985. Their relationship was good, though they had some clashes in the previous year. During the year, Rosberg’s was the leading Williams. After his first 11 races with Williams, Mansell’s best finish was a fifth place, which he achieved twice. In the 1985 Belgian Grand Prix, Mansell finished second behind Senna in a wet race after starting seventh.

Nigel Mansell, Williams Honda FW10, 1985 Brazilian GP

Nigel Mansell, Williams Honda FW10, 1985 Brazilian GP

Then, the Englishman finally exploded and roared into a big first victory. He did it on the circuit that almost ended his race career in 1977. He won the 1985 European Grand Prix that was driven at Branch Hatch. He scored the highest step on the podium in front of Senna, after starting from third on the grid. Mansell followed his emotional first win with Pole Position at South Africa before leading a Williams 1-2 during the race for his second win in a row. Both wins came with the ‘Red 5’ on his car, which would become a trademark in his career in the following years.

The wins tied him with his teammate on points with one race left, but transmission trouble forced Mansell to retire from the last race. Rosberg won the last race and finished third in the WDC as Mansell finished sixth.

As Rosberg left Williams to go to McLaren, a new threat came in for Mansell, another obstacle as the ones he had faced before in his life and in his racing career. This time, the threat was in the form of two-time World Champion Nelson Piquet.

The relationship between Mansell and Piquet was bad from the start, as Piquet wanted to be treated as the number one driver. With personal attacks included, Mansell and Piquet’s rivalry was only enhanced by the fact that Williams had produced a strong car which was the machine to beat in 1986, the FW11.

Nelson Piquet, Williams FW11 leads Nigel Mansell 1986 British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch

Nelson Piquet, Williams FW11 leads Nigel Mansell 1986 British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch

Piquet got off to a strong start winning the first race of the year, at Brazil. Mansell, on the other hand, had two retirements in the first four races before winning four of the next five Grands Prix. Three more podiums and a triumph at Portugal gave him the chance to seal the championship in the last two rounds, but a fifth-place at Mexico was not good enough to win the championship before the last race at Australia.

Mansell needed to finish in the podium in the last race to secure his dream. He started from Pole Position and was running third when the left rear tyre on his car exploded with just 19 laps left, throwing away all he had done during the season and preventing him from winning his first World Championship. Ultimately, Alain Prost won the 1986 title in front of the Williams’ pair.

For the next season, the situation at Williams continued and they had a great car again. Though Mansell won even more races in 1987 than in 1986, again he was unable to win the biggest prize. In a hard-fought battle between the two Williams’ drivers, Piquet’s consistency helped him to become Brazil’s first three-time F1 champion.

For Mansell, the best moment of the season happened in the 1987 British Grand Prix, where he was forced to pit for a tyre change and overcame a 30-second gap to overtake Piquet spectacularly and win the race. The title fight ended when Mansell crashed in Japan during practice and had to miss the race, which made Piquet the champion.

The 1988 season was a down year compared to the previous two seasons. The Williams team was now powered by Judd engines as Honda left them to work with McLaren. An unreliable car and some collisions allowed Mansell to complete only two Grands Prix in 1988, both on the podium.

Nigel Mansell, Ferrari F1 89, 1989 French GP

Nigel Mansell, Ferrari F1 89, 1989 French GP

Mansell joined Ferrari for 1989 and he surprised the world and even himself by winning the inaugural race of the year, the Brazilian Grand Prix at a circuit (Jacarepaguá) officially named after his greatest rival, Nelson Piquet.

Behind the wheel of the Ferrari 640, Mansell won the 1989 race at Brazil from sixth on the grid and he was the first driver to win in his Ferrari debut since Mario Andretti in 1971. Also, he was the last driver to win in his Ferrari debut until Kimi Raikkonen did the same in 2007.

After five races without scoring points due to various retirements and a disqualification, Mansell returned to form and put together a string of five straight podiums which included an amazing win at Hungary after starting 12th. He overtook Senna for the lead while lapping Stefan Johansson. Mansell said years later that he knew the Brazilian did not take that moment very well. “...There was mutual respect between us (Senna and him) and we could race together, hammer and tongs, with an unspoken agreement that we wouldn’t try to kill one another – although it was pretty tenuous at times. But he hated it when I passed him in Hungary, boxed him in against Johansson and won the race”, he told the Motorsport Magazine.

