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NameBruno Giacomelli
CountryItaly Italy
Place of BirthPoncarale, Brecsia
Date of BirthSep 10th 1952 - 68 years old
Season Entries8
First Race1977 Italian Grand Prix
Last Race1983 South African Grand Prix
First Pole1980 USA Grand Prix
Last Pole1980 USA Grand Prix
Best Result3th - 1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
First Podium1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
Last Podium1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix

Bruno Giacomelli F1 Stats

Race Entries82
Race Starts69
Race Wins0
Pole Positions1 (1,2%)
Fastest Laps0
Podiums1 (1,2%)
Points Finishes6 (7,3%)
Retirements57 (69,5%)
Front Row Starts1
Total Points14
Total Laps2.695



Bruno Giacomelli Final Championship Results



Bruno Giacomelli F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1983 United Kingdom Toleman Hart140000052800.071
1982 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo160000058000.132
1981 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo150011071000.477
1980 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo140000144400.294
1979 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo40000012400.000
1978 United Kingdom McLaren Ford50000027100.000
1977 United Kingdom McLaren Ford1000003800.000



Bruno Giacomelli F1 GP Race Classifications

3th1 Time
4th1 Time
5th3 Times
6th1 Time
7th3 Times
8th3 Times
9th3 Times
10th3 Times
11th2 Times
12th1 Time
13th3 Times
14th1 Time
15th2 Times
17th1 Time
DNF40 Times
NC1 Time
DNPQ12 Times
DNQ1 Time


Bruno Giacomelli F1 GP Race Results

8219901990 Spanish Grand Prix39LifeJudd0DNPQNo Time0
8119901990 Portuguese Grand Prix39LifeJudd0DNPQNo Time0
8019901990 Italian Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7919901990 Belgian Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7819901990 Hungarian Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7719901990 German Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7619901990 British Grand Prix31LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7519901990 French Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7419901990 Mexican Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7319901990 Canadian Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7219901990 Monaco Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7119901990 San Marino Grand Prix39LifeLife0DNPQNo Time0
7019831983 South African Grand Prix36TolemanHart16DNFTurbo0
6919831983 European Grand Prix36TolemanHart1261
6819831983 Italian Grand Prix36TolemanHart1470
6719831983 Dutch Grand Prix36TolemanHart1313Spun Off0
6619831983 Austrian Grand Prix36TolemanHart7DNFRadiator0
6519831983 German Grand Prix36TolemanHart10DNFTurbo0
6419831983 British Grand Prix36TolemanHart12DNFTurbo0
6319831983 Canadian Grand Prix36TolemanHart10DNFEngine0
6219831983 Detroit Grand Prix36TolemanHart1790
6119831983 Belgian Grand Prix36TolemanHart1680
6019831983 Monaco Grand Prix36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
5919831983 San Marino Grand Prix36TolemanHart17DNFSuspension0
5819831983 French Grand Prix36TolemanHart1313Gearbox0
5719831983 USA West Grand Prix36TolemanHart14DNFBattery0
5619831983 Brazilian Grand Prix36TolemanHart15DNFSpun Off0
5519821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo16100
5419821982 Italian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo8DNFHandling0
5319821982 Swiss Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo9120
5219821982 Austrian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo13DNFCollision0
5119821982 German Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1152
5019821982 French Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo890
4919821982 British Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1470
4819821982 Dutch Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo8110
4719821982 Canadian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo5DNFCollision0
4619821982 Detroit Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo6DNFCollision0
4519821982 Monaco Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo3DNFHalfshaft0
4419821982 Belgian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo15DNFCollision0
4319821982 San Marino Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo6DNFEngine0
4219821982 USA West Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo5DNFCollision0
4119821982 Brazilian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo16DNFClutch0
4019821982 South African Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo19110
3919811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo834
3819811981 Canadian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1543
3719811981 Italian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1080
3619811981 Dutch Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo14DNFTyre0
3519811981 Austrian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo16DNFFire0
3419811981 German Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo17150
3319811981 British Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo12DNFTransmission0
3219811981 French Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo12150
3119811981 Spanish Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo6100
3019811981 Monaco Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo18DNFCollision0
2919811981 Belgian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1790
2819811981 San Marino Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo11DNFCollision0
2719811981 Argentine Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo2210Out of Fuel0
2619811981 Brazilian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo6NCNot Classified0
2519811981 USA West Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo9DNFCollision0
2419801980 USA Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFElectrical0
2319801980 Canadian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo4DNFChassis0
2219801980 Italian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo4DNFPuncture0
2119801980 Dutch Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo8DNFAccident0
2019801980 Austrian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo8DNFWheel0
1919801980 German Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1952
1819801980 British Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo6DNFSpun Off0
1719801980 French Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo9DNFHandling0
1619801980 Monaco Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo8DNFAccident0
1519801980 Belgian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo18DNFSuspension0
1419801980 USA West Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo6DNFAccident0
1319801980 South African Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo12DNFEngine0
1219801980 Brazilian Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo17130
1119801980 Argentine Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo2052
1019791979 USA Grand Prix35Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo18DNFSpun Off0
919791979 Italian Grand Prix35Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo18DNFSpun Off0
819791979 French Grand Prix35Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo17170
719791979 Belgian Grand Prix35Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo14DNFAccident0
619781978 Italian Grand Prix33McLarenFord20140
519781978 Dutch Grand Prix33McLarenFord19DNFSpun Off0
419781978 British Grand Prix33McLarenFord1670
319781978 French Grand Prix33McLarenFord22DNFEngine0
219781978 Belgian Grand Prix33McLarenFord2180
119771977 Italian Grand Prix14McLarenFord15DNFEngine0



Bruno Giacomelli F1 Podium Finishes

119811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo834



Bruno Giacomelli F1 Pole Positions

119801980 USA Grand Prix23Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1DNFElectrical0

Teammate Comparison


Bruno Giacomelli Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1977McLarenBrett Lunger13230000001010
Emilio de Villota13290000001010
James Hunt13150000011001
Jochen Mass1340300000101
1978McLarenBrett Lunger770000003250
James Hunt730400003205
Nelson Piquet1390000001120
Patrick Tambay750300000413
Tony Trimmer7300000001010
1979Alfa RomeoVittorio Brambilla19120000001120
1980Alfa RomeoAndrea de Cesaris16180000101120
Patrick Depailler582000005344
Vittorio Brambilla13170000002020
1981Alfa RomeoMario Andretti347300007878
1982Alfa RomeoAndrea de Cesaris5325000188610
1983TolemanDerek Warwick64190000411312

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