Brands Hatch layout & records

Brands Hatch cicuit Details
Location:Brands Hatch circuit West Kingsdown, UK
Event:British GP & European GP
Used Since:1964-1986
Type:Closed Circuit
 Lap Distance:3.908 km

Lap Record

Lap Record:1:09.593 min
Date:13 Juli 1986
F1 Driver:Nigel Mansell
F1 Car:Williams FW11-Honda
Speed:202.158 km/h

Pole Record

Record Pole:1:06.961 min
Date:12 Juli 1986
F1 Driver:Nelson Piquet
F1 Car:Williams FW11 Honda
Speed:210.104 km/h
Onboard Lap

Nelson Piquet, Williams FW11 leads Nigel Mansell 1986 British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch, Kent, UK

Brands Hatch Circuit Layout




Brands Hatch History

Nelson Piquet, Williams FW11 leads Nigel Mansell 1986 British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch

Nelson Piquet, Williams FW11 leads Nigel Mansell 1986 British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch first used as a grasstrack motorcycle circuit on farmland, it hosted 12 runnings of the British Grand Prix between 1964 and 1986 and currently hosts many British and International racing events. The venue is owned and operated by Jonathan Palmer's MotorSport Vision organisation.

Gerhard Berger once said that Brands Hatch is "the best circuit in the world". Paddock Hill Bend is a renowned corner.

The full Grand Prix circuit begins on the Brabham Straight, an off-camber, slightly curved stretch, before plunging into the right-hander at Paddock Hill Bend, with gradients of 8%.[1] Despite the difficulty of the curve, due to the straight that precedes it, it is one of the track's few overtaking spots. The next corner, Druids, is a hairpin bend, negotiated after an uphill braking zone at Hailwood Hill.

The track then curves around the south bank spectator area into the downhill, off-camber Graham Hill Bend, and another, slightly bent stretch at the Cooper Straight, which runs parallel to the pit lane. After the straight, the circuit climbs uphill though the decreasing-radius Surtees turn, before moving onto the back straight where the track's top speeds can be reached. The most significant elevation changes on the circuit occur here at Pilgrim's Drop and Hawthorn Hill, which leads into Hawthorn Bend (with some parts approaching 7%).

The track then loops around the woodland with a series of mid-speed corners, most notably the dip at Westfield and Dingle Dell and the blind Sheene curve. From there the track then emerges from the left hand and cambered Stirlings Bend onto the short straight to Clearways and rejoins the Indy Circuit for Clark Curve with its uphill off-camber approach to the pit straight and the start/finish line.



F1 Podium Winners on Brands Hatch Circuit

19861986 British Grand Prix resultJuly 131st United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
2nd Brazil Nelson Piquet
3rd France Alain Prost
United Kingdom Williams
United Kingdom Williams
United Kingdom McLaren
19851985 European Grand Prix resultOctober 61st United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
2nd Brazil Ayrton Senna
3rd Finland Keke Rosberg
United Kingdom Williams
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Williams
19841984 British Grand Prix resultJuly 221st Austria Niki Lauda
2nd United Kingdom Derek Warwick
3rd Brazil Ayrton Senna
United Kingdom McLaren
France Renault
United Kingdom Toleman
19831983 European Grand Prix resultSeptember 251st Brazil Nelson Piquet
2nd France Alain Prost
3rd United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
United Kingdom Brabham
France Renault
United Kingdom Team Lotus
19821982 British Grand Prix resultJuly 181st Austria Niki Lauda
2nd France Didier Pironi
3rd France Patrick Tambay
United Kingdom McLaren
Italy Ferrari
Italy Ferrari
19801980 British Grand Prix resultJuly 131st Australia Alan Jones
2nd Brazil Nelson Piquet
3rd Argentina Carlos Reutemann
United Kingdom Williams
United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Williams
19781978 British Grand Prix resultJuly 161st Argentina Carlos Reutemann
2nd Austria Niki Lauda
3rd United Kingdom John Watson
Italy Ferrari
United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
19761976 British Grand Prix resultJuly 181st Austria Niki Lauda
2nd South Africa Jody Scheckter
3rd United Kingdom John Watson
Italy Ferrari
United Kingdom Tyrrell
United States Penske
19741974 British Grand Prix resultJuly 201st South Africa Jody Scheckter
2nd Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
3rd Belgium Jacky Ickx
United Kingdom Tyrrell
United Kingdom McLaren
United Kingdom Team Lotus
19721972 British Grand Prix resultJuly 151st Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
2nd United Kingdom Jackie Stewart
3rd United Kingdom Peter Revson
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Tyrrell
United Kingdom McLaren
19701970 British Grand Prix resultJuly 181st Austria Jochen Rindt
2nd Australia Jack Brabham
3rd New Zealand Denny Hulme
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom McLaren
19681968 British Grand Prix resultJuly 201st Switzerland Jo Siffert
2nd New Zealand Chris Amon
3rd Belgium Jacky Ickx
United Kingdom Team Lotus
Italy Ferrari
Italy Ferrari
19661966 British Grand Prix resultJuly 161st Australia Jack Brabham
2nd New Zealand Denny Hulme
3rd United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom BRM
19641964 British Grand Prix resultJuly 111st United Kingdom Jim Clark
2nd United Kingdom Graham Hill
3rd United Kingdom John Surtees
United Kingdom Team Lotus
United Kingdom BRM
Italy Ferrari