Mansell’s fighting spirit became noticeable for the Italian fans, who loved him and even gave him the nickname “Il Leone” (The Lion). He finished 1989 in fourth place in the World Drivers’ Championship after winning two races and finishing on the podium four other times.

Nigel Mansell driving the Ferrari 641 in Germany (1990)

Nigel Mansell driving the Ferrari 641 in Germany (1990)

For 1990, reigning World Champion Alain Prost joined Ferrari and it all changed for Mansell, as the Frenchman had the entire support from the team. The first good moments for Mansell on a tough 1990 with Ferrari came at France and at his home Grand Prix at Silverstone. Mansell put his car on Pole for both races, but in between the events, the chassis he had for France was given to Prost, which did not go down well with the English racer.

Prost won the race at Silverstone and Mansell, who had already made up his mind about leaving Ferrari at the end of the year, announced he was retiring from the sport after the season’s end.

He won the 1990 Portuguese Grand Prix from Pole Position to secure what became his last win for the Scuderia. Mansell was reconsidering his retirement choice by negotiating with Williams for 1991, however, the team was unwilling to reach an agreement with Mansell since he was demanding to be the number one driver on the team and a full effort from the squad to his chances of winning the WDC.

After his performance at Portugal, Frank Williams called him and they reached an agreement. Mansell said years later that his decision to retire was not an emotional outburst and that he had been thinking seriously about it given his age at the time and his departure from Ferrari and his unwillingness to drive for a smaller team played an important role in his reasoning.

As Williams met Mansell’s requirements, the golden side of Mansell’s F1 story really started and, again, the Red 5 on his car. However, five wins and the same number of retirements in 1991 were not going to be enough to beat Senna and his McLaren-Honda for the title, but the competitiveness of Williams was certainly there.

The active-suspension FW14B was the car that gave Mansell his shot at glory in 1992 and he would not let the opportunity go, not even with broken bones in his left foot.

Ayrton Senna getting a lift of Nigel Mansell on his Williams FW14B Renault (1992)

Ayrton Senna getting a lift of Nigel Mansell on his Williams FW14B Renault (1992)

Mansell won the first five races of 1992, which is still a record to begin a season (tied with Michael Schumacher in 2004) and did not look back from there. His streak was broken after a late pitstop at Monaco left him second behind Senna, who he tried to overtake in any kind of way before the race ended and Mansell had to settle for second.

A retirement at Canada and three straight victories at France, Great Britain and Germany left Mansell with a shot to become World Champion in the following race at Hungary. He started second and Budapest and kept his place after the race, behind Senna, to become the Formula 1 World Champion with dominant fashion and, of course, with his Red 5 on the car.

Another win at Portugal meant a new single-season record for most Grand Prix wins with nine. That record was later matched by Schumacher several times before the German himself went for 11 wins in 2002 (and then 13 in 2004, which was tied by Sebastian Vettel in 2013).

Also, Mansell set the single-season record for most Pole Positions with 14 in 16 races. His Pole Position record lasted 19 years as Vettel broke the mark in 2011.

Money issues and confirmation of Prost arriving at Williams for 1993 meant Mansell left the team to race in Indycar.

In Indycar, Mansell won the championship in 1993 in his first try, driving for Newman/Haas Racing, which was impressive, as he was the reigning F1 champion and the Indycar champion at the same time, at least until the 1993 F1 championship went to his replacement at Williams, Prost. His Indycar championship was won with the Red 5 on his car too.

The story behind the Red 5 is no other than Williams painting the number on Mansell’s car red as opposed to the white used by the team in 1985 to differentiate Mansell’s car from his teammate’s Keke Rosberg’s car. Mansell was called Red 5 by narrator Murray Walker and it stayed with him when he returned to Williams in 1991.

He had another full year at the USA in 1994, though he could not repeat his success from 1993. Mansell returned to Williams for four races during the 1994 season and even achieved a Pole Position at Adelaide before taking his 31st and last Formula 1 victory, helping Williams win the Constructors’ Championship.