Driver Ranking


Driver Ranking Brands Hatch Circuit

DriverGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1Austria Niki Lauda73104246.66.135
2United Kingdom Nigel Mansell52013027.88.022
3Brazil Nelson Piquet61203202.79.221
4Australia Jack Brabham41102123.86.818
5Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi611020014.27.816
6South Africa Jody Scheckter41102009.37.515
7Argentina Carlos Reutemann51012008.26.614
8United Kingdom Jim Clark21001113.02.512
9Austria Jochen Rindt31001104.35.011
10Australia Alan Jones510010012.814.011
11Switzerland Jo Siffert410010112.810.89
12New Zealand Denny Hulme50112009.64.215
13France Alain Prost60112006.26.215
14United Kingdom Graham Hill601121012.09.311
15Brazil Ayrton Senna30112103.77.010
16New Zealand Chris Amon501010010.810.811
17United Kingdom Derek Warwick501010010.011.48
18United Kingdom Jackie Stewart40101016.89.87
19France Didier Pironi30101118.011.06
20Belgium Jacky Ickx40022107.011.38
21United Kingdom John Watson700220012.611.08
22United Kingdom John Surtees40011009.89.36
23France Patrick Tambay600110013.89.35
24United Kingdom Peter Revson200110012.59.54
25Finland Keke Rosberg60011108.815.74
26Italy Elio de Angelis50000107.012.28
27Switzerland Clay Regazzoni40000008.59.56
28Ireland Derek Daly300000011.79.75
29France René Arnoux50000009.611.64
30United Kingdom Tom Pryce200000012.56.03
31Italy Andrea de Cesaris400000016.310.83
32France Patrick Depailler40000008.314.83
33Italy Lorenzo Bandini10000008.05.02
34United Kingdom Martin Brundle200000013.511.52
35Germany Hans Joachim Stuck300000014.716.32
36Italy Michele Alboreto500000014.214.42
37France Jean-Pierre Jarier500000018.215.82
38United States Phil Hill100000015.06.01
39France Philippe Streiff200000010.57.01
40New Zealand Bruce McLaren30000009.711.71
41Belgium Thierry Boutsen400000013.811.31
42Italy Bruno Giacomelli400000012.09.51
43Italy Arturo Merzario400000014.015.51
44South Africa Tony Maggs100000017.017.00
45United Kingdom Guy Edwards100000025.026.00
46Brazil Wilson Fittipaldi100000022.012.00
47United Kingdom Richard Attwood100000015.017.00
48Germany Stefan Bellof100000026.013.00
49United States Pete Lovely100000023.010.00
50United Kingdom Peter Arundell100000020.016.00
51United Kingdom Rupert Keegan100000018.011.00
52Australia David Walker100000015.016.00
53Brazil Raul Boesel100000023.015.00
54United Kingdom John Miles10000007.020.00
55United Kingdom Johnny Dumfries100000010.07.00
56Sweden Gunnar Nilsson100000014.011.00
57United Kingdom Vic Elford10000007.015.00
58Canada Allen Berg100000026.026.00
59Italy Nanni Galli100000018.023.00
60France Guy Ligier100000017.010.00
61Italy Alessandro Nannini100000020.013.00
62United Kingdom Ian Raby100000023.018.00
63Italy Ivan Capelli100000024.017.00
64United Kingdom Mike Beuttler100000023.013.00
65France François Hesnault100000020.015.00
66Australia Frank Gardner100000019.023.00
67United Kingdom Robin Widdows100000018.013.00
68Austria Jo Gartner100000027.027.00
69Canada George Eaton100000016.021.00
70United Kingdom Chris Irwin100000012.07.00
71United Kingdom Innes Ireland100000010.010.00
72United Kingdom Piers Courage100000016.08.00
73United Kingdom Bob Evans100000022.019.00
74Germany Rolf Stommelen100000025.010.00
75United States Danny Sullivan100000020.023.00
76France François Migault100000014.016.00
77Brazil Chico Serra100000021.022.00
78United Kingdom Chris Lawrence100000019.011.00
79Switzerland Silvio Moser100000019.011.00
80Italy Pierluigi Martini100000026.026.00
81Italy Corrado Fabi100000014.021.00
82United States Richie Ginther100000014.08.00
83Austria Harald Ertl100000023.07.00
84South Africa Dave Charlton100000024.022.00
85United Kingdom Brian Henton100000117.08.00
86United States Bob Bondurant100000014.09.00
87Italy Giancarlo Baghetti100000021.012.00
88Germany Manfred Winkelhock200000010.015.00
89Canada Gilles Villeneuve200000016.021.00
90France Philippe Alliot200000023.523.00
91United Kingdom Mike Spence200000011.013.50
92United Kingdom John Taylor200000018.011.00
93United States Brett Lunger200000021.010.50
94Mexico Pedro Rodríguez200000014.011.00
95United Kingdom Bob Anderson20000008.510.00
96Mexico Hector Rebaque200000019.015.50
97Germany Christian Danner200000024.020.00
98Austria Gerhard Berger200000011.514.50
99United Kingdom Peter Gethin200000018.525.00
100France Jean-Pierre Jabouille200000012.519.00