Nigel Mansell (1995)

Nigel Mansell at McLaren (1995)

At age 41, he took the challenge to drive for McLaren-Mercedes in 1995, however, the MP4/10B was not a comfortable car for him, which forced him to be replaced in the first two rounds before the team could produce a cockpit that he could fit in. After two races without any glory, Mansell announced what was his definitive retirement from the sport.

Mansell drove in the British Touring Car Championship in 1998 and in the Grand Prix Masters in 2005 and 2006, winning a couple of races and showing signs of his old days.

Now, Mansell is enjoying his retirement and his achievements in his post-racing life, which include many businesses and successful enterprises.

A legend, a champion, a lion, Red 5.

"I've tried everything other than jumping out of a plane, but nothing gives you an adrenaline rush like racing a car".


Nigel Mansell Final Championship Results



Nigel Mansell F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1995 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes2000007900.000
1994 United Kingdom Williams Renault41001122303.2513
1992 United Kingdom Williams Renault16930121489786.75108
1991 United Kingdom Williams Renault165409277464.5072
1990 Italy Ferrari Ferrari161315388632.3137
1989 Italy Ferrari Ferrari152226064732.5338
1988 United Kingdom Williams Judd140202056210.8612
1987 United Kingdom Williams Honda146017871734.3661
1986 United Kingdom Williams Honda165229288944.5072
1985 United Kingdom Williams Honda152103172312.0731
1984 United Kingdom Team Lotus Renault160022164200.8113
1983 United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1982 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford130011049300.547
1981 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford140011049400.578
1980 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford2000005500.000



Nigell Mansell F1 Cars



Nigel Mansell F1 GP Race Classifications

1st31 Times
2nd17 Times
3rd11 Times
4th8 Times
5th6 Times
6th9 Times
7th4 Times
8th2 Times
9th1 Time
10th1 Time
11th2 Times
12th3 Times
14th1 Time
17th1 Time
18th1 Time
DNF85 Times
DSQ3 Times
NC1 Time
WD1 Time
DNQ2 Times
DNS2 Times


Nigel Mansell F1 GP Race Results

19219951995 Spanish Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes10DNFHandling0
19119951995 San Marino Grand Prix result7McLarenMercedes9100
19019941994 Australian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
18919941994 Japanese Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault443
18819941994 European Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault3DNFSpun off0
18719941994 French Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault2DNFGearbox0
18619921992 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1DNFCollision0
18519921992 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1DNFEngine0
18419921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
18319921992 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1DNFElectrical0
18219921992 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault126
18119921992 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault226
18019921992 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17919921992 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17819921992 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17719921992 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault3DNFSpun Off0
17619921992 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault126
17519921992 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17419921992 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17319921992 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17219921992 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17119921992 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
17019911991 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault323
16919911991 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault3DNFSpun Off0
16819911991 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault2110
16719911991 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault4DSQDisqualified0
16619911991 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault2110
16519911991 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault3DNFElectrical0
16419911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault326
16319911991 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
16219911991 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
16119911991 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault4110
16019911991 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault226
15919911991 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault26Electrical1
15819911991 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault526
15719911991 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault4DNFCollision0
15619911991 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault3DNFGearbox0
15519911991 USA Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault4DNFGearbox0
15419901990 Australian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari326
15319901990 Japanese Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari3DNFTransmission0
15219901990 Spanish Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari326
15119901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari119
15019901990 Italian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari443
14919901990 Belgian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari5DNFHandling0
14819901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari517Collision0
14719901990 German Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari4DNFBroken Wing0
14619901990 British Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1DNFGearbox0
14519901990 French Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari118Engine0
14419901990 Mexican Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari426
14319901990 Canadian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari734
14219901990 Monaco Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari7DNFBattery0
14119901990 San Marino Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari5DNFEngine0
14019901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari543
13919901990 USA Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari17DNFClutch0
13819891989 Australian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari7DNFSpun Off0
13719891989 Japanese Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari4DNFEngine0
13619891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari3DSQDisqualified0
13519891989 Italian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari3DNFGearbox0
13419891989 Belgian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari634
13319891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari1219
13219891989 German Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari334
13119891989 British Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari326
13019891989 French Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari326
12919891989 Canadian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari5DSQDisqualified0
12819891989 USA Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari4DNFAlternator0
12719891989 Mexican Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari3DNFGearbox0
12619891989 Monaco Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari5DNFGearbox0
12519891989 San Marino Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari3DNFGearbox0
12419891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari619
12319881988 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd3DNFSpun Off0
12219881988 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd8DNFCollision0
12119881988 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd326
12019881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd6DNFSpun Off0
11919881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd2DNFDriver Unwell0
11819881988 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd11DNFSpun Off0
11719881988 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd1126
11619881988 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd9DNFSuspension0
11519881988 Detroit Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd6DNFEngine0
11419881988 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd9DNFEngine0
11319881988 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd14DNFEngine0
11219881988 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd5DNFCollision0
11119881988 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd11DNFEngine0
11019881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd2DNFEngine0
10919871987 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda0DNSAccident0
10819871987 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
10719871987 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
10619871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda2DNFElectrical0
10519871987 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda234
10419871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda114Wheel0
10319871987 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFEngine0
10219871987 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
10119871987 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
10019871987 Detroit Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda152
9919871987 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
9819871987 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFTurbo0
9719871987 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFAccident0
9619871987 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
9519871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda161
9419861986 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFTyre0
9319861986 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda352
9219861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
9119861986 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda326
9019861986 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda6DNFHalfshaft0
8919861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda434
8819861986 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda634
8719861986 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
8619861986 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
8519861986 Detroit Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda252
8419861986 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
8319861986 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda519
8219861986 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda243
8119861986 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda3DNFEngine0
8019861986 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda326
7919861986 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda3DNFSpun Off0
7819851985 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda2DNFTransmission0
7719851985 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
7619851985 European Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda319
7519851985 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda726
7419851985 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda311Engine0
7319851985 Dutch Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda761
7219851985 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda2DNFEngine0
7119851985 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1061
7019851985 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda5DNFClutch0
6919851985 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda8DNSInjury0
6819851985 Detroit Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda2DNFAccident0
6719851985 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1661
6619851985 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda270
6519851985 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda752
6419851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda952
6319851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda5DNFExhaust0
6219841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault6DNFSpun Off0
6119841984 European Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault8DNFEngine0
6019841984 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault7DNFSpun Off0
5919841984 Dutch Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault1234
5819841984 Austrian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault8DNFEngine0
5719841984 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault1643
5619841984 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault8DNFGearbox0
5519841984 Dallas Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault16Gearbox1
5419841984 Detroit Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault3DNFGearbox0
5319841984 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault761
5219841984 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault2DNFspun Off0
5119841984 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault634
5019841984 San Marino Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault18DNFSpun Off0
4919841984 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault10DNFClutch0
4819841984 South African Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault3DNFTurbo0
4719841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault5DNFAccident0
4619831983 South African Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault7NCNot Classified0
4519831983 European Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault334
4419831983 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault1180
4319831983 Dutch Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault5DNFSpun Off0
4219831983 Austrian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault352
4119831983 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault17DNFEngine0
4019831983 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault1843
3919831983 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord18DNFHandling0
3819831983 Detroit Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1461
3719831983 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault19DNFGearbox0
3619831983 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord14DNFCollision0
3519831983 San Marino Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1512Spun off0
3419831983 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord18DNFPhysical0
3319831983 USA West Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord13120
3219831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord22120
3119821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord21DNFCollision0
3019821982 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord2370
2919821982 Swiss Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord2680
2819821982 Austrian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord12DNFEngine0
2719821982 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1890
2619821982 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord23DNFDriver unwell0
2519821982 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord14DNFCollision0
2419821982 Detroit Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord7DNFEngine0
2319821982 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1143
2219821982 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord7DNFClutch0
2119821982 USA West Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1770
2019821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1434
1919821982 South African Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord18DNFElectrical0
1819811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord943
1719811981 Canadian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord5DNFCollision0
1619811981 Italian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord12DNFSuspension0
1519811981 Dutch Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord17DNFEngine0
1419811981 Austrian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord11DNFEngine0
1319811981 German Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord15DNFFuel Leak0
1219811981 British Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord0DNQNo Time0
1119811981 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1370
1019811981 Spanish Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1161
919811981 Monaco Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord3DNFSuspension0
819811981 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1034
719811981 San Marino Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord0WDNo Time0
619811981 Argentine Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord15DNFEngine0
519811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord13110
419811981 USA West Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord7DNFAccident0
319801980 Italian Grand Prix result43Team LotusFord0DNQNo Time0
219801980 Dutch Grand Prix result43Team LotusFord16DNFBrakes0
119801980 Austrian Grand Prix result43Team LotusFord24DNFEngine0