Team Ranking


Team Ranking Brands Hatch Circuit

TeamGP  1st  2nd  3rd  Pod  Pole  FL  Avg GridAvg PosPoints
1United Kingdom Team Lotus144127639.712.762
2United Kingdom Williams73126218.19.943
3United Kingdom Brabham1424172310.211.050
4Italy Ferrari132237328.99.756
5United Kingdom McLaren1321360111.010.847
6United Kingdom Tyrrell1012030214.111.532
7France Renault602020010.112.913
8United Kingdom BRM601120013.513.110
9United Kingdom Toleman400110013.613.97
10United States Penske100110011.03.04
11United Kingdom Shadow300000016.79.55
12France Matra300000012.011.84
13Switzerland Alfa Romeo500000013.213.93
14France Ligier800001214.414.83
15United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati100000010.310.32
16Japan Honda10000009.05.02
17United Kingdom March500000014.614.12
18United Kingdom Surtees500000017.315.32
19United Kingdom Cooper-Climax200000015.013.31
20Brazil Fittipaldi400000018.814.51
21United Kingdom Arrows700000017.512.91
22Italy Merzario100000023.019.00
23United Kingdom BRP100000010.010.00
24United Kingdom Iso Marlboro100000015.021.00
25United Kingdom Politoys100000026.024.00
26Canada Wolf10000003.017.00
27United Kingdom Cooper-BRM100000012.514.00
28Italy Tecno100000018.023.00
29United Kingdom Shannon100000018.020.00
30United Kingdom Trojan100000025.023.00
31Italy Benetton10000005.516.50
32United Kingdom Spirit200000020.514.00
33United States Eagle20000004.518.50
34Italy Minardi200000022.319.00
35United Kingdom Hesketh200000018.019.00
36Hong Kong Theodore200000021.012.00
37Germany Zakspeed200000024.014.00
38United Kingdom RAM300000023.322.00
39United Kingdom Lola300000019.218.20
40Germany ATS500000016.613.80
41United Kingdom Ensign500000013.320.70
42Italy Osella500000022.921.10

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