Nigel Mansell F1 Podium Finishes

5919941994 Australian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
5819921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
5719921992 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault126
5619921992 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault226
5519921992 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
5419921992 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
5319921992 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
5219921992 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault126
5119921992 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
5019921992 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
4919921992 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
4819921992 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
4719921992 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
4619911991 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault323
4519911991 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault2110
4419911991 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault2110
4319911991 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault326
4219911991 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
4119911991 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
4019911991 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault4110
3919911991 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault226
3819911991 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault526
3719901990 Australian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari326
3619901990 Spanish Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari326
3519901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari119
3419901990 Mexican Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari426
3319901990 Canadian Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari734
3219891989 Belgian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari634
3119891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari1219
3019891989 German Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari334
2919891989 British Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari326
2819891989 French Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari326
2719891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result27FerrariFerrari619
2619881988 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd326
2519881988 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsJudd1126
2419871987 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
2319871987 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
2219871987 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda234
2119871987 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
2019871987 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
1919871987 Austrian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
1819871987 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
1719861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
1619861986 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda326
1519861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda434
1419861986 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda634
1319861986 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
1219861986 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda219
1119861986 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
1019861986 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda519
919861986 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda326
819851985 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
719851985 European Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda319
619851985 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda726
519841984 Dutch Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault1234
419841984 French Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault634
319831983 European Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault334
219821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1434
119811981 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1034



Nigel Mansell F1 Pole Positions

3219941994 Australian Grand Prix result2WilliamsRenault1110
3119921992 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1DNFCollision0
3019921992 Japanese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1DNFEngine0
2919921992 Portuguese Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
2819921992 Italian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1DNFElectrical0
2719921992 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault126
2619921992 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
2519921992 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
2419921992 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
2319921992 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault126
2219921992 San Marino Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
2119921992 Spanish Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
2019921992 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
1919921992 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
1819921992 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
1719911991 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
1619911991 British Grand Prix result5WilliamsRenault1110
1519901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari119
1419901990 British Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari1DNFGearbox0
1319901990 French Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari118Engine0
1219871987 Mexican Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
1119871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda114Wheel0
1019871987 German Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFEngine0
919871987 French Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
819871987 Detroit Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda152
719871987 Monaco Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFTurbo0
619871987 Belgian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFAccident0
519871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda161
419861986 Australian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda1DNFTyre0
319861986 Canadian Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
219851985 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsHonda119
119841984 Dallas Grand Prix result12Team LotusRenault16Gearbox1



Nigel Mansell Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1980Team LotusElio de Angelis1740400001203
Mario Andretti1780000001203
1981Team LotusElio de Angelis34814000031259
1982Team LotusElio de Angelis31723010058310
1983Team LotusElio de Angelis351020001105312
1984Team LotusElio de Angelis3213340011511511
1985WilliamsKeke Rosberg113140221210679
1986WilliamsNelson Piquet11726954229788
1987WilliamsNelson Piquet116176638478105
1988WilliamsRiccardo Patrese24128000068131
1989FerrariGerhard Berger113815210010477
1990FerrariAlain Prost11377315307988
1991WilliamsRiccardo Patrese11725352248879
1992WilliamsRiccardo Patrese111085691141124142
1994WilliamsDamon Hill11132211111313
1995McLarenMika Häkkinen1050200000202



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